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The Seven Houses.

" The nineteen-year old waved her in. "Go on, she's not seeing anybody right now."

"Okay, thanks. Have a nice day."

"You too!" And the rattling of the keyboard started it up again.

Entering the actual office, Dawnstar reviewed what this could be about. She knew the Doctor and her assistant because she'd made use of the psychiatrist's services over the years and even more so these past few months. Her last break-up had hit her hard, not because she was so much in love, but because Luke had been yet another bad choice.

It had been like that right from her start as a crimefighter. Any new superhero could count on some publicity and female ones even more so. The combination of a uniform that didn't cover much and a buxom figure had helped, too. And that had attracted a certain type of guys-for a while, anyway.

But they quickly discovered the brunette wasn't cut out to be one of the great ones. Sure, she could fly and was invulnerable, but that was pretty much it. The super strength that usually went along with the invulnerability, was quite weak in her. With the strength of just seven men, Dawnstar or Dawn Sterner, was not the heavy hitter she appeared to be at first glance.

Even more embarrassing was the reason for the skimpiness of her uniform. It wasn't that she was very extroverted-her stammering at the few interviews she'd had back when she was young proved that. No, it was the same reasons she had a short cape. Her invulnerability didn't extend beyond her skin, so more than once she'd had to use the cape to cover a wardrobe malfunction.

Topping it off was her power source. Solar-powered sounded very green, but her body couldn't hold more than a few hours worth of power. So night patrols were out of the question, as were missions to outer-space. Limited to daytime patrols and League emergencies on the surface and having average looks meant she would never rise above a B-list superhero.

This was something Dawnstar had been perfectly happy with, but not her boyfriends. And even after that, she hadn't managed to land someone who could deal with what she considered a calling. Some would try, others wanted to change her, and a few had been sleazes.

Being a 34-year-old superheroine was stressful enough without the string of bad relationships. So after Luke, Dawn had suffered something of a breakdown wondering if the problem was her. Perhaps she wasn't cut out to be a superhero after all. 'But the doctor set me straight. Got to love the League's all-inclusive health coverage.'

Shaking her head to dislodge the wool she'd gathered, Dawnstar greeted the psychiatrist before sitting down and giving her an inquisitive look. "You said there was something you wanted to talk about in person, and according to Kathy it's not because I'm in some kind of trouble."


Victoria smiled reassuringly at the superheroine to cover the amusement she couldn't help but feel every time she saw Dawnstar's outfit. Even with its bright red and yellow stripes, and even knowing it was better armored than a Kevlar-vest, it still made Victoria think of a corset; even though it was about as respectable as a swimsuit.

The cape and boots did nothing to diminish that unprofessional impression, but Victoria was careful not to give any outward sign of her thoughts. "You're not; although, if you're worried that you might be, than is there, maybe, something I should know?" She asked with a raised eyebrow.

Dawnstar seemed to mull her response over for a moment before shaking her head in the negative. "No, can't think of a thing. I guess I was just really curious why you wanted to see me, since everything is going fine in my life."

Doctor Bell nodded. "And that's exactly the reason I want your help with one of my cases. You've heard of what happened to Sparkler?"

She didn't really need Dawnstar's nod, gossip alone would have ensured every superhero knew that Sparkler had been brainwashed by Mesmeri and had been caught impersonating that

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