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Hunter and Abi reconnect, and it changes everything.

"Would you like me to turn on the jets?"

Diego leaned his head back to relax. "Yes please."

Remy turned on the jets before stripping naked to enter the water.

"What did my doctor say?" Diego asked.

"You suffer from an autoimmune disorder that causes recurring infections, most likely the result of the damage the roadside bomb did to your back. The exposure to chemicals, radiation, and..."

Diego cut him off with a shrug. "Could be worse."

Remy grabbed his lighter and pulled a blunt from a small plastic bag. "Talk to me about your daughter," he said as he lit up.

Diego smiled. "Mi mariposa."

"Your butterfly?"

"You speak Spanish?"

"I lived in California for a while." Remy passed Diego the cigarette.

Diego laughed and took a puff, then a long drag. "When I was on deployment I would see my daughter in every child's face. She was my beacon, my light, and still is."

"Did Johnny show you the pictures? Your granddaughter is so beautiful."

Diego nodded. "Thank you. She reminds me so much of Jen as a little girl." He paused, pursing his lips as if unsure how to continue. "I must ask. What did Johnny mean when he said, you tried to claim me?"

"What a fucking asshole," Remy muttered. "I was jealous, I still am."

"Of my wife?"

"You love her," Remy said through shaking breath, as he lit another blunt. "She hurts you and yet you still love her. So I thought, if she can win your love with domination, maybe I could do the same." Remy took a long drag, sucking down the blunt until the ash was near his fingertips. "T-That's not love."

Diego rested his cigarette on a dry rock. He reached his tattooed hand out for Remy. "In this life, all we have is each other."

Remy touched him with his dry hand. "The water was a really bad idea."

"I'm a grown man, if my tattoo gets an infection it will be on me."

"Yeah, literally," Remy said with a laugh. He laced his fingers through Diego's, gripping his hand. "I can't believe you enjoy getting tattooed."

"My body is a roadmap of my life."

"When I was little I had gotten really sick and I was in the hospital for over a year. And every single day I had to get a blood draw. My poor veins were torn open, I was black and blue."

"You're saying you have a fear of needles."

"More like a hatred."

Diego stretched his leg to touch Remy. "Would you get one for me?"

Remy shrugged. "You never know what the future will bring." With the blunt hanging from his lips, he scooted closer.

Diego pulled Remy on to his lap. His cock pressed against his young lover's skin, but Diego wasn't hard. Perhaps it was due to how sick he had been, or perhaps he wanted something more. "I want to watch you pleasure yourself."

"Ok," Remy leaned his head back, twisting slightly so he was breathing into Diego's neck. Remy kept one hand on dry land, caressing Diego's tattooed fingers, while his other hand went to work, masturbating under the water.

Diego stroked Remy's chest, tracing his collarbone, then down to his nipple giving it a pinch. As he rested his hand on Remy's ribs, Diego could his lover's muscles tensing. "Yes, that's what I want to see." He moved his hand to Remy's legs, caressing his inner thigh. "Do you know what I thought to myself when I first met you?"


"Does that boy know how stunning he is?" Diego could feel Remy's body shivering. "What did you think of me?"

Remy pressed his lips to Diego's ear, allowing the joint to fall into the water. With a quivering voice, he whispered. "I wanted you to hold me." Remy gripped Diego's hand hard. "I know that sounds so selfish. Johnny and Sara told me, from the very beginning you needed help. You needed someone. And I want so badly to be that person." Remy suddenly stopped and moved off Diego's lap. "I can't do this."

"Come on, man."

Remy leaned back to blow smoke rings as he lit up another joint.

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