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Jasmine's parents find out she's dating a football player.

I was speechless.

I used the pillow to cover my bare and exposed hard penis, while my Step-Mom remained in the doorway, speechless as I was.

"Is this because of your injury?" She finally said, breaking the most awkward silence I had ever been a part of.

"Uh-ummm yeah. I can't really use my hand so... uh-I uhh.." I was still having trouble talking.

"Awww David. Trust me it is nothing to be ashamed about. Everyone does it and has their needs. I can't imagine how frustrated you must be..." She said.

"Yeah... I uhh... I was just trying to umm..." I was surprised at how understanding she was being.

"Look, I know having a new mom when you've already grown up all your life with another is a weird experience. Since I'm that extra mother to you though, I wan't our relationship to be different. We were all 18 year olds once and the younger the adult, the more they can sympathize with you." She explained to me.

In response I forced whatever I could of a smile and let out a nervous laugh.

"Oh I'm sorry David, I can leave. You must be thinking 'why is she still here' to yourself. Look, all I'm trying to say here is I understand your age better than your real mother or father and I know how important masturbation can be in adolescent teens." She continued, in what seemed like the start of a proposal of something.

"I just hate to see you struggle and be tortured by that frustration. When I leave this room this is all I'm going to be thinking about and beating myself up over for not making your rough situation which was caused by a stupid little sports accident better for you. If I have that power then I want to use it." She said to me, seemingly very sympathetic unlike others about my temporary disabilities.

"Your one of the only few people who actually understand how hard it is." I managed to get out.

"I know. Oh, I know and that's exactly why I would regret not doing something about it later on. Look, although at first you may be taken aback by this, trust me. If you'd like... I could possibly help you?" She suggested, a look of sheer sympathy clearly present in her face.

I was frozen. If she meant what I thought she meant...

"Ummm, I mean... I guess." I said without thinking before answering.

"Well alright. Just know, this isn't weird even if it seems like it. I married your father. You are not my own blood. I'm merely trying to help out someone I care about since I'm your only hope." She said in an attempt to justify her opinions.

"I appreciate that. I really do. It's just... well.. what would you exactly do to help me out?" I asked with a slight quiver in my voice, my heart now beating rapidly and my face probably turning tomato red.

"I don't want you to worry. Look, I'm going to help you out to releive the unnecessary pain you're experiencing from this accident, ok? Just don't worry about anything. Just relax and trust me." She said as she now began to come into the room.

"Well... ok. Should I just... uh.." I wasn't sure what I was supposed to do.

"Just relax. Find a comfortable position on your bed that works the best for you and let all your worries drift away. I'll do the rest. Just trust me." She said as she continued to walk towards me.

She was in her satin baby blue nightgown, which she wore every night to bed. I guess to my usual misfortune (or luck?) she decided to check up on me before hitting the sheets. As she fully got into the room and began to walk towards me, I noticed she was not wearing anything other than that paper thin gown. Her nipple were defined through the material and her classic MILF busty tits were complimented by the color well. In the middle of my hesitation, I decided to just go with the flow so, I lay back on my bed and closed my eyes, still holding the pillow over my erection.

"Like I said, the relationship we're going to have is much different than your real mother's.

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