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He had mentioned her several times, at length.

Jimmy and Allen went to the kitchen to brew up a bigger batch of hot chocolate and Carly joined Edie on the couch.

"Did people really throw cream pies at each other during the rehearsal dinner last week as he claims? Edie asked.

"Yes, but just the women," Carly answered. "It has become a tradition in my extended family. The women in our family do not always adhere to the standards of decorum and get a little wild at times.

It started as a food-fight that erupted between Mom and my aunts during the rehearsal dinner of one of their dear friends who now that I think about it is now my aunt too.

Anyway the dinner had just started but soon everybody was hurling food at everybody. It was a seafood dinner so most of the flying objects were fried shrimp and oysters, and lots of fries. Some caught what was thrown at them, ate half of it, and then threw the remains in the direction it came.

The men, (being the cowards that they are), slinked out of the room. By the time it ended all the women were laughing uncontrollably.

They all agreed it was the most fun any of them had in years.

Since then there have been wars of some kind at each rehearsal dinner. The weapons change but they all begin with an altercation between the sisters, Mom and my aunts. The men know to sneak out as soon as the verbal abuse begins although that did not help Allen last weekend. Before he left the room I ran after him and hit him squarely in the butt with a pie."

"Hmm. He omitted that part of the story," Edie said. "I am sorry I missed that. Maybe you can get me an invitation to the next one."

"Done. The next wedding is mine. Jimmy co-stars as the groom. Allen has an also starring in the role as best man. Now that I think about it you were probably going to be there anyway. How long have you been dating?"

Edie hesitated a bit then explained, "I don't think we are dating. We just seem to end up in the same places at the same time. Some wildly imaginative force is pushing us together."

Unseen in the room, Klotho, the weaver of life's threads took a bow as her sister the music muse Aoede applauded. They nodded in thanks to their father for providing the very localized thunderstorm. They had wanted Allen's second bed occupied.

Edie continued, "Tonight he showed up out of the blue at the deli where I was trying to convince my Mom that I had male friends and even a sort of boyfriend. I waved at him as if I was helping him find us and when he came over I told him that we were getting worried about him since he was so late. He sat with us and he played the part of my semi-boyfriend perfectly. Mom loves him already even though she is sure we are not a real couple.

We came here because I did not want to go home tonight, my roommate has multiple companions right now. She is a lot more liberal in her choices for company than I am."

"She has guys there?"

"Two guys, three girls. They wanted four girls. I passed."

"Jimmy and I skirted around that world until we found out how intensely jealous I could get. He once congratulated me for not punching out a woman that grabbed his dick at a club."

Edie took a closer look at Jimmy and ventured that such events will probably happen again. "He is very handsome," she said.

Carly sighed and said, "Yeah, he is. Somebody must be looking after me because he is just as beautiful inside."

Aphrodite joined her cousins and accepted their kisses.

"How does it feel to be madly in love with someone?" Edie asked her.

"Like being in the eye of a hurricane, peaceful with a chance of disaster."

"Sounds like you need Zantac, Valium, and maybe a helmet," quipped Edie.

As they giggled over that line the men presented them with mugs of chocolate and sugar cookies. Edie had a surprise in her chocolate, Kahlua.

She was informed it was a family thing.

They talked and laughed well into the night.

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