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A white housewife is seduced and trained by her black female.

When he moved back, he took her hand and led her to the bedroom.

From where I sat I could see the bed which was not more ten feet away. My wife's legs hit the edge of the bed and she allowed herself to be laid down. Ian moved between her legs kissing her thighs and then her pussy. Jill's legs came up and out as she moved to accommodate him. Within moments she was cumming hard as he tongued her pussy and slid a couple of fingers into her. Sheba sensing that I was ready to explode moved back.

"Let's join them."

We got up and moved to the bed, she laid down next to Jill and spread her legs. My wife looked at me and managed a smile. I moved up Sheba's body and kissed her then moved over to my wife and kissed her. Ian moved his body between her legs lifting and pushing them farther apart. I looked at my wife

"Ian is going to fuck you," She nodded her head in response.

"Do you want him to?" I asked.

Glancing down I saw Ian push a couple of inches into her

"Do you?" I insisted.

He pushed in some more.

"YES!! Damn it I want Ian to fuck me." she shouted.

Ian smiled and pushed his cock deeper.

"Oh it's soo big." she moaned.

I moved back to kiss Sheba as she parted her legs allowing me entry into her warm wet hairless pussy. She smiled at me

"Nice cock I love to fuck a guy who is watching his wife fuck Ian's big cock. Enjoy them because I do."

Jill was really moaning as Ian powered his cock into her. He was stroking it all the way in reaching the deepest parts of her pussy. Her legs were flying and her hands were clutching the bed spread as she strove to meet Ian's fucking. Her orgasm was building as was Ian's. As her orgasm peaked she wrapped her legs around Ian's waist pulling him into her while thrusting her pussy up and down on his cock. Ian's body strained to last long enough for her climax to be satisfying but he was fighting a losing battle. My wife's contracting pussy was too much for him and he drove himself deeply into her with a loud moan. Jill's eyes opened in surprise when she felt his cock begin to cum. She used the heels of her feet to guide her pussy as she opened herself up and orgasmed with him. She pumped her hips in time with his ejaculations. Sheba's pussy sucked the cum from my cock at the same time. We all relaxed for several minutes to catch our breath. My cock still hard in Sheba's wonderful pussy and Ian's still buried in my wife.

Ian began to move his cock around in Jill's puffy pussy causing her to moan, which brought a giggle from Sheba. Ian stroked his softening cock in and out of Jill a few times before gently sliding out and sitting on the edge of the bed. My wife looked at his half hard cock

"I can't believe I fucked the whole thing."

We all cracked up laughing. The sight of my wife just fucked pussy kept me fairly hard and I began to fuck Sheba some more.

"Mmm yeah!! This is why I like to fuck a first time hubby, he always so turned on that I get an extra helping." she groaned.

Ian kissed my wife and fingered her pussy as I pounded my cock into Sheba.

"Fuck her" he told me,.

"Yeah honey, fuck her" my wife added.

I was not concerned about anything other that making my cock cum again. Sheba was urging me on.

"Fuck me baby, yea stick it to me, fuck me hard, I want to feel you cum again in my pussy." With encouragement like that it didn't take long before I was buried in her and trembling through my second orgasm. We talked and kidding around for the next thirty minutes before saying our goodbyes and turning in for the night

The next morning Jill had a slight headache which a strong cup of tea and a glass of orange juice cured. Ian and Sheba came over when they saw us up and around.

"You guys ready for the optional beach?" Ian asked smiling at Jill and adding, "hello sexy!"

My wife smiled back, "hello yourself." she replied.

"We'll be coming down a little later after we have some breakfast and tidy up." I told them.

They said that was fine and would call on us later when they were ready to go.

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