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Prim vice-principal gets drunk and reluctantly submits.

Full bosoms, large aureoles, small spikey nipples. The maiden slowly lowered her panties, allowing me a view of the straight strip of hair leading between her legs that I'd felt the previous evening.

She stepped over to me and began to undress me. When she had me in the same state she was in (except for the headdress,) she made me sit down in the stuffed chair in the corner. She sat on my lap, facing me, just far enough away so that my raging hard on wouldn't enter her. She took one of my hands and put it on her breast, and led the other to her pussy. As soon as I touched it, the heat almost seemed to sear me. I began to finger her, and fondle one breast while sucking on the other. She was feeling my scrotum and shaft while I was attending to her, and I thought we might bring each other off without actual intercourse.

But Anne wedged her knees into the sides of the chair and plunged her sheath onto my dick. Once again, I felt this woman go absolutely crazy with movement, bringing herself, and me, off in a shot. My cock felt so good surrounded by her hot, wet pussy that I couldn't keep myself from coming and soon sent a wet stream of sperm deep into her. She continued to gyrate wildly on top of me until she began to feel my erection begin to soften. Then, she slowed her movements and hugged me. Her mouth was close to my ear and I could listen to her breath escaping in pants - but she never uttered a word.

Soon she gingerly got off the chair and walked into my bathroom. Coming back with two dry washcloths, she cleaned first my crotch with one, and with the other wiped her sopping vagina. She handed the second cloth to me, picked up her clothes, and walked to the connecting door and once again closed it behind her.

Within seconds, I could see an email arriving on my computer.

That was fantastic. You were so full of semen. I loved it. I'm sniffing your scent on the washcloth now. You smell so good. Are you inhaling me, too?

Yes, it's wonderful. I'd like to come in to your room and eat you so that I can get an even better fragrance.

No, we can't. I just want to be your mystery woman. Good night.

~ She offered her honor; he honored her offer
~ So all night long he was on her and off her

At breakfast the next morning, Anne joined me while Fran slept in a few minutes longer. I asked her if she enjoyed herself last night.

"Boy, did I. You're a great dancer. I thought you would be, and now I'm sure of it. I've got just a little problem, though."

"What's that."

"My boyfriend is very jealous; I'm sure you understand. If he knew I was close dancing with you, I think he'd be upset. Can we keep it just our little secret?"

"Of course. You know I enjoyed it too. You move so well!"

"It's too bad to think that we'll never dance again after this trip, though."

"Well, we just have to live for the day. Would you like to go dancing again tonight?"

"I'd love to," she said.

After the morning's lectures and labs, we telephoned back to the office, and Anne got to lunch late. "Bad news, gang. I've got to go home. The director needs a report on our progress in a hurry, and Mike can't make it back from Charlotte. He told me to head back as soon as I can and start working on it." Since I was teaching email that afternoon, it made sense for Fran to take Anne to the airport for a 5:30 flight.

At the break, Anne got me off in a corner and said, as unobtrusively as possible, "I really enjoyed myself this week, Don. It's really too bad, I wanted a couple of more dances with you."

"So did I. Perhaps the next time we're on the road by ourselves . . .?"

"Well, by then, I'll probably be married. It just won't work. I'm afraid that this is the end of what we had. But thank you very, very much."

"The pleasure was mine just as much."

Fran came over to us, disturbing the tete-a-tete, and said, "Hey, Anne, if we're going to get you on that flight, we've got to be leaving soon. Don, do you want to have dinner tonight?"

"Sure," I said, wondering if she could sense my disappointment.

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