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The time I was crossdressed by the hot girls.

At one point he went into a tirade about the fire bombing of Hamburg in WWII and about how many innocent lives were lost by such an act of savagery. The English couple behind us said, just loudly enough for us to hear but not the guide, "Bloody hell hasn't the Jerry ever heard of the London Blitz or Coventry?"

Martin laughed and said, "Why don't we ask him?" and then spoke up and said, "Didn't the fire bombing of Hamburg and Dresden happen after the London Blitz and the fire bombing of Coventry?"

The German guide's face grew red and then he said, "Those attacks had strategic military importance to the war effort. The attacks on Hamburg and Coventry were for no other reason than revenge!"

Suddenly several of the Americans on the bus said loudly enough for everyone to hear, "And what's wrong with that!"

The English on the bus politely added, "Here, Here!" and the guide decided to point out the club where The Beetles had become famous.

After the tour I said to Martin that I wanted to go back to the Reeperbahn to see have a drink in the club where The Beetles became famous. When we left the club Martin took me for a walk through an underground garage that must have had 400 prostitutes in it. Some were in dresses others in just lingerie. As we walked through the underground garage some hissed at me and others propositioned me. When we walked back out into the night air Martin commented that somehow, even though it was a contradiction in terms, "Nothing is more sexless than German prostitution."


The next day we boarded out ship and I was presently surprised at how luxurious our cabin was. The only other passengers were three couples of elderly Germans. Martin after being introduced to them said to me sotto voce as we walked away, "Bayreische! Not my favorite people. I will take the Guten Tagers over the Gross Guters any day of the week."

When I asked what he meant Martin explained that when you met someone in Bayern or southern Germany the typical greeting was Gruss Got or Greetings from God rather than a simple Good Day. Martin had lived in Nurnburg for a time and the stories he told me of how he had been treated as an American I found difficult to believe especially since he was there to keep the German's safe from the Russians at the time.


The ship made one stop before Bayonne and that was in Liverpool where we took on the last two passengers. Nigel and Caroline were a very attractive couple and we immediately became friends as they and the captain seemed to be the only other English speakers on board.

Nigel and Martin quickly settled into a game of cribbage while we waited to take on more cargo and when Caroline asked me if I wanted to go shopping and see some of Liverpool I said yes.

Caroline said to her husband, "The captain says we have to be back by midnight so this is our last day of girl's shore leave boys so don't wait up for us."

We had a great time in Liverpool. Caroline was open and friendly and she asked if I had a boyfriend (I had now stopped wearing my wedding and engagement rings) I told her that I was separated from my husband and that we were headed for a divorce. I explained to her that I had been taking care of my 'father' for the last several months and had been out of circulation for awhile.

"God," Caroline answered, "when I was your age if I didn't have a good shagging at least two or three times a week I was no good to anybody."

"What do you mean when you were my age; you can't be more than two or three years older than me?" I answered with a question.

Caroline laughed and said, "I'm looking at the big four O next year and Nigel is in a state of depression because he will turn 50 on the 18th."

"That's my birthday too!" I exclaimed. "I can't believe he is going to be 50 and you 40. You both look so young."

"Nigel doesn't think so, he thinks he is over the hill and has lost his sex appeal." Caroline laughed.

"Are you kidding I think he is hot!" I said and then turned red.

"He will love hearing that you thought so.

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