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Neil seduces Heather.

Damn, did he have to be so good looking?!

"I'm glad today is your last day of therapy," Tanner said as he approached her. "You're made wonderful progress and healed a lot faster than I would have thought possible. You never quit and I am very proud of what we've accomplished."

"Holy shit, where is all of this coming from?" Bella thought to herself. During the last year, he had rarely spoken a word to her that didn't involve her therapy and was all business.

"I'm going to miss seeing you here every day," Tanner told her. "Come by my office when you finish your therapy. I'd like to talk to you," He said as he walked away.

Bella raced through her workout because her curiosity was driving her crazy. After all this time, what could Tanner possibly want with her?

After a stringent workout, she showered the grime from her body, put on a dab of the makeup she had brought with her and got back into her slinky outfit and heels. It was driving her crazy, what could Tanner possibly have to say to her? She knew he'd noticed her naughty little clothes and how hot she looked in them -- was he going to make a pass at her? If so, he was going to get shot down!

Bella walked into Tanner's office where he was talking on the phone. He said "I'll call you later to confirm" as Bella sat in a chair across from him. She let her skirt ride up so that he could take a good look at her legs because it would be the last time he would see them.

Tanner started speaking and the words that came out of his mouth stunned Bella.

"I just wanted to tell you what an absolute pleasure it has been working with you every day," He said to her. "A lot of my patients come in here and grumble and whine, but you stuck it out. You never complained, you put in the work and although I know it hurt like hell, you stuck it out. When I was talking to your doctor, he was amazed at your progress. He thought it would take you 3 or 4 months longer and yet, here you are, in that amazing dress in those killer heels. I know I was rough on you, but it's sure paid off -- you look fantastic!" He told her.

Bella was stunned, was he actually talking to her like a human being?

"Now that I'm no longer your therapist, I wondered if you would consider having dinner with me tonight?" Tanner asked Bella. "I never mix business with pleasure ... as tempting as you made it ... but there's no longer any business between us and you're a stunning woman I would like to get to know better."

Bella was about to go tell him to go and fuck himself so why were the words out of her mouth "I'd love to?"

Bella walked outside feeling as if she had lost her mind. The hard-driving therapist had driven her relentlessly, made every inch of her body ache, pushed and wheedled and been a tyrant ... and that's when she realized getting her angry and fighting back had probably sped up her healing process.

She stormed home feeling like a complete and utter idiot. Why should he have taken it easier on her than anyone else? It also made perfect sense that he wouldn't date a patient. You couldn't be that hard on someone you were dating. He had done nothing wrong, as a matter of fact, he had done his job better than expected.

She was picked up at 8 PM by Tanner in a vintage Camaro. Oh Lord, she thought, he's even hotter in a suit! He came around and opened the door for her and then took her to her favorite Italian restaurant, Bellisima's. She had mentioned it once -- in passing! Tanner had been paying attention.

Bella was trying to be angry at Tanner, but over dinner, he proved to be suave, sophisticated and charming. He had a dry, dark sense of humor and to Bella's surprise, he was an accomplished ballroom dancer. "Would you like to go dancing sometime?" He asked her. He seemed to be a bit presumptuous, so why was Bella nodding her head yes?

He had some strange power over her and Bella was caught up in the magic of his green eyes and the dazzling row of white teeth.

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