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Her lips are swollen red and her gloss is smeared. She looks heavenly, bending over, hair falling off her shoulders, her tight dress hunching at her waist and her pussy lips in sight.

Taking her by shock, I pinch her clit. It is a harsh tug, I know, but I am the one who is the boss in bed. I like control. And I like fucking girls the way they were never fucked their whole lives. No one orders me around sex, and neither will Kylie, no matter if she was my boss' daughter. In fact, fucking her only made it sweeter. I was fucking my boss' daughter. Fuck yes.

"Ash!" She tries to pull away but I'm already picking her by her waist. I carry her to my bedroom and throw her on my bed. She looks disheveled and surprised, but the look she gives me is no less of an invitation.

"Take off your clothes," I tell her.

She pulls down her wet thong first. Then teasingly slides the dress down. Her hardened nipples are a sight. I pull off my dress too, but keep on my bra and panties. Climbing up on the bed, I push her on her back and hover above her, my gaze on her tits.

I roll the nipple between my thumb and forefinger gently, loving the hiss that comes out of Kylie's mouth. I repeat it with the right nipple, and then, pull hardly at both of them together.

"Ah!" She jerks and I start my trick.

I grasp the hardened areola of her right breast and pull it roughly into my mouth. I flick the nipple with my tongue thrice before starting to suck on it desperately. I keep pulling and rubbing the other breast, making her jolt and scream.

"Yes, please, please, please!" Kylie moans when my teeth touches her sensitive flesh, begging. Her body is so responsive to all of the touching, I knew she was already near her dreamy climax.

I nip at her breast hard, sucking then flicking and pulling alongside, tormenting her ruthlessly. I kiss and go down on her breasts as if my life depends on it. My other hand reaches between her legs, barely brushing my index finger against her pussy before she is convulsing and screaming frantically. She falls back on the pillows, her orgasm still reeling high.

"I'm not done yet," I say as I reach over to my night stand, pulling out the strapon I have been looking forward to fuck her with all night.

"This," she looks at the black cock in my hand and then at me, still breathing hard. "This is so sexy."

"You're gonna help me put it on, babe," I stand up from the bed and hold Kylie's hand, pulling her too.

"Ever been fucked by a girl, Kylie?" I ask her, nipping at her earlobe. She falls on me a little, still recovering, and shakes her head.

"Never," she whispers back. I'm actually pleased with her answer. I slide my hand down her spine and give her a long, toe curling kiss.

"On your knees," I order her as soon as I pull back. "You're gonna suck my cock like a good baby girl."

She falls on her knees instantly, exactly where I wanted her.

"Go on," I say as I hand her the straps. She looks up at me with hooded eyes, biting the corner of her lip. She puts the harness on the floor and I step into it. Then she pulls it up and fixes the erect cock in place, strapping it on.

Her sucking the dildo gives me no pleasure, only heightens my frustration, but watching her sucking cock was something I would pay for. She licks it tenderly at first, small flicks with her tongue, but I can't help but hold her hair when she takes all of it in her mouth. Something tightens in my belly as she hollows her cheeks and starts sucking.

"Good girl," I say as I shove it inside her mouth until all of it is wet. I grab her head and move the dildo in and out, making her eyes water. Drool slips down her lips to her neck and joins all of her sweat.

She stands up when I tell her to because with her looking so fuckable, I get impatient. She struts to my bed, showing off her ass and lays down.

"Everyone thinks you're such a good girl," I follow her to the bed and spread her legs apart, positioning myself between her.

I slap her pussy and she moans.

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