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I didn't go to meet them at the door, leaving that to the ladies. A few seconds of greetings later, I could hear the gaggle heading in my direction.

Lizzie was first one in. She made eye contact, and silently mouthed "Oh my god!" before she stepped aside and led them in. Lizzie was right, as usual.

I didn't know her name yet, so I just mentally called her 'Wow'. A spectacularly pretty, green-eyed brunette, she was shorter than my ladies, and a little more plump, but boy, did she have curves. While Becca and Lizzie could be described as' tall, extremely well endowed and athletic', Clay's girl was more of a 'voluptuous hourglass' type. Becca did the honours, introducing me, then her.

"This is Clay's girlfriend, Janya... " she began, but Clay interrupted her.

"Actually, Mom... um, we were going to wait to tell you this, but now seems like as good a time as any. Janya and I are engaged!"

I almost got the fingers in my ears in time to block out the inevitable shrill, giggling scream that always seems to happen when women finding out that someone is getting married. The girls all hugged, leaving me to congratulate Clay. I tried not to look like doing so was the equivalent of pulling teeth, shaking his hand.

Janya was from Romania, and possessed the slightest hint of a very sexy, Eastern European accent. Also a very lovely pair of bee-stung lips, extremely long, straight hair in a luxuriant brown colour, and a pair of tits that made her a natural fit for this family. She was only 22, compared to Clay's 29 years. They had met at a mutual friend's birthday party, and the rest is history.

The full-on, traditional Thanksgiving dinner wasn't until Sunday, so until then, it was just casual dining. As a group, we spent most of the time outside, by the pool, but it was October, and getting dark earlier, so by 9, Janya and Clay had taken residence in the guest house, and we three had turned in, upstairs in the main house. We didn't break out the popcorn, but it was close.

Lizzie went to check on Jessi, while Becca and I laid down on our bed. Laying down led to cuddling, then caressing, and finally necking. By the time Lizzie got back, her Mother and I were rolling around the bed, mauling each other and breathing heavily.

"Don't mind me," she giggled as she came in and closed the door. She sat on the edge of the bed and turned on the monitor. "I feel a little weird about this," she added, "I mean, we all know about the cameras, and that someone is probably watching us when we have sex. They don't. I'm not sure I like invading their privacy."

Becca paused, mid-kiss, and replied.

"You're right. I'd really like to see what my future daughter-in-law is packing, but it's not really fair to spy on them, is it? Turn it off."

On the screen, Janya was snuggled in Clay's arms, and everyone was still fully clothed. They were watching TV, and occasionally kissing. Clay had one hand on her breast, but that was the extent of the show. Lizzie pushed the power button, and the screen went dark.

"There. Now I have nothing to watch but you. Go ahead, get busy," she giggled, smiling at us.

Becca turned back to me, smiling as well, and kissed me, a kiss that lasted for several long minutes, and got more passionate as it went. Clothes started to fly off, landing here, there, and everywhere.

Once she was naked, she took a position on her back, and I mounted her. It had been two days since we last made love, and Becca was eager to go, urging me on with her heels and hands. I decided on the slow, gentle approach. Slow... but deep, finishing each stroke with firm pressure on her clit, which I know she loved. Becca's mouth was open, and her eyes were locked with mine. Each time I drove into her, her breath pushed out in a quiet 'huhh, huhh, huhh' sound, which got slightly louder as she neared her orgasm. I glanced quickly at Lizzie, who was watching us very intently. She made eye contact and smiled.

"Wow! You two really are good together. Are you having fun, Mother?"

"Oh yes!" she hissed, as

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