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A celery stalk stuck out from the top, and she gagged at the idea of food. She bolted to a seated position only to immediately regret it. The pounding in her head began to pulsate, forcing Chloe back to the comfort of her pillow. Rubbing her eyes to stop the room from spinning, she heard the click of a camera. Her eyes squinted open to find Felicia, perky and smiling, snapping away with her camera phone.

"Oh preciosa, your first hangover. We need to remember this day forever. That drink there, is a Bloody Mary. It has my abuela's special recipe. It'll take the devil right outta ya, could cure a possession." Indicating the red drink near Chloe, she reached for her own, sitting on the desk.

Peeling her tongue from the roof of her mouth, Chloe croaked out a greeting. "Morning. I...I, what did we do last night?"

"Ai, first hold up your drink for the camera."

Arms like jello, Chloe propped her head up with one elbow and shakily grabbed the drink. She glared at Felicia and the camera, her forehead collapsed against the icy glass. "Come on, tell me. The last thing I remember is taking a couple shots from that bartender you liked."

Felicia threw her phone down next to Chloe before sitting at the end of the bed. "Really? Oh Chica. You peaced out way early. Good thing I have pictorial evidence of the best night of your pure life. I'll show you them when you're less hungover."

"Ugh, did I do anything I'm going to regret?"

Felicia giggled, "No, not really. You just had a good time. You didn't strip or proposition anyone. So you have that going for ya."

Taking a sip of Bloody Mary, Chloe relaxed her shoulders and breathed a deep sigh of relief.

"Marcus says hi by the way."

Choking on the spicy liquid, Chloe covered her mouth to keep from drooling. When she stopped coughing, the pounding headache was forgotten. " do you know Marcus?"

"How else? You told me all about him last night. You threw a tantrum in the square and made me text him for you."

Scrabbling to find her phone, Chloe felt her stomach grow more queasy. She found the cell in the tangles of her bedding and hurried to check her texts. Her eyes narrowed at Felicia after reading the thread. "All you wrote is 'hey green eyes, it's Chloe' and our address?"

"Did you see his text?"

Chloe's eyes narrowed further, "It only says "10 min."

A sneaky smile unfolded across Felicia's bronzed face. "He's definitely punctual, that one."

Now panicky, Chloe started pacing around the room-her pounding head forgotten. "Oh my god, did he...did he come here?"

"Yep, but you were passed out and not even an act of god would have woke you up. Don't worry, I made sure you were sleeping pretty." Felicia took a long swig of her drink. "You're right, he is totally hot. Nice goin', Chica."

"Felicia! Tell me what happened! You don't understand. He's a guy from one of my classes."

"I know. That anthropology elective. You told me already. Don't freak out lady. He just stopped in to say hello and left when he saw you sleeping. He's going to come back tonight to check on you."

"What! Text him back! Tell him no. He CANNOT come here!"

"Whoa, calma Chica. Calm down. You text him if you don't want him to come. But he came here at three in the morning at a moment's notice and is coming back to make sure you're feeling alright. Trust me Chloe, you don't want to pass a guy like that up."

Collapsing on her bed face down, Chloe huffed and puffed her thought process. Head pounding, stomach twisting, she knew hiding wasn't an option now that Felicia was involved. Her roommate would never allow her to live this incident down. Not to mention, if Chloe was to survive Professor Angotti's class, she would need someone to help her along. She was grossly ignorant of all things sexual and she could only ask Felicia so much without sparking suspicion.

"Hey, make sure to drink all of that Bloody especial if you want to be fully repaired for later, Chica. We need to get you lookin' fresh." Felicia spoke as she casually folded wrinkled clothing.

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