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Often, in witnessing (that is, reading about) heterosexual sex, one gets the sense that he or she is observing back-and-forth, or give-and-take, actions between partners who are different, but equal, in esteem, if not in strength, whereas, in witnessing homosexual sex between males, one senses that he or she is viewing a struggle in which one participant will retain his masculinity while the other man, the vanquished one, loses his manhood, or is unmanned. Male homosexual sex is about retaining one's manhood at the expense of the one whose manhood is forfeited or stolen. The powerful man survives as a man; the weaker man, feminized, becomes effeminate.

Same-sex sex is a sexual depiction of this process of unmanning. This is the key to understanding male homosexuality as it was practiced in ancient Greece and Rome and as it is still practiced in present-day all-male environments, such as prisons, military installations, and schools in which such behavior continues to flourish. In every case, the true man--the manly man--retains his manhood if, and only if, he is the one who penetrates. If he is penetrated, he is no longer a man; he is like a woman, weak, passive, submissive, effeminate, a "punk" or a "bitch."

In the literature of same-sex sex between or among men, readers are constantly reminded of the violence behind sexual acts. Verbs like "crammed," "jammed," and "rammed," "stuffed," "pierced," "penetrated," "invaded," "thrust," and "hammered" are used to describe anal intercourse, and the act itself is characterized as an act of war. Ejaculation, likewise, is sometimes described as a "branding" and sperm as a "brand" that shows "ownership" or "possession."

The taglines of Literotica stories involving male homosexual sex also suggest the true draw of such narratives. They are tales of discipline, punishment, instruction, training, feminization, vengeance, humiliation, submission, ravishment, conversion, seduction, deflowering, obedience, blackmailing, servicing, becoming a "bitch," cuckoldry, debauchery, corruption, conquest, spanking, being shown one's "role," abuse, dominance, becoming a "real man," being made into a "boy," being unmanned, being made into a "slut," succumbing to a "demonic master," being brought to one's knees, being made into a "slave," being "dumped," losing a bet or a dare, being taken "captive," being "kidnapped," getting "it in the ass," taking "control," wrestling, being pimped, turning tail, being "forced" to "perform in public," being unable to "resist" one's "desires" for gay sex, being "caught watching men have sex," being topped, being stalked, submitting, "pleasing a lover," being taken "by force," "worshiping cock," and being "whored out."

Alternatively, when man-to-man or all-male sex is not associated with violence, it is usually linked to having or discovering the "secret" of one's homosexual or bisexual nature, of having this secret exposed, of satisfying one's curiosity concerning gay male sex, or of discovering or exploring one's homosexuality.

The closing chapter of my "First Timer" series ("First Timer: The Aftermath"), a story of a submissive gay man's exploitation by a dominant male sadist, best sums up my own view of the sadomasochistic nature of same-sex sex in which the participants are both men. Although the sex in this series is purposefully exaggerated and is likely to be more extreme than such sex is between most men, its nature is, I believe, well explained in the final installment. This episode of the series starts by delineating a question or series of related questions which the text then answers:

"Gary had taken his clothes off in front of another man.

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