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"I seem to recall you saying you wanted to curse the fates for making me your mate, cowboy," Charlie said, laying back down on her side.

"Did I?" Damien asked, settling her in his arms and turning off his bedside light.

"Yes, you did," she said, giving him a soft kiss on his chest.

"Oh, yes. Right. Right. Now I remember."

"Quite the change of heart you've had, huh?"

"Well...yes. But I didn't know you were that good of a cook, you see," he said, squeezing her to him.

"Got to feed the beast, eh?" Charlie asked with a giggle.

"Exactly," he chuckled. "Now go to sleep. We've got a big day ahead of us." He kissed the top of her head lightly, making her smile.

"Yes, we do," she said with a happy sounding sigh. She closed her eyes and was asleep within minutes.

The next morning dawned clear, the rising sun moving a Technicolor sky through purples, violets, pinks and blues. Charlie awoke to find Damien sitting on the edge of the bed watching her.

"Morning," she said with a yawn, stretching cat-like beneath the blankets. "How long have you been up?"

"An hour or so." He smiled, but his eyes were serious.

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing, dolcezza," Damien said, reaching over to caress her cheek. "Nothing at all. I didn't want to leave without a goodbye."

"Leave?" she asked, still a little fuzzy.

"I have to go and prepare for this afternoon," he said, trying to give her a reassuring smile.

"Oh. Right. The hunt." She shifted on the bed to look at him. "I really can't go out?" she asked.

"It's tradition, my love," he said, shaking his head.

"Fine," Charlie huffed, pretending to pout. "You better bring back a bigfoot or something." Damien chuckled at that before leaning over to give her a brief kiss.

"I will see you soon, dolcezza," he said, looking into her eyes for a lingering moment. He gave her another quick kiss before getting up and heading towards the door. He stopped, turning back to look at her. "And Charlotte? Make sure you wear a dress."

With that he turned and left, closing the door gently behind him. Charlie watched him go, feeling the heat hit her face as she stared at the place he had been. She wasn't sure how Damien was going to expect her to show her appreciation, but she could think of a few that wearing a dress would make a lot easier. She giggled to herself, grabbing his pillow to her and breathing his scent in before snuggling down to get a couple more hours of sleep.

She was awakened a few hours later by her bladder, regretting splitting that bottle of wine with Becky the night before. She stretched with an audible groan before kicking the covers down and getting out of bed. She padded over to her dresser and threw on a pair of shorts and t-shirt before heading to the bathroom. She could hear the downstairs shower start and quickly finished up. Charlie headed down to the kitchen, deciding to make her friend's favorite breakfast.

By the time Becky made her way to the kitchen, the homey smell of biscuits in the oven was mingling with the savory smell of ground sausage sizzling away in the skillet. Charlie was singing along softly with the music coming from the living room.

"Is that biscuits and gravy I'm smelling?" Becky asked, getting a coffee cup from the c-upboard next to the sink.

"It is," Charlie said, smiling. "I thought you might like a treat."

"You spoil me, Char."

"Yeah, I do," Charlie said with a shrug, making Becky give a little snort of laughter. "But you know what? I'm happy to."

"Need me to do anything?" Becky asked, leaning against the counter and watching Charlie stir the gravy in the pan.

"You know the drill."

"Okay. Okay. Getting out of your way," she said, moving to sit at the breakfast bar. She took a couple sips of coffee and watched her friend for a few minutes. Charlie was singing along to 'Cold As Ice', and Becky smiled, thinking about how much more relaxed and sure of herself her friend seemed.

"Where's tall, dark and besotted?" Becky asked.

"'Tall, dark and besotted'? Funny, Beck."

"I thought

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