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Saffron goes wild celebrating Frank's promotion.

A lascivious smile parted her full lips. "I cannot tell you," she began, "how long I've been waiting for this." Her fist still pulling gently at his shaft, she again swiped her tongue across the squishy cap.

"Hmm?" he moaned in response.

"Young cock," she answered. "Young . . . thick . . . fraternity-boy cock."

With her free hand, Olivia reached below her and pulled Matt's shoes from his feet. She tugged at his pants and, when he lifted his ass from the leather bench, pulled them down over his knees and off his feet.

Planting light kisses along the inner thigh of his left leg, she pushed his right leg up and to the side so that it hung over the arm of the bench seat.

"Oh, gawd," she muttered before burying her pretty face in the teenager's crotch, her flaxen hair whispering across his hairy thighs as her silky tongue found his hanging balls. She bathed them in sticky saliva while her left hand continued to jerk at Matt's stiff cock. The metal links of her watchband clinked together in time with her stroking, providing the only sound inside the cabin of the minivan.

Above her, Matt groaned with delight. His mouth was dry and he struggled to swallow when Olivia sucked one of his balls into her mouth. He clenched his fists beside him, his knuckles turning white.

Olivia spit the testicle from her mouth and released the teen's throbbing shaft. It fell to his thigh with an audible plop as she grabbed his trim waist in both hands, pulling his ass closer to the edge of the bench.
Scooting back on her knees so that her trim ass was wedged between the two front seats, she again took Matt's thick shaft in her fist and, with her right hand, gently lifted his balls. Olivia bent further, squeezing her tanned cheeks between the young man's thighs. Her tongue darted from between glossy lips and licked lightly at his perineum.

Above her, Matt inhaled sharply, never having felt the silky smoothness of a wet tongue beneath his balls. When Olivia's tongue strayed closer to his clenched asshole, he jerked at the sensation and his heavy, sperm-laden balls fell from her grasp, resting softly against the bridge of her nose and in the socket of her right eye.

Olivia increased the pace of her stroking, pulling roughly on the veiny rod that stood upright above her prone face. Matt's breathing became short then erratic and pre-cum leaked from the tip of his cock, slickening Olivia's clenching fingers and adding lubrication to her ministrations.

Sensing an impending orgasm, she pushed her angelic face deeper into the teenager's groin, her pink tongue licking at the base of his smooth nut sack. As her face pressed against his thighs, her flickering tongue slid across his perineum to his puckered asshole.

Matt jerked when he felt the wet tip of the older woman's tongue brush against his anal ring. At the same time, Olivia slammed her left fist to the base of his quivering shaft, squeezing tightly, her manicured thumb applying a steady pressure to the sensitive underside of his cock.

The shaft lurched in her elegant hand and she vigorously rubbed her thumb at its base, coaxing steamy cum from his heavy balls. "Cum for me, fraternity boy," she mumbled into musky void between her face and Matt's groin.

With her fist clenched around the teenager's cock, she felt the sperm course through the pulsing shaft as Matt arched his back, trying force his cock deeper into her fist.

She pulled her face from his asshole as the first jet of cum spurted from the tip two feet in the air before falling and splattering against his exposed stomach. The next two emissions ejected with much less force, thick, stringy ropes of fluid that coated her manicured fingers and wedding rings.

Her sparkling eyes fixated on the pulsating shaft, Olivia spread the cum sticking to her fingers around his overheated flesh.

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