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Samantha's back arched as torrents of cum squirted out of her, showering Liz. Liz sat up as she took her glasses off and threw them away. She looked back down at Samantha's recovering body, just a blur of white and pink flesh. Liz needed relief, more than she had ever needed it before.

Liz grabbed a hold of Samantha's limp ankle and pulled her foot firmly into her stretched and soaked pussy. Samantha's foot plunged in up to her heel. It was all Liz needed. Her body shook wildly as she finally orgasm'd. Liz' body fell limp, as the foot popped out of her. Both girls squealed suddenly as they felt the shots of Theodore's cum shoot over their sweat covered bodies.

The three of them spent the next two months training Samantha to control her power, by the end, Samantha was able to do more than just get people to fuck her, she could get them to do anything she wanted and based on what happened with Theodore she could control anyone in the same room as her. At one point she had Liz juggling oranges while getting head from Theodore who was simultaneously trying to fit a carrot up his ass. Theodore would never forgive Samantha for that one, but they had a war to fight and now it was John's turn to complete his training.

Samantha walked out of the room and was pushed out of the vortex, before Theodore pulled John in. John's training took only a week, fixing up all the gaps they missed when it was just Theodore training him. John was a bit disappointed he didn't get to fuck the sexy Liz but he understood he had a war to fight.

Now they are being briefed about the mission. John, Theodore and Samantha Logan sat eagerly around a long table, sitting with a couple army generals and Liz, while Captain Gordon Chase stood with his afro and all by a large TV screen about to explain the mission. John fidgeted as he had to go pee.

Images started to appear on the screen showing maps and 3d images as the Captain started talking. "Now, we have an inside man who has informed us that their base is located here in the heart of this mountain. There are a large number of catacombs throughout the base. We can expect limited hostiles, but the one's we do find will be those with abilities. There will also be some armed guards closer to the interior guarding key areas of the base. We also believe he has the mass of his force hidden somewhere so our initial estimates of Sarco's force could change. I advise we send in as many troops as we can and stop Sarco before he unleashes his force against the world. These kids you see sitting at the table with you will are our only hope. They also have abilities and are the key to beating Sarco. Each of them will be given a task force to accompany them into battle." The captain's face changed suddenly as he turned his attention away from the generals and towards the Logan's. "I'm sorry that we have to put so much at stake on you but you truly are our only hope."

"Hey! Wait! Where did John go?" asked Theodore as he looked around the room for him


John walked aimlessly through the white shimmering hallways of the secret underground base, looking for a bathroom. He stared through the giant windows that made up the walls of the laboratory. He saw purple pigs and a woman with breasts the size of elephants. He finally came to the bathrooms. One was wheelchair accessible. One was the women's washroom and the other was out of order. Oh come on! We're in a billion dollar secret laboratory and they can't fix one washroom?! John complained to himself.

He looked both ways down the empty halls.

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