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It's outrageous what goes on in the uptight suburbs during the hot summer. Only, he found, that the mutual and consensual flashing of the wives of his neighbors didn't excite him in the way that it did when he flashed a total stranger. Nonetheless, it was always more exciting when he flashed someone he knew for the first time, regardless if it was a friend of the family, a neighbor, or a relative. Flashing someone he knew gave him a better replay of their remembered facial expressions when masturbating. This was what it was all about, after all, flashing and masturbating.

Door-to-door saleswomen or women collecting signatures for petitions to put a politician or an issue on the ballet or Jehovah's Witnesses wanting to tell him about God were his favorite targets. Able to see them coming down his street from a distance, he had plenty of time to plan his flashing scenario. Quickly, he'd strip off his clothes, run in the shower, and wet his hair. Then, he'd quickly stroke his cock a sufficient number of times to give him a semi-erection, before donning a skimpy, short bathrobe.

Opening the door and acting surprised, while rubbing his wet hair with a towel, he'd invite them inside his house, under the pretense that he had just gotten out of the shower. Perhaps, because he was a good looking man and didn't appear to be the pervert that he was, they all accepted his invitation to come inside. Once he had them as a captive audience inside his house, the real show started.

Appearing interested enough in whatever they were selling to not realize he was flashing them, offering them something to eat or drink, he'd invite them in his living room and sit across from them with his legs open just enough to give them a view. Depending upon how they reacted to seeing his cock gave him a cue, as to how much more to show. He had already practiced his sitting posture by placing a mirror across from him, so he was acutely aware of how much he was showing and how much they could see. It excited him that he was sitting across from these women for a prolonged length of time with his cock and testicles clearly visible from their vantage point.

It was as much fun to watch them squirming, while looking and while trying not to be seen looking, as he flashed them. He enjoyed the ones who'd just stare at his exposed cock without saying anything, as much as he enjoyed the ones who'd turn a bright red from the sight of his prick and who couldn't control themselves from looking again and again. Waiting for them to say something or look away, he'd show the ones who stared more of his cock by parting his legs wider, until his legs were practically wide open.

Some were aroused and some were aghast from the sight of his penis, nonetheless, they all were victims to his exhibitionism and had starring roles in his masturbation streaming video that ran through his mind later. If only they knew, he masturbated over them, if only they knew he flashed them purposely, he wondered how receptive they'd be to his sexual advance. He wondered if they'd had known he was flashing them on purpose, if they still would have watched his show and/or offered to give them the loan of their hand or the use of their mouth.

Just as he loved the shocked and surprised look on the faces of the women he flashed, he loved the women who used the opportunity to stare at his cock, too. One woman selling Avon, even reached out to fondle his cock. Yet, the women who welcomed his flashes were few and far between. As if never having seen a cock before, feigned or real, most women were aghast and disgusted by his public exhibitionism of nakedness.

Even though it was rare, there were some women who were willing participants in his game of flashing.

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