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Shelby was on her back with Mike's dick slowly fucking her mouth, using her hand to stroke half of his cock, since she was sure she couldn't get it down her throat. Shun was between her legs, fingering her pussy while licking and sucking her clit.

Once we got Mikela on the bed, she was on all fours, parallel to Shelby. I was on one side, with a handful of hair, pushing my cock slowly in and out of her mouth, feeling her throat tighten on the head of my cock, as Brian got on his knees and buried his face into her pussy, making sure it was nice and wet. I could tell by the slurping sounds when he stuck his fingers in her pussy, it was plenty wet enough.

We knew that these girls were going to have the time of their lives. I think they knew what was in store. There is very few things as sexy as watching a small white girl taking a nice thick black cock in her hands, sucking and slurping on it. Watching two white girls being face fucked is purely one of the greatest visual pleasures I could think of. I was enjoying fucking Mikela's throat, hearing her moan and grunt as I fucked her lips. Shelby was moaning more audibly, trying to make sure she tasted every inch that she could get in her little white throat.

After a few minutes, Brian stood up and started rubbing his cock up and down on Mikela's slit. Mikela's mouth opened wider, letting out a loud gasp. She slid her mouth off my cock, and looked over her shoulder, looking at Brian stroking his cock, hitting her juicy pussy lips with the head of his cock. Mikela then put her head on the bed, and reached her hand between her legs, spreading her pussy lips, inviting Brian's black cock into her little white pussy.

Brian didn't hesitate; rather push the head of his cock into her cunt, and grabbing hold of her hips, pushing his cock in just past the head. I don't know if that is all it took for Mikela to cum, but she screamed and moaned loudly feeling a black cock in her cunt. Mikela then began rubbing her clit feverishly, and started pushing back on Brian, taking his dick deep inside her. After her screams calmed down, taking Brian's dick in slow stride, she propped herself up on one hand, and used the other to take my cock back in her mouth. I grabbed her head and started fucking her face when she reached around and put her hand on my ass, pulling me deeper inside her throat. I took that as an indication of the pace she wanted, and started forcing my cock down her throat, making her drool and choke every so often, but other than that, she seemed the cock sucking pro.

Shelby seems to be enjoying the large black cock in her mouth so much, that when Shun kneeled on the bed, Shelby didn't skip a beat. It wasn't until Shun slammed his cock into her wet pussy, she pulled Mike's dick out of her mouth. Her body convulsed in orgasm, feeling the thick black cock stretching her little white pussy. Shun was fucking her with long deep strokes, so that when he pulled out, you could see how thick her juices were on his cock. After she finished cumming on Shun's dick, she reached frantically to put Mike's dick back in her mouth, this time, taking it even deeper. Should couldn't get it all down her throat, but you could tell that she was trying to take it all at once.

After a few moments, all you could hear in the room was grunts and groans as bodies were slapping in rhythm, my balls on Mikela' chin, Shun and Brian's balls smacking on their respective cunts as they pounding their black cocks in as deep as they could. Sweat was starting to form and fall off of each of our bodies, but no one seemed to mind. After a few more minutes, Shun grunted that he was going to cum. Mike pushed his cock further into Shelby's mouth, in case she thought about making an objection. Shun held her legs against her chest as he slammed his dick deeper and deeper inside her, finally holding himself deep inside as he shot his cum. Shelby started shaking as she came, feeling Shun's seed inside her while sucking greedily on Mike's dick.

After a few moments, Shun pulled out and said to Mike, "She's

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