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Breaking in the new bed.

They held the hug for a long moment, long enough for Laura to start feeling a little buzzing in her panties. When they separated, Cindy's eyes were a little moist, so Laura said

"Ok, girlfriend, get dressed, we need a drink for sure."

Laura went to leave the dressing room, but Cindy, without waiting, quickly pulled the skimpy teddy over her head, causing Laura to almost gasp out loud at the sight of her perfect shaved box, accented by only the thinnest of tan lines. When Cindy turned and bent over to retrieve her skirt the floor, the urge to grab that amazing ass was incredible. She bit her lip and restrained herself, for the moment. It was time to put the plan in motion.

An hour later, the girls were on their third giant margarita and feeling great, talking about sex, the old times, anything and everything. They were sharing a booth, and Laura had made sure they were both on the same side of it. Cindy asked Laura all about her sex life, and Laura was relating it in great detail, graphically, and it was getting both girls hot.

"So he came home, handcuffed you and fucked you in the ass? Just like that? With Michelle downstairs?" Cindy couldn't imagine it. When she had sex with her boyfriend, it was always the same, always her idea, and never lasting more than 10 minutes. "That must have been so hot."

The conversation continued along this way as another couple margaritas bit the dust, Laura making sure to take every opportunity to wax poetic about her boyfriend's sexual prowess.

Along the way, she also cleverly insinuated the fact that John thought Cindy was beautiful, sexy, smart, etc, etc. John had taught her this trick, calling it "laying the groundwork." She knew if she threw her idea at her friends before she was ready, it would all blow up in her face. And by now, she wanted it as bad as John probably did.

The conversation turned to specific sexual acts, Cindy not believing Laura's claim that she often had an orgasm just from her boyfriend's talented fingers. Laura sensed an opening, leaned closer, placed her hand on her best friends inner thigh, and whispered in Cindy's ear

"Act natural." Slowly she worked her fingers between Cindy's legs, expertly moving her thong to one side and going right for the G spot on the very top of her friend's box. Cindy did anything but act naturally, going rigid and opening her eyes wide.

When Laura eventually slid a finger inside her, she gasped loudly enough for the table across from them to turn for a moment. Laura kept up the pressure, working her finger in small circles, slowly increasing the pace. Her friends fair complexion turned pinker as she became flushed with pleasure.

Both girls were startled and jumped when the waiter came by. When he asked if they needed anything else, they both said

"Check please." At the same time and broke into mild hysterics. After paying the tab, neither girl was able to drive, so they called a cab.

Almost as soon as soon as the cab left the curb, Laura was all over her pal, her hand between her legs, and, in the(relative)privacy of the back seat, surprised cindy even further by kissing her neck and ear as her finger again found Cindy's button.

"W-What are you D-Doing?" Cindy breathed. "This is crazy."

"It's crazy that you've gone this long without experiencing what you are about to experience." Laura replied. She knew, better than Cindy did, how close her pal was to orgasm. She knew the signs.

Laura looked up into the rear view mirror and saw the cab drivers eyes in hers. She winked at him in the mirror, and added cattily

"Enjoy the show, but just don't crash." She knew guys well enough to know that the man was driving one handed by now. She returned to her friend, looking to finish what she had started. As Cindy approached the point of no return, she whispered into her friend's ear

"I want you to cum for me.

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