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When reality becomes a dream.

Then he realized what he had said in front of her husband, he immediately started making apologizes. I let him know that it was quite all right and I felt exactly the same way. I have known for a long time what a little hottie she is. He realizes I'm not mad and thanks me for letting them dance with her. I let him know he was welcome.

You raise your face out of your hands and say, "If you guys will excuse me for a moment I'll go powder my nose and get a breath of fresh air." With that the guy you had been kissing her started to get up, saying he would go with you to get some of that fresh air. His friend grabbed his arm, motioning him to keep his seat, whispered to let her go and to shut up. The guy looked at him like he was crazy, leaned over and began to whisper in his friend's ear. The guy who had been sitting at the table listened then told his friend to just cool it, stay where he was and to please shut the f_ _ k up, thank you. The kissing guy looked at his friend in disbelief but stayed where he was as my wife danced away towards the ladies room.

Then the guy I had been talking to at the table resumed where we had left off, or so he hoped. "As I was saying, before we were so rudely interrupted by your beautiful wife and bozo here. You would not be angry or mad that we might want to take your wife upstairs to our suite and try to talk her into having sex with us?" he said loud enough for his friend to hear every word. His friend's mouth dropped open and his eyes got as big as saucers again.

Looking at the kissing guy trying to figure out how this conversation got to this point I had to laugh knowing one would have had to be there to understand. So I calmly shared, "What I said was it was entirely up to her what she wanted to do or not to do. If you guys can talk her into something I am perfectly fine with it."

Kissing guy shaking his head to make sure he had not had too much to drink and wanting to be sure he was following this conversation fully, said, "Whoa, did I hear you correctly? You just ask this gentleman if we could take his wife up to our room? Is that right." He looked back and forth from me to his friend in disbelief.

His friend laughingly said, "Now you know why I told you to keep your seat and shut up."

No sh_t!" kissing guy said in amazement.

About that time you returned to the table looking sexily refreshed. Smiling as you could feel many eyes on you and your sexy attire. When you were seated, you pulled me to you and whispered in my ear, "Don't you think you better take me home now before I get into more trouble?"

I responded quickly with, "Trouble! What trouble have you been in? I'm not aware of any trouble you have caused tonight."

You laughed gently punched me on the shoulder and said, "You know what I mean."

"No I really don't." I assured her.

"You are really going to make me talk about this in front of these to wonderful dancer aren't you?" You say glancing at them as you spoke.

Playing dumb again I said, "I just don't understand what you think has happened that was trouble. I saw you having fun dancing and kissing with these kind gentlemen and their friends who could not stand the heat."

They did not look troubled when they left they looked spent actually. Again you punched me on the shoulder. It seems these gentlemen have offered an invitation for us to come up to their suite and have a drink. I nicely told them we did not drink but that if you wanted to we or you could go up to their room for a while if you really wanted to. It is entirely up to you my dear.

The look on your face was priceless. I am not sure what feeling was showing the most embarrassment, fear or excitement. They were all over your face. Then you looked me straight in the eye and said, "What have you done?"

"I have done absolutely nothing. I simply answered this gentleman's questions." I said as I gestured towards the guys.

"You didn't promise them anything, did you?" you replied with the look of fear now being the

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