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Alicia submits her body to be my sex slave.

He pulls back for just a second to make sure we have eye contact and guarantees me that he will take care of you as if he were me. I then tell him that as far as I'm concerned, he is me for tonight and that I am giving you to him. He gives me another hug and asks my permission to give you a proper hello, which I tell him is more than OK.

This conversation is only about 30 seconds, but to you it seems like 30 minutes. You want to say hi, but can't figure out why we're taking so long. You are a little jealous that it was that Darick first said hi to, but at the same time, you are impressed that he did acknowledge me. Darick finally turns to you and says, "Mary, what can I say, you are even better than advertised. You look absolutely stunning tonight."

With that he gives you a hug. You can feel him getting hard. He whispers in your ear, "Do you feel what you do to me? If you allow it, I am going to use that cock you feel to fuck you in every hole. Does that sound OK to you?" He is noticing that your breathing is getting heavier as you stammer out, "Oh yeah. I think I want that very badly".

We all sit down and get drinks ordered. It's a comfy area with a sofa-like seat and a nice chair and small table. I am sitting in a chair that is close. You are on the bench seat "in between". My chair is almost in front of you, but off just enough that Darick has to lean close to you to speak to me. As he does that, to steady himself, his right hand is just above your knee.

The conversation is very pleasant as we discuss families, backgrounds, how we met, etc... As we talk, he periodically lightly squeezes your lower thigh, or rubs his large pointer finger on the inner thigh in a circular pattern. We learn that he is 35 and is a successful sale executive from the Dallas area.

He is divorced. His ex-wife is an alcoholic, but she has actually turned her life around, but too late. He has to pre-teenage kids, a boy and a girl. He seems to be a very genuine individual, having grown up in a small rural community and worked on some farms and ranches as a youth.

As the second drink arrives, you are having a difficult time focusing on the conversation. I break the ice by asking him how he got to AFF and the lifestyle.

He tells us that it started when he was at a convention and got to be friends with a white guy who was there with his wife, just after his divorce. He was a little out of shape and not feeling great about himself, but when he was out with the couple, she kept eyeing him and staying close to him. They all got drunk and went dancing. When he was dancing with the wife, it was basically a make out session on the dance floor. The night ended up where he was invited back to their room and he fucked the wife, while the husband taped, for hours. He became intoxicated with how willing and wanton a white wife can become when impaled on his thick, black cock.

I notice that while he is describing the evening and the bedroom activities, how intensely you are listening. I also notice Darick's hand is now not just above your knee, but about half-way up your thigh and that you've opened your legs, just a bit. I can see your beautiful breast really heaving as your breathing intensifies. It is really hot. It makes me wonder if I want to be in the room, though I know that's not what I want.

Darick can see your reactions as well. He gets a little more graphic and a talks just a little more about his experiences where the woman is more submissive. The more your reactions continue, the further he goes.

As the 3rd round arrives, he turns the conversation around and asks how we began our journey.

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