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"Listen, what was it, oh yes, cock jockey," she smiled cruelly "the longer you argue with me the more bored and irritated I get, and you don't want me bored. Stand up and come around in front of me here so I can see what I've got to work with."

Julia felt a now familiar panic twist in her stomach as she rose on shaky legs. This Ms. Lori, her "receptionist", definitely wasn't who she appeared to be, he was playing with her again. Julia had made it one-step when Lori was suddenly in front of her, grabbing a handful of Julia's hair and shoving her face into the floor.

"Crawl Julia, He told you that already. Always on your knees in front of your betters, and I am that, trust me cunt. If I were Master, I would have you crawling around sucking the cock of every man in this building." The hand rubbing her face in the carpet was removed and by the time Julia had brought her head up Lori was once seated on her desk, waiting.

Julia crawled to the center of the room, shame curling in her belly, once there she was uncertain what to do and looked up at Lori questioningly.

"Well, you are a quick learner, I'll give you that. I'll allow you to stand up, so you can remove your clothes, after today you will cease wearing clothes that block my access to your body. If you don't know what that means, I'm talking about undergarments, skirts you can't spread your legs in, and various other items. Don't worry we'll go through your clothes and get rid of what doesn't work. Why are you still down there, strip you stupid bitch, then kneel back down with your knees spread, hands behind your neck."

Julia hastened to follow orders, quickly shucking her black skirt-suit and slinky bra and underwear. She resumed her position on the floor, sitting on her feet with her knees spread out exposing herself to Lori's critical eye. Approaching her slowly Lori reached out a nailed hand and gave a painful twist to her right nipple, then grabbed her hair and jerked her head back until Julia was looking up at her.

"I can see why He likes you. Now why don't you be a good girl and help me out of this skirt, you may use your mouth." Lori turned around and began unbuttoning her jacket, shrugging out of it quickly. Julia rose up on her knees until her face was level with Lori's ass, and zipper. She tentatively reached out her hands to steady herself before taking the small zipper between her teeth, and lowering it. This accomplished she leaned down to the hem and pulled it down with a few tugs of her mouth.

"Competent, hove you ever eaten out a pussy before, Julia." her voice practically dripped honey as she resumed her position on the edge of the desk, the time spread wide with one leg propped up she leaned back on her elbows, shooting Julia an expectant look.

"Yes, Ms. Lori."

"Well why don't you give me a little sample hmm, cunt? " Julia crawled forward to the edge of the desk, her face perfectly level with Lori's dripping hole. In addition to loving the taste of a cock, Julia was equally enamored with a good wet snatch, which Lori provided gladly.

Musky heat enveloped her when she buried her face, darting her tongue out to lick and nibble the pink lips dangling in front of her. She noticed Lori was pierced, though currently she didn't have a ring in, Julia wondered at this and it thrilled her.

Julia felt Lori's hand grab the back of her head and shove her face further into her pussy. Julia was alternately sucking and nipping at her clit, delving her tongue as deep into Lori's hole as she could manage. With a happy moan, Lori leaned back across the desk dragging Julia's hands up her body to her breasts.

"Ohh, good girl, lick mamma's tasty cunt.

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