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Golden activities include another woman.

atory publicity stunt?

JR: Is that what it was?

SE: No, it was, mmm, well it was us. The legal fall-out was resolved long ago, so that doesn't come into play in explaining it. Because you see, most folks say it's a sin or sacrilege or some sort of horrendous crime and want me burned at the stake, or punished in a very torturous way, the more painful the better, that my works would be destroyed - all of them, and so on. Funny thing, while those particular three won't ever be exhibited in public, they were the ones that fetched the highest price at first offering to private collectors. They were sold in less than 24 hours to three different buyers. Each patron wanted the series, but I felt that the set would be safer in three separate custodies.

SE: (continues) It just sort of happened that there was this opening on that day, for a couple and we were the only people that . . fit the bill. I was paying the bill and needed to have models immediately. They weren't even as refined as my work of a year later, and I shorted the editing to get them out, as I need the cash flow. It wasn't planned, and we only did the posing once, one time for all three works. Nor have we had sex since. It was nice though, mom's a great lover, I think I . . um . . acquitted myself all right. But remember, it's not unlike when movie stars are acting a love scene on the set, there are a lot of other things going on that can be very distracting.

JR: So you did have sex then and recorded it and sold those pieces to three buyers?

SE: Jack why is that posed as a question. The legal transcripts are public. I just confirmed out loud, on camera, what was common knowledge; and the copies of the work in books of reprints are authenticated by my mom as being so. So that should be posed as a statement to set up your next question.

JR: You know what my next question is going to be, don't you?

SE: The answer is - sure I did! If you're going to screw your own mom, you wouldn't want to miss out cumming in her would you? Ironically, that was the only time I was able to capture the exact moment of ejaculation in one of my works. It turns out too, that mom climaxed at the same time, though we did get that phenomena on film in several other instances with other women. That's why the works are so valuable. It's not just an artist's self-portrait, and his mother included, it is the only simultaneous orgasm to be seen from the inside as it happens and preserved both for scientific and artistic study. A thing of beauty, that cums around and around, again and again. My immoral mom immortalized. Because as the say goes, "Life is short, but art - long."

IN SEQZ'TUS STUDIO his mother looked at him and laughed. "What? The gal didn't show? You need a fill in? Where's the guy? Undressing? Sure I'll be in one of your Quadtra-whatchamacallitz. I could do with a good lay. I hope he can last. Didn't you have a fella that went limp early, had to feed him a pill? I always wanted to be famous, but I doubt that you want to let people know that it's your mother who is getting boinked." Fran was never the one to be delicate about the topic of sex, especially since Ryan had got to be old enough to understand about adult matters. Double especially considering the sort of thing he was doing now, with what she thought was an interesting if a bit cockamamie career, cock being the masculine half of the formula that made him famous and fabulously wealthy.

Well she had supported him by working her fanny off, and then supported him when he got the grant, and encouraged him to pursue his vision of combining scans to image in creative and useful and profitable ways for those who allowed him to do it with the machines he couldn't afford otherwise to use.

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