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One last (?) fling.

"They are just breasts, Josh. And these happened to still be covered by a bra, so it's basically just like me wearing a bikini."

"Well it sure as hell doesn't feel that way."

"Please turn around. I'm doing this for you after all."

Josh did as he was asked.

"So, give me your honest opinion. Do I have nice tits?"

Nice? Try absolutely perfect. Inwardly, he wished she didn't have a bra on. He was convinced that boobs that big had to sag a little, though. Gravity could not be denied on those monsters.

"Um... they seem nice. I can't really tell with a bra on of course."

"Oh, you little devil. Are you asking me to take off my bra, Josh?"

Josh visibly blushed and he quickly back peddled. "No, no. Of course not! I'm not some pervert that wants to see his sister's chest!"

"Oh, I see. Because I would have totally done it if you had asked."

"Stop teasing me."

"I'm being serious. Scout's honor," followed by the obligatory Cub Scout hand signal.

"Pretty sure that's not a thing if you weren't in the Girl Scouts."

"Big sister's honor then. But you have to ask. Nicely!"

"You are so fucking with me right now."

Jacquie giggled. "You'd think. But only one way to find out."

Josh groaned to himself. He was really tempted to ask her, but was worried if she was just screwing with him what she would think of her perverted brother once he revealed he wanted her to get half naked. Or perhaps worse, what if she wasn't kidding at all?

"Josh, you might hurt my feelings if you don't want to see me naked. You were just saying you've never seen a pair before, how much that bothered you, yada yadda. Here I am, offering my own and you have no interest? Now I feel unattractive! You don't want that, do you?"

Score one for fucking with him. But what was a warm-blooded male supposed to do?

"I'm so paying you back for this. I don't know how yet, but you better watch out!" Josh huffed. One big gulp of air later, "Please, will you take off your bra?"

"Well, since you asked so nicely." Jacquie reached around to her back and then paused. "Now don't freak out, okay?"

Next thing Josh knew, Jacquie's bra was falling away, but she was quick to cover her breasts with her hands, never giving Josh the money view.


Josh nodded and Jacquie moved her hands away.

Clinically speaking, Josh had always known that Jacquie had great breasts, the best of all his sisters. But now he was staring at them. Staring at his sister's tits! And they were absolutely the most perfect set of tits he'd ever seen. Okay, he'd never seen any in real life, but even digitally, nothing could compare to these.

They were more than a handful, and they stood straight out. Josh had been wrong before, she didn't need a bra at all. The skin around them was a slightly lighter color then the rest of her chest, probably from being covered up when Jacquie enjoyed the sun a month earlier. At the center of each mound was a large areola and bright pink nipples. People pay thousands of dollars trying to make breasts this good. If they had succeeded, Josh would be shocked.

Despite himself, Josh could feel his erection growing quickly. He shifted his leg to cover his crotch area. Jacquie may have noticed this, but Josh wouldn't know because his eyes never left her breasts for even a second.

"Those can't be real. They are too nice!"

Jacquie broke out into a big smile, as if she was nervous about his opinion. "Josh, in a backwards sort of way that is probably the nicest compliment a guy has ever given my body. And no, they're real."

"And they're fantastic," Josh finished which drew a laugh from the both of them, followed by a slightly uncomfortable silence as Josh enjoyed the breathtaking view before him.

Every instinct in Josh's body made him want to reach out and touch these breasts. But he kept reminding himself that (a) they belonged to his sister; and (b) she'd take his head off if he even suggested it. However, he was going to enjoy this for as long as it was available, and sat there for several moments drinking in the sight.


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