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18-year-old white girl meets sexy black man.

Days went by, with no email from him. Gloria felt sure her reply would get a quicker response than that. She was impatient. She wanted another task. She wanted him to torment her bound body again. She was his willing pupil.

Finally, two days later, she received an email.

So, Gloria, dear. You now seem to understand what I've been telling you. You are in charge of your life and body. You decide what happens, not someone else. Always remember that. Now, as a reward, I have another task for you. Yes, I said reward. You should enjoy this. Read these instructions carefully.

Cigar stores sell many different types of cigars. Cigars that are more expensive are packaged inside a tube for freshness. Some are glass and some are plastic. I want you to go purchase a cigar in a plastic tube, and discard the cigar. The tube is what you are looking for. It may need some edges removed before you use it. I will explain more about this, later. Gloria, for safety, do not get glass for this particular task.

You will also need to purchase a set of metal handcuffs. Be sure these are of the double locking variety. They are the best and I will put them to use in future visits. You will also need a chair that has slots in the back. Also, a couple of overstuffed pillows will be needed, or several regular pillows. You will need two of those Velcro straps you made, and lastly, you will need your vibrator and a sufficient amount of water-soluble lube.

The plastic cigar tube is sure to have rough edges on it. You will need to remove these rough edges. It will be going up your ass, so be sure it is nice and smooth. Because you are doing this alone, I want you to be safe. As a safety issue, DO NOT USE A GLASS TUBE!

Place your chair in your bedroom, so it is in front of the dresser mirror. Place the cigar tube, vibrator, lube and handcuff keys on the dresser. Stack the pillows in the seat, so they are like a saddle on a horse. You will sit backwards on the chair and strap your ankles to the back legs of the chair with the Velcro straps. There should be enough pillows to be ample padding underneath you, as well as enough both in front and behind you.

While sitting on the chair, pillows under you, and your ankles bound with the Velcro, lubricate the cigar tube with a lot of lube. Also, reach back and lube your ass hole. Be sure to slide your finger inside so the lube is inside your ass, too. With this done, take the tube and insert it into your ass. Push it in far enough that you can remove your hand and the pillows will hold it inside you.

Next, take your finger and rub your clit. At the same time, rock back and forth, so the cigar tube slides in and out, with your movements. When you are wet enough, lean back and insert the vibrator into your pussy. Hold the pillows out of the way, if necessary. Be sure you turn it on to the highest speed. The same principle should work for the vibe as for the tube. Your rocking back and forth will allow each to move in and out of you.

Next, be sure the handcuff key is not too far away that you can't reach it. A simple test before you cuff yourself will be in order. If you don't do a sufficient test, you could be in that situation until someone finds you. I suggest you be sure the test works.

Slide your hands though the chair slats and cuff your wrists. Be sure the lock is on the outside, so you can unlock the cuffs. If you put the lock on the inside, you will not be able to unlock the cuffs by yourself. Again, sufficient testing of this is in order.

Once you have finished all of this preparation, you will be bound to the chair, both wrists and ankles. You will also have both pussy and ass filled, so even slight movement will move the tube and vibrator in and out. Rocking back and forth will cause reverse penetration. This means when the vibe slides out, the tube slides in, and visa versa.

I want you to fuck yourself in this rocking manner, while watching yourself in the mirror.

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