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Sexual frustration leads to the birth of a new succubus.

I wanted to explore their until she screamed with senseless abandon. But I knew if I drove between her legs, she would at best tolerate my attentions, and never feel the ecstasy I wanted for her. I leaned down, and kissed the flesh under my fingers, breathing the clean jasmine scent of her skin.

I moved down her collarbone, trying to cool the inferno that was her body with my breath. I inched down, leaving a trail of wet kisses, until I encircled her left nipple, showing it loving attention. I took her nipple in my mouth trying to work the same magic she worked on mine, but her flesh hadn't been covered in long numb scars.

I worked slowly, not wanting to rush, but longing to taste the fragrant honey below the dark blond curls. I moved my lips further down her chest, my tongue snaking over the faint ridges of her ribs, and then into the valley of her abdomen.

As I ventured further, she raised her knees, and opened her legs. Inviting me silently to taste the nectar of her nether-lips. I moved so I was half kneeling, half laying between her legs, my mouth still moving in languid circles above her pelvic bone.

Taking a long deep breath, I relished in the musk of her, it had undertones of citrus like a lemon verbena plant. Not unpleasant in any way, but so different from my own unique scent, which seemed more bitter, like ginger, to my nose.

I paused to look up at her face, her eyes closed, a slight impatient frown creasing her forehead. For a long moment, I was still, enjoying the vision as I looked up at her.

She rocked her hips once, drawing my attention back to the treasure a few inches from my chin. I smiled, reassured that she wanted this, then began to kiss the inside of her upper thigh. She moaned softly, as my lips moved closer to her pussy, my cheek just brushing the sensitive edge of her outer labia.

She'd been almost silent as I worked over her neck, chest and stomach. But the closer to her slit I got, the more she moved and wordlessly told me to continue. I lay down, taking her folds into my mouth, and running my tongue over the subtle ridges. I moved over the outer-lips slowing my mouth to tease her and to savor the intoxicating citrus and honeysuckle musk that rose to embrace me.

I'd been so obsessed in my pilgrimage, I'd missed Master Julien and Cid's silent entrance into the room. Slight movement diverted my attentions, and I watched uncaring as both of them slid down the wall, sitting to watch our lovemaking. The much quieted voice in the recesses of my mind warned that I should do more than simply glance at my Master, but I was willing to do no more than that, accepting that I may face consequence later. I wasn't sure how long they had been watching us, but I was almost certain it had been a long while.

She wiggled her pussy across the side of my face, a long desperate whine flowed from her lips, and I turned back to her slit, dismissing the two voyeurs seated just inside the room. Her hands clutched at the sheets, curling and uncurling impatiently. Again, I smiled as I hovered above the tiny hood that partially hid her clit, unfurling my tongue to snake across its underside.

She recoiled from the rough touch with a sharp cry. I kept my head between her legs but raised my eyes to silently question her. Her eyes fluttered, and she relaxed as I licked across her labs again. "Sensitive." She muttered apologetically, raising her head enough to look down at me, unaware of the onlookers. "It's been a long time since I've had a woman kiss me there."

I nodded in understanding, turning my attention back to the bloom. I focused on the petals, and the seeping aperture at their center, only stroking the true heart of the blossom occasionally. I wanted to make her scream, but in pleasure not because the intensity of my tongue caused pain.

Pressing my mouth firmly against her sex, I lapped at the juice leaking slowly from her hole, then pressed my tongue into it.

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