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A party with a difference.

I finished all the water bottles and the Gatorade. By 10 pm, I felt the urge to pee, but Rashida's stern admonition held me back. I got a phone call from a friend, and when I finished, I saw it was already 10.35 pm. I was late!

In panic, with my bladder very much full, I rushed out of my room, fled down the hallway to the servants' quarters at top speed, scooted over to Rashida's room and stood outside her door.

Rashida as usual had her lights on, and I could see it through the space underneath her door. Rubina's door was shut and there was no light - she was probably fast asleep. Taking a deep breath, I knocked softly on Rashida's door.

"Come in!"

I walked in and shut the door. Rashida was lying on her bed, reading a novel.

"You are late by six minutes, baba."

"Yes, bua. I am extremely sorry about that bua. It won't happen again. Please forgive me."

"Did you go to the washroom at 6.30 pm, baba?" Rashida asked me, still lying down.

"Yes, bua."

"And did you pee again after that, baba?"

"No, bua, as you had forbidden me too."

I was discussing my bathroom activities with my maid! I felt like a dog whose mistress trains the animal to relieve himself only at her indiscretion, and I knew that was pretty much how Rashida saw it too.

"Good! So, do you have the urge to pee now, my little bitch?"

"Yes, bua. May I go to the washroom, bua?"

"You certainly will not! I will punish you, and I will decide WHEN you will pee. Is that clear?"

"Yes, bua."

"Good! I intend to take you to the washroom to pee later, baba, and I want to see a good long stream of urine when you do."

"Yes, bua. It will be as you wish, bua. You are my mistress; you are my queen, bua."

"Good! Now, baba, you know what to do."

I walked to the corner of her room, and started to undress. My shirt came, off, followed by my pants. I neatly folded them and kept them on the dresser table, and then walked back and stood in the corner, facing the wall, my behind to Rashida. This was my "time out". I remained standing for ten minutes.

"Baba, come here." Rashida was now standing in the centre of the room, so I walked and stood facing her, eyes cast down.

"You were late by six minutes. Two slaps per minute, twelve over all." Rashida announced her verdict. "As usual, you will count and thank me each time."

"Yes, bua. I am so sorry for my lateness and humbly beg your forgiveness. Please punish me."


"Two! Thank you, bua. I am sorry I was late. Please slap me again."


"Four! Thank you, bua, for slapping me. I will never be late again. Please slap me again."


"Six! Thank you, bua. It is my honour that I have someone like you to correct my mistakes. Please slap me again."


"Eight! Thank you, bua. I am your humble slave whose only aim is to please his mistress. Please slap me again."


"Ten! Thank you, bua. Please forgive my mistakes. Please slap me again."


"Twelve! Thank you, bua for the slaps."

Rashida then turned around and walked to the bed. I followed the jiggle of her buttocks through her thin sari as she moved across the room. She sat down on the bed, put the novel she was reading on her pillow, and picked up a hairbrush.

"I bought this new wooden hairbrush," She grinned, "especially for you, baba, and for your nice and soft ass." I could only blush and groan as I saw the new hairbrush was thicker with a bigger base.

"Position yourself across my lap." I did as she asked, my penis burying into the folds of her sari between her thighs, my butt protruding up in the air, ready for Rashida's sentencing.

"Baba, for two weeks I have not punished you. So I will start with twenty five strokes of the brush. You will count and thank me for each one, as usual."

"Yes, bua. I am yours to be punished."


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