Greek High Quality Sex Pics

Welcoming October with help from a big-titted goth chick.

Hell, some guys are hooking up with both men AND women for fun. I'm only into guys but who says a young woman can't have her casual fun?

"Tyrese you're sexy and smart but I'm not looking for a relationship right now," I said as politely as I could. What is it about us Saudi women that drives men absolutely nuts? Tyrese has All-American man-about-town written all over him. I'm certain he's brought tons of women back to his place for some casual fun. Surely he didn't get attached to any of them? "I'm starting in the MBA program at Carleton University this September. I just transferred from Canisius College and I don't know anybody in this town own," Tyrese said, licking his full, sensual lips.

Tyrese looked so sweet saying these things that he made my heart skip a beat. All the more reason for me to get the fuck out of his nicely decorated two-bedroom apartment. "Cute guy like you will be a hit with all the girls on campus," I said, and unhurriedly got dressed right in front of Tyrese. I grabbed my purse, and walked up to him. "Can I get your number?" Tyrese asked.

I smiled at him and licked my lips suggestively, and watched Tyrese's handsome beam with hope. Then I crushed it. "I'll take yours," I said smugly, looking him up and down. "It's like that Miss Saudi?" Tyrese said, smiling as I stood inches from him. Dude was disappointed and trying to play it cool. Got to admire his persistence. I leaned over and kissed Tyrese. Just a quick peck on the lips. "It's like that Mr. America," I said, smiling, then took the card he offered me and headed for the door.

When I got home, I certainly had a story to share with Amelia, but my favorite little biracial Brazilian wasn't alone. I spotted a tall, tattooed chick walking out of the kitchen. "Who the fuck are you?" I asked. The gal eyed me coolly. "I'm Spike, who are you?" she said. That's when Amelia came out of the washroom, a smug look on her face. "Morning Rabia," she said, wrapping her arms around Spike, who kissed her. "What a world," I said, smiling. Amelia smiled at me and shrugged. "It's about time Miss Brazil here got laid," I said, nodding to Spike.

I went to my room, grabbed my school books and headed to my eleven o'clock Business Accounting class at the University of Ottawa. "Always knew Amelia was a dyke," I said to myself as I caught the bus from the Rideau Shopping Center and rode it to campus. Seriously, seeing Amelia with Spike totally surprised me. I suspected that my erstwhile roommate might be lesbian or bisexual but never had any proof. Doesn't bother me either way, you understand? I just wondered about her, that's all.

Little did I know that Spike wasn't a one-night stand for Amelia. Apparently, lesbians operate differently from us straight people. Three weeks after they met, Rhiannon "Spike" Spelman, the tattooed butch lesbian biker from hell and Amelia Rodriguez, decided to move in. And since I had no lease and stayed at the Sandy Hill apartment on a month-to-month basis, the two dykes basically forced me out. Oh yeah, they gave me an ultimatum. I had a week to move out. "You're both a pair of backstabbing bitches," I said to Rhiannon and Amelia as I stormed out.

I needed a place to stay, and trust me, even though Ottawa isn't that big a city, rent is expensive up here. I go to school full-time and work at the nearby Loblaw's as a cashier on weekends and holidays. Rent at my soon-to-be old place was six hundred a month plus utilities, and I could barely afford it when Amelia and I split everything. I looked on Kijiji for places on my price range, and couldn't find any. With the threat of homelessness looming over my head, I didn't know what to do.

I finally called Tyrese Montrose because I ran out of ideas.

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