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For the benefit of the new nurses the answering nurse informed them that this was a promiscuous married nurse who got into trouble for having sex with married patients.

To avoid losing her job she agreed to see a shrink at the hospital, but was not satisfied with the treatment and the cost. However, she went to see Professor Brown (I will call him) on Chestnut Street and was most satisfied with his treatment. Shortly after starting to see him she seemed changed: happy, content, at ease. However, she soon left the hospital but seemed in a better place. When Cathie decided to get some help, she decided that this would be a good place to start and it was he who took provided her the counseling.

In any event, it was the "therapist" who had caused a lack of remorse in subsequent meetings with Otto. She explained that her "therapist" told her that she had a need to be sexually subservient, serving and servicing a dominate Man to get complete sexual satisfaction. The first man in her life was her father, who was a domineering martinet. This left a permanent impression of what a man was. I was her escape from that. I was laid back, easy going, made decisions jointly and I even encouraged her to make decisions on her own. So she could not see me in the Dom role (and I am not sure I could have played it anyway).

Hence, to have a sexually fulfilling life, he told her that she would have to engage in extramarital sex and that she should do so and that it was not a violation of her marriage vows as she was entitled to sexual satisfaction, which she was getting only outside the marriage.

Shortly after this interesting conversation, I received a call from Cathie's "therapist." He wanted me to drive Cathie over to his "office" (which was in his house). An opportunity had arisen to further Cathie's therapy but there was a short window for it all to come together. Cathie might not even have time to park the car so I should drop her off and pick her up after.

When I told Cathie, she simply put on her coat and made for the door. I followed and then drove her.

His place was in a residential area. The house was set back. I actually found a spot to park right outside his house and watched Cathie go up the walkway. When he came to the door, he looked unprepossessing. He was around 50 years old, short, portly, thinning hair, glasses, and tweed jacket. I could see through the top half of the door which was leaded glass that he led Cathie off to the right in the house. In about 5 minutes, I noticed an old guy coming down the street. He turned into the walkway and was soon greeted by the "therapist" and led off to the right.

In another 5 minutes, all three of them came into my view and then climbed the stairs. Was the old guy's hand on my wife's ass! Hmmm what was upstairs? I waited for more than a half an hour when the old guy and the therapist appeared coming down the stairs. They talked briefly, then the old guy gave what appeared to be some money to the therapist. When he came down the walkway, he was one happy guy, smiling to the world.

The therapist again went up the stairs. He and Cathie made an appearance 30 minutes later. Cathie came out to the car and as we were driving home, I asked what the therapeutic opportunity was. She said that he had explained that he wanted to find the depth and limits of her desires and attractions. Since we knew that she had had satisfying sexual relations with men her father's age, he wanted to know if even older men held more of an attraction for her, if she had a great desire for them and found greater satisfaction from them.

"What?! You had sex with that old guy?!" I said. "Is this therapy?"

"Well, yes. Doctor Don has great experience and been a great help to many, he told me."

"Doctor? I thought you told me he was not." I said

"Not in the literal sense but in our relationship he is."

After the old guy left, what happened?"

"Well since Doctor D

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