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Miranda joins the fray later that afternoon.

The matron strode forward and slapped the struggling girl across the face.

"Stop that fussing you stupid little tart! You aren't going home and you aren't going to get me into trouble with your resistance. You are going to be bathed and then placed in Lord Stephan's room. After that you are the Lord's problem!! If you don't stop struggling I will thrash you until you are obedient." Ashlyn was slapped across the face twice more before she collapsed back against Robert. The man's hands gripped her forearms roughly as he walked forward into the water holding her. Her pert nude body was tucked tightly against him as he lead her into the water. Her arms pushed to her sides left her round white breasts exposed to the full view of the matron and Ashlyn felt the woman's eyes crawling over her. The cruel eyes slid down over the girls flat and tight little tummy until they reached her exposed sex. The girls cunt was lightly covered with wisps of fluff as red as her long curly hair.

"I see why Stephan's went through all the trouble to retrieve you. You are even better than the last one. Take care not to start putting on airs like she did and you might last a little longer." The matron began rubbing soap and water on the girl, roughly washing her neck, breasts, stomach, and legs. Robert remained behind the nude peasant girl holding her tightly. As she was washed she squirmed and wiggled to get away from the punishing harsh bristles and before long she felt a hard bulge against her where Robert's groin ground into her lower back.

"Get her down into the water Robert, hold her legs open so I can wash her well, she smells like a stable boy!" Ashlyn was filled with shame as the two horrible servants pushed her down into the warm water and Robert grasped her legs forcing them apart. His eyes sparkled as her little pussy was exposed fully, the lips of her labia spread by the matron's cruel long fingers. Ashlyn moaned and tossed her head back in an attempt to hide her face as humiliation rolled over her. The matron cruelly slapped the soapy scrub brush down onto the spread lips of the helpless girl. Ashlyn yelped out in pain and shock as the woman began to scrub back and forth down her pink slit. The bristles of the brush slid from Ashlyn's delicate opening up to the nub of her clit and then back again. Robert watched intensely, his gaze going from the scrubbing brush to the frantic face of the young girl being molested.

"Flip the tart over Robert" The matron commanded. Robert quickly obliged and with a splash Ashlyn found herself kneeling in the tub with Roberts hands again pulling her limber thighs apart. The girls asshole now was in full view of the servants and the matron quickly applied the brush to cleaning the girl in her most private of areas. Ashlyn sobbed softly as she leaned forward against the tiled edge of the tub and surrendered herself to this debased scrubbing. Robert watched her little asshole intently as the matron applied her brush to cleaning the girl. As she was rinsed of suds he leaned forward and ran his tongue over her puckered little bud. Ashlyn gasped at the new sensation and tried to buck forward, however, the matron quickly stepped forward with a chuckle and griped the girl by the back of the neck. Thus pinned against the edge of the tub Ashlyn could do nothing but fruitlessly struggle as Roberts licked her asshole. She had never imagined such a horrible and embarrassing thing could be done to a person. As her mind was consumed with misery she also began to feel a curious tingle between her legs. She let out a soft moan and instinctively pushed back against the lapping tongue. Her face flushed as she realized what she had done but she quickly lost her feelings of resistance as a tight knot of tension settled into her lower stomach.

"Please, please, you have to stop this.

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