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A young intern gets fucked by her father's co-worker.

Looking at me curiously, she ran her hands over my shirt again and could obviously feel that my shirt was sliding against something smooth underneath.

"Sweetheart," she said slowly, "would you mind unbuttoning your shirt for me please?"

I knelt up, sitting across her hips with her skirt having ridden up, and her slip being revealed sexily across her thighs. Her pantyhosed legs were on gorgeous display, and I was enjoying all this to the point where I didn't care what she might say - the whole moment seemed to be right. I decided I would look nowhere but right into her eyes, and doing so, started to unbutton my shirt revealing the sexy cami that lay underneath. Ida lifted her hands up and without saying anything, started to slide them over the satiny material.

Her first question was not what I expected; she stopped, looked up and asked, "This isn't one of mine is it?"

"No," I said, "it's mine."

And for what seemed like an eternity, nothing was said, and, for an awful moment, even though I thought the moment was right, my mind was flip-flopping between "she's going to love it - no, she's going to hate it!"

Then Ida said, "It feels so smooth! It's really lovely, where did you get this?" she asked.

Two more things I didn't expect to hear straight off the bat - I told her the store I got it from, a store she knows well as we'd been in there together a few weeks back, while she'd been buying herself some lingerie.

"Did you spot this when we were there the other week?" she asked.

I decided to be honest, "I saw it there once before when I was there on my own but wasn't sure if I should get it and when we were in there the other week, I saw it again and just had to have it. I only dropped in a few days ago and picked it up," I added.

"Hmmmm??" was all Ida could offer, "So, are you wearing anything else that I should know about?" She added a little coldly.

I started to think that I was in the shit and knew if I lied she'd only start grabbing at my clothes and want see for herself so I bit the bullet and offered a very lame, "Welllll...."

"Show me," was all she said and rolled me off her and knelt up crossing her arms over her unbuttoned blouse - an opening that revealed the rest of her very lovely satin slip - her firm breasts pushing out over her crossed arms. What I did notice was that Ida didn't attempt to button up her blouse, nor pull her skirt down over her slip and pantyhose, letting her thighs glimmer in the candle light - to me, all good signs.

I slipped off my shirt completely and then pulled off my trouser socks. Ida didn't notice that they were women's as the light was low and she really wasn't paying attention to socks. What she did notice though were my stockinged toes.

"Stockings??" she asked rather unbelievably.

"Actually no," I answered, undoing my trousers and letting them fall, I offered, "pantyhose." I sat back down as close to her as I dared and once again, Ida just stared at them and slowly, hesitantly, ran her hands over the sheer material. At that point she noticed my panties and told me to stand up. Shaking a little as I did, and then she told me to turn around which, once again on shaking legs, I did as was told. Then she told me sit back down.

Looking me in the eye, she said quite sternly, "This is all very nice it certainly doesn't look all that ugly on you, but do you want to tell me just what the fuck is going on here?!?" Ida doesn't swear often, although she has done during our sex-play and it has always been quite a turn-on - but when she said the 'F' word this time around, I have to admit it did worry me a bit.

So started a very long diatribe about why, how, when, where etc.

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