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Two friends put their past to rest.

Catherine had a look of utter shock on her face not really knowing what had gotten into him but kind of liking it. She jumped out of the car and by the time she had closed the door Stephen grabbed her hand and rushed her upstairs.

"Ooooo Honey bunny!" Catherine squealed as the elevator doors closed behind him. Stephen hushed her as he pushed her up against the wall of the elevator, more so to stop those God-awful pet names, Stephen pressed his mouth against hers and tried to focus.


They were passing the first level.


Level two.


Jesus H. Christ this elevator has never taken this long before!

Stephen lived on the 10th level. At this rate he'd have to fuck her here against the wall.

Get it together. Get it together. He chanted over and over again in his head. This is your future wife. You don't fuck, you "make love".

Once the elevators doors finally opened he grabbed her hand and practically dragged her into the apartment.

Once inside he went right back to kissing her.

This is good!

Catherina quickly turned around and motioned to her zipper. "Quick! I need you now Papa bear."

He had to stop himself from rolling his eyes at the name.

He pulled down the zipper and helped her wriggle out of the tight dress. As soon as she was out she spun around and jumped and straddled him.

Stephen caught her around his waist and practically ran to the bedroom.

"Wait!" Catherine pulled away from their make out session to interject, "I've always wanted to do it on the hammock." Catherine smiled a naughty smile but there was no way Stephen could handle that idea tonight. That room was still sacred for him.

"Uh no." Stephen stammered to come up with something quickly. "It can't really handle it ya know?"

It was a total lie. Prior to dating Catherine, Stephen had tested that hammock's strength with quite a few girls. It was more than capable of handling it. He just couldn't bear the idea of officially erasing his memory of him and Christina sleeping there with the new memory of him and Catherine fucking.

Catherine looked a little disappointed but she shrugged it off and continued their make out session.

Once Stephen got to the bed he tossed Catherine on the king size mattress and began to undress.

Catherine reached for him but he pushed her back down so her head rested against the pillow. He pressed his lips against hers and closed his eyes. He could control his body and make it do what he needed to get through. But he couldn't control his mind. Couldn't help where it drifted. Christina. She always had a way to invade whatever he was doing and this time she did so with intent. He felt everything in the room change. He couldn't stop himself from imagining it was her body. Her skin. Her lips. Stephen inhaled and his mind unraveled. Lavender. That was her scent. He could smell her.

Keeping his eyes closed Stephen kissed her again. This time it was different. This time it was the first time. Her lips were sweet and inviting. He slid his tongue into her mouth. He needed to solve that mystery, the one that had been plaguing him for days; what did Christina taste like?

Mmm, strawberries, wine, and something else. Something he couldn't put his finger on. It didn't matter, how could it? He was kissing her. He deepened their kiss, giving her access to more of him as his hands roamed her body. His palms sliding up the sides of her body, lifting her arms to hold them above her head.

Letting go of her lips, he kissed her cheeks and trailed his kisses down her neck. That sweet neck, it had looked divine as she had leaned over his telescope less that a week ago.

He brushed his lips against the small dip in her throat, leaving a trail of butterfly kisses up and down her neck.

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