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Her first sucking of black cock; intro to girl on girl.

Kim then bent down and flicked a hard nipple with her tongue as she dragged her hand back and forth on Miss K's inner thigh, getting closer and closer to her crotch.

"Stop, Kim!" Miss K panted, still shivering from the stimulation. "You can't touch me down there?"

"Why not?" Kim said as she sat back on her heels, a bit annoyed at Miss K. "What's wrong with your pussy?"

"Well, lemme show you," Miss K said as she sat up a bit, then spread her legs. She then calmly reached under her jersey, pulled her thong aside as she lifted her hips off the couch and let her hard dick spring out from its confinement. Kim looked at Miss K's hard dick in shock, surprised that a girl with a body like hers actually wasn't. She tentatively touched it, then squeezed it a bit and hefted it before pulling her hand away.

" interesting. I'm not exactly a fan of the male gender, not sexually anyway. If I'd know this, I wouldn't have picked you up," Kim said flatly. Hefting the dick in her hand against, she continued, "but this definitely is bigger than any of my strap- ons. Wanna make a mold for me?"

"Sure, with pleasure!" Miss K said with a smile, licking her lips lustily.

Still confused as to what was going on, Kim said, "could you stand up and take off that jersey? There's no way you can't be for real. Something's up."

Standing up, Miss K countered, "well, save for the breast implants and hair dye, this is all me, honey!" She then pulled her jersey off and over her head, shaking her hair out straight before chucking the jersey aside. She felt Kim's eyes run all over her curves and washboard stomach, looking into her eyes before looking back down at her dick and mouthing the word 'wow'. Suddenly, she saw Kim's eyes light up, then scramble to pull up her pants and dig in her pockets. She pulled out her cell phone and quickly dialed a number.

"Hello, may I speak to Tisha?" Kim blurted out. "Whatcha doing right now? Yo, I got a surprise for you. You know how you like when I fuck you with the strap-on? Well, I got a surprise that'll top that. It's a surprise, dammit! Trust me, it's something very...lifelike. It'll even answer the door when you come over, OK? See you in 5."

"Who's that you were speaking to?" Miss K said as she was idly stroking her hard cock.

"Just a friend a bit more interested in your kind of assets," Kim said as she got to her feet and pulled up her pants. "She's always treating the strap-ons I use from time to time like a real dick, so I figured I'd give her the real thing with a real female body, meaning you."

"Thanks," Miss K said as she sat back down, rubbing up on Tracy's stirring body. Tracy suckled on Miss K's nipple before reaching up and giving Miss K a firm kiss on the lips.

"Hey, K," Tracy said as she toyed with Miss K's nipple. "Did you fuck Kim yet?"

"Nope," Miss K said as she toyed with Tracy's hair, patiently waiting for the door to knock. "Our fair friend here is a member of the Dick Van Dyke school of human sexuality."

"What do you mean by that?"

"She's a lesbian. Think about what I just said for a second."

Tracy thought for a second, scrunching up her nose, then said, "Oh! I see."

Just then, there was a knock on the door. "Hey, Kayla!," Kim called out. "That's Tisha."

"Cool," Miss K said as she sashayed her way to the door, ready to see whatever was there. She opened the door and saw a somewhat tall, slim, tender-headed black girl with soft butterscotch skin. Her small, perky breasts held up her white wife beater and her wide hips, hinting at a nice, big ass, was covered in painted-on denim. She felt the girl's eyes scan her big tits, looking for the promised surprise, then shook a little as she felt her eyes look down her belly until she saw her hard dick sticking out, her mouth dropping open in shock.

Tisha reached out and stroked Miss K's dick from base to tip, feeling it to see if it was real.

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