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Victorian manservant Andrew enjoys a mutual peep.

You loosen your grip of my hand and sweep away. I am left curious as I raise my hand to reveal your panties wrapped around it thoroughly. Quickly I throw my hand down by my side, crunching your panties tightly so no one can see what I am doing as I put my clenched fist to my nose, inhaling fully as I bask in your scent. You wink at me, proving once again to be three steps ahead of me. Skipping ahead, you turn to walk backwards in front of me. Over your shoulder I can see the local park just half a block from where we are; you are looking at me as if to say, "Hurry up and work it out stupid, I want you to take me into the park and fuck me up against a tree."

"I love you my Valentine." I offer the truth.___"I want you to fuck me my Lover," you give with hunger and desperation in your eyes. "You have got to come and catch me," you declare as you turn to skip away. Your skipping quickly turns into running, the next thing I know you have disappeared as you have already left the footpath to go hiding in the park. I take my time following you, occasionally taking small sniffs at your underwear clutched in my hand. You must have slipped them down your legs and kicked them up into your hand as I was distracted, thinking about all the fucking hot scenarios we have shared... and here I am looking for another.

I am stumbling around the park half lost, as it appears you have left me. I am unable to see anyone in the park, I guess all the traffic is on the road. No one has time to fuck around in parks anymore. Everybody is too busy driving along, hoping to collide with their next root.

"BOO!" You jump out from behind me. I jump and quickly pretend that you hadn't scared me. You turn around and lean your chest onto the tree. You look back over your shoulder at me as you scrunch your skirt up tight in your hands revealing your most desired asset. That fucking arse of yours is to my self control what kryptonite is to Superman. It's unbearable, you, up on tip toes pantiless while you hitch your skirt up looking back at me saying "Fuck me lover. I want you inside of me." And I see your fingers fumbling around at the bottom of your pouch. Massaging and opening your hole for me as you rub playfully with your clit. You are obviously still wet from our previous engagement, and as I unzip my fly to pull my penis from my pants a long string of pre-come topples out onto my fingers and hand. I start using it to wet the head of my shaft, stroking with the fluid, approaching your white/pink arse whilst gaining an aggressive erection, burning red and needing to be coupled with your drenched vagina.

I plunge away, sliding easily into your pussy from behind. I can feel your fingers slapping excitedly at your clit and the outside of your pussy. You have fingers spread with my cock sliding in between. Feeling my shaft sliding past your fingers and into your body, you push back hard with your hips trying to see how deep you can take me. You rub your clit harder and I look down to see your cheeks bouncing forward and back onto my hard yet soft penis.

And that's all you can think about. How hard and solid my cock is inside of you, yet how soft and smooth the skin and flesh is that encases it. You feel me spread your cheeks open as I clutch your hips and buck hard at your pussy. You feel your arsehole getting wet and you can smell the saliva now being rubbed around the lips of your anus. My thumb sits firm on your hole as I pump harder into your cunt. You rub frantically at your pussy and join hands with me as we grope at your tits. "Fuck me." You burst. "Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me..." is all you can offer as you slide closer and closer toward the edge.

I concentrate and pound harder into your cunt.

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