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A horny woman out to enjoy herself meets her match.


She grinned wildly as her fingers began to explore between her parted thighs, the other hand massaging it's way up her chest.

"When you dropped your jeans and stood there in my shirt, and turned, lifting the hem and flashing your panties at me. I nearly forgot to take pictures. You looked like a centerfold." I noticed that I had come back to attention, fully. With a small nod, Christa urged me to join her, and I did just that. "That gown that Jamie had, I wish I'd found one like that in the store for you. You don't realize how stunning you looked in it. I actually had to remember to breathe. When you changed, I almost wished that the two of them would strip down and join you, but then I realized that this was all about you. Not about you being naked and beautiful, but about being you. I didn't want either of them to intrude on that. I wanted you all to myself. When you sent them away, I wondered what you were doing. Quite honestly I was beginning to lose my trust in myself when you started... you know." I nodded down at her hand. "I nearly lost it right then."

"The clincher for me though, was when you walked into the parlor downstairs before dinner." I smiled. "Not because you were the most beautiful woman I'd ever seen, but because you chose to be that for me tonight, it was like a dream come true." I looked at her, her hand rubbing faster. She took a deep breath and stopped. Her eyes closed, but I could tell by the tension in her neck, and the arch of her back, that she was far from done. She got up slowly, and took the few steps to the bed walking around the far side and lay across it. I leaned forward kissing her softly. Her fingers came up and gave my lips a light touch of her moisture. The scent of her and the taste of her pushed me over the edge. I pushed her flat on her back, and began licking and kissing my way down her body. I took a long slow swipe gathering dew with my tongue. She moaned, her hips arched pressing against my lips. She began mewing as we found a rhythm for my oral assault. I quickened my pace, slipping a finger into her, dragging it back as I licked slowly up. Her mouth opened and a guttural moan escaped as her hips bucked. Her hands grasped my head as she rose up to meet me.

Tension was slow to leave her body as she settled back down to the mattress, ragged gasps escaping her lips. "Holy shit." I proceeded to clean up the mess she's just made, licking slowly around. "Easy, I'm really tender down there right now." She gasped. I slowed, easing the pressure.

"Does this mean I'm on my own now?" I asked sadly.

Her head popped up. She looked down the length of her body. Her face flushed in the low light. "Like hell, as soon as I can catch my breath I owe you for that." I wiggled my eyebrows at her, and smiled. She lay her head back down laughing, her breathing still fast and short. Eventually she rolled onto her side and slipped around to face me. She kissed me deeply tasting herself on my tongue.

"Roll over." She whispered to me, smiling. She kissed me before scooting up along side me, and performed a similar oral assault on me. She bathed me with her tongue, licking up and down driving me nuts. She suckled the tip, her hand working me furiously. I warned her that if she kept up I wouldn't be a gentleman. I felt her laugh, she didn't let up, but she felt the point of no return approaching pinching the base of me hard, almost to the point of pain. The point passed by slowly, my body relaxing slightly.

"You're not getting out of if that easily." She said looking over her shoulder at me. She stood and went over to the dresser, coming back with another condom.

"You brought those?" I asked, curiosity finally peaking.

"Well I knew the first night that you were too much of a gentleman to have thought this far in advance. Just in case we did hit it off. So I stopped at the drug store before coming in this morning, just in case." She winked.

"I'd say we hit it off. Wouldn't you?" I said panting.

"You could say that.

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