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But my mind, my emotions had not yet caught up with my body in terms of how far I wanted to go.

"I really appreciate that, Judy. You have no idea how nervous I am right now."

"Yes I do," she said softly, "because I feel the same way. This is a lot different than it was back in college. This time I'm with someone I really care about." And with those words, she reached out and took my hand and led me over to the bed, where we sat down side by side.

"So, how do we start?" I asked, afraid to look directly at her because my question sounded so na__ve.

"I don't know, Sarah, maybe we could start by getting a little more comfortable. And with that, Judy stood up, let the thin straps of her sun dress fall from her shoulders, and lifted it over her head. I gasped audibly as she stood there before me in nothing but a matching pair of yellow panties and sandals. There was a rather large wet spot in the front of her panties that I'm sure would have matched my own had I only been wearing any. I was just glad I'd worn a dark skirt so the dampness that had soaked through wouldn't show too much.

"Oh my god, Judy," I whispered. "You are absolutely beautiful. And she truly was, standing there with that thick mane of dark brown hair cascading down over her soft shoulders, her bright blue eyes sparkling from the excitement and emotion of the situation. It was so good to see the life back in her wonderful eyes.

Her breasts were round and firm, topped by pinkish brown nipples that were seriously erect and much larger than mine. Her belly was not completely flat. After all, we were both in our mid-30's. But her skin was still tight and I enjoyed letting my gaze travel over and then down her generous curves. This was truly the way a woman should look. Not a girl. A woman. I just hoped she would be as taken with my body when she saw it as I was with hers.

Judy stepped out of her sandals just as I stood up and prepared to remove my own clothing. And for a moment, with me standing there in my three-inch heels, she actually seemed small. It was a strange reversal of perspectives with a woman who had always seemed so large to me because of her personality, charisma, and in my mind her sexual appetites.

I really didn't like the feeling, so I quickly kicked off my shoes and the two of us were about the same height once again. Then I raised my unsteady hands and commenced to slip out of my jacket. Judy just stood there in her brief yellow panties and watched my full breasts push outward as I struggled to free myself from my jacket. From the look in her eyes, I could tell that my erect nipples did not go unnoticed.

Hands still trembling, I made a tentative move to unbutton my blouse. But Judy stopped me. "Wait a minute. Can I help you with that?" It wasn't so much a question as a statement.

"Well, uh, sure. I guess so."

Though my answer sounded uncertain, Judy didn't wait for me to change my mind. She took my hand and led me over in front of the full length mirror. She moved around behind me so she had to reach around my body in order to unfasten the buttons.

I watched in the mirror as her hands moved slowly over the front of my blouse, releasing one button, then the next. With each movement, her hands brushed against my sensitive nipples, making them harden even further. And, of course, as Judy reached around from behind, her full breasts pressed against my back and I could feel the curve of her mound molding tightly against my bottom.

When she had released the final button, the blue silk blouse simply hung from my shoulders, revealing the soft skin of my chest and belly, interrupted by the deep blue lace of my bra. She placed her hands on the upper part of my arms and looked over my shoulder until our eyes met in the mirror. It was as if she was silently asking if I was ready for her to proceed.

I let out a deep sigh, which we both knew meant yes, and she found the front clasp of my bra and unhooked it,

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