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A sexy tale from the old Wild West.

"You should reverse that move of yours; instead of starting at the base of his cock and moving up to the head, you should grab him at the top, then slam your hand down. You should hear the guys moan when I pull that one!"

"Thanks for the tip," she replied crisply, then reached over to tuck the sunscreen back in her tote bag.

The redhead edged closer and said insistently, "No, try it now. I had fun watching you guys and didn't mean to interrupt."

"We certainly couldn't with you standing there and looking at us." Louisa waited for James to add his outraged voice to the exchange, but he was silent. She turned and looked at him, her eyebrows raised quizzically. But, having recovered from the initial surprise and having assessed the potential of their situation, he only smiled and shrugged. She also noticed that his organ had lost none of its rigidity, despite having just emptied what seemed to be a gallon of semen.

"He really made a mess on you, didn't he?" the redhead asked with a grin. "Too bad you weren't a little faster. You could have caught it in your mouth. But in your defense, I think you got a little distracted when I showed up."

Louisa didn't answer as she fished a handful of tissues from her bag and began wiping away James's sticky emission.

"Yeah, I'm sorry about that, babe," James said, knowing full well that Louisa enjoyed watching him ejaculate and feeling his come on her body. "I was about to warn you so you could climb on, and then our friend here showed up."

The redhead walked from her perch on the nearby dune to where they sat. She kneeled by Louisa and stuck out her hand, which was distinguished by long, thin fingers and bright red nails.

"I'm Nikkie," she said as Louisa instinctively offered her tiny hand in return. Then, realizing her palms were still slick with semen and lotion, she withdrew and muttered an apology.

"Hey, no problem," Nikkie insisted. "Come and coconut is my favorite combination. It's the kind of perfume I wear."

Louisa couldn't help but smile at this odd, sprite-like character, who seemed to find nothing untoward about barging in on an oceanside sexual encounter. She could have been a teenager, judging from her taut physique, pert breasts and gangly demeanor. But a few barely noticeable laugh lines around her bright green eyes indicated that she was older; perhaps thirty. It was impossible to tell for sure.

But she was certainly cute, Louise had to admit. Her smile was huge and friendly and her slightly upturned nose was dotted with freckles. Her complexion was fair, although her shoulders were reddened from the sun. Was she a natural redhead? Louisa couldn't tell, since her pubic area was as smooth as the rest of her body.

"I'm Louisa, and this is James," she finally said, as politely and nonchalantly as possible under the decidedly awkward circumstances.

"It's a pleasure," Nikkie replied. "But I was serious about what I said before. I want you guys to keep on doing what you were doing. I was getting pretty worked up watching you. After you're done, Louisa, maybe you'll share your guy with me. Or maybe you and I could put on a show for him."

"Well, I don't know about any of that..." Louisa hadn't finished her sentence when James got to his feet, his glistening hard-on still jutting outward.

"Louisa, you and I have talked about this kind of thing before, and you said you'd be willing," James reminded her.

They had, in fact, speculated about a threesome with Louisa's friend, Sarah, a six-foot-tall bisexual who had, only half-jokingly, dared them to join her in bed. They had declined at the time, but both were intrigued and vowed to give it serious consideration if the opportunity again presented itself.

"That's true," replied Louisa, whose own trepidation was being replaced by arousal. "Maybe we could start out slowly and see what happens."

"Fair enough," said Nikkie.

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