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Trish shares her 'tales' with us.

His thrusts catapulted her forward terribly, her hair flailing. It was impossible for her to hold the phone steady, nearly dropping it in fact. Her face was contorted, her eyes kept drifting up in their sockets. My bride looked like she was wasted on drugs. In a sense she was, that 23 incher pushing her over the edge over and over.

Loni couldn't rightly focus to look at me, but she must have known I was on the line.

"My God! My God! He's fucking me!!" Wet noises echoed in the back of the tractor trailer. She grimaced as each stroke struck bottom inside her.

"He's Fucking Me!! He's so deep! God it's...So... Big!" I tried to say something to her but she started screaming, her eyes rolling all the way back in her sockets...showing only her eye whites. Loni climaxed like a tsunami, shaking, quaking, and screaming. The phone dropped but landed so that I had a picture of her getting pounded from behind. My girl passed out, her body went limp.

WB kept on jamming his black log up inside her at a ferocious pace. He used one hand to pick up her upper body by the hair. This gave me a great view of her volleyball tits bouncing in time with his fuck thrusts. Had he done that for my benefit? My balls were killing me. Then he busted inside her already ballooned out pussy. His cries of pleasure and body jerks testament to his blinding climax. God how it must feel to plow her little body! How tight was her cunt around his cock? The black collapsed on top of her, covering her and crushing her. His pole still planted between her legs.

He managed to reach around her ribs to grab handfuls of her tits before drifting asleep right there lying on top of my wife. I watched them slumber for a few minutes then hung up.

I twisted and turned in my sleep, seeing over and over again my beautiful young mate being inseminated by her ebon behemoth. It was bestiality what he did to her. Plain and simple rutting. He used her tiny body for his own pure pleasure, over and over.

I awoke at 3 AM in a fit of terror. Right now, as I lay alone in our bed staring at our LCD clock on the bed stand, my wife was miles away...and pregnant. My small cock was hard with a morning erection. I doubted if it would go down at all this day, such was my sexual deprivation. Fortunately my size was so minimal that I might be able to disguise it with tight underwear and still go about in public.

Unable to return to the awful semi-sleep that had plagued me since I had lost my wife to a passing Negro trucker, I simply watched the hours tick by. The vidphone was silent nearby, my only link to my betrothed. It occurred to me that Loni no longer called when they were going to have sex. I had rung her right near the end of their coupling last night. They were fucking whenever they wanted and Loni no longer thought to call me. The dawn arrived and I still hadn't slept. As I dressed for work Loni's words filled my brain. "His cock is always rock hard in the morning." She had said to me. Right at this moment, parked beside some highway, the black was plowing into my tiny wife like a jackhammer. And she was screaming her head off, and cumming and cumming and cumming. I shaved and was out the door to an early start at the office. The vidphone seemed at once heavier and hot to the touch, as if the raw violent sex on the other side of it conducted through. My balls were now each bigger than my penis. Two hard baseballs that I had to wince with each time I sat down, the slightest compression shooting pain through me. The man with my wife had no such problem, his seed flowed freely...directly into and onto my beloved several times a day!

As I pulled into the corporate parking lot, I could no longer resist.

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