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I cry out in pleasure. Soon I feel a warm wetness around my ass hole. I sigh from the combination of his warm tongue licking at my asshole as his fingers dive inside me. Soon he pulls them out and I feel him spreading my ass cheeks wide. I feel warm spit land on my already gaping ass hole and then the pressure of his cock as he uses it to spread the spit around before pressing the head inside me. The feeling of my master penetrating me for the very first time is so divine. I know that my pussy is so very wet, which is only made worse as I feel him slip my thong to the side and push two fingers inside my dripping cunt. He finger fucks my pussy softly and my ass hard. I moan in such blissful pleasure and announce that he must stop or I will cum. He pulls out of my ass but adds another finger into my pussy. It makes that divine noise that a dripping pussy makes and I sigh as I hear the squelching sound over and over again. As my body teeters on the very brink of an all consuming orgasm he stops touching me altogether.

"I'm going to remove your blindfold and hand cuffs now my little whore, then we can really have some fun" He says as the blindfold is removed from my eyes. I look up at him and smile as my eyes land on his impressive erection. He un-cuffs me now and pulls me to my feet. He stands behind me and pulls my body back into his. Our backs are to the table where all our toys lie. He cups one of my breasts and teases my nipple by rolling it between his fingers and gently tugging on it. I notice one of his arms move as he reached behind him and grabs something on the table. I hear the cap of the bottle of lube being opened and gasp as the cold liquid is poured onto my tits and stomach. His big hands rub the freezing cold liquid into my skin as he begins to tease my nipples and massage my tits again. His hands slide all over my body as I moan, reaching behind me to try and grab his cock.

"Bad little whore, did I say you could touch me?" He says tossing my hands to the side.

"No master, sorry master" I say as he pinches my nipple hard.

He slips his hands down my body to reach my pussy now. With both hands he pulls my lips wide apart.

"Finger it bitch" he say. I do as I'm told and ram fingers deep into my wet juicy pussy. I pump them in and out hard while he holds my lips wide open so much so it hurts just a little.

"Do you want your cunt fucked slut?" He whispers in my ear. I nod my head and moan that I want nothing more. He pulls my fingers from my cunt and pushes me to my knees.

"Suck this first slave" He says walking to my front his throbbing cock in his hand. He puts it in front of my face as I desperately start to lick him making his cock shine with my spit. I suck him deep to the back of my throat till I can't take another inch.

"Mmm well done slut" He says slipping it out of my mouth and rubbing the head, coated in pre cum, against my face. He pulled me to my feet and sat back on the coffee table.

"Do you have ice, slut?" He said as he stroked his still spit covered cock. I made my way to the kitchen and returned with a tray of ice. He told me to stand before him as he popped a cube from the tray. He moved it over my nipples as I shivered then tracing it down my body. He stood now with the ice still in his hand. He instructed me to lie on the table and pull my legs up against my chest. He slipped his cold fingers back inside me for just a second then with one hand he held my pussy open and with the other pressed the ice cube inside me. I cried out from the cold shock but soon adjusted to the temperature change inside my cunt. Seconds later her pressed his cock against my opening but didn't enter me. Instead he rubbed up and down my slit, my juices mixing with the cold melting ice. Finally he pressed into me.

"Master! Yes! I need your beautiful cock inside me.

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