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I'll be as gentle as possible as I explore you with my fingers. As I mentioned, nothing ought to hurt."

Emily nodded, heart pounding, skin beginning to moisten with warmth, and full of erotic anticipation.

"I want you to tell me how each area feels when I examine it Emily," George continued. "Let me know if something feels tender, tight, painful, odd...or pleasant."

She nodded silently once more.

When Emily nodded, George very softly used his fingertip to slowly separate her pink, swollen inner lips. The feeling of her moisture on his fingertip was an exquisite sensation. Emily quivered in response to the sensation of the doctor slowly gliding his finger between her lips, tracing the length of her folds in a very unhurried manner. George savored the moments, watching his finger tip move between her labia, enjoying the scent of Emily's arousal, and taking pleasure in knowing how much she was enjoying his touch. His cock was hot and stiff and straining tightly against the fabric of his trousers.

He toyed with her that way for a minute or more.

"Is this comfortable so far Emily?" George inquired.

"Oh yes, George. It is very comfortable." She emphasized the word 'very'.

The doctor began in a very measured and slow fashion to push his finger into her vaginal orifice. It was hot. Wet. Slippery. Very slowly, George began to slip his finger just a little farther.

There it was. That thin, crescent-shaped membrane named for the ancient Greek god of weddings, Hymenaois. Emily's hymen was taut, as totally intact as George expected it to be, based on the fact that Emily and Herman had never consummated their marriage. It covered only about one third of the portal into her vagina. Dr. Fallow had examined virgins before, and knew that with gentle, slow persistence, it could usually be stretched without being ruptured in cases in which it covered less than half the opening. He continued slowly, and could get just the tip of his finger past her maidenhead.

"Emily, there is a membrane here, called a hymen," George said in his doctor tone of voice. "It is normal for it to be present in women who have not had sexual relations." His fingertip remained motionless. "As I examine you, I will try to gently stretch the membrane. It may burn or even hurt a little when I do, but I will be very careful and take my time. It feels as though yours is very thin, and I think it will yield to a little pressure at a time."

He moved his finger only a millimeter or two further into her opening, feeling her hymen resist.

"How does this feel Emily?"

Emily was most definitely aroused, but did feel a little burning sensation. "It is just a little uncomfortable, George. But....", her voice trailed off.

George felt the tight resistance of her hymen begin to yield to his light pressure; he held his finger totally still, patiently waiting. "But what, Emily?"

" did ask me to tell you how everything feels...whether it hurts or feels queer or feels pleasant."

"Yes. And what are you feeling now?"

"It does burn, but only a little, George. also feels very pleasant for your finger to be where it is."

George almost imperceptibly moved his finger further into her, confident that the elasticity of her membrane would allow him to eventually insert his finger to its limit. He placed his other hand atop her pubic mound, and gently petted her pubic curls, watching her face for signs of obvious discomfort. Very little by very little, the hymen stretched, and millimeter at a time, his finger went deeper into Emily's sopping cunny.

The feeling of George's hand on her mound, and his finger entering her was wonderful. Emily could scarcely lie still.

"Just relax and breathe deeply and slowly," George instructed.

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