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Details of graduating students at an unusual institution.

. .

I took a seat at the computer desk and logged on. At this point, I was anxious, but was so very thrilled. He would be calling on me at any second.

There's a ring. I answer.

He says, "Good morning, slave."

I reply, "Good morning, Sir."

He looked so devilishy handsome (as He always does), and I felt so devilishly beautiful as I turned and put myself on display for Him.

As promised, I lifted the hem of the little black dress so that He could see the 'spank me' tatoo that I got on my bottom a couple of weeks ago.

Our scene had begun; my training as His cyber slut was continuing. . .

"Pinch your nipples as hard as you can. Twist them and torment them just as I would if I were right there doing it to you."

Even this type of stimulation has caused me to moan with delight, for the sound of His voice has begun to carry me. I am (as I had already become) His submissive puppet. I will willingly do all that He requires me to do.

He told me to put a peg on each one of my tits. He told me to do it in such a way, so as to have the peg off to the side with the nipple sticking up between the clips.

"Use the spiked nerve wheel I just bought for you, and roll it across your breasts. Not the nipple- just around the curves of your breasts."

When the edges of the sharpest points raked across my skin, I could truly sense a connection between what was happening up top to something that was occurring down lower. My pussy was beginning to clench, and I could feel the first bits of juices that were accumulating on the dainty fabric of my white panties.

I was then asked to lay down, and demonstrate how wet I was becoming by exposing my pussy to Him. He ordered me to show Him how ready and open I was for Him by placing as many fingers as I could inside of my cunt.

When I got my entire hand up into the inner realms of my cunt, He applauded my efforts by complimenting me with a whorish title.

"My, you are such a dripping cunt whore,

aren't you?"

And I was required to respond with:

"Yes, Sir. I most certainly am."

Because I was, and I will always be a dripping cunt whore for Him, and nothing will ever change that.

He provided me with so many wondrous acts of submission for Him on that day. He had me beg for His cock, and I had to let Him know how badly I wanted His cock by sucking on a plastic cock right in front of and close to the camera.

"Would I put it there softly, slave?"

"No, Sir. You would do it hard and fast, and really fuck my face with your cock, Sir."

"Show me!"

I slammed the tip of the toy all the way back to the lining of my throat. Gurgling and spitting, I was moaning and groaning and desiring even more. . .

"Have you drank a lot of water this morning, slave? Do you have a full bladder?"

"Yes, Sir. I could pee."

Oh, one of my favorites! I got to piss while

He watched. Performing such a private and intimate act for Him was exhilirating.

When I had finished, He even had me drink some of it. My piss was intoxicating, and increased my levels of sexual pleasure, surpassing any previous limits.

"Don't down it all, little one. Save some

for later."

He had me lay down, and fuck myself in the cunt with another dildo of mine.

As He observed, He would continue to speak words of slutty praise.

"Yeah. That's right. You're my sweet and little fuck whore. Fuck that pussy nice and deep for me. Let's make that clit really erect and swollen."

It was when I was just on the brink of losing it, when He switched gears, and had me remove the dildo from my cunt and thrust it into my asshole.

With much admiration, He told me,

"Now, that's an ass just screaming to be fucked, isn't it?"

I screamed, "Yes, Sir!"

My way of subjugating myself with these kinky kinds of sex acts for Him, moves me beyond what any words can describe. The more He asks of me, the more I want to provide for Him. Our cycle of suggestion, action, appreciation, and validation just carries us further and further over the edge. . .

"You have pleased me much, my slave, but let's really get down to business."

With that sta

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