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Wife asks her sister to check in on sick hubby.

She wasn't denying that she had been quite turned on by the thought. But now that she was actually confronted with it, she felt protective of her professional persona.

The feeling came over her in an unexpected fashion. One moment she was getting wet thinking about Greg walking into the room, the next she was thinking that this would be crossing a dangerous line. Not professionally. Or even with Greg. It was a line inside of her.

Maybe it would be like saying she should be subservient in the workplace? Or whatever her professional accomplishments, she was still being measured by her tits and ass? Those things were part of it, perhaps, but not the real danger.

Julie couldn't put her finger on it, but something about the situation made her backpedal. The funny thing was, if Greg hadn't made a point of mentioning her clothes, Julie probably never would have made this connection. She probably would have still been wearing this outfit when Greg arrived and would have been perfectly content to do.... well... whatever.

It was because Greg had said it. Specifically. He was intentionally trying to make her cross whatever line it was. That's what made her resist.

She backed out of his reach.

"This has nothing to do with work," she asserted. Greg shrugged. He didn't seem to care one way or the other. Or he assumed that the outcome was a foregone conclusion. Did that rankle her? Maybe a little, but not as much as it should have.

"Not really," Greg agreed, stepping forward, closing the gap between them. Julie stepped backward again. "It's just that this," he indicated her attire, "is how everyone sees you, right?" She nodded as he took another step toward her. She backed away again. "This is the sexy business woman that everyone knows." He stepped forward again.

"So?" she asked, backing away still. This time her ass hit the edge of the table and he stepped up close.

"So... I want that sexy business woman to suck my cock."

"But why, uh...." Julie had no way to articulate her feelings. It did seem ridiculous, didn't it? That she would tell him no, simply because she was wearing the clothes he wanted to see her in? And he just said that he wanted her to suck his cock. Those words still had a strange power over her. Her knees wanted to bend when he said them.

"'Cause it's hot," Greg answered her unfinished question. "You're a very competent, capable woman. You're good at what you do. You deserve to be managing this account on your own merits. And," he added, pinching her other nipple, "you're going to look fucking awesome on your knees in this." His other hand touched the lapel of her blazer.
So there it was. Exactly as Julie had suspected. He wanted to see Julie the business woman on her knees. Show her that she was a slut no matter what she was wearing or who she was at the office. That was a line that she was fearful of crossing, even as she realized she was going to.

Greg gave her nipple another hard tug, then stepped back, pointing to the floor in front of him.

"Well, come on," he said, impatience creeping into his voice. Julie looked up into his eyes for a long, tense moment. She really already knew what she was going to do. And she saw in his eyes that he knew it too. All this posturing was pointless. If anything, it probably only enhanced his victory. It said to him that this was something she valued. Did not take lightly. And yet she was still going to give in.

Wordlessly, his eyes boring into hers, he pointed again. She lowered her eyes and sank to her knees. There was a wetness in her pussy that was even more intense than before, in spite of her misgivings. Or maybe because of them.

As she watched his hands undo his pants, Julie couldn't help thinking about everything that had happened earlier in the day.

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