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Fun with the boss and reaching above my station.

He took her hand and broke into a quick walk, quickly crossing the room with Rose in tow.

"Where are we going?" she asked quietly.

"Upstairs," he replied. "I know this place well."

"How?" she asked as the two of them rounded the staircase and started to ascend.

"Old friends," he replied quickly.

They rounded a second set of stairs and quickly ducked into a large bedroom with a large window overlooking the sea.

"Will anyone come up here?" she asked nervously, closing the door behind them.

"I can't imagine," he replied, quickly stepping back to the door and turning the lock. She smiled and threw her arms around his neck.

"Thank you," she whispered, planting a firm kiss against his chin.

"For what?" he asked, brushing hair from her face, tucking her curly locks behind an ear.

"Whisking me away from there," she replied, she planted another kiss at the corner of his mouth, leaving a very slight, red lip print there.

"Do you dislike Paul?" he asked, kissing her temple.

"He's fine, a perfectly nice man," she replied, tickling the back of his neck. "He's just..." she kissed him softly on the lips. "Not you."

He was flattered - more than flattered, actually - he wouldn't have dreamed of making such an impression on such a sweet, young girl. He kissed her again with a little more force and when he pulled away, he slowly dropped down to his knees, his hands trailing behind making invisible paths in the red silk of her dress.

"What are you..." Rose began, about to drop to the floor herself, but James stopped her before her knees even bent. He buried his face against the silk at her hips and inhaled deeply, memorizing her scent. He wondered if she smelled of roses on purpose or if it was just - ironically - her natural scent. She smelled so earthy, so perfect, if he hadn't already considered himself utterly doomed beforehand, he certainly did now.

He placed his large hands on either side of her hips, his fingers and palms stretching all the way to her back, covering the expanse. He kneaded the skin, muscle and bone in his hands and sighed loudly against her abdomen. She smiled and allowed her hands to tangle in his dark hair.

Slowly, he began to gather the silk of the dress in his hands, inching her skirt up slowly and savoring every new glance of bare, snowy white skin that lay beneath. He stopped inches away from the top of her thighs. He could feel her pulse racing through his fingertips and took note of her shallow, excited breaths - her stomach quickly rising and falling with each inhale and exhale.

"Nervous?" he asked, looking up at her. She looked back down, her lower lip trapped underneath her teeth, her chin trembling slightly and bravely nodded.

He nodded, "I'll stop if you tell me to stop." He wanted to believe himself, but he wasn't sure if it was a promise he could actually keep.

She nodded again and felt her legs tremble as one of his hands dropped down the side of her leg. His long fingers curled around the back of her thigh effortlessly. He traced a path down to her knee where he kissed the soft skin just above her kneecap. He trailed his hand up - just slightly - and kissed the inside of her thigh. Slowly, his hand trailed to the very top of her thigh, the tips of his fingers only millimeters away from the soft hair covering her most intimate and unexplored regions and he stopped. He turned his gaze upwards again and smiled slightly. Her eyes were closed, her breath was quick, her mouth was very slightly opened. For a brief second he wished he wasn't on his knees so he could kiss her again. His finger twitched, barely touching the outer folds of her labia and he smiled again.

She opened her eyes and looked down to the man kneeling at her feet and breathed, "You're teasing me."

"No," he whispered as he dragged his index finger backwards along the soft, damp slit between her legs.

"You are too," she gasped, his finger pausing at her entrance as he squeezed the soft roundness of her ass in the rest of his hand.

"Perhaps a little," he said softly.

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