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Things heat up when Scott gets Callie home.

I'm eighteen; there is no use for me in that house. My mom can't handle taking care of two kids. I only have to thank God that I graduate in four months. I already have everything planned out now that I'm almost out of school.

"I know what you're thinking about trick. It isn't healthy for people to think so much," said Rich through bites of his hot dog.

"Says the kid who dies his hair black and uses eyeliner religiously. That shit could damage your hair." He rolls his eyes and changes the subject.

"I know that you think you're a burden to your mom now that they cut food funds for your family. It doesn't have to be that way."

I know where this is going, it makes my stomach drop all the time.

"You know Logan, you are eighteen. You are a beautiful, strong individual. The strongest person I have ever met, you are the most amazing person I have ever met." My stomach began to hurt, I started to get angry. Who is he thinking I am, some whore?

"You know......there are a lot of John's out there who will love 18 year olds like you.....for the right price." What the hell is going on today!? First I get harassed by some elitist asshole and now my best friend is trying to persuade me to become some whore. I may be poor but I will never stoop that low as to be some trick.

I was enraged, my face was crimson red, and I was gritting my teeth. I looked at him with angry eyes. "Who do you think I am?" I growled deeply.

"Look Logan, I know what you're thinking," oh really it really doesn't look like it "but please hear me out." I started to scratch the plastic chair. God, I started to get a headache.

"These men will pay a generous amount. You may think that they are old, fat men but they aren't. Some are really respectful very handsome men, men who like young guys like you."

I gave him a nasty glance, he looked hurt and tried to finish but was faltering. "I'm only trying to help you. These guys will pay for all of it, they will pay for the hotel, and they will pay for room service. The only thing they want is one night with you and that is it."

I didn't say anything just looked at him through my angry, hurt eyes. His facial expression was hurt and on the verge of tears. "Can you at least let me tell you how much they will give you? The money can really help you and you're family. God knows it's helped me."

I stared off into space, I couldn't believe it. My one and only best friend would sell me like that. I didn't know how long I was quiet. All I heard were the faint talk of students talking to each other. I looked around, turning my eyes from a sad Rich to the man of my dreams.

I saw Brendan sitting down in the lucrative elite table along with Ms. Audrey, Steve and the rest of the rich golden kids. It almost breaks my heart the way Brendan is affectionately playing with Audrey's blonde hair. Her head lies on his shoulder while he would occasionally land his beautiful full lips on her head.

They really are beautiful together. Who would blame them? They both won Homecoming court and are on full route on winning Prom. They are like royalty in this school and no one, not even a mere peasant like me, will break them. It almost breaks my heart how happy they are. I come to realize that I will never be able to have what I want in life. What he sees in me and what I see in him are two totally different perspectives that I will have to live with.

Damn it! I need to stop looking at him before my sanity falls along with what I say next!

"So, how much are we talking about?"



I pull up to my house, not caring about anything in the world other than what I heard Logan say in the bathroom. He loves me? Logan Hoekstra loves me, WHAT? I think I'm regretting now following Logan and emo freak to the bathroom. I heard him cry his heart out for his affections towards me. The least I wanted was to make him cry. I wanted to make him happy, not feel remorse.

I dragged my resentful ass inside the lavish mansion that my dad bought when I was barely five.

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