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My family doesn't approve of Kyle.

you covered in blood and saw the gun and machete covered with blood on the seat?"

"They pulled their guns and told me to get out of the car and lay on the street. I did what they asked. I was almost too scared to talk. They called for backup and in a couple of minutes there were four squad cars and an ambulance surrounding us.

"One officer put cuffs on me and they put me in the ambulance. He asked me what happened and I told him they were dead. I could hardly talk straight. I had a hard time talking but I told them where Mark's cabin was. The ambulance driver told the officer that he couldn't see where I was injured. He didn't believe any of the blood was mine.

"He was instructed to take me to the county jail as cruisers headed to Marks cabin."

"I kept telling them that I didn't do anything. I tried to explain but no one believed me. One officer gave me my Miranda Rights and told me I better be quiet till I saw an attorney.

"My clothes were taken and I was hosed down to get rid of the excess blood. I was given some clothes to put on and led to a jail cell. The following day I was charged with three counts of first-degree murder. They let me call Darcy and she was crying and said she would get a lawyer right away.

"It was the last time I was able to see Darcy till the trial three months later. My lawyer asked for an insanity plea and the judge sent me to the psychiatrist who found me sane to stand trial. We then changed my plea to not guilty.

"Joe," he said to me. "I didn't do it. I swear I didn't kill those men. I thought Darcy and Shauna were on my side till my lawyer told me that when he talked to them that their stories were quite different than mine. It was funny that Darcy sat behind me during the whole trial often crying. The first thing I noticed when she walked into the courtroom was that she was four months pregnant. She did tell my lawyer that it was my son.

"I knew about the baby while waiting for the trial but it was still a surprise to see her in that condition. Even though I didn't see Darcy she wrote me often. I cried when she told me she was pregnant with our child. My mind was nothing but a cluster fuck for months. I couldn't think straight and had no memory of what the hell happened at Mark's cabin.

"My parents attended the trial and were praying for me but I guess there was just too much evidence against me. Darcy talked to them regularly, seeing she was carrying their only grandchild. No matter what they believe about Darcy, they wanted to see their grandson."

"It might have been a mistake but my lawyer had me sign a power of attorney and he gave it to Darcy. That way she could pay our bills and take care of things. I signed it before I found out she lied on the stand, but it was actually Shauna who put the hammer to my case. She said she never went with me to the cabin. I had no witnesses."


"Jeff, before I go through most of the evidence with you and you can say what you believe are lies and what's the truth in your opinion, would you mind telling me about your situation and what you know about your family? It's been six months since your trial."

"Needless to say I live the life of a convicted criminal while the real killers go free. Darcy stayed in touch with me after the trial. She wrote me pretty faithfully till after our son was born. I guess I cried the first time she showed me pictures of my baby boy. He was so tiny.

"Mom and dad were at the hospital along with Shauna when he was born. She named him Jeffrey Michael Johnson. She only came to see me twice after he was born. I don't hear anything from her anymore."

"I don't understand. Jeff. Why did she stop communicating with you and what about your son?"

"When she came to see me I asked her how come she lied to me. She told me she didn't lie. Everything she said at the trial was true. She said it was me who had lied, not her, but she stuck with me through the trial because of the baby."

"So is she and the baby still living at your condo?

"Darcy's living at the condo along with Shauna.

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