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Ron thumbs around the West.

"He never did that to me," said Andrea.

Anger burst through her as she saw him slip his dick into this woman's vagina. She wanted to kill the bastard for doing this to her, for all the lies and excuses that she foolishly believed. Despite the intense anger she felt, she found herself glued to the two intertwined bodies, realizing that she was now very wet and horny. Without another hesitation Andrea reached her hand into her pants and discovered that spot that she knew all too well. She rubbed her clit with hot desire and made way to her pussy. Right then and there she pleased herself, cumming to her faithless boyfriend and his slut.

"I'm going to teach him a lesson that he'll never forgot," half laughing and moaning at the same time.

Andrea had always been rather shy in the bedroom, preferring the standard missionary position instead of trying wild, sexy positions. Now, after this interesting experience, Andrea felt more liberated, and she desperately wanted to be that cute little sex kitten she always saw in the movies. She knew she had that inner sexy vixen in her; she just had to unleash it. What better time then now. Andrea waited an hour for them to leave. It was time to get ready.

**********Two hours later************

Sean pulled up into driveway. Tonight had been another crazy night. Karen was nothing like Andrea. She was damn good in bed. He needed that. Andrea was perfect-smart, sexy, and fun, but she lacked miserably in the bedroom. He just didn't have the nerve to tell her. A man had to have his needs met and that's exactly what Karen could fulfill. Sean slipped a peace of gum in his mouth to get the taste of Karen and alcohol out of his breath. He sprayed axe, pulled himself together, and prepared his lie for the girl that loved him. Sean opened the door to find the lights turned off and it dead silent.


Then he noticed her. The black stilettos. The fish net stockings on the long lean legs that led up to a black and red laced thong. His eyes moved up to the matching bra set. He could not make out the face, but he recognized that beautiful body.


Andrea stepped out of the dark to reveal her thick red lips, beautiful round brown eyes, and her long wavy brown hair that many women desperately want. Sean was completely awe struck and couldn't muster anything to say. He had never seen Andrea look so damn good or any other girl of his wildest dreams.

"Baby you look amazing."

"Shut up bitch!"

Andrea seductively walked toward her man feeling completely in control. She grabbed his hair making sure he felt pain.

"You've been a bad boy and now I'm going to teach you a lesson."

She kissed him hard and dragged her bewildered boyfriend to the same bed in which he had used earlier.

"So this is where you brought that whore. Well I'll make you remember.

There's nothing that your small breasted friend can do that I can do."

Andrea took off her thong and wrapped it around his eyes.

"I'm gonna take care of you. Just sit back. I'm in charge now."

Andrea pushed him down on the bed. She undid her bra, tying his hands to the headrest. Andrea slapped her boyfriend around making him feel helpless and nervous. Despite the pain she inflicked on her boyfriend she noticed that he had had a boner since the moment he saw her, and it had never went down. The bastard liked it, oh well, he'll really like this.

"You want me to suck your dick big boy? Dontcha' bitch?"

Andrea left trailing kisses as she reached his hard rock member. She took it in her mouth and did her thing. She sucked and sucked until he moaned.

"You like that baby don't you, u like me sucking your cock u nasty, dirty boy."

"Oh yea baby suck it ohh yeaa."

"Shut up bitch. I'll do as I please."

A few seconds later he cummed and Andrea swallowed. But she wasn't done. Andrea climbed on top of him. She untied her boyfriend.

"Eat me out now bitch.You did it for your dumb whore. Now please me."

Like a very obedient dog he obeyed and ate her pussy.

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