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Sheila becomes a porn star. Ivy's visit. Jane comes east.

A department store was having a large menswear sale. All men's underwear was 50% off through Thursday. Dirk studied the tight young male models grinning at him from the ad supplement, thrusting their hips forward discreetly, yet very suggestively. One blond man in particular was down on one knee, his hand halfway down his thigh, just wanting to touch that big bulge bursting through that thong...Before Dirk knew it, he had his dick out and was jerking off in the direction of the underwear model. He closed his eyes and imagined the man's lips wrapped around his cock, then his own lips wrapped around the model's, then the model bending him over and thrusting in and out, pumping wildly and moaning as he came right into Dirk's lovely little pussy...

The paper was splattered with Dirk's cum before he realized he had been imagining himself with a pussy. But it didn't matter to him so much, not now. The fatigue was coming over him again. He had to lie down on the couch. He had to rest. His eyelids fluttered and the last thing he saw before dozing off was the blonde woman, wrinkling her nose at the soiled newspaper, then smiling once again.

"So the spirits have decreed, and so it will come to pass."

It was nearly 8 p.m. before Dirk awoke again. His shirt was too tight, its fabric confining his chest...

Dirk screamed and ran into the bathroom. There were two mounds under his shirt, huge ones. Dirk tore off the shirt and a pair of perfectly-molded breasts with lovely pink nipples sprang out. Dirk touched the nipples and sent shockwaves through his body. It felt good to touch himself, but it would be even better if a man were doing it, he thought, especially if the man were fucking him at the same time! Dirk's mind screamed again but he could not perish his thoughts. He still had his cock, but it was unbearably hard and he knew the only thing that would relieve it would be another cock.

The closet looked as though it belonged to another person, a female person. Instead of jeans and t-shirts there were pretty skirts and sexy dresses and nylons and stockings and garter belts. The underwear drawer was brimming with matching bra and panty sets in his size. Dirk was repulsed by his actions and felt as though he would vomit, yet he could not stop the intense urge to slip on those clothes. He loved the feeling of the silk and lace against his soft, flawless skin, the pressure of the underwire underneath his heavy breasts and the satin teasing his hard little nipples. The make-up he found in the bright, colorful purse was just divine! He spent a good half-hour in front of the mirror, primping and combing and taking great care in making himself beautiful. His subconscious was rebelling at his every move, yet he could not stop. And there was one more thing he could not stop: the hunger. The hunger for a cock, for hot cum in his mouth and in his ass, for a cock in his mouth and another in his ass, maybe while a third man sucked him off.

Dirk hobbled for a few minutes in his spiked heels before getting the hang of them. Mechanically, he drove to a part of town he knew of but had never visited and walked into a bar he would have been tempted to set explosives in only a day before. It was all men, everything from masculine muscle men to outrageous drag queens. The drag queens didn't interest Dirk. He made a beeline for the construction guy he had seen earlier that day. The construction man and his two big friends greeted Dirk warmly and asked his name.

"Dolly," was the answer, though Dirk had no idea where the name had come from. Dolly wanted to fuck the hell out of these men. Dirk wanted to run. Dirk wanted to vomit. Dirk wanted to die. But Dolly was in control and she wasn't about to give up her power.

There were private rooms in a cordoned-off area of the club.

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