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A girl finds herself in love...with a vampire.

I needed the distraction.

The nurses were comfortable with me and playful tonight. "Naughty boy. Did you play with yourself and get all stickly? Are you all nasty inside too? Let Hanna and Anna make you feel better and wash you out."

I felt like the virginal young man in "The Graduate" being seduced by the much more experienced Mrs. Robinson. I was dimwitted and bungling, shuffling with my pants around my ankles, trying to keep up.

They paused and stripped me. The taller nurse's smock did not fit well in the front like it had yesterday. Her name was Hanna and the shorter more buxom one was Anna.

Hanna had me get into a sit tub and bend over. "We noticed you were a little bored yesterday, when you had to wait for your enema to work."

I definitely had not been bored with two lovely bodies and rubbing my toes into a pussy. Still I played along.

Hanna had been told how oral I am. "Will you kiss me before we start, Mr. Carter?"

Her lips were soft, yielding, warm, wet and tasted of fresh pussy. "I love the taste of your lips."

"I got Anna ready for you, if you want to lick her while I clean you."

"Very thoughtful. Yes, I would like that."

Anna slipped out of her smock. She was the perfect model for a Ruben painting - almost, pudgy, hot, anxious, soft and very feminine. She sat in front of me, legs spread wide, body held up by her hands behind her so she could watch. I lowered my lips to Anna's shaved, freshly licked pussy, not paying much attention to Hanna. She busied herself behind me in the tub, spreading my legs, getting water running at the correct temperature, removing her robe, setting out lube and selecting her tools.

Anna's pussy was exceptional in its taste and wetness. I was in heaven and set for the evening. Hanna washed my cock, balls and ass. I thought the long milking strokes were excessive but they felt good. I lapped and swallowed. Anna moaned, Hanna pushed two fingers up my ass and I moaned too. Hanna's thrusts pushed me rhythmically into her partner as she opened me. I accepted her direction and let her work my face into Anna.

Another finger uncomfortably stretched me.

Soon Hanna had hooked up some device that I could not see. She stood behind me. It seemed different but Anna's cunt juices had me preoccupied.

Something larger than Hanna's three fingers pressed into my ass. I resisted. She did not force the object into me, just kept up a steady firm pressure. Whatever it was, it began to stretch me, right to my limit. It hurt and felt good at the same time. It was hard. I flinched when it bumped, head-on into my prostate.

My eyes flickered open in surprise. The front of Hanna's legs were bumping into be backs of mine. The device pushed deeper. Hanna's warm abdomen nestled into the cheeks of my ass. The device was deep now. She turned on the water. It flowed into me. I guessed it was the large nozzle from yesterday. The one that squirted from the center and allowed water to drain back out around the sides. She had it in a harness and was fucking me with it. Like she had a cock.

I groaned loudly into Anna, she was cuming. I was drinking from her and being fucked in the ass for the first time in my life. The hard dildo hit my prostate on each inward thrust and then pushed across, paused and drug back. My cock was bobbing, involuntarily and was an inch longer than it had ever been. Warm water had already cleaned me and was now running freely down my legs, Hanna's legs and flowing over Anna's feet.

Anna slithered down under me. I had to touch her breast and kneaded them as she settled on her shins under me. She laid her head back and I pushed my cock into her mouth. Water splashed over her neck, her breasts and her pussy.

Hanna was relentless.

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