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Couple just can't wait to get started.

Daddy looked at me and motioned me to join him. I sat on the bed beside him and handed him my diary and phone. He thumbed through my diary and began reading.

"March 12, 2006...Today is my birthday...My 19th birthday...I wonder what Mom and Daddy are going to get for me...Mom will probably get me some sort of chastity belt...I don't understand...How can she have a man like daddy and be such a prude...I can't prove it but I know she was the one that took my dildo from my drawer...My dildo that I spent many nights fucking while imagining being daddy's slut...The dildo that I have to use anytime I read a chapter of daddy's book...I wonder if I could talk daddy into taking me to one of his toy stores?...He would probably ground me till I was 30 if I asked him that...I would go buy another but I know that mommy snoops here every day when I leave for school...oh well...I'll write more to get my nails done..."

I blushed as daddy smiled at me. He told me; "Look at me Lisa, it wasn't your mom who took your dildo, it was me. I knew you would never ask me about it. Have you missed it?"

I blushed and whispered "more than you know daddy"

He spoke more sternly than before. "You know Lisa, being my slut means you will only masturbate when I tell you to. You will only cum when I tell you to. You will only use a dildo when I tell you to."

I got worried. I was accustomed to masturbating at least once sometimes twice a day. I wondered exactly what I had gotten myself into. I spoke up and let Daddy know that I understood his rules.

He looked down at mom. She was still crying watching him and listening to him. "Here is the deal Lisa, your mom here has decided that she will do anything to keep me from making you two exchange rooms."

I gasped. Daddy continued; "I told her she could stay on one condition. She must get a pallet at the foot of our, yes yours and my, bed. She may sleep there, but any time we are engaged in training or a sexual activity, she must watch. She must watch and learn from you. She must learn what I expect from my slut. If she decides that she can't do that, she must take her place in your old room. If she wishes to learn from you, perhaps one day you can both be my sluts. How do you feel about that?"

I looked at him. My thoughts were running wild. Did I want my mom to watch daddy and me have sex? Did I want her to be willing to be his slut also? Suddenly a tingling came over me. Yes, yes I did want that.

I spoke softly. "Daddy, that is fine with me. Will mom be, uh you know, will she be joining?"

Daddy had a smile a mile wide, "maybe someday Lisa, maybe some day."

Mom smiled and told us both thank you for letting her stay. I couldn't help but wonder what the days ahead held in store for me, for all of us.

"I'm starving" daddy mumbled.

Mom got up and went to prepare breakfast. I assume that I looked a little concerned. Daddy kissed me and told me how proud he was of me for agreeing to the mom deal and even more proud of me for wanting to please him. "You have the makings of a wonderful submissive slut baby."

I smiled and we went to enjoy breakfast. I had to get to a class at 11 and daddy had to meet a client for lunch. Daddy told us to plan to meet back at the house at 3. He decided that he might squeeze in a training session before his night out with the boys.


I walk into the house and daddy and mom are already there. Mom was sitting on the couch and daddy was on the love seat. "Strip NOW!" he told me sternly.

I looked and the two of them were fully dressed. I began taking off my clothes. Daddy spoke up. "Any time you enter this house, you are to immediately remove all your clothes. The only exception will be when you get permission to bring home a friend." I turned to look at mom.

"Your mom is NOT in training Lisa, YOU are!" Daddy screamed. I nodded letting him know that I understood. "Over here NOW Lisa, kneel" daddy commanded.

I quickly went over and kneeled, putting my head at his feet.

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