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A guy meets two immigrant women who want to train and more.

She said, "I need to change positions."

I laughed, "My body felt like a sexual pretzel."

She laughed back, "Now that is a new one." She joined me on the bed and slid her plastic cock in my pussy. "Such a tight little cunt you have my precious."

"Oh yes, fuck my tight little cunt," I begged, wanting to be fucked...hard and deep.

Her body slammed into me for a few minutes, keeping me constantly on the brink of my promised orgasm and yet not pushing me over.

"Want to come, my little high school pet?" she asked.

"God yes," I answered, my body dying for release.

"On your back," she ordered.

I again quickly obeyed, feeling my pussy juice leaking out of me.

"Take the wand and hold it on that swollen clit of yours," she instructed as she spread my legs and filled my cunt with her plastic cock.

I obeyed again and the pleasure multiplied in seconds. I began babbling like a bimbo. "Oh my, yes, fuck, oh, oh, oh, God."

She leaned forward, making the cock go deeper in me and took my nipple into her mouth. "Come for me," she purred, the vibration on my nipple and clit causing fireworks through my entire being as seconds later another orgasm hit.

"Aaaaaaaaaah, yes, I'm commmmmming," I screamed, as the triple pleasure extended my orgasm.

I have no idea how long she fucked my cunt, sucking on my nipples all the while I held the wand to my clit, but the orgasm just wouldn't end, creating sensation after sensation long after it should have ended. Eventually, I drifted into oblivion.


"It is great to hear your voice, my dear," Governor Green greeted.

"Yours too," I replied, my face burning red as the memories of that one special night flashed through me.

"I have a favor to ask," she said.

"Anything," I quickly agreed.

"I love your eagerness, both that night and now," she playfully said.

"I am always eager," I said, wanting to add Mistress, but finding it awkward with Karen and Sabrina there.

"Tonight I am having a little event at my house for a few special guests and would love it if you were available to be a hostess," she said.

"A hostess?" I asked, unsure of her intent.

"Well, you would serve drinks and appetizers and so forth," she revealed. "Layla has the flu."

"Oh," I said, realizing I would be a maid.

"I hear the disappointment in your voice, my pet," she caught on correctly. "Trust me, you will not be please bring your new girlfriend Ashley."

"You know about Ashley?" I asked.

"Megan told me that you are in a relationship now. That is how I got your cell number," she revealed, explaining another question that was spinning in my head.

"Kind of," I said, still not sure what Ashley and I really had.

"Well tonight you will both be paid very well, get to meet some very powerful women and, if interested, serve more than just drinks and food," she added, drawing me in.

"I'm in," I said, without a second thought.

"Great," she said. "Can you be here by six?"

"I think so, I may have to get a cab to get there," I said.

"No worries, I will have a driver pick you up. Just text me the address," she instructed.

"Okay," I said.

"And bring Ashley, I would love to meet her," Governor added, before she gave me her cell number.

Hanging up, Karen asked, her tone terse, "What was that about?"

"Megan needs to see me tonight," I lied, protecting my relationship with the Governor.

"Why didn't she call me?" Karen asked, looking wounded.

"I don't know," I shrugged, wanting to keep this lie as simple as possible.

"So, Jenny is mine today!" Sabrina asked excited, her look implying revenge for what happened over the weekend.

"Just until after practice.

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