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I accept a surprise invitation from a stranger.

We skipped back and forth between rooms for a while, meeting some interesting people. And then we determined that we would search for just the right "chatter" for phone sex. After meeting two much younger men, or boys should I say, who both lived at home, we finally found a man who filled the bill QUITE nicely.

He posted a picture next to his handle that showed a man wearing only briefs and highlighting a raging hard on underneath. It was just too good of a CUM on to resist, and with my suggestive handle LuciouslyYours2, he sent a private message to me almost immediately upon coming in the room. We exchanged the usual provocative private emails, and described ourselves to one another. He said he was 6'2", 175 lbs., black hair, ripped w/a six pack, and had that very nice bulge in his pants. I described myself as 5'3", auburn hair, 36C-27-38, very curvy, sexy legs and heart-shaped ass. I asked him if the bulge was real, to which he replied, of course *S* I told him that I was married, but that my hubby was away on a business trip for the weekend and I was so very horny and ready for so naughty phone sex.

What he didn't know, and what we continued to keep secret, was that my husband was right there next to me the whole time, and we both took turns typing to him. *EG* We had him so turned on by the things we were saying and implying with our sexy talk that within 20 minutes, he was ready and willing to give me his phone number and let the phone sex begin.

I could just imagine the hard on he must have been sporting in his briefs by then, and that was making me wetter and wetter by the second. He typed in his name and phone number and I promised to call him in a few moments, deciding to get completely naked before I called him as a surprise. I got undressed and plugged the headset into my cell phone so that both my hands would be completely free to roam all over my tits, pussy, ass, or wherever they felt like going as he was talking to me, stimulating me with all that sexy conversation that I knew was coming across the wires.

Finally I was comfy enough with my head resting on a couple of pillows, and I began dialing the number I had written down onto the bright pink sticky note with a slight trembling in my fingertips...would he actually answer the phone, I thought? Would a woman answer??? God I hope not...It better be him...And then, it finally rang through, just once, and then a very nice gentleman's voice answered...

"Hello?" he said, waiting anxiously to see what the voice sounded like on my end. "Hello, John?" I said, answering back with just the slightest happy hesitation.

"Yes, this is John."

"And this is Debbie" I said, "Nice to meet you, thanks for spending time with me tonight," I cooed, in my most seductive and come hither voice.

"What are you up to tonight?" he asked.

"Well, if plans go well I'm up to some wonderful titillation," I sexily answered him.

"I can certainly manage to help you with that," he cooed back to me.

"Mmmmmmmmm, I hope you can John," I said.

"So how can I help you with your titillation Debbie?" John asked me.

I proceeded to explain to him how terribly horny I was, due to my efforts at trying to hook up with a female lover and being unsuccessful. I wanted to experience the feelings so badly now, after contemplating it all day and playing with my pussy all night, that I had to have sexual satisfaction no matter what, so I reached out for phone sex with him. He was very understanding and said he would love to help me achieve that satisfaction.

"Tell me what you are wearing Debbie," he said.

"Nothing but my very hard raspberry nipples," I said.

"Oh that's perfect," he said.

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