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"Stop being a goodie-two-shoes Del, you came on her, and I'm sure you want to come inside of her too!" Dol complained at Del's neutral attitude, which sometimes got to Dol's nerves.

"Inside of her huh, that sounds interesting."

"No... don't..." Aisa cried quietly, tears already running down her cheeks. Ironically, her hands were already playing with her pussy.

"Eh, you said no, yet you play with your pussy. You want something hard and warm inside your cunt, I get it."

"Come to terms with it already, the truth is, you wanted them to violate you!" the voice inside Aisa's mind echoed again, goading Aisa into giving in to her sexual urge again.

"M... Me..." Aisa cried, already lost her will to deny.

"Then say it, make me feel warm, make me feel good, tear me apart!"

"...... Make me feel good..." Already controlled by her sexual pleasure, Aisa agreed quietly. Dol cackled loudly, while Del was still clueless, or tried to pretend to be clueless.

"What did she say?"

"She means fuck her!" Without any warnings or signs, Dol immediately inserted his still erected cock inside Aisa's pussy. The rough sliding between her vulva and his glossy cock sent an erotic lightning inside Aisa's mind.

"Nnnnnnnngggghh!" Aisa moaned erotically, releasing her sexual frustration. Dol's sudden cock insertion made her twitch. Aisa started breathing heavily, but Dol, not one to consider his partner's condition, immediately continue sliding his cock left and right.

"Her slut cunt is awesome... nghh..." moaned Dol, feeling so aroused that it felt like a cartwheel massaging his cock.

"Feels... aaah... good... hah... it can't be... uuuu... I'm being raped... hah..." moaned Aisa, unable to believe that getting raped felt good.

"Oh, this looks fun." Del said. His cock had erected after looking at Del raping Aisa. He started rubbing his cock in front of Aisa, the tip of his cock already had some semen leaking. Aisa was too horny to realize that Del was masturbating over her.

"Something.... fuuuaaa.... something is coming out.... aaaah... it feels strange.... hah..." Mixture of guilty feeling and sexual pleasure made Aisa's pussy leak out even more of her sexual fluid.

"Aaaaah, it's going to splash... I feel it... huff... This cunt would... aaahh... be a successful slut!" said Dol loudly, feeling even more of sexual electricity running in his mind through his cock. It was already leaking, mixing with Aisa's cum.

"Ooohhh... watching her aroused face made me feel good..."

Under the shivering night with the caress of the bonfire, Aisa felt her mind turn white and whiter, as if marshmallows were invading her mind. Her eyes already lost focus, her mouth drilling saliva. She was about to cum, along with the other lizardmen.

"Ohhh... something... is coming.... aaaaahaaooouut... Ahmm.... aaaaaaaahhbout to comeee......" Aisa moaned louder, her pussy started to become louder and louder, her cum juice rushing to be released.

"Take this you prodigy slut... Aaaaaaahhh!!" Dol let the pleasure spark entered his mind and orgasmed. His semen that was desperately waiting to be released came out inside Aisa's womb.

"It's coming out... aaaaahh... it's releasing.... Aaaaaaa!" The same went for Del, who sprayed his semen over Aisa.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah..." With orgasmic signal lighted her mind, Aisa sent out a loud erotic moan. She could feel Dol's throbbing his cum inside her womb and Del's cum spreading around her body. Her tiredness took its toll, and feeling hot but exhausted, Aisa lost consciousness and lapse to a deep sleep.

The hot daytime returned to Beastmeh canyon the next day. Feeling the unnatural hot sunlight shining upon her naked body, Aisa regained consciousness, taking in her first unpleasant breath.

"Ahh, what's so smelly in my room.

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