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20-year-old loses it to an older guy.

Audrey the House-Boy

I was taken into the house via the tradesman's entrance and literally pushed up the servant's stairs by Sir Roger who goosed me as I swung my hips and wiggled my bottom like a fag. "Oh Sir Roger; you horny man you!" I shrieked as he squeezed my ballettes and I suddenly began to feel a little nervous and yet excited too about my homo fate. My mouth longed for some more "man-meat;" to suck off rampant lengths of hot stiff veiny cock and feel men squirt their potent creamy sperm into my willing gay mouth. I was so sexed up but also apprehensive about being gang-banged by a dozen men.

I confess that I was dying to feel Sir Roger's legendary arse-rammer slide into my slippery bum tunnel and get fucked; buggered; sodomised by this big butch hairy homosexual; whimpering like a pansy in my frillies as he rams his fuck-pole in and out of my clenching cunt and floods my insides with great globs of semen! Oh how I wanted to surrender my bum-pussy to Sir Roger; an experienced mature notorious sodomite; a man with a huge cock and balls; a brute of a man hairy and muscly and virile who would force me to succumb to the lust of his hot meaty arse-poker.

But although I would have willingly performed the full repertoire of kinky homosexual acts with Sir Roger and my big-cocked companion and let them spit-roast too the thought of being ravished by a dozen men sent shivers down my spine.

Sir Roger led me up to a first floor bedroom where Audrey was reclining on the heart shaped water-bed painting her nails. "Audrey I've found you a little cream-puff to help you out tonight." "Put her at ease while I attend to our guests." With that Sir Roger and "Big Cock" left to meet the others in the drawing room.

"Oh hello what's your name dear?" she lisped. Audrey was in her late 30's and very much an old-fashioned queer with outrageously effeminate mannerisms and a high pitched lisping voice. "Fifi; my name is Fifi La Femme." I replied. "Oooooo; how lovely Fifi; so very gay!"

Audrey was wearing an off the shoulder pink satin negligee with black lace appliqu__ around the bust and hem and a divine black feather boa over a simply gorgeous matching black satin and spandex waist-clinching corselet that perfectly complimented her feathers and lace trimmings; pansy pink French knickers; sheer fully fashioned black nylons and fur trimmed 5-inch boudoir mules. Her 38DD-28-36 figure was simply stunning. She was literally dripping in diamante and rhinestone and with her blond wig; painted nails; long false eyelashes; perfume and heavy make up she looked and acted every inch the complete Gay Queen.

"He likes me dressed like this dear." "Oh Sir Roger adores girlie-men so don't be shy about mincing petal or having a limp wrist." "You simply can't be too gay for HIM and his friends so let yourself go dear and camp it up to your heart's content." "Oooooo I don't know about you dear but I'm dying for some cock!"

We hit it off immediately and it was lovely to be able to mince with another flaming homosexual who was as effeminate as me. Audrey had been bending for men since her teens and like me went for the butch and manly dominant type.

"Do you have a man dear?" she asked.

"Oh yes; Big Frank" I replied as I told her about myself. "I'd always dreamed of living with a Butch Homosexual and I've been with my Frank for over a year now dear." "He's "All Man" darling; 6'3" heavy build hairy chest and hung like a donkey but oh is he jealous?" "One night he spotted love bites on the back of my neck and accused me of bending for another man." "Well I tried to get out of it but it was obvious that I'd been buggered from behind and that night oh did he give me a seeing to."

"Oooooo Fifi you naughty girl!" she said.

"He won't let me mince in public now or dress as a woman outside in-case I attract another man."

"Oh he should dear really.

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