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Husband gets some but loses own wife in the process.

.red lipstick, eye made up like an 80s hair metal band groupie, and hair big and full, brunette.

I smiled.

She did a pirouette in front of me.

I was sitting in the chair, sipping my scotch, smoking.

"Does Daddy like his slut?" She purred the words.

I smiled and sipped my scotch.

She sighed and pressed the play on the cd player on the table. The booming and rhythm entered the room. She began to a dirty little stripper, working hard to get a tip.

Turning around; moving her round ass up and down, gyrating. Looking back at me, and flashing a grin. Eyes on mine, lustful and fiery with passion.

I nodded.

She took the hint.

She turned the music off. She walked over to me...a sexy walk, a walk where her ass moved Juuuuust right.

In front of my chair now. Legs spread, standing, looking down at me.

I put my glass down on the table next to me.

She leaned down and kissed me..a sweet kiss of passion. Tongues and lips entwined.

I snapped my finger.

She broke the clinch and took her place at my feet, her chin on my knee, looking up at me with a longing.

I smiled.

She was mine.

Eyes on mine; burning with wanton desire.

I nodded to her.

She squealed.

Her hands on my belt, unbuckling quickly, unbuttoning my pants, she pulled them down, with enthusiasm.

My thick cock sprang free, already hard from the anticipation.

She sighed and stared. She looked up and me and smiled.

Lips; red as wine, over the thick head. Eyes on mine as she does.

Fingers stroking the thick shaft. Sucking the head, going down, down over the shaft..all the way down, slick and slippery, a soft gagging noise.

She comes back up with a gasp.

She knows how I like my cocksuckers.

Eyes on me, as she continues to slide her mouth up and down over my throbbing member; I touch her shoulder a few times, to let her know to slow down.

"I love your cock, Big Daddy," she says the words, they are coated with sexual abandon.

I stand up and she does as well.

My girl; full of sensuality and begging for it.

She begins to undress me. She unbuttons my shirt and slides it off. She pulls my t-shirt over my head.

She bends down, and takes off my shoes and socks, and my feet pull out of the pants she eagerly took off earlier.

Nude to the world.

She stood back and looked at me. Her fingers ran over my chest, my arms, my belly. She leaned down, her fingers ran up my legs, my thighs.

I smiled and nodded. She took great pleasure with me approving of this, and she smiled sheepishly and almost blushed.

"I just want to make you happy, Big Daddy. Knowing that you are happy makes me the happiest woman on Earth!"

I pull her to me and kiss her..deeply and passionately. I run my hands over her curves and she moans in my mouth.

I lead her over to the bed. I kiss her again, before I turn her around. She climbs on the bed, and takes a lioness position..ass up, head down.

"Fuck me, please, oh please, I need it!"

I push the tight skirt up...I push the thong to the side. I slather my cock with the lube, and slide and finger inside her...she sighs.

My cock is throbbing. Thick and hard, the head glistening. I push inside her slowly..she moans loudly. I stop for a second, letting her relax. Then I slide all the way in.

She cries out, "Yes! Oh, God, yes, Big Daddy!"

Her face buried in the pillow. Her hands clutching the sheets, as I plunge into her, deep. Moving with a rhythm only we can hear...gyrating my cock into her tightness. I grab her ass and smack it and she screams again into the pillow.

Fast and slow. Pulling the cock almost all the way out, just to the tip of the fat head, and then plunging it into her harder.

She bucks and grinds. She is a wild sexual animal now, lusting for the cock that is deep inside her, pushing back against it, begging for more.

She feels it throbbing inside her...she knows I am close.

"Oh, please, Big Daddy, come on my lips! Let me suck you dry!"

I slide out of her, and she takes her place at my feet.

She opens her mouth, and sticks out her tongue, as I stroke my cock, her eyes

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