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Ouroboros takes the first steps in truly living his life.

Then he looked back at Emily, and she had slid her hand down the front of her shorts and was rubbing herself slowly.

"Your folks won't be home for a while, right?"

"A couple of hours, minimum," Emily said between breaths.

"Well let's make good use of our time, shall we," John said.

He stood and moved to stand in front of Emily, pushing the coffee table back so he had room. His jeans bulged in the front where his cock was trying to free itself from his pants. He reached toward her and ran his fingers through her thick, black hair.

"That looks awfully uncomfortable," Emily said, looking innocently at the bulge in his pants.

"Well I was hoping you could help me out a bit," John said.

He reached down to his zipper and pulled it down, then waited to see how Emily would respond. He hoped she would take the hint. She reached up to the open hole in his pants and paused, looking up at him with her big, brown eyes.

"How big is it?" she asked.

"Why don't you take it out and see," John said. "I bet you like them big, don't you?"

Emily smiled as she reached into his pants and pulled out his eight-and-a-half-inch cock. Her eyes grew wide with excitement, and his pants fell to the floor. Emily stroked it slowly with both hands, enjoying the soft feel of the skin of his cock.

"You like it, Em?" John asked.

Mezmerised by it, Emily just nodded as she gazed at his big cock and rubbed it with both hands. John watched her, leaning back a bit to let her have better access to it.

"I wanna please it . . ."

John grinned.

"Is this your first time," John asked.

Emily looked up at him and grinned. "Remember those football players?"

Giggling at John's reaction, Emily blew on the tip of his cock and then licked it.

"Well let's see what you've learned, All Star," John said.

Emily reached down to caress his balls with one hand while she gave the shaft one last stroke before slipping his entire length into her mouth with a moan. She drooled a little as she took all of it in, John feeling the head of his cock pressing against the back of her tender throat.

"Christ, Em, that's fantastic," John said as she slowly slid his thick cock all the way in and out of her throat.

He placed his hands on her head and slowly guided her into a rythm, letting his cock slide in and out of her mouth first slowly, and then gradually faster, her big eyes turned to look up at John's face as his cock slid in and out of her mouth.

"You like that cock, don't you, Em?"

She moaned in response, John's dick secured all the way down her throat. She gagged a little each time, a bit of drool coming out the sides of her mouth and slicking John's cock and balls. John started pounding her 18-year-old throat with his big cock, making Emily gag a little with each thrust and gasping for breath.

He paused, sliding his cock out to let her catch her breath and looked down at her.

"You like being a dirty girl, don't you, Emily?"

When she didn't respond, John grabbed his cock and slapped Emily's cheek.

"Say it," John said. "Say 'I love your big cock, John.'"

"I love your cock so much," Emily said. "I want more."

"That's a good girl," John said. "Now stand up and turn around, then take off your shorts."

Emily stood and turned around to face the back of the couch, leaning her head on the cushion as she reached back to pull her shorts and panties down, exposing her tight, creamy ass to John. Then she knelt on the couch cushions.

John was quick to move up behind her and slide his cock into her dripping pussy with one hard thrust. Emily gave a squeal and then began to moan as John's cock stretched her. She turned and looked over her shoulder at him as he began to slide his cock hard in and out of her.

He pounded her pussy hard, Emily moaning with each hard thrust into her. John slapped her ass a little, making it a bit red as he fucked her hard. Emily's breathing became heavy, and she reached under herself to rub her pussy as John's cock slid in and out of her.

"Have you ever had it in your ass," John asked.

Emily looked at him and nodded.

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