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Natalie read the message that popped up.

She gripped him tightly, pressing her lips into his with a feverish passion. Eventually she broke off and slid back in her seat, glancing away. She was upset by her loss of control and knew she blew it.

"That was certainly surprising, Mary." Jordan spoke with his usual calm trying to fight the beast in his pants back down.

"I am so sorry! Jordan, I don't know what came over me. I just needed more." Mary was humiliated by her actions and her need of him. He knew what it was so he had no, negative feelings about it. His hand just cupped her cheek gently.

"Mary, it's quite alright. You surprised me and it's fine." His hand was warm and welcoming on her skin. This only made her fire light again. "Besides I enjoy a good makeout session if you are up for that. But first let's get to a more appropriate spot." His smile was inviting and her urges only grew stronger. The car began rolling again toward town.

"Jordan let's just go to dinner and then get me home." Mary said hoping he would agree after she had attacked him. His words and expressions were the same but she felt she had wronged him. He pulled into the parking garage and found a quiet spot.

"My lady we are here." He smiled getting out of the car and opening her door. His hand was held out for her to take. She hesitated, before reaching out to him and lifting herself from the car.

"Jordan I am so sorry..." her voice was cut off by a kiss that silenced even her thoughts. All was lost except the feeling of fire burning her, inside and out. She had to use all her strength to stay on her feet.

"Relax now Mary. This is a date, not a confession." Jordan said pulling her into his arms. His body moved easily with her in his grasp. The elevator took a long time to arrive but it was spent clasped to each other. Once the door opened and closed, Jordan leaned down and pressed his lips to Mary's again. This kiss was held until they arrived. Mary felt her heart would explode from the excitement. The heat was withdrawn so suddenly that Jordan even felt a pang of disappointment at the loss of her lips. A small and audible sigh escaped his lips before another kiss was forced upon him.

"Sorry jordan, i could not help but want more. You probably think i am a slut but its not it." Mary was stumbling over her words as she tried to justify her need. It's not like she could just tell him about her wild fantasies.

"Mary how about we skip dinner for now?" jordan asked knowing she was going to comply with the request.

"Umm, sure, but won't you lose the money on the reservation?" Her question was not wrong but Jordan cared little about currency.

"Don't worry about that Mary. there is something else that you want right now and i plan to give it to you." His voice became the velvety texture that even god, would fall for. Jordan took her hand and waved off the host. His feet moved to elevator. Another couple stepped out as Jordan pulled Mary in. She was getting nervous but something said she would be safe with him. The door closed behind them and they met lips to lips. The fire between the two could have burned the entire building down. Mary was losing her senses to his kissing. Barely a breath between them was spared in this singular moment of passion. With a loud bing the doors crept open. Jordan lifted Mary into his arms, wrapping her legs around his waist. The motion surprised Mary but she went with it. The voice in her head starting to grow agitated but her submissiveness.

"Jordan." Mary managed to call to him between the breathless kissing.

"Yes, Mary, what is it?" he asked giving off that damn smile of his.

"I just need to know, how far are we going to go?" she asked the fear in her eyes more telling than her needy voice.

"Mary, i give you my word. I will only go as far as you want me to. I won't hurt you, i promise" Jordan's words were sincere but he knew they may not be heard. Mary stared into his eyes and only saw the gentleness of the blue orbs.

"Ok, if i say stop please stop." Mary more begged than asked.

"As you wish, Mary" Jordan returned

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