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A successful woman embarks on a FLM and role reversal.

In his early forties and balding he was past his "best before date".

Still I had flirted with Scott over the years and for some reason was feeling mischievous that afternoon.

"How about a cool shower?" I asked Scott.

He looked at me confused.

"A good way to cool off." I said.

"Give me five minutes." I said taking off up the stairs.

I turned on the shower, adjusted the temp and slipping off my dress I stepped in and waited.

Scott was there before I had lathered all over.

"What kept you?" I asked holding the shower curtain open.

In no time he was naked in the shower with me lathering my breasts. His hand went down to my crotch, his fingers searching my pussy.

I felt the wavering head of his erection brushing against my thigh. I reached down and filled my hand with cock.

Teasingly I took him to my entrance and buried his helmet between my pussy lips. One thrust and he slid smoothly into me.

My hips slammed forward driving Jimmy deep inside of me. I felt his cock twitching as my fuck hole gripped him. Jimmy filled his hands with my ass and pulled me onto him.

"Oh yes!" I moaned, "I need that."

With Scott's cock buried deep within my cunt I kissed him.

We were absorbed in the throes of fucking and didn't hear Jessie come in. Jesse was going to the local community college and got home early afternoon.

"Mom, you home?" she shouted up the stairs.

"I'm in the shower, come join me!" I answered.

Jesse and I often showered together. She had the firm young breasts of an eighteen-year-old and a tight little body.

Jesse poked her head into the shower. Jimmy was still ball's deep in me.

"Hello Uncle Jim." She cheerily greeted him.

"C'mon in and join us." I invited y daughter.

"I got a ton of homework Mom." Jesse said.

"Just for a couple of minutes and see what Uncle Jim has for you?"

Jessica was in the shower with us in a flash. I felt Jimmy's cock twitch in me as he saw my daughter's naked body.

Jimmy had long had a thing for Jesse. One night Jesse had been sitting on the sofa in her baby-dolls watching TV. Jimmy had sat beside her and begin horsing around, tickling her. His hands were well under her pajama top and fondling her soft nubile body. She just giggled and squirmed as he felt her tits.

Jesse was a cockteaser. Jimmy pulled his hard shaft out of me to impress my daughter with it. Jesse took him in her hand and squeezed.

"Nice one!" she said as she begins jerking him.

My juices were quickly washing off his dick in the stream of the shower. Jesse dropped to her knees and swallowed his cock. I knelt beside my daughter and began licking Jimmy's balls.

Jesse knew Jimmy was about to cum. She wasn't comfortable with guys cumming in her mouth yet so she relinquished his cock to me.

He filled my mouth with three stings of his snotty salty goo. My teeth were awash in a sea of Jism. Careful not to loose any of Scott's precious seed I kissed my daughter thrusting my cum-coated tongue into her mouth. Jesse sucked my tongue clean.

"See you later Mom!" Jesse said leaving the shower as quickly as she had arrived.

I took Jimmy's cock back into my pussy to finish our fuck.

It was a slow grind while the refreshing water streamed over us. My mind went blank as I enjoyed Jimmy's cock.

I remember the first time Jimmy and I had fucked. He had picked me up at a singles' dance and hammered me in the backseat of Billy Marsden's Chevy. Marsden was fucking Judy Easton in the front.

We had fucked a few times but eventually moved on to other partners. We were young and there were so many people to fuck. It was the day of "the pill" and before HIV raised its ugly head. Fucking was as casual as dancing with a guy.

Now, many years later I was in the shower with Jimmy's cock in me. My pretty young daughter with his cum in her belly. It is strange how things worked out.

"Fuck me Jimmy!" I moaned as we danced together.

When we went back downstairs Jesse was sprawled on the couch watching That 70's Show.

I thought you had homework to do?" I challenged her.

"You expect me

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