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Sitting down to sip some water, Maggie put the bottle of agua to her lips and swallowed hard.

"This could be interesting tomorrow," she said, twisting the cap tight on the blue agua bottle.

"Yes," I said, "very interesting"

After a long night of exceptionally hot sex, with me teasing Maggie about her, wishing she were the filling in Kristin and Angelica's sandwich, we slept, and awoke, to another beautiful, Ibiza morning.

The dive centre minivan was parked on the street, as we stepped out from the hotel lobby into sunlight.

Blue in colour, and a little bit shabby, the mini van announced its presence with the words 'Port Eulalia Dive Centre' emblazoned on its side panels. A tall, handsome well-built, blond guy was standing waiting beside it.

"You are Stuart and Maggie?" he asked, with a strong Swedish accent.

"Yes," replied Maggie "and you are?"

"Eric," he replied "Eric the Viking" He said, laughing loudly.

Eric was a mature guy, mid thirty's maybe, and he was beaming a smile at us as he spoke.

He was striking in appearance, and even though, being a guy, I shouldn't have noticed, I had to admit to myself that I did find him very handsome, attractive even. I could see Maggie noticing the same things as I was. His long tanned legs with well developed thigh muscles. His sun browned sandaled feet and long toes. He had trim waist leading upwards to broad powerful shoulders. His big turquoise eyes, radiating warmth outwardly towards Maggie and I in equal measure.

The guy was like a living representation of the Viking God, Thor.

In the short trip to the dive centre, Eric had won us over and we understood completly why the girls had been so charmed by him.

Kristen and Angelica were waiting at the dive shop and after exchanging some pleasantries we began our one-day diving course.

Lecture first, then some pool work, and when Erik was satisfied that we were not likely to kill ourselves, we went diving.

The diving went great, out into the bay on the centre's dive boat, one dive at noon and the other at about four. Between the dives we sunbathed, eat some lunch and got to know each other a little better. With just the 5 of us on the boat the girls and Erik had no problem stripping out of their wet togs to change and sunbath. Angelica and Kristen smiled as they saw our expression when Erik stripped out of his wet shorts. His cock was huge, and as it hung from his groin it looked easily 9 inches. My own well-developed 7 inches looked small against Erik's horse-like cock.

By early evening we were all safely back on board the dive boat and on our return journey to shore. Erik was delighted with us, and impressed how quickly we had taken to the sport. I was delighted too, but to tell the truth I was more impressed with spending a full day in the company of our new nature loving Swedish friends.

Back on shore, I remarked on how tight and salty my skin felt.

"Oh don't worry Stuart," said Erik, "Kristen and Angelica will show you the Swedish cure for that, you might even enjoy it"

At the dive centre, once all the gear was stored away, the girls showed us to where we could clean up. It was a locker room with a Glass door at the far end. It had mosaic tiling with images of dolphins and sail boats and other maritime themes. The glass door at the end of the locker room led to a round shower area. It had shaped seating around its sides, tiled in the same mosaic tiles as the rest of the room, the girls explained that it was also a steam room.

Turning a valve just outside the shower area, Angelica activated the shower system and water fell like rain in the circular area. Her and Kristen stripped naked out of their togs and headed through the glass door and under the falling the water.

"Come" they told us, " join us"

Maggie and I followed, entering the flow of water still wearing our swimming togs.

"Don't be shy Maggie," Angelica said taking her by the hand and drawing her further under the flowing water.

In a moment Angelica had helped Maggie out of her bikini and was sponging her with a lar

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