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Outstretching my left hand toward the incoming weapon, I prepared for the inevitable agony. And agony it was. But as the wicked knife completely pierced my hand between my index and middle finger, I ignored all the pain and squeezed his hand under his surprised eyes and with my other hand, delivered the most powerful hook to his face that I was capable of. I wasn't a very tall guy, nor was I very muscled, but my team-mates and coaches always marveled at the strength that my average body could carry; letting me brawl with guys twice my size, and win. So when bones snapped under my knuckles I wasn't overly surprised.

The thug crumbled to the ground in a boneless heap, unconscious, as blood rolled down his face from his nose. Soon, I also fell on my knees, the pain that I had ignored until now making itself known. After that, everything had been a blur.

Later I learned that I had broken the thug's nose as well as his jaw and that made me feel much better about the ugly scar that my hand now adorned for the rest of my life.


"Like I said, Jiji, don't sweat. It was just a little scuffle with some ruffians."

"Yeah, with you taking a knife in the ribs. Just a little scuffle." She snorted without amusement. "Does Mom know?"

"No, and I prefer for it to stay like that." I replied with a serious look.

"Just...just be careful, Jim, okay?" She said, her voice trembling for a second. "I love you so much brother, I don't know how I would live if something happened to you." She continued, her look becoming even more vulnerable.

Taking her in my embrace, I hugged her tightly, running my hand along her back in a soothing manner. "I won't leave you alone, Jiji, I promise." I said, as I kissed her forehead with all the love I had for my little sister. "Now, let us go. There's always time for cuddling afterwards." I whispered with a grin.

Smiling in return, she left my embrace and walked toward her own room. Taking my wallet, phone and car keys, I went to the first floor and joined my parents in the living room.

"Have you missed your car?" My father asked, seeing the keys in my hand. As I nodded with a grin, my mother ushered me to come closer.

"What do you thing about this one, Jim?" she asked, showing me photos of a flat in Ann Arbor. The flat seemed pretty good, but I wondered why she was browsing for a new one. Then it dawned on me that Jessica was now going to join me in the University of Michigan.

As if knowing that she was the subject of our discussion, my little sister descended the stairs and joined me at my side.

"It's pretty nice, but not as nice as mine." I said with a shrug. It was the truth; my flat in Ann Arbor was pretty big, with three rooms, bathroom, kitchen and a living room.

"Yeah, well, yours was a rare gem." My mother commented. "We've been searching for weeks now, and nothing interesting showed up, until this one that is."

"Maybe I can crash in with Jim?" Jessica launched out of a sudden, her smile widening as if slowly understanding the genius of her own proposal. "After all, like you've said, his flat is pretty big and have enough room."

"That..." My mother looked genuinely surprised, as if that thought had completely escaped her. "Well, that could work. What do you think about it, Jim?"

Frankly, the idea pleased me immensely. I've always felt a bit lonely, living by myself in that big apartment. But the thought that my little sister would be with me filled me with joy that I was honestly surprised at. Of course I loved my sister more than anything and anyone, but the joy felt alien, as if I was high. I had never in my life been high.

"That would be awesome!" I finally answered with a smile. Squealing in delight, Jessica launched herself at me under the smiling faces of our parents. Catching her with a grin of my own, I hugged her back.

"Are you sure about this, Jim? I know you boys like your solitary/independent nonsense." Mother continued.

"Yeah, I'm sure. I'll be happy to have Jiji with me." I replied sincerely.

"Gosh! I'm impatient now!" she exclaimed

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