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Petite femboy becomes a sex toy for his hung friend.

"No! I will not strip. Why should I?"

"Because deep down, you know that you want to," answered Darla softly but firmly. "You gave me a copy of your encrypted password file in case your computer drive ever crashed. You didn't give me the password to open it, but I have the same password program on my computer."

Darla shook her head slightly as she spoke, "It didn't take much to guess your username and password. Your whatever-grandfather's immigration papers hang on the wall behind your desk, and you look at them every morning like they were a Picasso."

"User name," she said, "Amandah Birke- German version of your name." She then spelled out, "M-a-y-0-5-1-9-1-9" and laughed. "I signed in as you and got all of your other user names and passwords, including your personal ones that you never use at work. Then I checked out ALL of the sites you have been visiting."

Maddy stood sputtering, "How could you?!"

"I had to," Darla replied, almost yelling. "You were going down in flames, girl, and you didn't even have the brains to know what was happening. You never even realized that the whole purpose of this weekend was to give them sufficient cause to fire you... and to close out my friend, Jessie's, program."
She huffed again in anger and spat out, "I had to do something."

Darla turned Maddy so they were standing face to face. "When I first looked at the sites you were visiting, I thought you really were a God-damned sadist because that matched up with how you have been treating the people under you. You have a very interesting internet history. You spend most of your evenings visiting a lot of sites showing women tying up women... and spanking women... and forcing women to orgasm. At first, I pictured you getting yourself off staring at those images imagining that it was me beneath your lash."

She laughed again, this time very deeply. "But then I found your chat logs, and your electronic diary."

Maddy was starting to cry.

"You aren't a sadist," Darla growled. "You're a pain-slut who is afraid that people will find out about you, so you act like a bitch in public and masturbate to pain-slut porn in private. That's why you act like a bitch and push everyone away!"

Another sarcastic huff of breath showed her anger. "But it's all an act. You weren't trying to dominate or bully them. You were afraid they would dominate you... but at the same time you craved it. You wanted it. You needed it. Because in the depth of your soul, you are just a natural born pain-slut."

"No. No! That isn't true," whimpered Maddy.

"All these years that you have been pushing and provoking people you have been secretly hoping that someone would finally snap and fight back... or even enslave you. And the reason that you treated the women under you even worse is that you were secretly hoping that it would be a woman who finally revolted against you."

"No, No, that isn't true," Maddy repeated. This time her voice was much softer.

"I thought I could push you to the top by being the power behind your throne, but I was wrong. For you to get to the top, I need to be the Dominatrix over my Sub."

Once more, Maddy whimpered, "No... no... that isn't true."

"If it wasn't true," Darla snapped, "You wouldn't be taking off your blouse right now."

Maddy looked down at her hands which were unbuttoning the last of the buttons on her blouse.

"You're a pain-slut in need of a Mistress," Darla barked out. "And I am going to correct that."

Her voice got stronger and louder, taking on a tone Maddy had never heard before as she ordered, "Now strip... and that means everything including your watch, rings, and earrings. I want you naked, kneeling at my feet like the submissive slut you really are."

Maddy sighed and kicked off her sandals. She slowly slipped her blouse off her shoulders. Then she began removing her sweat pants... then her blouse... then her bra. Her jewelry came next. Finally she was standing trembling in just a pale blue pair of panties.

Darla stared at her for a moment and then walked over to the large duffle bag she had brou

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