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Loner watches the girl of his dreams.

I blushed, but couldn't deny it. "But according to this package, Skippy here has a little one." she said with a smirk.

I was mortified, and both Jim and Laura just stared silently. Finally Jim broke in to a broad grin. He flopped back on to the bed in his briefs and a t-shirt, his enormous flaccid cock threatened to slip out of the skimpy briefs at any moment. "Only one way to know for sure Skipper, keep on going," he said as he gestured to the rest of my clothes. The both just sat and stared, I had no choice but to strip for them.

I was kind of deliberate as I finished taking off my shirt and fumbled with my belt. I knew I was fully hard, and to make matter worse I knew that the front of my briefs were now fairly soggy with precum.

I tried to turn my back, but Laura would have none of that. "Uh-uh." was all she said. I figured the state of my underwear was an embarrassment I could avoid, so I hooked my waistband with the top of my slacks and slid both off at once. Unfortunately my waistband caught the head of my cock, pulling it down and causing it to snap back up cartoonishly, slapping against my abdomen. Laura was in mid-inhale, and blew out a huge cloud of smoke as she sputtered. "Yup...looks like he bought the right size!" was all she said.

Jim grinned, but seemed unfazed. "Well little buddy, should we get started." He hooked his briefs and slid them off.

I couldn't help it, I gasped out loud. What flopped out of his briefs was nothing short of incredible. I would later find out Jim is a shower, not a grower. His shaft is a big, thick pipe. No veins or detail, just a big heavy slab of cock that hung downward and swayed. He has similarly big heavy balls. At least 7" long as it just hung there completely soft. But the truly world class part was the head, perfectly shaped and enormous, the size of a small fist. Even on his thick shaft it looked outsized and powerful. I could only stare in open mouth admiration and lust. My own puny unit went from hard to a next level I didn't know existed. It surged to painfully hard and pointed absolutely due north.

Wordlessly Laura handed me a tissue and gestured, I looked down to find a long string of precum dangling off the end of my aching cock. "I think you have his attention Jimmy!" she chuckled.

It was clear that Laura was enjoying this, she was keenly aware of how everything she had said and done was embarrassing me. Without saying it though we both knew no matter how much fun she chose to have at my expense I had to play along, or at least take it. While Jim might have been naively unaware of just how extraordinary his endowment was, Laura knew very well how he stacked up. We both knew she had already done the mental calculus, and a forty something guy with 3+" was very, very lucky to be getting a shot at Jim's 30 something gigantic cock. And we both knew she could end this whole scene at any time. We both knew all of these things, and a moment of eye contact between us created an unspoken deal. She wasn't going to shut this down as long as I played by her rules.

Jim lay back on a stack of 4 or 5 pillows and spread his legs, and gestured that I was welcome to begin. I started to climb up on to the bed when Laura interrupted. She held out a foil package and said, "Skip, why don't you put one of these on so you don't drip all over everything." The condescending inference was powerful, my lack of control and intense arousal, the contrast of my intense erection to Jim's flaccid member, the constant stringy pre-cum. But I couldn't say a word, so I reached for the foil wrapper.

As I went to tear it open I looked down at the package clearly marked 'Magnum'. I could see Laura's grin out of the corner of my eye. I had no choice but to ask her for one of the small condoms, a request I mumbled in shame.

"Oh, my mistake," she giggled as she handed over the light blue foil and took back the deep purple Magnum wrapper.

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