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Mary has a disgruntled admirer in Edwin.

You'll learn more about that as you go along in our school.

Be that as it may, we are not, in the absolute sense, enslaving these young women. They make their own career choices, for example. Our job is to see that they are given all of the tools and knowledge they require to rise to the top of their chosen fields. We make it possible to be the best they can become, to use their talents and abilities for the betterment of themselves and society."

"So why do you need the obedience and the carnal expertise?" Alan asked.

"To keep their talents and expanded knowledge in our possession and under our control," Wilton answered simply.

For no reason that Wilton could determine Alan Sloan suddenly doubled over with laughter. Wilton gazed at him with astonishment.

"I've seen many reactions to that explanation over the years," Wilton said with irritation, "outrage, disbelief, eager agreement, and even wild-eyed wonder. But, you're the first one who ever found it funny. Would you, please, explain?"

Regaining his composure Alan said, "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to be offensive. It's just that, while I'm a teacher by profession, I'm an historian by training and inclination. I can't begin to count the number of wild, elaborate, sometimes downright silly conspiracy theories I've encountered in my studies, each claiming that there was some secret organization that was either controlling the world, or was trying to gain control of the world.

There's been the Tri-Lateral Commission, The Masons, the Scientologists, any one of a thousand mutations of communism, and some things that are too ridiculous to mention.

I've always regarded such ideas as preposterous to the point impossibility. Yet, here I sit being offered a job by just such an organization. The irony was just too much."

Wilton smiled then joined Alan's mirth.

"I hadn't actually thought of it that way," he said, "but, you have a point. I suppose that, under those circumstances, laughter might be the only reasoned response."

When they were both able to calm down a bit Wilton said, "That's precisely the kind of original thinking and unique viewpoint that we need here. Will you take the job?"

"I'm not sure that I have much choice," Alan said.

Wilton looked at the young teacher quizzically.

"Well," Alan continued, "you could hardly let me walk away knowing even what little I know about the school. Could you?"

"I understand your concern," Wilton responded earnestly, "and you are quite right in thinking that we could not let you walk around in the world knowing what you know."

Alan froze in his seat gripping the arms of it tightly.

"But, our method of solving that little problem are not as extreme as what you are, no doubt, thinking," Wilton said with what he hoped would be taken as a reassuring smile.

Alan's entire body remained stiff.

"We don't kill people," Wilton said, "That sort of thinking is antique to the point of barbarism.

What we will do, and I'll ask that you hold your response until you've heard me out, is a small electronic procedure which will effectively erase our existence from your mind. It's completely painless and will have no long range ill effects. You'll be a bit absent minded for a few days right after the procedure, but other than that your mind and memories will remain fully intact."

Alan relaxed his grip on the arms of the chair slightly and said, "Then I just go back to the job search."

"Nonsense," said Wilton, "Talent and progressive thinking like yours should not be wasted. We'll install you in a good university, with tenure I might add, so that you can use your considerable skills productively."

Alan relaxed.

"Well, that doesn't sound so bad," he said.

Wilton looked at his applicant carefully. After a long silence he asked, "Am I correct in assuming that you still have some reservations?"

"Yes," Alan said, "It's about the control thing. I mean, is it absolutely necessary to make these girls sexually subservient?"


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