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Sapphire rides a train, and Blake rides Sapphire.

You're very pretty. Beautiful, even."

"Now you're flattering me. You know what they say, flattery will get you nowhere."

"Right, yeah.." She interrupted again. "Stupid saying though. Not true with me..."

That was it. It was a definite flirt. I went for broke. "How shall I flatter you, milady?" I bowed exaggeratedly like some medieval courtier.

"You flattered me when you couldn't tear your eyes away from looking down my blouse a while back, and you flatter me even more now with the bulge in your pants, Dave."

It was true. I had become aroused but I didn't think it was yet noticeable. I went a step further:

"You should have seen what it did to me back then!"

She took the cue. Still sitting on the stool, she leaned right forward and made sure I saw down to her breasts nestling in her bra again. "What, these? You like them that much?"

Gulp. "Yes, yes I do. They are magnificent."

Then she reached down to the bottom of her blouse and pulled it over her head, throwing it aside. There they were, flawless skin covering round perfection, cupped in that tight burgundy bra and...yes, hard nipples! I went further.

"I seem to recall matching panties?"

She threw back her head now in a full-throated laugh. What a sound. She raised her hips slightly and whipped the hem of her flowing skirt back and out of the way, and sat back down parting her thighs. Then she lifted the front of her skirt and showed me the panties, and yes, they were still tight up in her pussy so I could see her slit outlined through them. She looked into my eyes and whispered, "C'mere".

I moved the short distance between us and knelt in front of her. My head was just above the level of her breasts. She deftly reached behind her and unsnapped her bra, and teased me by putting it in front of my eyes. I could smell her, and it was warm from her body heat. I raised a hand and pulled the bra aside, she sat there with both arms over her breasts giggling a little nervously. I took the lead. I reached out and took her hands and urged them apart and away, revealing her pert breasts to my appreciative gaze. Her nipples were indeed hard, and in stunned appreciation of them I simply whispered: "Fuck Sharon..." She became serious, whispering back: "If you want to."

All restraint was thrown to the wind. It was fast, frantic, fantastic.

First I took her breasts in my hands and cupped them gently. Sharon stood up from the stool and pulled my somewhat sweaty shirt over my head and went straight for my belt and trousers, pushing them down a little awkwardly. She sat back down and pulled my boxer shorts down. My dick shot forward and in seconds Sharon had grasped it and took me into her mouth. I groaned loudly with the erotic shock of it, and put my hand on the top of her head.

She bobbed up and down, now licking the underside of my shaft, now squeezing my bulb with her lips tightened around it, now taking the whole length as far as she could. I almost shot after about 30 seconds so I gently urged her off it with my hands under her face and guided her around so she was standing and I was sitting on the ground. She took the cue and stepped quickly out of her panties, parted her thighs, lifted her skirt and nested her pussy down onto my face.

She was not completely shaved, but she had trimmed the edges and the length so there was just a small patch of short, silky black hair, now slick with her juices. Her lips, however were smooth and hairless. She was already trembling, her thighs rippled, and she began moaning loudly.

"Mmmh. Oh. Oh. Ahhh. Oh I'm cumming already. Just there. Just like that. Fuck Dave, that's... Ohhhhh!"

She grabbed at a shelf for support, and she came.

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