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Party Continues and Family Members Heat Up Afterwards

My hips rose up and I exploded, my pussy squeezing his fingers as my orgasm raged through my body. I moaned, deeply and finally, collapsed. My heart was racing and my breathing labored but I was euphoric. I looked at Jim and he smiled blissfully.

"Now that's what I call a hot appetizer," the man said from the other table.

Jim nodded in acknowledgement before licking his fingers clean. I was both embarrassed and insanely turned on. He had to know what he was doing to me...the teasing, the wanting. "Jim, please..." I begged him quietly. I wanted to leave, return to the hotel and make love until we couldn't move an inch. But then I realized that we had never actually agreed to make love. His touching me was a surprise. Based on our last telephone conversation, when we had teased about what would happen if we really met, he had committed to nothing but wanting to watch me masturbate and maybe some touching and caressing.

"In time, my love. In time," Jim whispered.

We ate our meal, mostly in silence. I tried to hurry him but he wasn't having it. I was actually embarrassed that I couldn't control myself where this man was concerned and that was able to do so. "How do you do that?"

"What?" he asked, sipping his wine.

"Control yourself like that. I want you so bad right now I feel faint."

He chuckled softly before responding. "Honey...Cheyenne...if you could know how bad I want you right now. My cock is about ready to burst through my pants. Thank god, I'm wearing loose fitting pants. But don't you see? The anticipation is going to make whatever we do much more special. And truthfully, I'm not sure that you or I are ready for the physical relationship that we talked about, no matter what our bodies are telling us."

"I suppose you're right," I replied. "I thought briefly this was one sided...that I was the only one going insane with desire."

He took my hand and placed it on his crotch and my eyes widened in surprise. He was large and very hard against my palm. "Does that feel like I'm not going insane with desire? Just hearing you cum almost made me cum in my pants."

"Can we go now, Jim?" I asked sweetly, cupping his throbbing cock through is pants and squeezing. I looked at the man at the other table and could see that he was rubbing himself and I smiled. "Please, baby?" I purred, licking his neck. I was now determined to seduce him, make him make love to me despite his previous protests that we would keep our distance. He'd already crossed the line in the restaurant. I wanted him completely over it and under my control.

Jim called for the check and we hastily left the restaurant, much to the disappointment of our admirer. We walked hand in hand down the street to the hotel. Once the elevator's doors closed, I grasped Jim's cock once again as our mouths met and mated. He pulled away, panting. "Keep that up and I won't make it to the room."

I giggled. The elevator's doors opened and we made our way to my suite. Once inside, I told Jim I was in control now. After all the teasing in the restaurant, I was determined to make sure he was tortured a little as well. If he wanted to just watch me, then I'd let him. I was curious to see how fast his willpower collapsed so sure I was that he really wanted to make love to me.

I sat atop the room desk. The buzz of the hotel air conditioner pierced the otherwise silent room. My hair was pulled up loosely with strands hanging down, caressing my face. Long dangly earrings hung from my lobes but otherwise, I was without jewelry. He says that he loves my dress, the way it hugs my shapely body and I smile. He was talking to me but his eyes were fixated on another part of my body. My dress is bunched around my hips, exposing my bald pussy, its lips moist and puffy. My hands were clutching my legs, holding them open.

"Do you like what you see?" I asked, my voice soft but deep.

"Mmmm, yes," he replied.

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