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My adventure continues with my neighbors.

It was one thing to have fans admire her from a distance, but real flesh-and-blood men were another story. She couldn't compete with the model-shaped divas that ran in her circles. Donna had talent, but so did almost everyone who lasted in the industry. What sold tickets was image - the kind of image that could sell magazine covers and that made the execs want to put your picture on a web page or poster or album cover.

Arriving back in her room, Donna dropped her coat and scarf on a chair near the door. She paused to look at herself in the mirror. She was shorter than her sisters and the only one of the three not to have long, straight, beautiful blonde hair. Her own brown tresses curled slightly as they passed her shoulders. And while both Hannah and Penny were thin, Donna's build was naturally thicker and fuller. Her belly wasn't large, but it had enough of a curve to make her reconsider her eating habits while on the road. She had a healthy bust, which she used to carry proudly in light of her sisters' small chests, until she overheard her father comment that it didn't matter if a dumpy car had a nice set of headlights. Since then, she had tended towards looser outfits.

Tired from the day or, rather, exhausted from the week, Donna stretched out on the bed, not even pulling the covers back. She thought about the cute musician she had met that night. If only their late-night stroll had been with other purposes in mind. She would have let him lead her to a bench, let him slide his hand up her blouse as their lips passed warmth back and forth...

Donna closed her eyes and rubbed a hand slowly across her belly. Sliding that hand under the waistband of her pants, she fantasized about going back to his apartment and pretending to be interested in coffee. She pictured them on his couch, then reclining, then in a bed. She felt her body warming with each touch, both real and imagined. In her fantasy, her body was thinner and guys couldn't keep their eyes off her. Steve was telling her how hot she was, never breaking eye contact as he climbed on top of her naked body. She moaned softly, picturing her limbs wrapping smoothly around his slender frame, smiling to herself as she imagined heard him breathe compliments softly in her ear. His hand in her hair, the other sliding down to her thigh...

And then her stomach growled. Her daydream disappeared as quickly as a channel changing on the TV. With a sigh, she flopped her hand over to the nightstand and picked up the room service menu, checking to make sure they still delivered at that hour. Just a bite to get me to sleep, she told herself. But before she could find something she liked, her phone began ringing over in her coat pocket. That'll be Patch wanting an update, she thought as she hurried to get the phone before it flipped to voicemail.

She hit the button as she put the phone to her ear and said, "I think he's hooked, but I'll know for sure after lunch tomorrow. Now can you give me a little space, for Christ's sake?"

Instead of Patch's confident laugh, she heard a feminine chuckle. "My, my," she heard. "Someone's a little tense."

Shocked, she pulled the phone away from her ear and looked at the number.

"Hannah?" she asked softly.

"Yeah, it's me. I snagged your number the other day." The other day, Donna thought. At Penny's funeral. After you told me our father had raped the two of you. Yeah... just another day.

"Donna? You still there?"

"Yeah... just... a little stunned, OK?"

"Look. I'm sorry for calling so late and everything. I just... Maybe this was a mistake... Never mind."

"No!" Donna shouted into the phone. "Don't go... please. I'm glad you called, really."

Silence on the other end worried Donna. But then she heard a sigh. "Donna, I feel like... I should... I need to talk to someone. And... I don't exactly have any friends. At least, not the kind you talk to about... stuff. Y'know?"


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