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A mildly amusing story of female-female spanking.

She moaned out. "Oh dad that feels so fucking good, I love how you fuck me."

Mal brought her mouth back onto his cock and gave a quick hard thrust as he smiled at her calling me dad. I knew Mal loved females calling him daddy too.

"Did your father fuck you when you were younger, do you like daddy's cock inside you?" I asked her as I watched the expression on Mal's face.

She tried to answer as the cock was thrusting into her mouth, in the end she just nodded her head twice.

Mal was close to cumming he was holding her head down onto his cock as his cock shot load after load into her mouth, once she had swallowed it all, Mal released the grip he had on her head and his limp cock slipped from her mouth.

Licking Mal's cock clean and wiping up cum of her face with her finger before sucking her finger.

"So you're a naughty girl and need to be punished?" I told her.

"Please not the belt again, my ass hurt so much last night." She pleaded.

I gave each of breasts a slap with my hand and watched as her nipples became harder, a few more slaps leaving my hand prints on her breasts she began moaning not a painful moan but a low soft pleasurable moan. I thought of how she must of been disciplined when young and how she grew to love the pain.

I gave each breast a harder slap as I thrust my cock into her pussy and began to squirt my cum into her bald pussy, squirt after squirt shot out of my cock filling her love canal with my cum, I laid there on top of her until I felt my cock go limp, then I rolled off and laid beside her.

Her pussy was dripping with my cum mixed with her own juices as we watched her fingering her pussy and licking her fingers clean. Mal had his mouth open and covering her pussy as he tried to suck up all the cum mixture from her pussy, once her pussy had stopped dripping, Mal licked her slit over and over causing more of her juices to flow.

I handed Mal her dildo and watched as he pushed it in her pussy, it was thicker and longer than both our cocks, but it went inside her pussy easily as Mal began thrusting it hard into her she started to scream, each thrust caused her to scream out again.

"Fuck my pussy hard daddy, yes fuck me harder, ohh I'm cumming again." She screamed.

Mal pulled out the dildo from her pussy and again went down on her pussy with his mouth and tongue, he loves the taste of cum and pussy juice. I took the dildo and ran it over her mouth and she started using her tongue to clean it up. Pushing the dildo against her mouth I watched as her mouth stretched as I pushed it inside her mouth.

I then began fucking her mouth with the dildo, each time I pushed in into her mouth I could feel her gag and struggle to breath, I loved how I could feel the back of her throat as I pushed the dildo deep into her mouth. I watched as her eyes looked at me pleading for the dildo to be removed.

Mal's cock was rock hard again, and as I rolled her over onto her stomach Mal's eyes lit up.

"Fuck her ass good and hard." I told him.

"No, not my ass please, don't fuck my ass." She screamed.

"I give you something to scream about." I told her having her ass a hard slap and another and aonother..

"I'm sorry daddy." She whimpered.

I watched as Mal started finger her tight anus using all her juices from her pussy as lube, he was soon thrusting two fingers in and out her tight puckering hole. Then wiping the tip of his cock with her juices, he then pushed his cock against her hole, applying pressure he began entering her ass with his thick cock, slowly Mal pushed his cock in further, inch by inch until it was fully in and his balls were slapping against her pussy, he laid still for a minute letting her get use to having something so big inside her ass.

Holding her hips he began pulling out and thrusting back in at a nice steady pace.

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