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How I was blackmailed into slavery by my sadistic stepmother.

"It will be the same every day. Did you know that the more fit you are, the better sex is? You're both fit already, so this week will be like a spa vacation, and you'll feel even better when it's over than you do now."

Rich was required to be naked from the waist down while he was watching the videos, and Athena and Minerva sat with him. Before beginning the videos, the pair changed into skimpy outfits. The generous breasts jiggled in their tiny halters, and patches of pubic hair were visible at the crotch of their shorts. Between looking at them and the videos, Rich found himself in a state of constant arousal.

During the sex session after lunch, they started in the missionary position. He tried to hold back like he had in the morning, but he came inside Angela within a few minutes. Once he caught his breath and slowly got off of Angela, he saw Dr. Madison and the goddesses, Athena and Minerva, looking at him. They seemed more pleased than upset.

He sat down on the side of the bed while Angela remained on her back breathing deeply. Minerva came and sat down next to him, and before he knew it, she reached down between his legs and fondled his testicles. He flinched and she removed her hand.

"No, don't sit up, Angela," Dr. Madison said. "Just lie there like that. Athena is going to place a pillow under your rear to elevate it a little. There. Stay just like that while I talk to Rich.

"Rich, as you know, you satisfied yourself, and you did it before Angela could orgasm, so you left her frustrated. This is the problem we are here to solve. Whenever this happens from now on, you will be responsible for helping her climax. Your organ is too soft to do any good for her now, so you will be using your tongue."

"But I can't," Rich said.

"Yes you can. This is what's called aversion therapy. In order for Angela to be fulfilled, you will have to not only taste, smell and swallow the fluids of her vagina, but also what you deposited into it.

"No!" Rich shouted as he began to stand up. "Ow!"

"Sit down before you hurt yourself, Rich."

Dr. Madison took Rich's chin in her hand and lifted his head to face her. She spoke softly and used soothing words to calm him before raising her voice again in an authoritarian tone as she let his head drop.

"You're wondering what hurt so much. Look down between your legs as Minerva pulls on the string that she attached to your testicles. See how they are coming out between your legs. OK, stop there, Minerva.

"She put a slip knot around them, and it's going to stay there for the rest of the therapy. It's sort of like the string around a Yo-Yo. It's thin but strong, and when it's loose, you'll barely feel it. The only thing it's there for is to make sure you do what I tell you to do.

"If you follow instructions, the string will stay slack and you can ignore it. But if you ignore me, whoever is holding the string will give it a little tug -- like that."

Rich jumped and let out a pained yelp Minerva jerked his testicles.

"If you continue to ignore the instructions, the string will be pulled slowly, like Minerva is doing now. It will slowly stretch your testicle sack and cause discomfort. See how it's being stretched. OK, stop there, Minerva.
"Right now, you're in some discomfort and a little pain. But if Minerva pulls any more, the pain increases enormously. If you continued to ignore the instructions, she theoretically could pull the string so far that your testicles would rip right off your body and we'd have to call an ambulance.

"That's also what would happen if you attempt any kind of physical response. Athena, Minerva and I are trained to handle violent patients, so we're not afraid for ourselves or Angela. But that kind of struggle would probably result in the string doing damage to you.

"You would be patched up at the hospital, but when testicles aren't attached, they die quickly, so your manhood could be gone.

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