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Stephanie teases her coworker Mark to his breaking point.

Gary was both embarrassed and relieved that no human [sic] was involved (NHI). For sure surveillance cameras would enter this event into his dossier.

On his way back home, Gary notices a shiny penny in the street. As most educated men, he is not superstitious. The one exception that "proves the rule" is the old saying: "Find a penny / pick it up / all the day / you will have good luck." He is pleased that he had drooled and had not wet himself. That alone made it a lucky day.

Back home, Cathy has words for Gary

Cathy: The Space Credit has been devalued again. There are too many pensioners. We upped the retirement age to seventy and terminated all benefits to octogenarians. Even though so, we still can't balance the budget. And some fundamental Christians insist that age seventy is decreed for working people. They cite Psalm 90.

10 The days of our

years are threescore years

and ten; and if by reason

of strength they be four-

score years, yet is their

strength labour [sic] and sor-

row; for it is soon cut off,

and we fly away.

Gary: Many septuagenarians are physically unable to continue working past age seventy--scripture or not. Do you want to foment a revolution at the ballot box? Why not take away their vote as well?

Cathy: There are many septua... septuagenarians who continue to perform into their nineties!

Gary stares at Cathy's gorgeous face. His astigmatic, myopic eyes map into her crystal blue eyes. Maybe he should buy the slut some hirez, mesh skin?

Gary picks his nose and makes the following statement: "Growing old is not for pussies. Old men stink, urinate in their pants, salivate (drool) over their shirts, defecate, regurgitate (vomit)."

Cathy: Time is passing. I know that you think that given enough time past your flirting with that teenage girl, the more easily you can obtain forgiveness from your spouse. Without her as your caregiver you are sunk. And this is a community property state.

Gary curses.

Gary recalls some movies that influenced him. Two such movies are "Oranges" and "Basic Instinct" in particular. How Hollywood does glamorize those fallen from grace. No one can outperform Sharon Stone, as proven in "Basic Instinct." Imagine how Cathy would be as a gynoid!

Cathy: Why did you spend your Space Credits on me if you didn't use me? You know that cyberspace in general and the Internet in particular is a fusion of capitalism, pornography, and "forbidden fruit."

Cathy: Here is a cart with my wish list. Don't fret or worry, the credit card is for fly fishing.


Gary awakens disorganized and disorientated. It is possibly a side-effect of his prescription for Parkinson's disease. Again he considers asking for a script for legal marijuana and a handicapped parking sticker. He is more than justified in asking his Vegan vegetarian neurologist to accommodate him.

Walking to the MegaMart, an elevated section of sidewalk almost caused him to trip and fall. "Have a nice trip; see you next fall." One amazement of Parkinson's disease is reflex reactions. Still he shock wave resonated from his legs, through his pelvis, and throughout his spine.

Brisa waved at him as he approached the checkout aisle, fortunately the only one open. No ammunition today for that totally evil avatar, Cathy. As she rings up his purchase she says: "You won't see me tomorrow but I'll be back at work Friday."

Gary has no suitable response, just responds with a smile. In another universe and another epoch, one might assume the two were lovers, but California in this century is considered a part of the "liberated zone." The local hero is Harry Barnes, agent of the Fifth International.

Back at home, Gary takes a nap. He dreams that he is inside some large building. He is carrying a large laundry basket of dirty clothes to be washed. Standing in front of the washer, clad in a flesh-colored bikini and nothing else, is a beautiful California beach babe.

She steps aside allowing Gary access to the washing machine.

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