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A gift of forgiveness.

Elsie, Una and I bought him a round of drinks, after which he lazily unbuttoned the top of his coveralls, exposing a smooth chocolate chest with nipples like Hershey Kisses.

All three of us couldn't resist touching him. I remember thinking how women loved chocolate, finding it irresistible. Well, Eugene was like that, simply yummy. I found myself kissing his pecs, the hollow of his sternum, nuzzling at his nipples, while the girls and God knows how many others laughed and whistled while making various comments of encouragement.

Lord knows he was tasty enough. Lord knows I was wet for him. And knowing so many people were watching me only made me wetter.

Eugene maneuvered me to a dark corner of the club. Of course the others followed but they were fairly discreet and no one else followed. My hand magically caused the coveralls to slide down his body.

Big surprise, he wore nothing underneath. He had a tight, ripped body. Very short, very kinky black pubic patch, big fat knobby dick, uncircumcised, with a purple head like a ripe plum peeking out from underneath the foreskin.

I dropped to my knees, doing my very best to swallow him whole, which given his size, wasn't really practical, but was a lot of fun to try. Booth Una and Elsie told me after that they were betting I could, I did my best, but there was just too much him to engulf.

I tried several approaches: slathering my tongue up and down his shaft, slurping his fat testicles, pulling back the foreskin and tracing the topography of his glans. His cock was rigidly hard, craning eagerly upward, and, mmmm, hot and juicy.

Someone, I suspect it was Una, unbuttoned my blouse letting my tits hang down like twin pendulums as I was braless. Elsie gave me a pat on the head like you would a dog and tousled my hair.

Una - I know for certain it was her this time - was tugging my jeans off, groping and pawing at my cunt. I was soaking wet; hot and slippery and horny as hell. I raised my knees one by one, and with my mouth full of cock, kicked my panties aside.

Eugene pulled his dick away, and I came up, panting. Una chuckled, "God, Elsie, what a horny slut she is!"

Elsie laughed and tugged my hair fondly, and I wiggled my ass in response. One of Eugene's friends, a weasel-faced skinny Hispanic, was standing in front of me, his jeans unzipped, his cock projecting straight out. His dick was dark, not black, and it was crooked; bent like a scimitar.

It fit nicely into my mouth, and I sucked at it greedily. Meanwhile, Eugene got behind me, maneuvering between my thighs. I jumped, startled as his big dick rams up against my cunt. Weasel-Face wrapped his fingers in my hair commanding my attention as he vigorously humped my wide-open mouth.

I lavished attention on Weasel-Face's thrusting cock, trying to breathe while Eugene spread my cunt and crammed his magnificent tool home. The sudden invasion electrified me, as he filled me with his huge dick. He fucked me hard, slapping my ass in a casual way, every second or third thrust.

I tried to concentrate on the dick in my mouth, but got more difficult. My head was lolling back and forth as I humped back against Eugene's fucking; grunting like a pig with the pleasure of it. Weasel-Face withdrew his cock from my mouth, apparently content with the occasional slurp I remembered to give him; and began jerking off into my face.

Suddenly Eugene came, slamming into my cunt and with a series of: "Ugh... ugh...ughhhh!" grunts and groans I feel his dick swell and spasm inside me. Moments later, his hot semen is spilling out and running down my thighs, dripping onto the floor. His cock slips away and I feel empty.

"Your turn" Una chirps. She has one hand stuck down the front of her pants.

"Sloppy Seconds, for me," my Hispanic, whose cock I've been sucking laughs.

"Fuck her in the ass," Una says. Her hand moving busily down the front of her pants, "You know she wants it."

He smears the gooey wetness that is drooling out of my cunt up and down my butt, and aroun

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