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An early incident in the development of submissive Chantelle.

It was leather and cool on her skin, but she couldn't think about that. She was now on her knees, bent over a stool, with her hands cuffed. They had lifted the front legs and placed her cuffed hands under the front legs of the stool to better control her. Her head hung off the other side and she could see both of them.

Bill knelt in front of her, holding her shoulders, and George went around behind her. She could feel George pulling her legs and then ass cheeks apart, checking out a part of her that almost nobody outside of the medical community had ever seen. She felt herself blush and cringe, but there was nothing she could do. This caused her pussy to be on full display to George and was starting to cause the lips to separate. George smiled. "Nice hairy pussy there, Raj. I think I'm going to love the taste of it."

Raj stared at Bill as she felt George put his hands on either side of her pussy, holding her large thighs apart with his big hands. "Please... I can't... please... don't." Raj kept pleading and squirming the entire time, but George just smiled, held her thighs tightly, and planted his face in her ass. She flinched and tried to hold back. Her squirming and movements were nothing compared to the strength of these two men.

George started kissing and licking all over her pussy and then brought his hands up to part her lips. The glistening pink inner lips were visible and he took a good long lick and slurp. Raj's pussy started getting wet.

Bill grinned and whispered into Raj's ear. "That's a lovely pussy you have there Raj. How long has it been since you've been fucked? Sucked?" Raj didn't answer, just squirmed and fought. "George is going to make you feel real good. You should be happy that you are a woman. If you were a man and owed us money we might break your legs, but since you are a woman and George is infatuated with nice round asses, we decided to give you a break and let him give you some pleasure."

Raj's mind was racing as she tried to think of what else to do. Struggling was not accomplishing anything and her pussy was finally starting to respond to the ministrations provided by George. Being forced to do it at first had kept her from getting any enjoyment out of it, but now her pussy was starting to enjoy having a tongue on it again after so many years.

Suddenly, George removed his face from her nether regions and leaned forward to whisper in her ear. "You taste wonderful Raj. Please let me enjoy this. Try to think of a better time in your life and ignore Bill. I'll make you feel wonderful."

While Raj thought about that, she felt George move so that he could reach her clit and she closed her eyes and moaned. She hadn't had sex in several years and masturbation was not something she did easily. She was angry and disturbed, but the stimulation of her nerve endings was preventing her from displaying any more displeasure at them. Suddenly, a thought came to her. 'Oh, my God! I have a man licking and sucking my pussy again!' It had been years. She had to hope that things would not get worse, but for now, her body was enjoying the stimulation and George's suggestion made it appear to her that he had her best interests at heart. Maybe he worked for Bill, too, and did this only because he had to.

She was still trying to block out the feelings when George ran his tongue up over her anus, teasing it while he inserted two fingers into her cunt. She groaned and decided that she would have to let them have their way, hoping it would end quickly. She tried to think of something else, something enjoyable while George licked and sucked at her pussy and ass. She tried to imagine some gorgeous hunk she had lusted over when she was young, but George's face kept appearing because he was doing a better job eating her than anyone had before.

She was moaning with her eyes closed for a short time and when she opened them she realized Bill was nowhere to be seen.

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