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Jeff and Carla meet a hot guy for some mmf fun.

I positioned myself on top of Pete and gave him a tongue-job from his mouth down to his shorts. My cunt was tingling with anticipation as I rolled down his briefs. I was greeted by the largest cock I had ever seen. Not only was it long, it must have been twice as thick as Dan's! I couldn't believe that before long that gigantic rod would be pounding between my legs.

I started making love to Pete's balls. I licked and sucked them for at least ten minutes, his cock now fully erect. I licked my way up the thick, full pole of flesh until I reached the head. His dick was straight as an arrow and harder than any of the cocks I had ever sucked. Even with my mouth open wide I only managed to fit in half of Pete's gigantic root.

I started bobbing up and down, giving him the best head I'd ever given. Pete was moaning in ecstasy, while in the other bed Dan was staring in sullen disbelief. I rarely swallow a man's come, but I had already decided to make an exception for Pete. After about twenty minutes of intense sucking, Pete began to twitch. Experience told me that my mouth would soon be full of thick, hot jism. He wailed, "I'm coming!" and I felt the first jets of sperm hit the back of my throat. I quickly swallowed and his cock erupted again. I swallowed once more, but the third, fourth and fifth waves were too much and overflowed out of my mouth and onto his balls.

After licking his entire crotch clean, my pussy was ready for some serious attention. I could think of nothing else but fucking Pete, but since I knew Dan would not tolerate my screwing his room-mate I jumped back into his bed. Before fucking me he gave me one of his superb licks. I have to admit, Dan does know how to eat out a woman. He was down on me for what seemed like an eternity. I managed two small orgasms pretty soon, but I needed his prick inside me.

Dan sensed this, put on a condom and climbed astride me. He slid his prick into my fiery cunt and started pumping in and out. Seven or eight pumps later he exploded into the rubber. I wasn't even close to an orgasm, and without saying a word I stormed into the living room to watch television.

An hour later I heard someone in the kitchen. It was Pete, who walked out with two beers and handed me one. He asked me what was wrong, knowing full well what had happened. I couldn't help myself and said, "I'm so fucking horny for your cock my pussy is dripping! To hell with Dan, you've got to fuck me!"

His prick immediately stiffened and he wasted no time taking off his shorts. The next thing I knew I had his jumbo cock in my mouth again and was sucking him off while he stood in front of me, his hands in a tight grip around my bobbing head. I wanted to swallow his come again, but he pulled away and said, "It's your turn to come. AND believe me, you are going to come!" I almost came when he said that.

Pete spread my legs, pulled my panties off and exposed my cunt. He slowly worked two of his long, thick fingers into my pussy. His fingers were bigger than some of the cocks I've had in there. He used his left hand to expertly stimulate my nipples and my clit. With both of Pete's big hands working me over, I had an orgasm that shook the apartment building.

I expected Dan to wake up and catch us, but I didn't care. Pete fingered me until I begged him again to fuck me. He climbed onto me in the missionary position and started to ease his big cock in between my legs. I felt his cockhead enter and stretch my cunt wide open.

We both moaned as he pushed his perfect took inch by beautiful inch deep into my tunnel. Pete's thickness was filling me like no man ever had. I whispered in his ear, telling him how good it felt to be fucked by his gigantic cock. He told me I was the sexiest and tightest woman he had ever been with. At that moment, he took a deep breath, held me tightly and pushed harder than before.

Amazingly, he still wasn't all the way inside me-about an inch of his rod remained unfucked.

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