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Sydd's escapades with her client, Binaca Trevors.

Damn the idiot! I am not going with him to see her! I don't wish her ill but I am not in a hurry to spend time in a cell again," Brad said angrily.

"Have you never been in love Brad? Have you never cared about someone else so much that they come first and you come second?" 'Tanaya asked softly.

"I'd never be a fool to myself," Brad snapped.

'Tanaya turned in her seat so she could look him in the face. "Then I pity you Bradley Stanton," she said then turned back to face the road.

Brad looked at the back of her head puzzled. "Now what have I done? What is wrong with her anyway?" Brad wondered.

"Let's go," Ren said as he climbed back into the passenger seat, "Take us back to the hotel where you stayed last night and then I take the vehicle for a while."

"Stupid Idiot," Brad growled softly and Ren turned in his seat to face him. They exchanged fierce looks for a few minutes until Ren gave a snort of disgust and turned back towards the front.

Finally 'Tanaya pulled into a small but comfortable looking hotel and parked in front of the room where she spent the previous night.

Brad climbed from the vehicle and moved towards a vending machine to get himself a can of coke.

'Tanaya paused to look at Ren for a couple of seconds once she had opened her door.

"You're wasting your time if you're going to ask me not to go or to reconsider," Ren warned tightly.

"Just try to be safe and not get caught okay? And just so you know, I understand why you have to check she is alright," 'Tanaya said softly before climbing out of the vehicle and heading towards Brad.

Ren watched her for several seconds and smiled to himself as he saw her walk up to Brad and slide her hands up over his chest and around his neck. "Maybe, just maybe, after spending the night in a cell Brad would let his guard down long enough for 'Tanaya to slip through," Ren thought as he moved around to the driver's seat.

It took two phone calls before Ren found out which hospital Janey was in and then he started the vehicle and headed off to go and check on her. Traffic was heavy and it took him half an hour before he reached the hospital and parked the vehicle.

Ren was nervous and wary as he made his way into the hospital. What if the police had someone watching for him? What if she had been discharged already?

The elevator doors opened and he stepped out into the ward he had been informed she was in. He made his way down the hallway glancing into rooms as he went looking for her. Finally he saw her in a room with a nurse shinning a light in one eye to check her eyes' reaction.

"Hi," The nurse greeted him with a smile as he walked into the room.

"Hi," Ren smiled back. "How is she doing?" he asked.

"She is sleeping off the latest sedative but there is no change in her blood pressure. Hopefully it will go down soon,." the nurse said as she moved aside so that Ren could approach the bed.

Ren looked down at Janey where she lay asleep in the hospital bed. He reached for a chair and sat down beside the bed. "Okay if I visit for a while?" he asked.

"Definitely, but I doubt she will wake for quite a while," the nurse said. She headed for the door none the wiser that Ren was not supposed to be there.

Ren studied Janey's pale face, the way her eyelashes rested against her cheeks and the way her lips were parted softly as she breathed. Unable to resist the temptation to touch her, he reached out to stroke the palm of one hand with his fingertips. Her hand closed around his fingers and with a soft sigh she drew it towards her until she hugged it against her cheek.

"Hey Blondie, I'm here. I'll keep you safe," Ren murmured softly as he reached out with his other hand to brush the hair back off of her face. He moved so that he was leaning on the bed and his head rested on the edge of the pillow not far from hers.

An hour later the same nurse came in to do Janey's observations.

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