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Robby & le Micro a réglé l’appât.

"Good. Now pull your thong down."

Serena did as she was told, baring her glorious milky, white ass for Mike's pleasure. "Goddamn that's a great ass," he said. "You're going to let me play with it right?"

Feeling utterly helpless Serena replied, "Of course."

Mike ran his hands all over it as he kneeled down. Eventually his hand found its way on top of Serena's clam. He was surprised by how wet she was. He ran his middle up and down her slit, as she began to squirm. Secretly she hoped Mike would insert a finger, but instead he surprised her by biting her ass in a playful manner. Without really meaning to, Serena instinctively reacted by grabbing Mike's head and forcing it up against her sweet behind. Mike nibbled on her cheeks some more, intermixing playful bites with kisses and licks. Serena even gently spanked her own ass so that it jiggled. All of a sudden she felt in control, and she liked it. "You like that ass?" she asked.

Mike was too busy munching on her asshole to respond. He had her cheeks spread wide apart with both hands while he tongued her asshole, giving it little licks that made Serena mad with desire. Her moaning and squirming gave Mike the signal to keep working her, and he responded by inserting two fingers in her pussy, thrusting them in an upward motion. It was the first time Serena had ever known the pleasure of having her asshole and pussy played with at the same time, and she couldn't believe just how amazing it felt. Her boyfriend had never given her a real orgasm, but now she was feeling on the brink. But before she could cum, Mike removed his tongue and fingers. "Turn around bitch!" he commanded.

Serena did as she was told. "Now sit down and open wide!" Mike continued.

Serena hopped up on the desk, and shimmied her yoga pants and thong down until they were completely off. "Umm...that's nice," Mike said. "Now take off the shirt."

Serena was wearing a baggy, polo shirt that was part of the work uniform. When Serena took it off to reveal a lace, pink bra, Mike was shocked by how big her tits were. The baggy polo had concealed them quite well. "Holy shit!" was all he could think to say.

Initially he thought he'd have Serena take the bra off too, but something about her wearing a bra and nothing else was quite a turn on. Mike admired her nearly nude body for a few seconds before putting his hands on her knees. He kissed her neck, then the top of her breasts, before making his way down to her flat stomach. "Open them for me," he said as he gently pried Serena's legs apart.

Serena was still very conflicted by the situation, but figured there were worse things that could happen than getting eaten out, so she opened her legs nice and wide. Mike brought his face to within inches of her pussy. Is was completely shaved, and so tight that Mike could've run a credit card down it. In fact, it was positively glistening with Serena's juices, and looked tasty as hell.

Mike began by planting alternating kisses on her thighs, slowly working his way closer and closer to the promised land. When he finally got to her clean, perfect treasure he pressed his tongue up against it. Using his tongue he probed Serena's hot snatch, first running it in a circle over her outer lips, then her inner lips. He could taste her sweet juices running down his tongue as he pressed it up against the very bottom of her opening. He then slowly ran it up her slit until it was pressed firmly up against her clit. Before licking it proper, he took his mouth away and breathed hot breath on it. This caused Serena to slither like a snake.

After teasing her some more with butterfly kisses in and around her pearl, Mike went all in, lavishing Serena's hard clit with long licks.

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