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She pleaded, "No please. Please just let me go." As she pleaded with them Tom moved up close and gripped the neckline of her sun dress in his hands.

"Please don't tear my dress." Her pleas were in vain as Tom pulled the neckline down hard. The string like shoulder straps both tore free as he ripped the bodice right down to her waist revealing her delicate white lace bra.

Tom slipped his fingers under each of the bra cups and with one tug pulled them out and then up, freeing her breasts and leaving her bra dangling loose above them.

She yelped as he gave them both breasts a stinging slap saying, "Nice tits Jocelyn," then reaching down to the hem of her short skirt he pulled it right up around her waist saying, "now let's see what else you've got for us."

Tom slackened his grip on her saying, "now be a good girl and you'll soon be on your way."

With his arm now lightly around her waist and his hand resting lightly on her pubis she resignedly watched Tom unzip himself and get out his hard penis.

Jack then said, "Tom, why don't you go and sit down in front of that tree."

Jocelyn watched as Tom sat beneath the tree with his legs spread.

Jack then lifted Jocelyn in his strong arms as if she weighed nothing and placed her down on her back between Tom's legs with her head resting in his lap. She could feel his erection pressed against the back of her neck as he reached down and started to grope her exposed breasts.

With a feeling of helpless submission, she relaxed her legs as Jack lifted each of her feet causing her knees to bend. Tom then released her breasts and grabbed behind each knee, forcing them back and holding them against the side of each breast leaving her lower body obscenely exposed to Jack.

Just watching Jack's expression as he gazed at her genitalia filled her with shame. It was a feeling she had come to recognise. Shame at having her most private parts openly leered at but a greater shame at feeling aroused. A fact that Jack was quick to notice and comment on as he gazed at the puckered ring of her anus and her gaping moist labia.

He chuckled as he said to Tom, "well what do know, the horny little bitch's pussy is oozing juices; not only the remnants of that young guy's spunk but her own pussy mucous."

She felt his fingers delving between her wet lips and watched as he pulled strings of mucous out between his fingers. The more he teased her labia the more aroused she felt and the more she just oozed.

She could feel him spreading her juices down and over her anus. Each time his finger touched her little rosebud it caused her to flinch and tense.

Despite Jack's big build his touch was gentle, but this did not allay her fear of what she thought he had in mind which was confirmed when she felt his finger, slick with her juices, push an inch or so up into her anus.

The angelic faced Ms Lui could hardly believe the words that came from her mouth as she pleaded, "please just fuck me normally, not in my bottom."

Jack's response was to push his finger all the way up into her rectum as he said, "Jocelyn, you have three holes. One has already been used by the young man, so we'll be using the fresh ones."

She felt him moving his finger around inside her, pulling and stretching as he accustomed her sphincter to the invasion of her tightest hole.

With the finger still deep in her arsehole she felt him push his thumb into her vagina. She soon realised that he was only collecting more of her lubrication as he withdrew briefly from both her vagina and anus before pushing his thumb up into her rectum.

As before he pulled and stretched her little puckered rosebud before withdrawing.

She then started to panic as she watched him unzip himself and ease out his erection. Her first reaction was panic as she saw the size of it. Her second was one of resignation that it would soon be invading her rectum.

Tom then released his grip on her legs as Jack said, "now be a good girl, turn over and suck Tom's cock."

It was more of a statement than a request as between the two of them she was turned over with h

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