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Two colleagues find themselves alone and aroused.

"Right there Bart, put your tongue right there!" Kathy groaned while she held my head in place so that my tongue was touching her clit. I had pushed the bathing suit material out of my way enough so that I could slide my tongue into her very damp pussy. I couldn't help but kiss my cousin's inner thighs in between the licks I took at her pussy and this seemed to send my cousin into the stratosphere for she clamped her legs against my head and held on tight until she climaxed.

When my cousin reached her orgasm I felt that she was about to crush my head between her legs she for she was squeezing me that tight as her body went through its final orgasmic spasms, or so it seemed at the time.

It took but a moment for my cousin to reach out and quickly pull and push my bathing suit off of my hips exposing my erection and this brought a smile of anticipation to her lips while she removed the last piece of her bathing suit, the bottom.

From where I now knelt in the ready position between Kathy's legs and looking over her body the sight of her nearly invisible blond pubic hair was enough to make me believe that she shaved her pubic hairs from time to time but I didn't waste any time asking if that was the case, I moved into position and slowly entered my cock into her pussy.

Some girls like to make noise when they make love and some tend to be silent. Kathy as I was about to learn was one who let the motion of her body do most of the talking for her and the enthusiastic way in which she gyrated her hips told me that she was and will be an enthusiastic lover enjoying every sensation that sex had to offer.

Although I did my best not to ejaculate to soon, I wasn't able to hold on for our combined body movements conspired against me and I soon began spurting my semen into Kathy's vagina. "Oh my God!" I grunted with each spasm that shook my body until I collapsed on top of Kathy with my emotions and sperm spent.

Neither of us dared or wanted to move from our present position on the sofa. The glow of the now forgotten TV played over our recumbent bodies erotically high lighting our nakedness. Kathy ran her fingers through my matted hair while I bussed her breasts and nipples with my lips.

"Hello Bart." Kathy said in a hushed husky voice that oozed sensuality. I didn't ask what she meant by what she said and I didn't care. I was in love with my cousin. "I'd like to see your room." she said as she stood up removed her crumpled bikini bottom and tossed it to the floor as if it were the most natural thing in the world for her to do in front of me.

We didn't bother covering ourselves with the sheets; we just turned down the bed cover and got in as if we had been doing it together all our lives.

I must have nodded off for I awoke in a cold sweat almost screaming out a name until I felt the soothing touch of my cousin's hand on my cheek. "It's ok honey you just had a bad dream that's all." My cousin's voice was as soothing as her touch.

"You're still here!" I said very much amazed. "I thought it was all a dream."

"Of course I'm still here Bart," she said as she kissed me on the lips. "Why wouldn't I be? Now, why don't you tell me what your dream was about?"

I lay back against the headboard thinking and I knew exactly what the dream was about but dare I tell Kathy who I saw having sex with my mother in her kitchen? I debated on it in my mind for a few moments and said, "Do you really want to know Kathy? You may not like what I have to tell you."

"Of course I do honey how else can I help make the bad dream go away?" Kathy's smile said it all as she took my hand and placed it between her legs. She was letting me know that she would not go away and that everything that happened between us was something that she wanted as much as I did.
"If you think you can stand the truth, here it is.

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