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Two sisters are strip-searched by a horny guard.

She realised she was nodding her head. He stepped a little closer but was intent on making her come to him. She came, she slid over the covers slowly, her eyes never left the thick cock that would get through all of her holes this night, and her ass would get it fir the first time in her life.

The obvious reluctance was plain to see, but the need for her destiny far out weighed her opposition to this. When she was near he placed his hand on the back of her soft blond haired head and tugged her on to it. Her mouth opened on a silent command as she got real close. Then the purple red looking mushroom disappeared from his view.

Wendy started slow but speeded up once the act took a hold of her desires. He leaned over and squeezed her nipples for good measure, they were like bullets. Wendy gasped.

"Mmmmm Wendy you are a terrific cock sucker, you love this don't you baby?" he teased her, "you love sucking a big fat cock, yes? And when I shoot my load down your lovely throat you are going to swallow all my spunk aren't you?!

She hated the way he spoke to her, using nasty dirty words to her. He was treating her like dirt, a whore, trash, but they excited her in a way that she had never known. 'Why is he saying these things?' she asked herself as her vagina spasmed and jerked, a climax raced through her.

Her mouth clamped tight over her masters cock. One hand on his hip, her other stroking and caressing his big full sac. She sucked as hard as she could, her only wish now was to make him cum and flood her belly with his sperm, 'er, he called it spunk, didn't he?' she said to herself, another spasm rocked her body.

Wendy attacked his prick with all she had, he had mastered her, she had submitted, he had taken her from her loving husband who was downstairs in the garage. He was unable to defend her honour for some reason. Although no one knew but her and his ex boss that her honour had been well and truly compromised for nearly a year. And now she had been taken again by a man with power and strength coming out of his ears!

Wendy gave everything, she took as much in her mouth as she could and she worked at reaching her intended goal in life now, to make him cum in her luscious mouth

Derek was in heaven having his cock sucked in this manner was new to him, he could feel his knees weakening, then he knew he was going to cum!

His hold on her tightened, she knew, he was almost there, she was ready, urging him to feed her his spunk. Derek almost fell over when he shot his first salvo right into the back of her throat. Wendy sucked it all down, then the next lot hit, then another, she was having trouble keeping up, but she bent to her task with manic determination. He shot glob after glob, load after load of thick heavy cum into her hot mouth, and Wendy took it all, she swallowed every last drop, nothing was wasted.

Derek toppled onto the bed and pulled her to him. "I have no idea who you are really Mrs Caswell, but that was fantastic, I am definitely going to have to have a lot more of you," he told her dazedly. Wendy beamed at the compliment but never understood the meaning of what he had just said, 'I'm definitely going to have more of you.'

He rolled her onto her back and got over her, he set about making her body his. He kissed her, caressed her, squeezed her nipples, fingered her sopping cunt, pressed his inner thigh over it and rubbed it up and down. Wendy was gasping for breath in no time, this masterful man had her and she knew it.

"Oh yes Derek yes," she burbled, "oh yes oh hmmmm, Arggggh, ooooh. Urgh!" His unsaid mastery was showing itself in all its unabated glory, her resistance to him now was nil. Her hands went for him, she squeezed and rolled the thick long tower, the hard column of flesh, the thick piece of meat in her hands.

She deftly brought him back to fullness; all she wanted now was for him to take her, do with her what he wanted, just like the others had done.

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