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I get what I want.

The turnaround her sister insisted she needed at least. But when the business trips began to multiply and the light began to shine on multiple affairs, Patricia was left with slightly less of herself than when the marriage had begun.

Madelyn had begged her to come tonight. She missed the old Aunt Patty. Patricia had resisted, but gave in. She had always spoiled her niece. And besides, she had gone out dancing all the time ten years earlier. How much could have changed?

Patricia reapplied her lipstick and tried her best to regain her composure. She walked out of the washroom and back to her niece's table. Madelyn and her friends were giddy, dancing and laughing. Filled with a joyous youth that Patricia hoped to god would not be stripped from them the way it was from her. She was contemplating leaving when a barmaid tapped her on the shoulder.

"From the gentleman over there," the woman said as she set the drink down. The barmaid gestured to a young man sipping a beer, watching her.

"He's cute," she said as she walked away.

Patricia was surprised. This was certainly unexpected. But she did need a drink and he certainly was cute.

He couldn't have been older than twenty five. A dark tan and a faded haircut. Deeply defined muscles showing through a very tight white t shirt.

What the hell, Patricia thought. I am here to have fun, aren't I?

She waved at him, smiling. He smiled back.

Patricia's stomach tied itself into a knot, but she was determined. Tonight, she would live again.

She gestured for him to come and sit with her. He took a seat. He really was gorgeous. They made some light small talk the best they could despite the pounding of the music. His name was Pedro. Patricia liked him.

She leaned in.

"You know I could be your mother..." she whispered directly into his ear.

"I love an experienced woman," he replied, seductively.

Patricia's heart beat a mile a minute. She wanted him. She could feel it deep within herself. She took a deep breath, and grabbed his hand.

In a flash, Pedro was leading her through the crowded dance floor. Patricia's heart raced. He lead her to an office, long since abandoned by it's day time occupants.

"No one comes in here this late," Pedro told her.

"Do you bring many girls here?" Patricia asked.

Pedro smiled.

"A few."

Patricia didn't care. She pounced on him, knocking him back onto the cluttered desk. Kissing him like she hadn't kissed anyone in years. Like she had never kissed her ex husband. He felt so good to touch, to hold as his tongue probed inside her mouth. Patricia lifted his shirt and began to kiss his muscled body. Pedro unbuckled his belt with the grace of an expert. Anticipation swelled within Patricia as she began to slide down his jeans. He was enormous.

She let out an excited yelp as she took the entirety into her mouth. She couldn't believe she was doing this. She didn't know this man, but his groans of pleasure made her feel wonderful. For too long Patricia had felt that she was the problem. That she had lost control of her life. But she was in control now. With every stroke of her tongue along his hard cock she proved that to herself.

Pedro pulled her up gently by her hair and kissed her hard.

"Fuck me, Pedro," she begged.

She dropped her jeans around her ankles and bent over the desk. Pedro knelt behind her and licked her. She quivered. She felt like she was melting. She didn't want to make noise, but the moans and screams of pleasure came as naturally as anything ever had.

"Fuck me!" Patricia begged, "Give it to me, please!"

Pedro was a good listener. He stood and easily guided himself into her. She was dripping wet already. She moaned and yelped and screamed as Pedro pounded away. He huffed and groaned, his pleasure filling Patricia with such joy and accomplishment. She finally felt alive.

Pedro pulled Patricia's hair and gave a low guttural growl as she felt him fill her up.

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