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Two couples become much closer.

I kicked off the G-string before I grabbed a couple pillows from the floor and stacked them behind his back so he could sit comfortably. I climbed onto the foot of the bed, laying across it with my legs spread apart.

Luc moaned when he saw my Brazilian bikini.

"Could you be a sweetie and open my bedside table? Under the book, there's a bullet shaped vibrator with remote control. You control the remote and I'll place the bullet on my clit. How quickly you cum depends on how quickly I cum because I may end up jumping you when I start having multiple orgasms," I warned.

Luc asked credulously, "You can have multiple orgasms?"

I smiled, "Oh baby, watch me."

He handed me my silver bullet, which I sucked on to get it warm, somewhat lubricated and positioned on my clit. While holding it with one hand, I slipped three fingers into my pussy with the other. I started out slowly, waiting for the familiar stimulation from the bullet. "There it is," I said to myself. I moaned quietly, as I picked up the speed in which I fingerfucked my pussy with each setting Luc increased the speed a little more on the bullet. Once he was at almost max speed I could feel my first orgasm starting to build.

I tossed my head back and screamed, "Oh my God, I'm almost there!" With that, Luc turned the vibrator up as high as it would go. "Oh Fuck yeah," I moaned as I felt my body beginning to shudder. I removed the bullet from my clit just as I started to squirt toward the head of the bed where Luc was sitting and my pussy juices dripped down over my hand which was deep in my pussy. I removed that hand and licked my clitoral cum sucking one finger clean at a time.

"Holy shit!" Luc exclaimed. "That was fucking hot."

"Oh I'm not done yet, baby," I cooed. I paused for a moment and watched him stroke his swollen cock.

I placed the bullet back on my swollen and sensitive clit, blinked my eyes slowly while running my tongue across my top teeth. I had noticed he'd reacted to the same expression earlier.

"Mmm," Luc moaned, as he ran his thumb over the head of his cock where his precum was starting to seep. He started stroking his cock faster and at the same time, he turned my silver bullet up a notch or two.

I could feel my second and third orgasms building. Not only could I have clitoral orgasms but I have very explosive G-spot ones too. I watched Luc, staring into his green eyes and saw him looking deep into my, almost teal, blue eyes. I think he could tell by my facial expressions that I was nearing another orgasm so he turned my bullet up to the highest speed and I couldn't help it but it put me over the top, I started to squirt from my clit but I kept thrusting my fingers in and out of my pussy and within seconds, I gushed, some of it splashing on him. I shuddered and once again, another orgasm rocked my body; I felt the shiver all the way down my body and even into my toes which were curled tightly.

"Jess! What was that?!" asked me stunned.

I moved the bullet away from my pussy to regain my composure and to catch my breath.

I laughed and winked, "That, my dearest Luc, was a Jess special."

I crawled up the bed toward him, not breaking our eye contact. When I got up between his legs, my tits were hanging, my nipples erect against his muscular thighs. He stopped rubbing his cock as I took it in my mouth, him sliding his hand down further, rubbing it in unison to my bobbing up and down on his cock. Luc slowed down the pace and I knew he was close to cumming but I tried to keep the faster pace. I really wanted to fuck him but not when he was this close to cumming!

"Jessica," Luc breathed heavily, "slow down or you'll make me cum."

I giggled, "Um, isn't that the point of oral sex?"

Luc said, "Of course, but I would like nothing more than to fuck you, you beautiful lady."

I pushed his hand aside and said, "If you want something to do, either grab my tits and pinch my nips or just lay back, relax and let me do the job."

His cock definitely had the widest girth of all guys I've fucked, I said to myself.

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