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Continued from homeless to sexy sissy.

"Mr. Monroe, please, what do you want me to do?" she pleaded.

"Just sit there quietly for a few moments, dear - if a client was drunk, for instance, you would not want to offend him, would you?"

"Uhnnn, umn, no, no, I guess not," Camila said, thoroughly confused. She blinked and blew out a huge breath. Her head felt stuffed full of cotton candy, and her body was pulsing deliciously. Her large, firmly soft tits felt wonderful, and she could not keep herself from gasping softly as Monroe began dragging his rigid fingers over her stiff nipples.

She knew she should not just be sitting here while the older man rubbed and squeezed her pulsing, sensitive breasts. He reached up with his other hand, and began unfastening her vest.

"It's OK, dear, I just want to make sure your undergarments are acceptable," he smiled at her, gave her right breast a big squeeze, and then let go of her tits for a moment and quickly finished unbuttoning her small vest.

"What if the client did this? Would you object to this?" he asked, then grabbed her right wrist, and guided her small, sweaty hand to the huge lump in his trousers.

"Ohn, no, god, Mr. Monroe, I really don't think that would happen!" the hapless housewife cried out softly. He let go of her wrist, staring her in the eyes, then reached back up slowly with his right hand.

He began rubbing and squeezing her large breasts through the skimpy bra she had on - it was at least a size or two to small. Camila bit her lip, and could not stop the sick urge to begin squeezing the fat shaft lying under her palm and fingers.

Monroe smiled at her, and then he was pulling her milky white orbs from the confines of the too small bra. Camila shuddered and shivered, but it did not even occur to her to object as the Deacon began scooping her now naked breasts up in his skilled, hot hands.

They were easily the size of cantaloupes, with just enough sag in them to let him know they were real. He felt the young woman's slight body shudder gently as he bean mauling her gorgeous tits, and felt her hand on his stiff shaft start to move up and down his fat, rigid tool.

He had her stand up at some point - Camila shook her head, and said that she should leave the office, but she felt so good she didn't care. She realized it wasn't just the alcohol. The man was simply taking command of her, not giving her a chance to get her thinking straight. It was as though he simply expected her to follow his orders!

What made it worse was the fact that her body was responding, despite the part of her brain that was shocked. My god, she had simply sat there panting when he had started feeling her tits up!

She sighed as Monroe peeled her panties down, and she stepped delicately out of them.

"Please, Mr. Monroe, haven't I proved I can behave?"

"Just one more test," the man smiled up at her, then loosened his pants and pushed them down. Camila stared down at the man's fat cock log in shock, then he was turning her around so she was looking at Mr. Perkins behind his desk.

He lowered her down, repositioned her slightly, and then she felt his fat cock knob pushing against her shaved little pussy.

"Ohn, no, please, Mr. Monroe, I really should get back to work," she said, suddenly all to aware of what was happening! The man had loosened her vest, her tits were on display. She gathered her vest closed so Mr. Perkins would not see her huge, soft, conical breasts standing proudly from her chest. She shivered as the man pulled her down, sinking another two, then four inches into her already wet pussy.

Camila bit her lip, and could not stop grunting softly as Monroe lifted up, then let her back down, lifted her, lowered her down. She was trembling, and then she was shaking into a powerful orgasm as Monroe began bouncing her up and down his stiff, rampant staff.

Camila grunted and groaned her way through a giant orgasm - she was helping the Deacon fuck her off and on his giant prick, and then he was roaring and cumming inside her as she twitched and writhed on top of him.

She gathered her things and fled the office

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