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Paul sets things right.

Still sucking Jenny's nipples, Kris ran her hands down the little girl's legs and pulled her panties the rest of the way off.

"Okay, sweetie, now that we have all those nasty clothes off of you, come sit on Mommy's lap." Kris scooted back in the couch and patted her lap.

Giggling, Jenny jumped up on Kris's lap. Kris fed her a nipple. Jenny grabbed Kris's huge tit in both hands and greedily sucked the erect nipple into her mouth.

"That's a good girl, sweetie. Suck Mommy's titties just like you did when you were a baby. That makes mommy feel real good."

Kris stuck her hand up between Jenny's thighs to play with her pussy while Jenny sucked and fondled her tits.

Emily snuggled against me a little more, inching her hand up a bit higher.

I shifted my position, turning more in towards her so that my thigh which was resting on top of hers was now laying clear across her lap and my skirt was hiked up so high it was clear up to my hips. My sudden shift of position caused Emily's hand to slide all the way up my thigh until her pinkie finger was touching my pussy. The touch of her finger on my panty-covered cunt sent shock waves raging through my body. I brought my idle right hand around to join my left in playing with her titties.

In the meantime, Nicole, who already had her hand up Jill's skirt, saw how Emily was warming up and slid her right hand up Emily's thigh until her pinkie was touching Emily's pussy like Emily's was touching mine.

Emily let out a stifled gasp.

"God, this is making me so hot I can hardly sit still," I whispered, kissing and licking Emily's ear.

"M-m-m-me too." Emily mumbled under her breath.

Jill draped her long leg across Nicole's lap and partly on Emily's so that it touched against mine.

Nicole bent forward to kiss and lick Jill's thigh while watching Jenny and Kris. Her left hand fondled Jill's pussy and her right hand fondled Emily's upper thigh, her pinkie repeatedly bumping up against Emily's pussy.

"Just look at the way Jenny is sucking, licking, and playing with Kris's gorgeous tits," I whispered, kissed, and licked into Emily's ear while my fingers tugged on Emily's nipples.

At the same time, Jill leaned across Nicole's back to whisper into Emily's left ear while I was kissing and licking the right one. "And the way Kris is playing with Jenny's pussy while Jenny sucks her just blows my mind." Jill licked the side of Emily's face with her big, long tongue.

"Y-y-y-yes, I know." Emily mumbled with trembling voice.. So sexy, sexy, sexy."

Kris pulled Jenny's face up to hers and they French kissed again.

"Mommy," Jenny said when they broke off their kiss. She reached a hand down between her legs. "My pussy feels all funny. It aches and burns and tingles all at the same time."

"Ahhhhhh, sweetie." Kris kissed her again. "Mommy'll kiss it for you and make it better."

"Oh, goodie!" Jenny giggled and stood up on the couch, her crotch facing Kris.

Kris grabbed Jenny's butt and pulled her in to her face. "Mommy's gonna make her baby feel oh, so good."

Kris scooted her hips and legs forward in the couch as she brought Jenny's pussy in towards her face. That motion hiked her skirt up to her hips. She parted her legs obscenely, showcasing her wet dripping cunt.

Jenny straddled Kris's upper body as she aimed her cunt towards Kris's flicking tongue.

The rest of us were suddenly quiet and still as we watched Kris's tongue lap upwards to slurp away at Jenny's little slit. Kris's hands fondled Jenny's ass while she licked her.

Jenny moaned in pleasure and played with her own nipples. Her hips began their own involuntary motion, fucking her cunt into Kris's face.

"Ummmmmmmm," Emily sighed, shifting her hand so it rested right on my pussy.

"Yesssssss!" I hissed softly into her ear, kissing and licking. I pulled her hard-on nipples every which way.

Nicole, still bent forward kissing and licking Jill's thigh as she watched the sex show, slid her right hand the rest of the way up Emily's skirt to play with her pussy.

Jill leaned her face over to Emily's agai

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