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Dinner with hubby gives great pleasure.

I kneeled down in front of him, grabbed he semi-erect cock in my hand, and kissed the tip. I then liked the pisshole and tasted his salty pre-cum. I was getting hard between my legs as I slid my tongue down his cock to the base and then back up to the tip, pausing to look into his eyes before wrapping my lips around the head and guiding him into my warm, eager mouth.

I sucked lightly and swirled my tongue around his beautiful cock as he groaned in pleasure. I looked up at Kelly and she smiled at me, giggled and whispered into Alan's ear again. Alan then grabbed me by the back of my head and started to jack himself off with my mouth. I felt like a piece of meat, not a person giving pleasure to another, and I loved it!

I could feel the hot steel of his cock hitting the back of my throat as he pushed farther and faster. As his pace quickened, I started to jack my own little cock in anticipation of getting covered in his gooey cum. Alan's breaths came quicker, and he said, "Bitch, your gonna swallow every drop if you want me to be gentle with your ass!"

Then I heard Kelly chime in, "Honey, cum all over that cunt's face." Alan must have thought this was a better idea, because he stood up, pulling his throbbing tool from between my lips and let loose with a steady stream of cum.

I still had my mouth open and caught as much of that lovehoney as I could, but he sprayed it all over my face. As he stopped pumping his cock, Alan shoved his quickly softening rod into my mouth and I eagerly sucked the remaining cum out of his cock and into my stomach. I then heard Kelly say, "Bitch, wipe that cum off your face and rub in on your little clit." I wiped the remaining cum into my hand and rubbed it over my cock, causing a little explosion of cum which I caught in my left hand, thirsty for the taste of more cum like an addict.

As I sucked my own cum from my hand and swallowed it, Kelly laughed and said to Alan, "That little whore can't get enough cum-we should have your friends play with her little ass and mouth."

Alan told her that it was a good idea and would definitely happen soon. He then turned to me and looked into my eyes, captivating me, and said, "My ass needs attention. Kelly usually cleans it, but I like the way you work your tongue, Slut."

He pushed Kelly onto her back on my bed and lay on top of her, kissing her roughly and sticking 3 fingers into her juicy cunt. I kissed all over his great, muscular ass and then opened his cheeks with my hands. As I licked around his hole and smelled his pure masculinity, I felt my cock getting hard again like a little whore getting wet between the legs. I was turning into the little cum-catching whore I was always meant to be. I dove into his asshole with my tongue, in return exciting Alan which benefited Kelly when he shoved his fingers further into her.

I hungrily sucked and licked his ass, just feeling lucky that this god of a man would let me near him. He then pushed me off him, stood up, flipped Kelly onto her stomach, and rammed his cock into her pussy. As soon as he entered her she screamed like a woman getting fucked for the first time, which she basically was. Alan ripped into her, yelling, "Take it you slut. Take my cock."

Kelly came over and over in a matter of minutes and, sweat pouring off her and Alan, she was completely spent. Alan pulled out of her and looked at me as Kelly rolled over, a smile plastering her face. "Your turn, faggot," he said, a wicked grin on his face.

Kelly reached over to the bedstand and pulled out a bottle of lubricant, squeezing some onto her hand and coating Alan's cock with it before turning her attention to me. As she squirted the lube into and around my ass, she whispered to me, "Now you're going to find out what I've been needing for these past 6 months," and then kissed me, turning to Alan and saying, "This bitch is ready for mounting. Fuck the shit out of him."

Alan moved behind me and grabbed my hips with his hands.

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