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Nick wakes Chelle after their night of naughty fun.


Mom feigned being angry with my words, "Your Dad's penis is plenty big enough young man".

By this time I was so fucking horny, I headed to the door, stopped, turned around, pulled my running shorts to my knees and my big fat 11 inch monster was hanging between my legs like hard throbbing salami.

I called to Mom, and when she turned around I could see her knees buckle and her mouth flew open and she gasped, "OMG Dicky get your ass to bed."

I pulled my shorts up and headed out of the kitchen, looking back at her holding herself up on the counter with both hands: "When you want a real man come to my room and you know what you need to wear".

I lay in my bed naked, listening and I could hear Dad grunting and moaning as he fucked Mom'd dripping wet pussy I will soon own, and to be honest the thought of it made me hard, but I resisted jacking off thinking my Mom would be there, but she never came that night.

The next morning I woke up early, went down to get my coffee and Mom was there dressed in her night gown and thin robe. I had my sleep shorts on and still had the remnants of my morning wood.

She turned to get my coffee, I slipped in behind her slid my hands around her waist and pulled her back into my not hard cock. I felt her push back a little, her ass firmly against my cock.

I kissed her on the neck and slid my hands up and cupped her full tits, she moaned as I rolled my thumbs over her hard nipples. I thought she was submitting to me when she pushed away, turned and said: "NO Dicky we can't do this to your Father, I can't, I won't."

I wanted to spill the beans about Dad and Kip, but thought better, after all knowledge is power here, and I could make my father do whatever I wanted and knowing what a wimp he was, who knows I may just make him my cuckold to me and Mom.

The rest of the day was pretty uneventful, I went out with friends all day and returned in time for dinner. Mom looked especially hot this evening, she had her hair down, when usually she keeps it in a knotted bun, which makes her look like a librarian, she was wearing a beautiful low cut summer dress cut about mid thigh and 4 inch sandals making her legs look a mile long.

Needless to say one look at her and my cock sprang to life. She noticed my reaction and smiled, "Dinner will be ready in about 15 minutes, you have time to take a shower and get comfortable Dicky."

I said, "Great, I will just slip in some running shorts and a t-shirt, how would that be Mom?"

She smiled and although she didn't say anything, I swear she licked her lips, looking right at my crotch.

Mom called for dinner and when I got there sis and Dad were already seated. They always sit next to each other and I sit next to Mom on the other side of the table, which works out fine now for everyone. I can look at Mom's beautiful legs with out being caught.

Mom served dinner and as she sat down her dress rode well up on her creamy thighs, usually when this happens she immediately pulls it down for modesty, but this time she left it and just smiled at me.

I thought, "The slut was teasing me now." I reached down and pull the leg of my shorts up to expose my hard dick which extended almost half way to my knee. As she was eating she was staring at my throbbing cock, her legs parted a little at a time, her skirt riding up farther until I could see her lacy black panties.

I accidentally,(on purpose)dropped my napkin and as I bent down to pick it up my hand slid from her ankle to her crotch, pulling her legs as wide as they would go. She jumped a little but Dad was preoccupied staring at my slut sisters pussy so he was oblivious to everything.

I had to wonder if my mother knew about Dad and Kip, because of his actions, but right now my thoughts were strictly on my mothers cunt.

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