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Couple brings along two friends to the woods to watch.

Oh Uncle Jim, you're a really good pussy-eater! You can eat me all you want."

So, I went back and had another helping of sweet hot virginal pussy. I tongue-fucked Missy's fascinating pussy with a euphoric, horny delight. My cock was pulsating with excitement just knowing that soon it would have a chance to be inside the tight, young vaginal tunnel.

After temporarily satisfying my pussy lust, I kissed Missy's Venus mound and kissed my way up her belly to her tits. I sat her up a little and attacked the girl's tender young breasts with my mouth, lips, teeth, and tongue. Nubile little nipple nubs hardened as I played with them. Missy whispered, "Are my tits too small? Peggy's tits are not much bigger, but she said you like small ones. Do you like mine?"

My voice huskily replied, "Missy babe, your tits are fine. I like big boobs, mid-size boobs, and little ones, too. Damnit girl, you have really nice ones! Now, of course I like your pussy best of all! You and your sister have really nice teen-girl pussies to play with and eat. I also like kissing Peggy's sweet, soft lips. Do you think you can kiss me, too?"

Missy scooted away from the edge of the bed, patted the spot next to her, and said, "Lie down here, Uncle Jim. I'll show you what I know about kissing."

I sprang up from the floor and lay on the bed beside the girl. Missy jumped astride my naked body and sat her ass on my cock. This naughty young child was light as a feather. I'd guess her weight to be about ten pounds lighter than her sister Peggy's 100 pounds.

Missy leaned forward and kissed my flat belly. Her kisses traveled up to my chest and then to my neck. The girl then began kissing my cheeks and lips. Damn, this girl-kid knew how to kiss! Missy had a virginal pussy that had never been touched, but hell, she had luscious lips which were well experienced at kissing! As her skilled, hot, wet lips worked their erotic magic kissing mine, I began wondering about all the boys she'd kissed. In a way, I guess I was a little jealous of them.

I lost track of time while kissing this playful little niece of mine. The girl tongue-fucked my mouth with an expertise which belied her youthful age. Hell, this child of 18 kissed as well as many full grown women did! My arms encircled her skinny waist and pulled her lithe young body against mine. Her teen tits flattened out on my hard chest. My wandering hands played with her back and her silky smooth ass.

I wondered about something and my questioning mind spoke aloud, "Missy babe, you've got a really nice set of lips and mighty fine mouth. You said earlier that Peggy had told you how to kiss and suck a man's cock. Girl, you said you wanted to play with my cock and suck it. Are you ready to do it now?" Without answering, Missy scooted down the length of my body. Her small, feminine hands grabbed my cock and began to play. Her short fingers couldn't completely encircle my swollen shaft. Yet, she played and played energetically. Not one inch of my engorged meat went untouched. My balls were squeezed, juggled, and bounced. Fingers ran through my pubic hairs combing, pulling, and tugging. Missy's voice heatedly proclaimed, "Oh god, its more wonderful than I imagined it would be! Uncle Jim, I'm going to kiss it now."

And that's just what she did. The girl began kissing my meaty shaft. Her warm, wet lips and tongue kissed and licked with a frenzy of cock-hungry desire. The girl's lips were moving so frenziedly that the head of my cock slipped into her mouth. At first, the girl recoiled in fright. This was what she wanted to do, but she'd never done it before. She wanted to do it right.

That young niece of mine was game to try anything. Missy leaned forward and plopped the head of my cock back into her mouth. She licked and sucked awkwardly. Missy was inexperienced and na__ve for sure, but the girl had been instructed in what to do by her sister. She made her mouth release a flood of saliva which lubricated the rigid rod she was sucking on.

Before I knew it, Missy's head was bobbin

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