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He works overtime with femme boss.

She walked over to the other side of the table and then passed me a gift tag. Waving it expectantly, I leaned up off of my knees and took it from her.

"Write it out." She said with a smile, I raised an eyebrow but didn't complain. Taking the tag from her, I placed it down on the table and then grabbed a small biro pen and started to do as Kate requested, the pen hit paper and I elegantly wrote out a note to my mother before taping the string to the gift.

Minutes passed as I duplicated the past action, each present was wrapped, sealed and tagged as Kate nodded in approval watching from the couch. I looked up at her and raised an eyebrow as she smiled at me.

"Are you going to help?" I asked, putting my hands on my hips as one of the last bags was emptied. I only had a few more gifts to go and Kate seemed to approve of what I had done so far.

"I have helped! Look at how much you've got done!" She said with a grin, waving her hand over to where the growing pile of wrapped presents now stood proudly. "Would you have got that done if I wasn't waiting for the mechanic?"

She had me there. I shook my head in the negative and Kate made a triumphant, if amused sound.

"So I'm helping."

"I guess you are." I placed the last of the gifts on the table and was about to wrap it up for the very last time in just under forty five minutes when something she had said made me look up at her. "What time did your mechanic say he was going to be here?"

"In about an hour and a half. But that was an hour ago," She laid her arms along the top of my couch and looked behind her, her chest sticking out as she looked through the window. "I'd guess he got caught up in this weather? Such a shame."

"A shame? Why do you care? He's doing his job."

"No one should be alone on Christmas! It's the most wonderful time of year!"

"Pfft. It's just another day in the year that people spend the rest of the next year paying it off so they can do it all again the next year." I walked over to the couch and took a seat next to her. I was doing a lot of talking with my hands as I looked over at her.

"Is that what you think?" She asked, a concerned look on her face as we spoke.

"How can you not think that? Economy's still in the toilet and people just have to get the latest video game console for their brat who won't even appreciate it!"

Kate smiled and looked down at her red stocking covered legs, she looked up at me and nodded her head.

"I'm just saying... No one should be alone on Christmas and I've got nearly two hours before the mechanic can get here. I can be with you tonight..."
Then, the big breasted blonde was on my lap, her arms crossed behind my head and her lips on mine. I could feel her chest pressing into mine and her groin was slowly rubbing in small circles against mine, I could feel her dampness from her groin making my length grow. My hands came down from her shoulders, one hand rested on her ass while the other moved forward to cup one of her large breasts. The blonde seemed to approve as she let out a moan into my mouth as her hands slipped up from my back and started to thread her fingers through my hair.

Her lips left mine and her eyes opened as we studied each others faces. She licked her lips and whispered against mine.

"I bet this is something out of your wildest dreams?"

"It's pretty much up there."

"Now how about this?"

Kate's hands then took a hold of mine and placed the both of them at the top of the bright red, white and black bra her magnificent chest was enclosed in. Then, her hands slowly dragged mine down, exposing her chest and her rock hard nipples. My eyes moved up to meet hers and she cast a wink towards me.

"Now how about an early Christmas present?" Kate asked, her hands now rubbing up and down against my chest.

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