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A young man goes to live with his Uncle.

There seemed to be a hard core of around five couples or maybe better described as ten people. Smoozing, flirting, laughing at average jokes, listening to rubbishy politics and debating international finance and tax issues, which these people seemed to know exceptionally well.

The Swing

There was a movement in the sensitivities and Sarah sensed a mood change. Chris was too busy talking to note what was happening, typical salesman.

First one woman would go to a central table near the front door, wait for a second and then pick up a set of keys. She would return to the group, kiss another man on the cheek and then grab hold of the hand of another man. They would look at each other and smile. A few minutes later they would say adieu to the group and their hosts and they would leave holding hands as they walked out.

This was replicated four times in the next twenty minutes, leaving Mario and Maria, Boris and Natalie and Sarah and Chris.

Mario, Maria, Boris and Chris went off talking about something esoteric, leaving Natalie and Sarah to talk over the events of the night. Once the pleasantries were explored, more meaty subjects were discussed, like how Sarah fitted in and where she worked, what she did at Houston HQ and family. Somewhat direct Sarah thought, but softly softly was needed.

Natalie was an impressive woman in her own way. Attractive, perfect make-up and hair styled to modern short, shorts mid length and white, blouse was soft blue and largely transparent in the cross light, lacy half bra and sandals. The picture was sexy, sophisticated and desirable to most men, but not available to just any man, only those with real money. She was abrupt and to the point. She knew what she wanted and how to get it.

Sarah: I noticed that the ladies that just left all went to collect their keys?

Natalie: Yes I was watching you. You were thinking what's going on here? Darling most of the people here tonight are swingers. What you saw was ladies choosing their lover for tonight. The men seek to attract their partner through the evening until now when the ladies choose. Boris is married to the redhead who left about 30 minutes ago and I am married to Jerald who was the last to leave. Mario, Maria, Boris and I will spend tonight together doing what mature adults love to do and expanding our boundaries with new people like yourself and Chris. He by the way looks a most desirable man who I hope will enjoy what is between my legs often tonight, before we wear him out of course. Do you swing darling and do you enjoy women?

Sarah looked immediately at Natalie's eyes seeking to get every last message she could identify.

Sarah: We are not immature young things Natalie and we have discussed swinging and living outside our marriage. Chris travels a lot and that puts strains on us as a couple. We have not swung together. If Chris swings when he is away I prefer not to know.

Natalie: I noticed you answered the questions you wanted to answer. There were many you did not? What would you say if Chris came over here with an invite to spend the rest of tonight and the morning with us in the bedrooms?

Sarah: You speak plainly, so I will also. I am a senior exec in Houston with a very large multinational which has very strict policies on propriety and public image. I am not going to put that at risk jumping in and out of bed with any male or female who crosses my path and puts the word on me. Maybe if I was totally comfortable that a dalliance or two with discreet people that would never surface back home? Let's be honest Mario and Boris are seriously interesting men and all this wine and sexy conversation is getting me horny. I may have to grab that man of mine soon and take him somewhere quiet where we can enjoy each other anyway.

Natalie smiled at Boris as the group of four returned.

Chris took Sarah to the side of the pool.

Chris: Mario and Maria have invited us to stay overnight and enjoy their Christmas hospitality.

Sarah: Chris, they ar

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