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Talla's first upgrade.

Since then she left him alone and he became her trusted sidekick.

"Which is?"

"They are all quite tall, athletic, strong willed and mostly brunettes."

"Hmm. You wouldn't be describing me by any chance?"

"Of course not but the thought had occurred to me."

"I want this guy found. Put every man on the job."

"There's something else you should know."


"Your cousin is out of prison."

The normally ice cool policewoman suddenly paled. Rick her cousin was the black sheep of her family. He was her late mother's sister's only son and had been a delinquent from birth. He was a sexual predator and had once tried to rape Jane when she was twelve. Jane had managed to fight him off but just. Now she was thirty five and she was confident she could finish him in a re-match. She couldn't wait.


"Three weeks ago."

"That coincides with when the rapes started. We must find out if he's in town and track him down. Then I'll deal with him myself."

"Yes, Boss." Tony almost wished Rick wasn't the culprit. For his sake.


Jane was about to close for the day and went to the ladies' room to take a leak and powder her nose. She had barely sat on one of the toilet seats when she spied a huge black spider taking his constitutional walk across the ceiling above her cubicle. She immediately turned white and her eyes turned to saucers. Using every ounce of her resolve not to scream, she pulled up her panties and skirt and fled the cubicle with her head low. She hated spiders ever since one dropped on her head from a tree when she was six. She had gone ape-shit and the experience had given her permanent arachnophobia. She was careful not to let anyone know about it because she would be laughed out of the department. 'Hey, Dirty Jane is scared of spiders!' they would say. She wouldn't hear the end of it. She was still shivering when she drove home.

She was on the treadmill when her phone rang. Dressed in only a half-top and tights she looked stunning. Her magnificent boobs defied gravity despite their size and weight and her abs seemed hewn out of rock. Her ass looked like it was carved from stone, her long legs etched from oak. She hopped off the treadmill and picked up the phone.

"Who's this?" she asked, her voice like a fall of gravel.

"Hi, Baby" a voice drawled. Jane felt a delicious ripple of fear and anger rush down her spine.

"Rick, you bastard!" she hissed.

"How are you? It's been ages since we were last together."

"How was prison? I hope you got your ass raped in jail."

"No, but I got to rape some though."

Jane bristled at his smug, arrogant tone and hated herself for the sensations she felt. She was alarmed that her nipples were getting hard!

"Now that I'm out of prison I need to get myself some real pussy this time. I heard you're quite buff now. It would be really fun to spread those taut ass cheeks of yours and plug my boner way deep in your shit hole."

Jane felt a white hot wave of fury wash over her.

"When I find you" she spat "I'll make you beg me to kill you."

"Ha ha! I think it will be the other way round. I'm gonna fuck you so hard you won't be able to sit for a year. I'll be dropping by soon to take you on a date. Just you and me."

"You stupid fuck..." The phone went dead.


Jane had barely got to the office the next day when Tony dumped some sheets of paper in front of her.

"What's this?" Jane asked.

"We found them at Rick's last known address. These are sketches of a woman."

Jane sat down heavily and leafed through the papers. Immediately she shivered. They were all light pencil sketches of a statuesque naked brunette in various forms of bondage. The face looked strikingly similar to hers.

"That looks like you, Boss" Tony said gravely.

"Yes, I'm aware of that."

"I think you must be his next target."

"It's possible but let's stay focused.

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