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But with Colin?

Without knowing quite why, she had brought with her a long, plumb coloured dress, bought shortly before Grant's death. It fitted sheath like, except that it was split up to her mid thigh. Grant had always admired her legs, and loved to have them wrapped round him when he came. She had bought it to tantalise him a little, making sure that the split fell open often enough to get his attention. It had worked nicely.

She laid out the dress and went for her shower. When she had finished she inspected herself in the mirror and quite liked what she saw. Her hair was snowy white as she refused to have it dyed. She saw her clear skin with just a hint of lines running down from the corners of her nose to her mouth. One or two wrinkles on the forehead, but nothing much. More to the point, her body was still in good shape. Breasts not large, but okay. Pubic hair grey, but running down to a still nicely cleft sex organ.

During a recent annual medical check-up, her doctor had commented, "You've got the blood pressure of an eighteen year old girl." This had delighted her, but now, as she looked at herself, she thought, "Not quite an eighteen year old on the outside, but I could get away with forty."

She went back to the bedroom and put on the dress. Very carefully, she applied a little make-up, not to cover anything up, but to enhance what was there. She used the slightest touch of perfume, softly tied back her hair which extended below her shoulders, then standing back to look at herself in the long bedroom mirror, thought, "That's about as good as you'll get," and departed to make the evening meal.

When the meal was ready, she called Colin. She was bringing in the first course to the dining room when Colin entered. He stopped and stared. "Gran, you look," he groped for an appropriate adjective, and finally came out with, "Terrific." Diane smiled and said, "Thank you." They sat and while they ate, she noticed Colin continuing to give her what he hoped were covert and appreciative glances.

After the meal, they cleared up and Colin returned to his studies while Diane settled down for the evening with some music and a book. About 10 p.m. Colin came in and announced he was going to bed. They kissed goodnight, and after checking that the doors were locked and windows shut, Diane went to bed herself.

The following two days saw Diane slip into the old familiar rhythm of the house. She took her morning swim after Colin had left, and spent a few hours working in the garden. In the evenings, Colin worked and she read.

The fourth day was Friday and Colin had no lectures. While he was still in bed Diane had her swim and then prepared breakfast. The day promised to be hot, and when Colin finally got out of bed, he decided on a swim. Diane saw him through the kitchen window emerge from the house and go to the pool. He was wearing the briefest of briefs that showed his manhood to good effect. She thought, "God, what a beautiful body he's got. The girl who gets him with have some fun." As she prepared his breakfast, she kept glancing out of the window, admiring this handsome grandson.

Brenda had confided in her about Colin and his girlfriends. He had begun having sex with them fairly early and this had worried her and Jamie, but Diane gently reminded Brenda of her of her own behaviour at that age. Brenda blushed and said no more about the girls. She was, however, concerned that Colin had also been involved with an older women. Not that it had come to anything; in fact, none of Colin's sexual relationships had lasted. He didn't seem interested in establishing anything permanent.

Diane explained that lots of young people liked to experiment with relationships, and as to the older woman, well, if she was a decent sort of woman, and genuinely concerned for her younger partner, she would know that he was learning about sexual contact with someone who was experienced.

Colin left the pool and arrived dressed a few minutes later for his breakfast.

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