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The Erotic Kingdom.

She looks at me and lowers her head down to start lapping the blood off my chest.

She presses herself against me, smearing my blood all over her naked body. She touches her lips to mine only to bite my bottom lip when she pulls back from the kiss.

"Your all mine tonight. I'll kill whoever tries to take you away from me."

'Funny." I thought, 'I said that earlier tonight.' She takes her dagger and places the point under my chin. "Do as I say and you wont be hurt." She licks some more blood from my chest and I see it dribble down her chin as she says, "Much..."

She began to drag the point down my neck and immediately my body reacted. The blade just passed my sternum when Karate-harden pectorals took over, and lightning fast, I grabbed her wrist and took the dagger from her. I flipped her onto her back and rolled on top of her. Placing the dagger point to her heart I said, "Now its my turn. I'm in control and there isn't anything you can do." I nicked her shoulder with the sharp blade and dropped my head.

She gasped when I bit into her soft skin and loosened the clots letting the blood flow from her, over my lips, and into me.

That really got me going. The taste of blood warmed my heart and made it start to race. I felt her nails dig into my back and soon burning came with a cold that can only be more blood.

I had just pulled away from her shoulder when she hit me full fisted in the face. I flew off of her and rolled up onto my feet in a crouched position. Ali calmly stood and picked up her dagger.

"You are a very naughty little boy. How can I use you if you refuse to be broken?" She grinned and a hint of anger flashed behind her eyes. "Your MINE!"

She tackled me and I saw the flashes of her blade at my waist. Not wanting to hurt her too bad I grabbed her hair and pulled her face of to meet mine.

"You will never break me." I whispered to her startled face. "I am unbreakable."

All she whispered was, "Show me."

I let her go and got up to my knees. "Soon." I felt cold and noticed that somehow, that razor blade of her cut through my jeans to the bare skin underneath. I stood up leaving her kneeling on the cold ground. "What the hell," was all I could manage before my pants slid right off.

"Oh my," Ali giggled. "Your not little at all..."

I cocked an eyebrow at her and she stabbed the dagger into the grass. She got to her knees and looked up into my eyes. "You've gone limp!" She pouted. "I'll have to fix that."

She bit into my thigh and grabbed my flaccid penis with her right hand as her left wrapped around my now bare ass and dug her nails into my skin.

She massaged my penis while she licked the spare blood from my thighs. With her tongue, she licked my blood off my thigh and onto the head of my aroused penis.

"Oops!" She giggled. "I better get that." She suddenly took my into her mouth and bit. Her teeth just scraping the ridge of the head. Shivers ran up my spine at the mix of pleasure and pain. My penis grew hard as she sucked VERY hard on the head of my penis, all the while massaging my shaft and clawing my ass.

I wrapped my fingers through her hair and helped guide her mouth all the way down my enlarging shaft. She took my penis all the way to the base. I could feel it start to curve to fit her throat when she suddenly let me go, and hit the back of my knees making me drop to the ground.

The dew on the grass felt cold and wet against the wounds on my back. It alleviated the pain some but my attention was on Ali. She had picked up her dagger and held it to my penis.

"Now I'm back in charge and I swear if you put one foot out of line I will make sure you never do anything again." She looked serious.

Agile as a sprite, she repositioned herself. Swinging her legs over my body she took me back into her mouth, but kept the blade against the underside of my penis letting me know its still there. The mix of her cold blade and hot mouth made me ravenous. I grabbed her hips and pulled them over my face.

I touched the tip of my tongue against her labia for a split second and felt her shudder.

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