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My first time with another guy.

He begins to suck a nipple while his fingers attend to the other. My back arches out involuntarily, and I curse myself for the tingling sensations that are now coursing down my stomach and through my cunt. A low moan escapes, and Bob lets go and steps back, looking at me with that damn, arrogant grin of his.

His hand shoots out and forces itself between my cunny lips.

"My God, you're so wet already, Lynn."

His face reddens as the anger returns, and he squeezes my snatch hard, painfully digging his fingers into me.

I gasp and the words fly out before I even think about it. "I'm wet from before, Bob. Mike did that to me, not you!"

He just looks at me with that icy stare again and my blood runs cold. He slowly pulls the belt from his pants and folds it in half, snapping it loudly. I wince and open my mouth to speak.

"Sssshhhhh, baby. There's nothing you can say to me now that will stop this. I want you to beg me......beg me to fuck you, and I don't care if I have to beat it out of you."

My head is spinning, trying to think of something, anything I can do to stop him. It's no use. He sends the belt out at me and it connects with the front of my cunt. Stinging pain causes me to cry out. He comes closer and is now standing with his left hip against my left one, so that we are facing in opposite directions. He grabs my leg behind the knee and pulls it up, holding it against him. Then he proceeds to whip at my buttocks, switching from cheek to cheek, sometimes changing the angle of his movement, causing the belt to hit my cunny lips.

"Oh, God, Bob. Please....please stop," I scream.

But he continues. When he finally does stop, he lets go of my leg, and I push my thighs together, rubbing them and squirming slightly. I do this thinking it will ease the pain, but instead I now feel a pleasurable stinging sensation coursing throughout my engorged lips and clit. My knees collapse slightly, and I throw back my head, moaning softly.

He grabs me by the back of my head, hand in my hair again, and jerks my face so I am looking at him. His eyes are ablaze with fury, his teeth bared. He snarls.

"This is what you wanted all that time, isn't Lynn? You wanted it rough? You wanted me to hurt you? You wanted me to treat you like a fucking whore?"

He yanks my hair again, and I whimper. I smell the booze on his warm breath.

"Why didn't you just tell me? Why didn't you talk to me about this?"

His demeanor softens suddenly, as does his voice. He sounds pained. Looking closer, I see there are tears beginning to well in his eyes, and my heart melts a little.

"I'm sorry," I whisper. "I am so sorry."

"Sorry?" He laughs, menacingly. "It's a bit late for that now, isn't it, babe?"

The tears are gone, replaced by that stone cold glare again. He steps back, studying me. I can see the fury rising in his face again and I prepare myself. SMACK! The belt connects with my tits, and I scream.

"Bob, please!" I cry out, spinning my body around so as to avoid the next attack.

An arm circles my waist and I'm forced tight against him. He must have removed his pants when I turned away, because I can feel his swollen cock pressing against my back. The belt falls to the floor, and both of his hands cup my sore breasts. His hot breath is on my neck.

He nips my earlobe, then whispers to me, "You feel my cock? I'm going to shove it so far up your cunt that it'll come out your mouth. That's what you want, isn't it?"

He squeezes my breasts, digging his fingers into my soft flesh, while pressing his dick harder against me for emphasis.

"Fuck you," I scream. "Let go of me, and just leave me the fuck alone!"

I'm steaming now, and I want to hurt him as much as he is hurting me. I start twisting my upper body back and forth as hard as I can, while kicking back with a heel. When I feel him let up a little, I thrust my hips forward, then shove back, my ass connecting with his upper thighs. He grunts, then yells.


I'm guessing that I caught at least a p

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