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Nurse teaches, and rich girl learns.

I can tell."

"You can tell what?" I ask.

"I can tell that you want me " you respond.

"What if I do want you?" I ask. "It wouldn't do me any good because you're married."

"Ah, you say, but I'm single this weekend and I have my husband's blessing."

"So what are you telling me? "I ask. "That you're interested in me?"

"Well, of course I'm interested, what do you think I've been trying to tell you for months now?"

I'm stunned and speechless. You look at me with concern in your eyes.

"Oh shit "you say, "did I just blow it? Are you not interested in me?"

I'm nervous but decide to make the first move anyway. I slide over next to you. Our thighs are touching.

"No, you didn't blow anything" I say "I have been attracted to you since the summer." I'm looking at your lips and contemplating kissing you when, you beat me to it. You lean in and kiss my lips so sweetly. I melt and I'm totally yours.

"I've wondered what our first kiss would be like "you say, "and it was everything I've fantasized about."

I want to keep the magic going so I kiss you this time and the kiss lingers a little longer. I pull away breathless and just look at you. I can't believe this is happening I utter.

You just smile and pull me towards you. This time our kiss is very passionate. You probe my hungry mouth with your tongue and as our tongues meet, a bolt of sexual energy shoots through my body. You are turning me on so much. I lie back on the couch and pull you on top of me. I run my fingers through your long hair-run my hands down your back and then down to your ass. I caress your ass and this brings a moan from you.

I move my hands up your back and untuck your blouse from your jeans. I run my hands up your back and under your blouse. I can feel your smooth skin. I reach your bra and unhook the clasps. I trace your breasts with my thumbs-slowly making my way towards your nipples. You gasp in anticipation. I trace my thumb around each of your nipples. Teasing you just a little bit longer. Then I finally touch your nipples, you moan with pleasure and thrust your tongue deeper into my mouth.

The couch seems to have gotten very small. You grudgingly kiss me and slide off of me. You pull me to my feet and wordlessly pull me towards the bedroom.

"Take off your clothes you tell me, put this robe on and wait until I come to get you."

I do as asked and sit on your bed waiting patiently. I can hear you opening and closing doors. Next I hear running water. The bedroom door opens and you waltz into the room in the flimsiest and shortest of nighties. It looks like silk. You come over to me, look me straight in the eyes with a smoldering gaze, take my hand and wordlessly urge me to follow you. You lead me to the bathroom where there is a tub full of bubbles waiting for us. The tub is easily a two seater. You have candles placed around the outside of the tub and I see a bottle of champagne and two glasses.

"Nice I say."

You turn to me then and undo my robe. You proceed to slide the robe off my shoulders and lean in to kiss me passionately. I moan in ecstacy. The robe falls to the floor. Your hands trace a slow agonizing path towards my breasts. You tease my nipples then lean down to take one in your mouth. You suck and nibble until I am squirming.

You utter a low, sexy chuckle. And say, "Mmmmm just the way I thought they'd be, big, pink and extremely suckable."

You lead me by the hand to the waiting tub and help me in. Next you stand in front of me and slowly untie your nightie. You peel it back ever so slowly. I'm almost holding my breath. Finally, the nightie falls to the floor. I gaze lasciviously at your nakedness. Your body is everything I thought it would be. You lower yourself into the water next to me and immediately we lean towards each us and are locked in a passionate embrace. We kiss for what seems like hours but in reality is only minutes. Much to my chagrin, you break the kiss and lean over to pour two glasses of champagne. You pass me a glass and we both sip the chilled liquid.

The bubbles tickle my nose and I

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