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She tells her husband about her romantic affair.

"Dessert," he said, smiling, before he finished his beer.


That night, Daisy lay under her blankets, feeling strange. She never slept naked, or at least not since her chest had grown so large. Her breasts always seemed to get in the way, somehow, and she felt too exposed, even underneath her blankets. Between her legs, she was still damp, and a little achy. She had done herself too hard, made herself sore inside and out. Even her butt felt weird, as if it still had a finger inside it.

She had never done anything like that to herself, although she'd thought about it. One day, going through her brother's room for a gym bag she wanted to borrow, she had found a stack of magazines under his bed. The magazines had naked women on the covers, but all the naughty parts were covered up. Even so, Daisy was intrigued. There were so many, she figured he wouldn't miss one. Her heart pounding, Daisy slid the naughtiest one she could find under her shirt, then slipped out and back down the hall to her own room.

Once in her bed, the covers pulled up over her, Daisy quickly discovered that only the covers of the magazines were censored. Inside, all of the women were either naked or in extremely revealing outfits, many in rather compromising positions. As she paged through them, she began to rub the crest of her vagina, they way she sometimes did when she was alone. She found herself doing this more and more often lately, but this time was different. Ordinarily she touched herself in order to feel aroused, but this time, she was touching herself because she was aroused. She couldn't seem to help it. One hand turned the pages of the magazine, compelled, while the other rubbed herself through the thin cotton of her panties. Sometimes her hand even strayed up to her chest to stroke the hard little nipples underneath her t-shirt.

All at once, she found herself staring at the photo on the center page of the magazine. Is that what the boys called a centerfold? The model, a big-breasted blonde featured on the cover with another girl, was on her knees facing away from the camera, her round butt thrust up towards it. Between her thighs were her girly bits, but between her butt cheeks...

There was something in her butt, Daisy realized with a start-something that protruded out a little. It seemed rather large to her, almost the width of her fist. The woman was looking over her shoulder, giving the camera a knowing smile. One hand was between her thighs, her delicate, manicured fingers rubbing the crest of her vagina. Whatever it was in her bottom, Daisy reasoned, she must have enjoyed it.

That was when she wondered if it might feel just as good to put something in that hole as the one above it. She was so fascinated that she had actually pulled her panties down and yanked her shirt up, spilling her breasts, so that she could touch her bare skin while she stared wide-eyed at the woman in the magazine. No matter how fast or hard she rubbed, however, she couldn't seem to get enough. At last, she rolled over and took the dildo out from under her mattress and slid it into her aching vagina. But even that hadn't been enough. There was more to explore, Daisy knew, and with her eyes still riveted on the photo, she had pulled the dildo out and held it up to her butthole.

She tried pushing, but the sensation frightened her. Daisy jumped out of bed and stood bent over in front of her full-length mirror, looking at her naked butt over her shoulder. She had pulled one of her cheeks aside so she could see her butthole, and was just about to push the dildo into that tiny hole when a knock on her door had sent her into a flurry of activity-hiding the dildo and porno mag in her bedclothes, yanking up her panties, throwing on a pair of shorts, pulling her t-shirt down over her chest.

She had wanted to talk about exploring her butt with Shawna, but Daisy felt too shy.

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