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A probing study of the analytical method.

"It sucked." Steph said, putting her hand over her eyes. "Carrie and Beth kept hanging around Sara the whole time we were there. I didn't get to the shops I wanted to! They just wanted to fawn all over Miss Perfect to get in her good graces." She glanced at her brother, "She wasn't very nice to you by the way. She said some bad things."

"Well, yeah" Jack replied, "That can't be helped. I'm sorry if that made things worse for you." He turned to Jess, "Hey can you get everyone some cokes or something while we hang?"

Jess smiled and nodded, but her sister snorted. "Ha! Fat chance! Get them yourself!" But she was shocked when Jess stood up and headed to the kitchen.

"Okay, that was odd." Steph said. But she changed the subject, "What's Sarah's problem with you anyway? Like you're a million miles away from her socially."

Jack thought about it for a moment, "Because she knows that her time in only finite. When we get to the real world, of college and jobs, you're gonna need brains like mine. She knows I'll do better than her, so that's why she tries and shoots me down."

"That's dark." Steph remarked, "She was telling us about how she rigged the science fair. The judges were all paid off by her dad."

Jack growled. He wasn't surprised, but it still pissed him off like no other. Just as he was about to explode, jess came back with the sodas. She tossed Steph her own can and then handed Jack his.

"You two are awfully buddy-buddy today." Steph commented.

"We had a bonding moment this morning making breakfast," Jess said. "I'm sure that it's wearing off." Jack smiled at his sister.

"Whatever," Steph said, popping open her can of cola. As she sipped, Jack took a good long look at her features. Her breasts were large, but firm. The top that she wore to the mall had a reveling neckline that was inspiring Jack's imagination. But that wasn't all, Steph was wearing her shortest jean shorts, that showed off her toned cheerleading legs. They we're alluring to what was between them. Jack could picture running his hands along their smooth skin as he held his sister in his arms, ready to bang the shit out of her. Her hair was a light brown, almost blonde, but too tan. It came down in semi-curly locks all the way to her waist. He imagined taking it as a reign as she fucked him from behind.

But then Steph caught her brother staring. "What are you do- "She stopped talking because she realized she was enjoying being leered at by her brother. That was weird. "What are you doing for the rest of the day?" She tried to make her comment seem normal, because she wanted her brother to keep looking at her with those...hungry eyes. She looked him over again, and caught a small glimpse of what may have been an erection in his pants. The thought sent a shiver down her pussy. Steph noticed how good the air around him smelled. Maybe he changed soaps or something?

"Nothing much. Maybe watching some movies. How does 'Blazing Saddles' sound to you Jess?" Jack asked his sister.

Jess shrugged. "I'll watch whatever you want to I guess." She tried to look non-chelate as she said it, but Steph picked up on how odd her statement was. Jess always fought with Jack to watch a romantic comedy over something like Mel Brooks.

Steph's eyes narrowed. Were her siblings up to something? She caught Jack's stare again, and shifted in her seat so that he would accidentally get a glimpse of her cleavage.

"Do you mind if I join?" Steph asked. "I've been meaning to rewatch all of Gene Wilder." She got up out of her seat, making sure to show off her legs to Jack as she did. "I'll get the popcorn."

Jack nodded. And as Steph left the room, he looked at Jess and whispered, "Cum."

Just as Steph was putting the bag of popcorn in the microwave, she heard Jess cry out loud. That was strange, it almost sounded like an...

"Orgasm?" Jess whispered to herself. But that didn't make sense. Jess was super secretive about her dating life, and in the living room? With her brother? It had to have been something else.

"But why am I getting so riled up thinki

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