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She meets a Dom for the first time.

" We were led to opposite beds. As Hannah and I were stripped and laid back on the bed, our eyes never left the other's. Not until our vision was blocked by one woman's thighs.

It had been decided, apparently, that the bride would be pleasured by her bridesmaids. Kaitlin got between my legs and started licking over my slit. I watched as Paige got between Hannah's thighs and Naomi was descending on her face. My own vision was blocked as Marissa's pussy was brought to my lips. I wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her down to my eager mouth. Kaitlin by this point had her tongue thrusting and wiggling in my pussy and had two fingers stroking my clit that had poked out from its hood.

My arm was straddled by Becky, as I had let it fall back to the mattress once I had yanked Marissa down. I then felt a mouth sucking and nibbling on my breast with a hand pinching the other nipple. I was writhing on the bed under the ministrations of Kaitlin and Olivia, but I managed to focus on Marissa. I slipped my tongue into her juicy pussy as my arm, the one not being pinned down by a warm body, traced its way up her body to latch itself on to her breast. I started kneading her breast as I manipulated my tongue in time with what Kaitlin did to me. I felt Marissa jerk which unsettled my tongue in her folds. Using the breast in my hand, I pulled her down as best I could with one arm.

Kaitlin's mouth clamped around my pussy as she flattened her tongue inside me. She had lifted one of my legs and draped it over her back as she continued her feast on my cunt. Once I had Marissa's pussy back on my mouth, I started fucking her as best I could while my orgasm was building. I felt her weight shift and Olivia's face was mashed into the breast in her mouth. (I later, watching the video, found out Marissa had fell forward and using her hands to break the fall had grabbed onto Olivia's head.) I was bucking, but with one leg over Kaitlin's back I had no leverage. Marissa was cumming down my throat as I started gushing out my own juices.

Once my spasms ended and Marissa had rolled off my face, I saw things had progressed fast on the opposite bed. Hannah was on all fours as Naomi was reaming her ass with her tongue, Becky was eating out her pussy and Paige was lying sprawled out in front with Hannah pleasuring her pussy. Olivia lay on her back and urged me to roll over on top of her in a 69. As I bent my head to her pussy, she started eating mine. It wasn't long into our love session when I felt a tongue reaming my own ass. With that sensation, I jerked my head up with a moan. I looked back to see Kaitlin's face, mostly blocked by my derriere. I pushed myself backwards to try to get more of their tongues in me.

I went back to servicing Olivia only to see Marissa had maneuvered herself into position to grind her pussy with her wife's. So I bent down and started licking where I could, which was mostly their clits. They were both jerking like an electric current was jolting through their bodies. My head was pressed to the grinding pussies by Marissa and Olivia had her arms wrapped around my waist as she fed on my cunt juice. So when my orgasm swept through me, I was again unable to move away from the pleasure. I lay limply on top of Olivia as my orgasm waned.

I was rolled on my back so Olivia could crawl from under me. I lay there panting, trying to get my breath back. Again, with my vision cleared, I saw the happenings on the other bed. Becky had mounted Hannah's face and had both of her breasts in her hands as she rode her tongue. Naomi was feasting on Hannah's cunt as she fingered herself. Paige was lounging at the head of the bed watching. She noticed my glance and gave me a wink.

My attention was brought back to my own bed as Marissa was lavishing kisses to my inner thighs.

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