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Jennifer gets laid, and responds to mastery

As the moments of this wonderful ecstatic feeling continued for Jackie, despite the fact it was forced upon her, she could feel her love juices slowly beginning to build.

Suddenly, in an almost anticlimactic feeling, their was a brief halt as the young man withdrew his tongue and replaced it with his rock hard dick. He slowly eased it into her pussy before he began to pump. His movement, slow at first, accelerated with each stroke and both Jackie and the young man breathed deeper as a consequence.

Jackie, for her part, had resigned herself to the fact there was nothing she or Daphne could do. These young men were determined to have their way with them both. All Jackie could think of was that it would not be too painful. Gradually, as the young man continued to pound, Jackie's body began to react to his movements and soon they settled into a mutually satisfying rhythm.

Once again Jackie could feel her juices gather. This time, however, there was to be no stopping and reaching the point of n return, neither one wished it to stop.

At last, after what seemed like an eternity, Jackie exploded in a huge orgasm and at the same time she felt the young man's cum exploding inside her leaving both exhausted and gasping for air. It was only then that both Jackie and the young man remembered they had an audience that cheered the "lovers" as they climaxed together.

In her very brief respite Jackie turned to her right and saw Daphne also on a mattress. Her once tidy hair was a mess and her breasts were covered in cum. If Jackie thought thier ordeal was over she was to be disappointed because she and Daphne were pulled up and forced to bend over a low table. The cold of the table's surface was a shock to Jackie's breasts. Then one of the gang stood in front of her with his cock in her face. It was obvious to Jackie what was going to happen next.

"No, I won't do it!" she declared defiantly.

Then something like a leather strap struck her bare arse making her scream in pain. Jackie knew Daphne suffered the same fate when she heard her young colleague scream also.

The young man attempted to push his cock into Jackie's mouth but she closed her lips tightly. This time, however, her arse received two blows of the strap. Two of the gang stood at either side and delivered the painful blows making Jackie scream. Daphne too screamed as she received her blows.

Jackie tried to turn her head from the man's cock and this time their were three rapid blows on her bottom and finally Jackie's resolve was broken and the huge unwanted organ entered her mouth and she began to suck. She was also forced to hand fuck two others. As this was going on she could feel cold hands on her arse prising her cheeks apart and another huge cock began to pound her mercilessly. Jackie received cock after cock, both orally and anally. The repeated burning of hot cum in her arse was nothing compared to the woeful taste in her mouth.

At last the relentless punishment stopped. However their humiliation was not over yet as the gang leader ordered them to get into a sixty-nine position on their sides and begin licking pussy. By now, disgusted though they were, Jackie and Daphne knew refusal would be painful and reluctantly obeyed.

In contrast to her own pussy, Daphne's was very smooth. It was the first time either of them had been intimate with a woman and what surprised Jackie was the apparent sweet taste. Eventually both women orgasmed together. The final humiliation came when Jackie was pushed face down onto the mattress and Daphne was forced to lick her older colleague's arse cheeks several times. She did so, not wanting any more pain. Jackie was ordered to do a similar deed on on Daphne under the threat of more pain.

Exhausted and weak, Jackie wanted nothing more than to sleep. She got her wish when a rag with a pungent odour was placed over her mouth and everything when black.

The leader of the gang stood admiring the two naked and very beautiful women as the gang arranged them hugging one another as if in a lesbian love clinch.

"What are we going t

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