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nie was shocked into silence for a few long seconds, not just by the words but by the way Caroline touched herself and seemed so enthusiastic for such an unspeakable act, then the Witch finally told her friend, "Caroline, listen very carefully to me, you're not yourself-"

"Wrong!" Caroline interrupted, "This IS the real me Bon. I'm a slut, and I'm so grateful for Mistress Elena and Mistress Rebekah teaching me that."

"Listen to yourself!" Bonnie protested, "You're being compelled!"

"Actually I only had Rebekah compel Caroline not to leave and not to warn you. Everything else she did of her own volition." Elena explained.

"I don't believe you." Bonnie spat.

"That's fair." Elena shrugged, "You don't trust us, and you shouldn't. Not yet. But if you don't give us a chance to earn that trust, I'm going to go outside and kill the first person I see. Do you really want that blood on your hands Bonnie? Especially when all I'm asking is you stay still and get a close-up view at the perks of being one of our pets."

Rebekah allowed that to sink in, then she added, "Besides, do you really want to rob Caroline here of her reward?"

Realising what was expected of her Caroline looked her friend in the eye and shamelessly begged, "Oh please Bonnie, please don't deny me my reward. I wanted so bad. Mmmmmmmm, I love being DP'ed and spit roasted by Mistress Elena and Mistress Rebekah, but I want to know what it's like to be air tight. Ooooooooh yesssssssssss, please don't go yet. If you go, only two of my holes will be fucked, mmmmmmmmmm, and I want all three of my holes filled and pounded like the total slut I am! Ohhhhhhhhhh please Bonnie, please, please, please, please, let me have my reward. Let me be fucked by three cocks at once while your cum is drying on my face."

Unable, or at least unwilling, to believe what she was hearing Bonnie parted her lips to insist Caroline was being compelled. Or Rebekah had forced her to turn off her humanity, leaving her a shell of her former self, just like Elena.

However for whatever reason, and she really, really didn't want to explore why, Bonnie didn't do that. Nor did she use her magic to attack the minds of these three vampires and then grab her clothes and leave. And possibly taking what was left of Caroline with her. Instead she just laid there as Caroline grinded on her cock, patiently waiting for her Mistresses to join them.

Elena was first, a Katherine-like smirk on her face as she slowly stripped herself naked, retrieved a strap-on and pulled it up her thighs before kneeling behind Caroline while addressing Bonnie, "You know Bon, growing up you two were always so important to me. We were always so close, but now we'll be closer than ever before. Doesn't that sound like fun?"

"Fuck you!" Bonnie spat, her eyes tearing up even as her heart hammered with excitement.

"Oh Bonnie... that's the idea." Elena mocked while she pulled the plug out of the blonde's butt and then spread one of Caroline's ass cheeks with one hand while using the other hand to guide her dildo against her bitch's still slightly open back hole, "But first, I'm going to fuck Caroline. I'm going to fuck her right up her tight little ass! Oooooooooooh yeah, time to make a sandwich!"

Elena quickly explained that seemingly ridiculous phrase not by words but by actions, specifically by grinning wickedly again and slamming forward, the first few inches of her strap-on easily penetrating Caroline's loosened butt hole and sliding deep into her bottom.

It was tempting to use all her strength to see whether she could get every inch in one go up Caroline's ass, and to see whether the perverted slut would actually enjoy that, but as she had only taken Caroline's anal cherry a few hours ago Elena decided to take pity on her former friend. Besides, she was genuinely trying to entice Bonnie to join them of her own free will, and having Caroline screaming in pain would be counter-productive.

Instead Caroline squealed and pleasure, then begged, "Ooooooooohhhhhhhhh Gooooooooodddddddddd yeeeeeeeeessssssssss, make me a sandwi

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