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I gripped them tight from below and squeezed, making them bulge. From how she gasped I could sense she liked a little pain.

So I lowered my head to the bulging orb on the right and licked the tip a couple of times. When the cold of the store hit her wet nipple she breathed in sharply and her puffy areolas began to wrinkle a little. I was overcome by my love of big breasts and I started nibbling, then biting her little nubbins and areolas. This made her squirm and I was close enough to hear her heart beating as hard as mine. She put her hands in my hair and was crushing me to her chest so I opened my mouth as big as I could and tried to suck in as much of her left tit as I could get in my mouth. I could feel the little nubbin tickling the roof of my mouth but I could only swallow a fraction of that huge, delicious boob. And when she pulled it out of my mouth the puffiness was gone and the areola had shrunk tightly to the size of oblong quarter. The little nub looked painfully hard.

She kissed me hard on the mouth so I grabbed her face now, consumed with passion. We tongued hard while I pressed against her, pushing her into the wood shelves, crushing her tits into my stomach. I raised my shirt so I could feel her nipples tickling my bare skin. Her hands started to push into my jeans but it was too confining. So she began to undue my belt, then my buckle, then my zipper.

At this point, I could have stopped. I could have just taken a thoughtful step back and enjoyed the unexpected boost of self-esteem this curvaceous, young beauty had just given me. But if that had happened, I wouldn't be writing this story.

I didn't even try to stop her but just spread my legs a little while she undid my jeans. With no obstructions, she slipped both her hands down my pants. I have recently begun trimming my pubes down to skin all around my dick and ass, for sensitivity. All that is left is a patch of shorties I leave up top so I'm not bald. She found the patch and pulled her fingernails thru it. I got spiny shivers from my toes to my skull, and my whole chest flinched once hard.

Her left hand was sort of scraping her nails under my balls and the right one started stroking my swollen dick downward while I relished in mashing her boobs together the way you can only do with large naturals. My heart was pounding and my breath was irregular and my brain kept nagging me to stop this unfaithful act.

Then the situation struck me: a voluptuous, young jezebel with huge breasts and a fantastic ass wants me; desires my attention and my cock. How long has that been? I think right then I decided how far I'd go.

She freed my fully erect cock completely now, pointing it upwards so we could mash our bodies together. I was slowly thrusting into her, rubbing it up and down the warm skin of her belly slowly as we kissed. She had one hand on top of my long, jerking cock, pressing it into her body and the other was around my balls; gently squeezing, then scratching them with her nails, then gripping the long skin as my boys hung low.

I couldn't take it; I had to touch her pussy. Her pants were stretchy, without a belt, and I quickly slipped down into her cotton panties and found another nubbin at the top of her slit! Bigger then her nipples, it was a welcome surprise. We were both breathing too heavy to kiss but as I played with her hot button I could feel it growing even bigger. As she messaged my cock and balls I was oozing pre-cum and she was coating my wooden pole with it expertly. But my attention to her clit was driving her wild. She closed her eyes, shook and flinched as I pinched and twisted it gently. Our four arms were entangled and clumsy in front of us as we each tried desperately to explore a stranger's privates. I had to get to that pussy!

Without asking, I dropped to the floor and together, pulled the stretchy pants and undies down her thighs.

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