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A woman faces the consequences of getting too inebriated.

would totally go lesbian for you!"

Then they made a fun bet...

"If you go to the party tonight crossdressed, we will all do one thing for you."

I whispered to Tiffany, "Sex?"

She nodded and I said deal!

They shaved every hair on my body, then got my outfit ready. Rachel gave me a matching black lacey thong and bra. They gave me silicon inserts and then put on black nylon stockings. They dressed me up like a little slut and I loved it. After they started they noticed my erection for dressing and giggled.

"Have you had a little experience with this?"

"Oh just a little." I replied with a wink.

They topped off my outfit with a short miniskirt, satin top and a pair of perfect 6" heels. Now for the final piece, Gina fit on me a beautiful red wig.

"Wow. Good work ladies."

We were finished just in time to go to the party. When we arrived I put on my girl voice, called myself "Chrissy" Pam's cousin, and stuck with the girls. The night went on and this guy, Conner, approached me. He started dancing and I just felt so feminine I kissed him. He took me into a room and started feeling me up, before he could find out I did the only thing I could do. I took off his belt releasing his long hard cock. I wrapped my pink lips around it and I was in heaven. Swirling my tongue around the tip of his dick, stroking the shaft and tasting his salty precum almost made me climax. I blew him until he shot his hot cum in my mouth forcing me to swallow.

Tiffany walks into the room... "Chrissy we have been looking all over for you." and she gives me an evil grin.

"Come with us we have a special treat for you."

Tiffany took me into another room with Rachel. "Now you see Chris, me and Rachel are feeling a little... experimental and why not kiss a girl that has a dick!" Tiffany sits down on the bed with Rachel and kisses her passionately.

"Come here slut! Now!"

I sit down on the bed and Tiffany starts to kiss me and feel up Rachel as Rachel caresses my cock under the lacey panties.

"Wow this is great, but where are the other two?"

Tiffany looks at Rachel and giggles, "They went on a little shopping trip and they will be back really soon, lets go back home."

We asked around for a ride and one guy said jokingly "Yea if you blow me!" Tiffany and Rachel both looked at me with a grin. "She will do it! She loves sucking dick! Don't you Chrissy?" She whispers to me while rubbing my dick, "This... is so fucking hot. Please do this for me, let me watch."

We took him in the other room and say him in a chair. He unzipped his pants releasing his cock, it was 6" and fat. Tiffany sat next to me and whispered in my ear again. "Suck it..."

I lean in and wrap my plump pink lips around his cock, I get the same rush I did sucking Connor's dick. My erection grew and Tiffany started feeling herself, along with me. She jerked me off while I was sucking dick and it felt so good. I sucked for 10 minutes before he blew his load in my mouth. Right before he was about to come Tiffany told me not to swallow. He came in my mouth and Tiffany grabbed my face and made out with me. We both swallowed the cum and I almost came.

We got out of the room and Rachel was kissing another girl. "Rachel come on lets go!" Rachel sprung up and said "Now the real fun begins!". We got back to Tiffany's house and Gina and Pam had some bags in Pam's car.

Tiffany asked, "Did you guys get them? Are they all the same, or different?"

Gina whispered something in Tiffany's ear, and Tiffany smiled. "Perfect, I call the big one!"

I got inside and sat down with Pam and she smiled looking at me. "We are going to have a good night with you sissy!" I asked her what they had planned and she told me to get a blindfold. Pam blindfolded me and then kissed me. "The girls should be ready by now."

The door closed and I was really unsure of what was happening.

Pam and Rachel walked in and took the blindfold off my eyes. "Here is your special treat, slut." In front of me were two strap on dildo's staring at me. "We went to a Spencer's and brought back 4 toys for us to use on you."


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