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The professor meets Lady Amber for the first time.


"I thought so," intoned James. "Shouldn't girls your age have at least begun to grow pubic hair?"

This was definitely off-script, and a little confusing. It had taken James awhile to talk Chloe into shaving -- not that she'd regretted it afterwards. The improvement to oral sex alone had been worth it...but before she could finish the train of thought, let alone start to try formulating an answer, James said "Very well, no need to answer. Unconventional removal of body hair. Obviously another infraction, I'll have to think of a suitable punishment, perhaps while you're receiving your discipline for your other transgressions. You may lower your skirt, Chloe."
Chloe let go of the hem of her skirt, allowing it to fall at least more-or-less back into place. She was just beginning to try and think of where they were in the scenario and what came next when, quickly, suddenly, with a perfunctory "now then," James had ahold of her shoulders, was spinning her around to face the desk, was pushing her towards it and then bending her over it, pushing her down. Chloe gasped as the desktop came up to meet her and then let out a little sigh of relief as James slowed her and insured a soft landing (after all, it wasn't as if she could use her hands to catch herself!) and then he was pushing her forwards, her breasts compressed, her blouse sliding across the dark polished wood, brief vertiginous panicky sensation as he pushed her petite frame so far forward she felt her balance go, heels leaving the floor and hurriedly rebalancing as best she could on tiptoe. Chloe let out a startled squeak as James grabbed and flipped-up the hem of her skirt, exposing her bare ass to the air...and to its punishment.

There was a pause, which Chloe wondered about for just the briefest moment before realizing James was admiring the view. She'd been self-conscious about her butt for, well, as long as she could remember -- had always thought of it as protruding too far, especially given her relatively narrow hips, had thought of it as a "bubblebutt," despite its muscular firmness. Early on in their relationship she'd been sure James was just flattering her when he'd told her how hot he thought it was, that he found it one of her most attractive features. She'd finally begun to believe him when the relationship had gotten physical, when the almost worshipful attention he lavished on it had at first embarrassed then begun to relax the point where here, a year or so into things, she'd agreed to do a spanking scene with him -- and found herself getting heartily into it.

And now she could feel his hands on her ass, gently massaging her asscheeks, now spreading them, now kneading them, working in a cirucular motion most of the time, starting up near the small of her back, working his way steadily downwards and inwards, towards her pussy...where Chloe felt the glow of their previous upskirt play returning. She shifted a little on the desktop, trying to get a little more comfortable, realized how stiff her neck was going to get if she kept holding her head up like she was and lay it down on the desk, turning her head and almost turning it to the other side as she caught sight of the torn and...well-moistened...remains of her thong lying only inches from her face. She could smell her own scent coming off of it quite strongly, which brought back a vivid replay in memory of earlier-on in the scene...

James stopped his massage just short of Chloe's pussy and changed his technique, now stroking and caressing her buttocks, now tracing a fingertip ever-so-lightly down the cleft between those cheeks.

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