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By request. When a younger guy sees his mom with another man.

He had tried to train another to take her place, but the girl was just not willing. He had freed her rather that cause real damage to her young body.

With Tina, he knew what she needed, knew how much pain to give her and still give her ultimate pleasure. Maybe Susan, the other girl, had just been to young, to immature to understand. She had asked to be freed almost before her training had begun.

"I will sleep tonight on my decision. I may let you return to me, or I may tell you to leave. Whatever my decision, I will take in to account your needs." He kissed her gently on the forehead and pulled the chain between her nipples at the same time. The pain made her involuntarily suck in a deep breath.

She gasped at the painful pleasure passing between her breasts. As he pulled his lips away from her forehead, he let the chain slip from his fingers.

"I need to see how bad you were hurt this afternoon. I'm going to release your ankles and roll you over. Are you ready?" As he explained what he was doing, he unclasped the buckles the held her legs spread. With the vibrator still firmly imbedded in her pussy, he gently brought her legs together, and rolled her on to her stomach.

He once again spread her legs and secured them. He turned on the light and began his inspection. Carefully, he spread the globes of her ass, stopping when she winced in pain. "Are you tender, Little One?"

"A little, Sir, but I can take it. Thank you for your concern, Sir."

He touched the controls on the vibrator, turning it up a notch. "Maybe this will help you ignore what I am doing. I'll put some salve on your puckered hole, but it may hurt a little."

While Master went to retrieve the cream, Tina relaxed and let the toy excite her. It felt a little more urgent now, and lying as she was, it was pressed tighter against her clit. Master would be upset if she let herself climax, so she concentrated on keeping the pressure just right to let her float right below her threshold.

Master returned in a few minutes, and sat beside her on the bed. "Try to think of something else, slave, this may hurt."

At first the pain was terrible, causing her to bite her bottom lip and moan to keep from screaming. Then, slowly, the pain became bearable as Master gently rubbed the ointment into her soreness. Tina eventually began to enjoy the heat produced by the slave. That, combined with the tingling in her cunt was becoming too much. She stopped moving so as to lessen the pleasure coursing through her body. "Ohhhhh." She whispered, hoping Master wouldn't notice her state. But, it was to late, Master had a very good vantage point from which to see her excitement.

"Do not climax, slave! Grit your teeth and hold it!"

She did as he ordered, bringing herself back under control. "I am very sorry, Master, I almost lost control, for that I have no excuse. Please forgive me."

Matt pulled the dildo out of her juicy cunt, leaving her feeling empty. "I think you need to be taught a lesson. There was a time when you had better control, I won't tolerate back sliding now." Tina turned her head trying to see what Matt was doing.

She watched him go to a chest in the corner and rummage through it for a minute. When he straightened up, she saw the whip. She closed her eyes, willing her body to be still. She knew that he would use the whip until she begged him to stop!

"Open your eyes, slave." She did, her eyes wide with fear and passion. "You know what this is, don't you?"

"Yes, Master. It is a riding crop, used to spur on horses or to punish unworthy slaves."

"And, which are you?" He asked, bringing the whip down hard on the full ass.

Tina shrieked as the leather bit her flesh! "Oh! Gawd! Master, I am an unworthy slave, Sir! Please punish me!"

Matt worked the buckles again and turned Tina onto her back.

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