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New development in Stephen and Don's relationship.

They chatted for a bit, but Hank excused himself after he got bored of the loser's slurring and bitching about Ashley being mad at him.

Hank went over to a table of friends to take pictures and talk with. The newlyweds came over and dragged them all onto the dance floor. Hank was resisting but Ashley grabbed his hand and insisted. As they were dancing, Ashley said into Hank's ear that she was still wet inside and sore because of him. She slyly smiled and bit her lower lips. He suggested they should go for another round, and she seemed gamed. After two more songs, her boyfriend cut in. As Hank was about to leave the dance floor, he got pulled back in by another friend.

At the end of the night, the newlyweds thanked and took pictures with their departing guests. The bridesmaids then went back up to the room to change. It appeared that Hank was not going to get his second round of fucking with Ashley. As the newlyweds and fellas went back up to the honeymoon suite, they opened the door to a full blown shouting match between Ashley and her drunk boyfriend. He was definitely not going to get laid by her this night. Ashley was in tears apologizing to Craig and Jessica for her boyfriend and their constant arguing throughout their wedding day. Jessica took Ashley back into the bedroom and calmed her down.

All the girls came out of the room with their luggage ready to leave. Hank immediately looked at their luggage to determine whose bags he was digging in earlier. He looked at Ashley's luggage and it did not have that airline tag anymore. He presumed she probably took it off. Before they left, Hank needed to take a piss, so Jessica directed him to their master bathroom since Craig's brother was occupying the other one.

As Hank entered the bedroom to the master bathroom, his eyes widened in shock! The luggage with the airline tag that he had stolen the panty from was still on the floor! His heart pounded as he walked through the mirrored hallway, thinking. . . "Oh shit! All the girls came out of the room with their luggage already! That's the bitch's bag? Oh fuck! FUCK! HER panty is in my pocket!?" As he unzipped and pulled out his cock to take a piss, it took awhile for it to start flowing since he was distracted by a flood of thoughts. He washed his hands and face looking at himself in the mirror with disbelief and disappointment.

As he walked past looking at the luggage again, Hank stepped back into the living room and casually asked if they all got their bags because there's another bag in the bedroom. Jessica said it was hers. Greatly disappointed, Hank's heart dropped and stomach twisted since he assumed it was Ashley's bag and used panty. Jessica and Craig thanked everyone for their help and walked them to the elevator. Ashley stormed into the elevator with the other 2 bridesmaids and her boyfriend followed behind. The rest of the group waited for another elevator instead. As soon as their elevator door shut, Jessica immediately started cussing and bitching about her girlfriends and Ashley's loser boyfriend. It didn't phase the second group since it was typical of bitchy Jessica. As they got into the elevator, they congratulated the newlyweds one last time and told them to make babies all night long. The door shut and one of the guys said, "I bet she's talking shit about us now." They all laughed because it was probably true.

The bridesmaids were having their luggage loaded into a cab. Ashley said bye to the guys and gave a kiss on Hank's cheek and winked. Hank smiled but was still disappointed that he didn't get to fuck her again, let alone get that pair of purple thong she had on as a souvenir. But he had the satisfaction of fucking her in every hole and knowing she's still leaking his juices inside her throughout the night. They got into the cab and left.

The guys all went their separate ways.

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