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Tilly tries to avert a crisis.

She plunged her fingers as far inside of her pussy as she could. Julie's head fell back as her body convulsed. Her tight pussy clenched around her fingers rhythmically as she came. Years of pent up sexual energy flowed through her body in shockwaves of raw emotion. Julie waited until her orgasm subsided before she pulled her fingers out of her pussy and again opened her eyes. She saw a new woman staring back at her. She felt like a teenager again and couldn't wait for the party.

After she regained her composure, Julie took a long hot shower and did her makeup. Looking through her closet she was disappointed to find that she didn't have many outfits that would be appropriate for a college girl to wear to a party. The closest thing that she found was something that one of her friends encouraged her to buy from Frederick's of Hollywood years ago. The dress had a white strapless bustier style top and an attached black skirt that hung loosely around her hips. The bustier left the upper half of her breasts exposed and the skirt fell to her mid-thigh. Julie picked out a pair of black satin panties but decided to skip wearing a bra since the bustier provided plenty of support. She finished the outfit with the highest pair of black heels that she had.

Julie's heart was racing at she drove across town to the party. She couldn't believe that she was going to a frat party at her age but she knew that it was time for her to start living her life again.

She easily identified the frat house from the hand painted 'Earth Day 2011' banner that hung from the upstairs windows. Julie parked her car and nervously approached the house unsure of how to act or what to expect. She was consumed with the fear that someone would figure out that she wasn't a student and that she didn't belong but all of her doubts faded from her mind as she entered the house. The dark entryway of the large victorian house was filled with smoke, loud music, and sweaty bodies flirting and moving to the music. She felt relieved that she would be able to disappear into the sweaty mass of college students.

She slowly moved from room to room looking for either Jared or Jessica, the only two people she knew at the party. She stopped at the bar just off of the front room and accepted a drink that was quickly offered to her. She didn't know what was in the bright red concoction, but it tasted sweet and delicious. She lingered at the bar while sipping her drink and scanned the room for familiar faces. After a few minutes she decided to continue her hunt elsewhere in the house but made sure to get a second drink before leaving the bar. Julie noticed that guys were ogling her as she pushed her body through the packed crowd of the house. Going from one room to the next she felt stray hands on her body copping a cheap feel. Once or twice she even felt a warm hand grab her ass under her skirt. The first few times she swung around to see who would be so bold but never managed to catch the owner of the offending hand. The effect of the drinks mixed with the attention that she was getting from so many young men began to loosen her up. Julie found herself smiling back at some of the faces in the crowd and was even starting to enjoy the hands pawing at her body as she made her way through the dark mass of people.

After doing a full lap of the party Julie decided to refill her drink and camp out at the bar hoping to see Jared or Jessica. The young man behind the bar gave her a big smile as she walked up to him holding out her empty cup.

"You should watch out, our Earth Day punch is some strong stuff!"

"Thanks for the warning." Julie smiled back at him.

While the bartender chatted Julie up a fast song came on and the whole room erupted into a frenzy.

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