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A Mad Bitch Office Manager is tamed by her secretary.

We have a lot of work to make the two of you look and act like a girl, so let's get started. First, welcome Mistress Lauren!"

"Mistress Lauren ... welcome and I am pleased to ... uhm ... uhhh ... I am pleased to serve you in any way you desire." I said, struggling to figure out what to say and the proper way to say it.

Mistress Lauren was also a very pretty girl. She was definitely younger than Mistress Annette and was somewhat taller and thinner. She had deep blue eyes and long blonde hair. Her breasts were markedly smaller than Mistress Annette and had both nipples pierced. The nipples were long, but her breasts barely stuck out of the hole cut to expose them. She wore extremely high heeled shoes, which made her look taller, but she was actually quite petite.

"Take stevie's hand and lead him to the middle of the room!" she demanded.

I walked over and took his hand and we both walked to the center of the room. I never held another man's hand before and if I did, it surely wasn't a naked man ...

"You two pathetic gurls ... I want you to play with your nipples and make those disgusting clitties hard. After you both are hard, we will dress you in little sheer white panties, a matching sheer white bra, garter belt and stockings ... high heels and a short slutty skirt and sheer blouse ... now get to it," Mistress Annette ordered.

I nervously began to play with my nipples and noticed Stevie doing the same. I have never played with myself in front of anyone ... not anyone, ever!!! As nervous as I was, I was surprised that my cock began to harden and I was becoming aroused watching Stevie playing with his nipples and his cock getting hard.

"Don't you fucking dare even think of cumming, you little pathetic sluts," barked Mistress Lauren.

Mistress Annette approached me with my new clothes. "You know what, Lauren dear ... I think we really need to get all this hair off these gurls before we dress them. I think we need to take them to the shower and let them work at getting each other's hair removed."

"Ugggh, I agree ... what kind of gurls are these with so much body hair ... they must not have been properly trained by their mothers!" Mistress Lauren giggled.

"Sissyboys, you will use this cream on each other's body ... you will rub it on each other until all the hair on your bodies are removed. I mean, everywhere ... except for your head ... in the crack of your pathetic asses, legs, feet, and toes ... everywhere ... do you understand? We will be there to make sure you do it right. Now go into the bathroom and get that hair off!!!" Mistress Annette barked.

I went to the bathroom with Stevie. He took the bottle of cream and started to rub it on my chest. He worked the cream under my arms and then he hesitated ... looked at me ... then proceeded to rub it around my cock ... on my balls and then down my legs. My cock was hard and sticking straight out ... I was blushing and embarrassed. I've never been touched by another male and now ... I was responding to his touch in a sexual manner. Anyway, he finished rubbing the cream on and then had me go in the shower to was it off ... as the water ran over my body ... the hair all washed off onto the floor of the shower. When it was done, I was completely naked ... not a hair covering my body ... it felt strange.

I repeated what he did to me ... to him. As I touched his crotch, his cock grew hard and I saw that he was embarrassed. It gave me an erection watching him grow hard. All so strange to me ... being turned on by another naked man. Never thought that would happen.

"Ok you two lovebirds ... get your hairless assess out here and let's get you dressed like the little fucking sluts that you are," barked Mistress Lauren.

Mistress Annette approached me with the clothes.

"Ok little girl, let's get these pretty little white nylon panties on ... lift your leg and let me pull them up."

As she pulled the panties up over my cock, it sprung to attention.

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