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Sixey faces a public lashing for hiding her nakedness.

She jumped but didn't want him to stop -- ever. She tasted so sweet that he had to have more. He inserted a finger and then licked her juices off and then he inserted two fingers and slid them in and out several times and Amber met his strokes with her hips. He found her G-spot and when he massaged it, she almost jumped off the bed.

"Oh..........oh...........oh............" is all she could manage. No one had ever done that to her before. Amber was out of control.

Michael, seeing her reaction, practically dove into her pussy licking and sucking and when he found her clit, he held it with his lips and flicked it with his tongue and sucked as he continued to massage her G-spot. That was all it took for Amber, she screamed from the sudden orgasm that overtook her body. Michael had to hold her legs to be able to keep his mouth attached to her clit and even as she fell to the bed begging him to stop because she was so sensitive, he continued and before she realized what was happening, another orgasm swept over her and she was crying from the sheer pleasure that he was giving her.

Finally, he moved away from her pussy but lay beside her and kissed her and she felt the warmth beginning all over again. The taste and smell of her own juices on his mouth only fueled the fire that had been rekindled in her pussy. Michael kissed her lips tenderly and she felt as if she was melting into his blue eyes all over again. Kissing down to the hollow in her neck, Amber was floating and breathing was difficult. Down and down between her breasts, he kissed and cupped a breast in one hand and marveled at the loveliness of her skin topped with a pink nipple that was getting harder by the second. Michael held both breasts and kissed just the nipple causing Amber to gasp because the electrical jolt to her clit from her nipple surprised her. He kissed around her nipple and she arched her back wanting him to take it in his mouth but he wanted to tease her for a while more so she would really want him.

Finally, he sucked one nipple into his mouth and felt it grow harder than it was before and she sighed. Amber was finding it hard to lie still as the pleasure fairy was granting her more wishes than she had ever felt before. Michael switched to her other nipple but continued to tweak the first one with his fingers to keep her right on the edge. She was dripping wet and he couldn't wait much longer but he wanted her to say what she wanted.

He stopped tantalizing her breasts and saw the look of disappointment on her face and asked, "What do you want, My Love?"

"You know........"

"No, no, you have to tell me."

"I want you to make love to me."

"No, that's too sweet. What do you want?"

"I want you to fuck me!" she nearly screamed.

"Ok, then, whatever you want, My Love!"

Positioning himself between her legs, he pulled her up tight against him and he poised at her pussy. She was lifting her hips to help him but he was in no hurry. Michael held his cock and using her juices, rubbed the head up and down her slit and on her clit and then inserted only the head. Amber was beside herself with anticipation and wanted him -- NOW!

Pressing her legs back to rest on her chest, he entered her all the way until their bodies met. When he was all the way in, he just stopped and enjoyed the way that her hot, velvety body wrapped around his cock as if their bodies were made for each other. He couldn't stand too much of that because he was already very close to cumming so he started thrusting in and out -- never letting the head ever leave her body but slamming back in. Amber would have helped him by meeting his every stroke with her body but the position she was in wouldn't allow that. She was wide open to him and could watch as his cock slid in and out of her and see her juices covering him. Just watching that was enhancing her excitement.

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