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And I am sure I will find you here again sometime. Remember my name, Jer__me"

She decided against storming out into the marketplace in case he followed her home. During those brief seconds she stood debating whether or not to try and lose him in the souk she saw Hassan signalling to her from the door at the back of the caf__. Pointedly Xanthe walked past her intruder towards him without paying the slightest attention. She knew his eyes followed her but she hoped that Hassan would discourage him from any future outbursts of familiarity. When she reached the doorway she was ushered through into the corridor behind. Hassan let the curtain fall behind them. She had been down here before when she had needed an escape route from various inconvenient situations. He took her hand and led her towards the light from the back alley that filtered through.

Xanthe blinked a few times before her eyes adjusted to the brightness of the alley. The boxes of fruit and other provisions for the caf__ were stacked up on either side and there was a stifling smell of something that had been left too long in the heat. The alley was narrow and she was almost touching Hassan as they paused outside the doorway. He was slightly taller than her and she felt one of those strange silences as she looked up at him. She could feel the air move around as he breathed down on her. Quickly she looked down again, ashamed at her lack of decorum.

"I am sorry Aasab__e . I did not know he would be so rude. I do not want you to be cross with me. I am bad for I tell him your name without you asking. But I only tell him you are Xanthe and you are my lady."

The look on his eyes was so remorseful she could not reprimand him for the action. But what he said struck a chord deep within her soul. He had called her "His Lady". On more than one occasion she had heard his voice inside her head say something similar, though it was usually when she was in bed and alone. Such thoughts were too scandalous to be expressed in public even to one's family. His fingers touched her chin and gently brought her face up to his. They were so close as to be able to feel each others' warm breath. She looked deep into his eyes. The caramel swirls within them were almost amber in their fluidity. Xanthe was losing herself in those swirls, like some form of elementary hypnosis, but nevertheless she became aware of his lips touching her own. Something inside her stopped her mind from reacting however, and as she felt his warm tongue slip between her lips and begin to slide against hers she responded with a zest she hadn't expressed to any man before. All the time her eyes were locked to his, refusing to blink in case the spell she was under shattered. She could feel his warm hands resting firmly on her hips through her dress as he pressed against her. But though her instincts had stopped her so far her mind did finally realise to its full extent. What if someone were watching them!

With all her strength, both mental and physical she shoved at Hassan. She was confused. He hadn't hurt her but she was so flushed. She wanted to scream at him. She wanted to push him back into the wall and kiss him again. She wanted to run, to go home, and never come back. She looked at the perplexed expression on his face and responded with her own of horror. Xanthe began to run. Hassan's hand brushed her dress as it billowed behind her but it grasped only air as the thin material slipped through. The streets blurred past her as she ran, people and faces came at her from all sides. She covered her lips with her hands, certain they could see the shame of the kiss she had just experienced. Her mind unwillingly skipped back to it and she slowed her pace. Unintentionally she had almost run back to her house that stood not more than a few yards further on.

She closed the door behind her when she reached her apartments.

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