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A son finds his mother is being dominated by her sister...

In reality we pulled up to a large building that didn't stand out too much as anything special, it was in a less crowded part of town. My curiosity was peaked. When we walked in the front door there was a man sitting at a desk almost like a receptionist. He asked if we had reservations then checked his list. When we were confirmed he welcomed us to Tantric. We were told the rules, anything goes as long as everyone consents and there are no photo devices to be used inside. As he talked my mind was racing, was it a strip club or something? We were directed down a hall and told to enjoy our night.

I was unprepared for what came next, through a set of doors there were a large amount of people scattered around a large room filled with couches and pillowed areas on the floor. Everyone was between half dressed and completely nude and were in all sorts of sexual situations. He had brought me to a swing club. We were both open minded and had talked about doing wild things like this but in truth I had always thought they were fantasies and nothing more. We wandered around and watched people in various acts of sex. There were other couples watching too but they were pleasuring themselves and each other as they did so. We felt out of place dressed and just wandering. Reed led me to an empty space away from most of the action and we started to make out as we slowly undressed each other. I was embarrassed at first and looked around nervously, he didn't seem to have any reservations about it. Soon though I became more comfortable as no one laughed at me or gave my body disgusted looks. I kept my bra and underwear on since I wasn't comfortable being in the buff yet. We started to fool around and it was no surprise I was dripping wet. It was really exhilarating watching this action live instead of on a porn video. I sat on his lap with my back to him so we could both watch the action in the room. He slid my underwear to the side and let his cock move into me. I couldn't help but moan as he did so and immediately started to rock my body, he held my hips and helped the movement along.

We sat screwing each other and just enjoying this experience for a while, I was able to cum but Reed withheld because he didn't want to be finished so soon this evening. As I rode him another couple wandered over. Both were attractive and young and wearing not a stitch. The wife gave a coy smile and asked if we wanted some company. They introduced themselves as Jade and Ryan. Reed let me take the lead to see how far I wanted to go. I smiled back and after introducing ourselves told them this was our first time and not sure really what to do with ourselves but would love the company. They had come here many times and soon my nerves were soothed and I was just enjoying myself. Jade suggested to ease myself into this open lifestyle that maybe the guys could watch and we could play around a bit. My husband was all up for that and so was Ryan. Jade helped me to undress fully and very gently she guided me to lay on the pillowed floor. We started by kissing and she stroked my face and hair as we did so, it didn't take long for my excitement to take over and reservations were out the window. We grew more amorous as we went along. She was a stunning woman and I couldn't get enough of running my hands over her curves.

She let her hand roam down past my waist, going slowly over my thighs and then as she cupped my pussy we kissed.

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