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Tension between friends erupts in a night of passion.

The man reached out and lifted the back of Vicky's dress, her gauzy black stocking-tops, suspenders and her plump bottom clad in sheer tight black nylon knickers were perfectly presented and the man wasted no time in sampling her wears. He stroked her thighs, his fingers gliding along her sheer stockings and then feathering across the pale skin above the welts of her stockings.
"You ladder my nylons and it's another two bob," Vicky hissed.

The man removed his hands briefly but only to open his flies; for an older gentleman he had a considerable sized and rather useful erection. The man stroked himself while he played with Vicky's knicker-clad buttocks; Mary could see the man was getting very red in the face as he stroked himself and squeezed Vicky's bottom.

"Jesus Vick I'm going to come any second and I really want a shag. Go on please let me," the man begged.

"Another tenner and you better be bloody quick," Vicky said in a harsh hushed tone.

The man quickly stepped out from behind the wall and positioned himself directly behind Vicky. He eased the gusset of her knickers aside and fumbled for little while then stood on tiptoes and thrust, pushing himself all the way in.

"Humph!" Vicky grunted as the man impaled her.

She hung onto the edge of the counter and pushed out her bum to assist the gentleman. He gripped her waist and thrust once, twice, three times and then he shuddered and ground himself against her bottom.

"Mmm...oh jeez Vick!" the man sighed.

"Quick! Quick! Someone is coming!" Vicky reached behind herself and pushed at the man.

He withdrew; his penis still hard and leaking semen. A gobbet of his spend rolled down the inside of Vicky's thigh and soaked into the welt of her stocking. Vicky pulled down and straightened her skirt as the man squeezed himself up against the wall, still breathing heavily as he quickly did up the buttons on his fly.

Mary had to stifle her laughter as Vicky served the client at the counter. When she came to collect the coats off the rack Vicky was shocked to find Mary hidden amongst the coats and jackets.

"Making a little extra on the job are we?" Mary whispered.

Vicky fixed Mary with a glare that declared she was in no mood for jokes.

The customer mucked around fitting his companion into her coat as Vicky impatiently tapped her heel on the floor. When the couple finally left she spun around and grabbed the older gentleman by the arm and pushed him out the door.

"Thanks Vicky that was wonderful," the man grinned when he was safely on the other side of the counter.

"Don't forget my tip," she growled.

"You are a sport," the man smiled and popped a ten shilling note on the counter.

When he left the foyer both Mary and Vicky broke down laughing. They hung onto each other and cackled like a couple of banshees. They laughed so hard that they teared up and their makeup ran.

A rather serious looking ma__tre d'h__tel returned to his post and gave them a scornful look.

"Stop that this instant; where do you think you are?" he growled.

"You! Fix your makeup and get your arse back out there and you; tidy up your counter and behave like a professional," he scolded them.

Mary used her compact mirror and fixed her makeup then shoved it all back in her purse and put it up on the employees shelf and returned to her duties. She couldn't stop smiling thinking about Vicky bent over the counter with the elderly chap behind her rutting away. As it turned out her smiling countenance earned a few extra bob in tips that night.

One year later...

Charlotte Beason awoke and with a start; it took her a few seconds to remember why she was in the huge bed with fresh sheets wearing silk stockings, satin directoire knickers, and a nylon full slip. The fabric of her sleeping attire felt wonderful against her soft clean skin.

She recalled everything that had happened yesterday; how she had been picked up and taken to Chelmsford Hall, Mary helping her to bathe and doing that

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