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"You are familiar with it?"

"Oh yes sir, I love the story but its language is archaic and I remember that the sentences go on forever." At first Cassy was nervous and her voice shook, but as the story unfolded she felt herself get pulled in, her voice warming and becoming more vibrant. Forgetting the man sitting watching her, she painted pictures with her voice.

He interrupted her, "I can see what you mean about the way the book is written. You have a lot of natural talent. You love to read and it shows in your voice."

Cassy looked up from the book, remembering where she was. "Does it mean I get the job?"

"Until you displease me. You will continue to work at the bookstore half time and spend the other half of your time reading to me. I will inform Jansen that you have new duties. You will be paid for the time you are in the cab. Get yourself something more appropriate to wear."

"Like what sir?"

"Something pretty, feminine, skirts, dresses, no pants, wear your hair down."

He showed her to the door. "Thank you for coming Cassy. I don't often spend time around people. I am sorry if I seem strange." He held out his hand to shake hers.

Cassy shyly held out her hand. He took it and then held it up to look closer under the lights of the hall. "You bite your nails."

Cassy felt a wave of embarrassment. She was usually careful to keep her hands hidden. "Another nervous habit sir."

"Its unattractive."

"My case manager always said when I really wanted to, I would stop."

"Well now you have a good reason to want to stop."

"A good reason sir?"

"I don't like it at all."

"Um... OK sir." Cassy doubted she could ever stop but at the same time she felt too overwhelmed by the force of this man's personality to argue that point.

Shopping was always a challenge. There was hardly any selection in the petite section at the discount store. She picked out a couple of knee length dark skirts, and a few white and finely printed long sleeved blouses. She chose a pair of low black heels and some nude pantie hose.

Mr. Landauer had left a message at the store for her to bring a copies of Cannery Row and Dandelion Wine with her when she came to read. Cassy felt a surge of confidence. She knew she would do great reading these books.

The store had a nice leather bound copy of Cannery Row, part of a complete Steinbeck library. On impulse Cassy added Sweet Thursday thinking that the pair shouldn't be separated. The store didn't have a hardback copy of Dandelion Wine. There wasn't much of a market for science fiction in hard back.

Cassy changed into one of her new outfits and looked in the mirror. She felt uncomfortable. She had never worn a dress or pantie hose ever before in her life. At least not that she could remember. She put on some extra eyeliner and shadow.

During the long cab ride Cassy pulled out a new book she had recently picked up from the second hand section of the store. Employees could buy second hand stock and return it for a full refund if the books were in the same condition.

The book was the first in a series of erotic interpretations of a fairy tale. There was a lot of graphic sex, with extreme violence. The prince had made a sex slave of the princess, tying her up and subjecting her to endless humiliations, keeping her in endless torment. Cassy found the helpless surrender of the princess very exciting.

The book made the cab ride go by quickly. As they pulled into the long dark drive, Cassy quickly stuffed the fairy tale into her back pack. She ran a comb through her baby soft hair, frowning as the waves refused to to lay down flat, floating soft and airy around her shoulders.

Forcing herself to speak in a normal tone she asked the cab driver, "Are you going to wait here for me?"

"No point in running clear back to town." Cassy felt herself relax a little. Somehow knowing that the cab was here waiting made her feel less vulnerable.


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