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The End.

.. holding back while buried in Lisa's tight, hot ass was hard enough ... but damn!

The biggest shock, however, was when Lance Tucker and Stewart Kimble started kissing ... each other! We all stood slack-jawed and I erupted into Lisa's ass while Stewart knelt to suck Lance's cock right in front of us! The wives were especially stunned, but they didn't miss a beat for very long, with Annabelle turning Debbie around to give her a steamy lip lock and start sucking her tits for good measure.

My dick recovered incredibly fast, as Lisa asked her father, "Would you like a turn in my ass, Daddy? It's a great butt, isn't that right, Dan? Nice and tight, even now, just well-lubed by Dan's cum and mine. It's okay if Daddy sodomizes me, right, Master?"

"Damn straight it is, though for now I need a good mouth around my own prick," I declared, prompting Debbie to start choking on my rod as she got it straight from Lisa's ass.

"Mrs. Kimble, sucking your former student off, eh?" I teased her a little about being originally Canadian as well as my former teacher.

"Hey, you were always my favorite student, dear ... and if you don't think that I craved you, even then, you don't know me as much as you might believe. You've had my daughter ... and my son-in-law, it seems ... might as well have me, too, right? You've been 'hot for teacher' in my case for a good while now, haven't you?" Debbie told me with a wink as she began to suck my cock like it was no trouble at all.

"You got that right, Mrs. Kimble," I smiled wickedly as our plans took off faster than expected.

"Call me Debbie, please," she answered as she engulfed my dick and my balls in her hot mouth.

Hell, Reverend Lance Tucker was now balls deep in his own daughter's ass (and getting my sloppy seconds), while Annabelle got Stewart's tongue in her snatch, and my old teacher was now sucking my dick, straight from my wife's ass, no less, with a vigor that showed how little she really aged. Debbie ... calling her that would take some getting used to, of course. She had always been Mrs. Kimble to me ... but then, she hadn't always been on her knees, sucking my cock like she feared it might fall off or something.

This was when Sarah and Mary Beth walked into the already unlocked kitchen, their faces freezing as they saw me now enter the prim and proper Christian lady who had taught them English literature after her mouth had gotten me stiff again. They also went white as a ghost when they saw Stewart take their mother and their father pound their own sister in the ass! My youngest sisters-in-law began, without realizing it at first, to drool and slip their fingers inside their panties to jill off while they saw this little orgy in the kitchen.

When Lance came in Lisa's ass and left a trail of his jizz behind, Sarah and Mary Beth fell to their knees in front of their father and just got busy sucking his dick like there was no tomorrow. I was more than a little stunned at their willingness to do so, until I remembered that they were Lisa's and Michelle's ... and David's little sisters. Yeah, enough said. Judging from Pastor Tucker's actions which belied his religious morals, that apple didn't fall far from the tree, nor from Annabelle's, for that matter.

Speaking of Annabelle, Stewart was now very much inside her, and he went to town with his dick, giving her a damned good pounding in front of us. However, it seemed to not bother Lance as much, which gave me hope for the future. Then again, he had just gotten done buggering his own daughter and kissing another man ... and now his younger daughters were orally sharing his dick, all of this right in front of his wife. Things seemed to be on the mend, especially once Stewart came inside Annabelle and I shot off my load in Debbie, Amber's mother and Stewart's wife.

"Well, cat's out of the bag, now, isn't it?" Michelle spoke behind us, "Don't worry, David and Amber are still keeping the kids busy with that movie marathon, but after that, perhaps they should go

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