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Student blackmails his teacher.

I would send Liu an email tonight asking what he thought. I would talk with Anna.

With all this on my mind, I wasn't as bright as I should have been on the walk I suggested. Beth had brought me a hooded jacket and kept hold of my hand. We nudged each other and walked along.

"Liu must have had something important for you to chew on. You are in another space."

"You're right and it isn't fair. I have to shape up."

"Just be yourself. That's one of the things we all love about you. We don't have to peel off any plastic to get to the real Alec."

"Oh, so I don't need one of those cock expanders that some guys wear?"

She turned and beat on me as hard as she could. "You are just impossible!" Then she hugged and kissed me. She whispered, "No, you don't need a cock expander. I'm still wrecked from what you did to me on the veranda."

The group ambled to a boardwalk that led to an ocean front bar. We clustered around a table with a view and ordered hot drinks. Emily and Clara wormed in close and asked about the morning meeting.

"Liu is a consultant to the Asians who made the royalty deal with me. They have a new idea about a joint venture with an American company that would develop new and faster methods of product development. Liu thinks we should be involved. He is sending some information about us and asking for a meeting. If we did it, they would provide a lot of working capital, seven figures, and protection for our existing company. Amy and Anna and I are going to talk about it tonight and have a conference with Sam next week."

Anna's eyes were drilling into me. I looked at her and mouthed, "More?" She shook her head no.

I looked at several anxious faces. "Hey, don't look so serious. This is good news. Everybody, and I mean everybody, should get a lift out of the challenge. Let's go find a fish shop."

Dinner was terrific. Traditional New England lobster dinner. Tons of french bread. Giant green salad. Ice cream and strawberries for dessert. The mood was lighter than in the afternoon. Everyone seemed to be making an effort to be cheery.

I stood, full of dinner, and said, "Amy and Anna and I have to talk, but first I declare a corner pile so you can ask us questions about whatever is on your mind."

Emma had me around the neck. "Grandson, keep reaching out to your brood. They are so imprinted on you that even little things get them agitated." She ruffled my hair and added, "Didn't ever think you would have to play Mother Goose, did you?"

I got my arms around her and got in a good tickle and a good grope of her front. My teeth nibbled on her neck as she struggled. "If I'm Mother Goose, you are Grandmother Goose. I'm watching you closely for clues."

I liked to close my eyes in the pile and just traverse bodies and limbs, feeling strong muscles, ticklish places, moist sexy places, lips looking for mine. Someone said, "We are struggling to keep up with all our work. How do we take on new work?"

Anna helped me out and responded, "This is a joint venture where both sides contribute scientists and staffers. Alec and I know we will need more people but before we get all excited about more recruiting, we have to be sure the joint venture company is really going to happen."

Amy chimed in, "You can be sure we will let the Asians know we are not going to risk our business plan because of the joint venture. The legal and business home of the new company is going to be here, and that gives us a lot of flexibility in how we put things together."

I had a petite toe in my mouth and the foot it was attached to was wiggling and the body it was attached to was giggling and struggling. I pulled it up close to me and drove my hand between the legs, getting a complete grip on the softness there. The hands came up and grabbed my ears. Lips were on mine, hard and demanding. It was Clara, all woman and all muscle. She gushed on my fingers and whispered, "Bad, bad, bad. I have very sensitive toes."

Someone was chewing vigorously on my ear.

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