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Roxy goes to New York but her career only splutters.

He answered her by sliding his hand behind her neck and pulling her mouth to his, giving her a very steamy kiss.

Immediately she began throbbing, her nipples became rock hard and she had inadvertently began spreading her legs as her father continued massaging.

He broke the kiss to tell her to take off her nightie.

"Daddy, we can't do this" she said.

"Please don't deny me this" he begged "I need you Jenna, daddy needs his babygirl tonight"

So Jenna got up from the couch, standing in front of her daddy.

Slowly she removed the white silk nightie, letting it slide from her shoulders, down to the floor.

Dave sat there, in total admiration of the beautiful woman he had helped create so many years ago.

His hands slid down, unbuttoning his dress slacks. As he raised his hips to slide them off Jenna saw just how big her daddy actually was.

She helped him unbutton his shirt, throwing it to the floor with her nightie.

"Come here Jenna" he instructed "Sit on daddy's lap"

She wasted no time lowering herself onto her daddy's lap, straddling his hips. She was so close that the tips of her nipples brushed his chest hair as he slid his hands on either side of her face, bringing her in for another steamy kiss.

Dave loved the way her naked body felt on his, her skin was so smooth, her tits were so perky and perfect. She smelled like lilac and her lips were sweet, like wine.

She could feel her daddy thrusting his hips up slightly, teasing her slit with his cock tip.

They began kissing harder, the passion building within them.

"I want you Jenna" he moaned "God, I fucking want you baby"

Jenna responded by slightly raising her body up so that her tits were right on her daddy's lips.

He hungrily began sucking on them like a starving infant.

Oh God this felt so good to her. She loved having her nipples sucked, but knowing it was her father sucking them made her twice as hot.

He slid his hands onto her ass, squeezing her ass cheeks, then pulling them apart. Guiding her back down slowly.

Mmmm, her daddy's cock was about to penetrate her. Her heart was racing as she leaned in and began sucking her daddy's earlobe, breathing heavily into his ear.

"Fuck me daddy" she whispered.

That's all Dave needed as he gripped her ass tighter and slammed his cock deep and forcefully into his daughter.

She screamed from the impact. Her daddy's cock was ripping and stretching her in every direction.

"Oh God baby" he moaned "I wanna do this forever"

Faster and harder she rode her daddy's cock. Using his shoulders to raise her up, then slam back down on him. Her nails ripping the flesh on his back. Her moans echoing off the walls of her living room.

"Oh fuck yes Jenna, fuck daddy's cock" he moaned louder.

"Oh daddy!! daddy!!" she yelled.

Just then Dave stood up. His cock still buried in his daughter. He walked across the room, Jenna still sliding up and down his shaft. They ended up in Jenna's bedroom.

Dave went straight to the bed and fell forward, landing on top of his daughter. Quickly he pulled her legs up to his shoulders, making her spread eagle on the bed. Her shaved, smooth pussy in perfect view as he watched his cock being swallowed by his daughter's cunt.

"Rub your clit baby" he ordered her.

Jenna hurriedly slid her fingers down to her clit, rubbing furiously, bucking wildly to meet her daddy's every thrust.

"Oh God yesss baby, that's it, fucking rub it hard" he moaned, still pumping her.

"Daddy!!!!! daddy!!!!!!" she yelled, her petite little frame shaking.

"I'm gonna cum daddy!!!" she said. "Oh shit, I'm cummingggggggg"

Just the sheer feeling of her pussy walls contracting and releasing as she climaxed drove Dave over the edge.

He began pumping his daughter with every bit of his strength.

Finally exploding deep into her womb, dumping every drop into his babygirl.

He didn't care if she got pregnant. He had often fantasized about impregnating his daughter.

His loud orgasmic screams bounced off the walls of her tiny bedroom.

But daddy was nowhere near finished with his newfound

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