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Another one of KGB's solo-sexcapades. Age 21

Tina was really squirming now as the vibration from the shaver were turning her on even more and Jack had to tell her to keep still as he was now in the delicate areas. The only short stubbly hairs were around her anus and labia walls with a few between the inner and outer lips.

Tina was nearly coming as he shaved her so close and when he shaved over her clitoral hood she could no longer hold back and Tina erupted in a glorious exhibition of a woman in ecstasy. Her back and hips were jerking and Jack only just moved the shaver out of her vaginal area in time.

When she had calmed down enough Jack finished off shaving the final few hairs and leaned back to admire his handiwork. Tina didn't know that he'd never done this before but he had made a good job and she was al bald down there now as when she was a young girl.

He rubbed some of the soothing cream onto her red areas and just the movement of massaging the cream in, got her jerking again. "God she was up for this again," he smiled to himself. He stepped back off the edge of the bed and pulled her up with him as she looked down as her shaven pussy and felt wonderful. "Doesn't it look different?" she mused as she went over to a full-length mirror and looked at herself.

Jack looked at her reflection in the mirror and pointed out that in the pornography world she would have a 'camel-toe' with the pronounced crease produced by her large outer pussy lips.

"Do you like it?" she asked and Jack nodded.

"I fucking love it darling. In fact I could eat it again but I have another experiment to try out first," he pronounced.

Tina noticed that Jack had the start of an erection which was a good sign and she'd found another pack of Viagra in her drawer which was good, as there was only one of the others left. Jack had suffered from erectile dysfunction for quite a while and Tina had given him Viagra during their first session last week and it had worked brilliantly.

"What do you want me to try this morning O Master?" she quipped with a smile.

Jack rearranged the pillows again like last week and lifted her naked body and laid her on her back along the pillows with and extra pillow under the small of her back.

"Open your legs as wide as you can without hurting yourself." he ordered and took one of her ankles and fastened it into the anklet near the corner of the bed. Before Tina could react or even work out what he was doing he had her other ankle tied into the other anklet.

"I hope your going to like this darling as everything I've read says that sex whilst tied up is the greatest sexual experience you can have," she didn't resist as she trusted him not to hurt her, and after all his track record for sex with her was 110% so far. She lay back and let him tie her up.

As he tied her wrist into the other two armlets he told her that this is called Bondage. "I think you'll love this especially with the new toys I've bought for you," as found the adjusters and slowly tightened them until Tina's body was stretched out tight with her tummy really stretched -- She was ready.

Her freshly shaved pussy looked fantastic as he picked up the long mirror and angled it so Tina could see herself. She could not believe that it was her stretched out like a porn star ready for fucking.

Jack could not resist the temptation and took his digital camera out of his bag and took a picture of the glorious sight in front of him. He'll treasure this photo forever. Tina was not so sure but she soon had her mind taken off it.

Jack now took the two vibrators from the bag and concealed them from Tina's view as he climbed between her spread legs. As Tina lay there the only contact she had with Jack was his finger gently rubbing her clitoris and this was all it took to bring her off again to her first orgasm in bondage and her second of the morning.

Jack took the pocket rocket, turned it on and replaced his finger with the intense vibrations directly onto her clitoris.

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