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My mouth went slack, falling open as he stepped between her legs and dropped his trousers. The guy had a huge dick. It was maybe ten inches, but thicker than my wrist and it really stretched the actress' pussy as he took her. Of course I was imagining that I was the one being fucked, and it was definitely turning me on - watching that thick cock sliding in and out, in and out...

Five minutes into the movie and my nipples were already rock hard, straining against my bra. I reached up under my t-shirt to stroke my titties. I massaged them through my bra a moment, and then pulled my hand away, embarrassed. What was I doing? A quick look around the theater confirmed that no one had seen me, at least I didn't think so. I couldn't see very far in the dim glow from the screen.

Luckily, the scene shifted to one with no sex, giving me time to recover. I made it through the next sex scene without incident. Well, with no more than the excitement that was filling me and that got me to taking shallow breaths all over again, but I was in control.

Then the dark haired man was back with his sledge hammer cock. Back with two buddies it seemed, and their cocks were almost as impressive. More long than thick, but they were definitely hung. As they lounged in a sauna, a busty blonde came into the picture and knelt before the dark haired one. She brought his cock up with her hands, long strokes with a twist around its tip until he was fully hard. Then she lowered her head to take him in her mouth. Barely able to get her lips around his cock, her mouth gaped wide as she held onto to his hips for support and he gripped her hair. His thrusts become deeper and deeper, and the end of his cock would push out the side of her cheek only to disappear as it went down her throat. The other two guys stood by fondling her massive bosom and themselves.

I slid my hand into my shirt and under the fabric of the bra for a bit of fondling myself. Pushing the cup down with the back of my hand, I freed one tit and then the other, rubbing my thumb over my aching nipples and pinching them. Noticing that as I massaged my tits my shirt was being pushed up to expose them, I slid lower in the seat, not wanting to stop. I told myself that it was the cool air on my tits that felt good, but if I was honest, it was thrilling to have them exposed with strangers only a few yards away. Even if it was mostly dark, it added to the excitement of watching those larger-than-life cocks on the screen. Made it almost unbearable, in fact, and I felt the rush of warmth in my pussy that meant my clit and labia were becoming engorged.

Seeing the woman sucking that cock was exciting. But seeing those guys with their dicks in their hands was even more so. I hadn't expected to see men pleasuring themselves, and it was amazing. Dicks glistening from the steam or oil or something, they yanked and tugged on themselves as they watched their buddy getting sucked. One had both his hands sliding up and down his shaft, squeezing his fist over the head.

My pussy was positively throbbing. I squeezed my thighs together and rolled my hips forward a little to pull my jeans tight against my groin. The hard little knob where the seams came together at the crotch pushed against my vagina, and any movement of my hips had it rubbing my clit. It made me gasp, and I couldn't stand it.

I leaned back again to part my legs, but that just made acutely aware of my pussy. That it was steaming hot. That there was nothing filling it. So I pinched my nipples, trying to distract myself from the fact that my pussy was crying out for touching. Wrong thing to do. It sent a shiver straight down my tummy, and reflex made my legs squeeze together again. In no time, my breath was ragged and I was rocking in the seat.

A squeaky seat! It must have taken me a minute to realize that because I remember my eyes popping open in alarm when I had no idea I'd even closed them.

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