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An apology turns into passion for twins.

We walked hand in hand in the city. All people saw was a tall, good-looking black man walking around with a tall and exquisitely beautiful black woman. I must say I was happy to walk around with her.

Folks, I haven't had too much luck in the romance department. My last girlfriend was a black skank named Stephanie Parks. You know the type. A chickenhead with a big ass and big tits, but nothing in the way of manners or intelligence. Stephanie works as a secretary for a lawyer's office near my investment firm and I'd heard from one of the white guys next door that she gave great head. I asked her out and we hooked up a few times. I found out that she did give great head. However, she forgot to mention to me that she was a psycho. She began stalking me almost immediately after I broke off our relationship. She was good in bed but I couldn't stand a woman who cussed worse than an NYC cab driver. This bitch had absolutely no class. She was ghetto to the core.

Gina was the officer I talked to when I came to the Boston Police Department seeking a restraining order against my psychotic ex-girlfriend. Truth be told, I wasn't sure how the cops were going to deal with me. Even though I've got an MBA from Boston College and I used to be a college football star, I was still a black man living in America. The police are not friendly to the black man. They see him as the enemy. It doesn't matter what his accomplishments are. Also, the authorities are biased against men. They always take the woman's side over the man's because that's the way the feminists set up the system decades ago. Women falsely accuse men of wrongdoing every damn day and get away with it. Men who come forward with genuine claims are laughed at or ignored by the authorities. Isn't that a nice world we live in? All women who falsely accuse innocent men are worthless bitches and I don't care who disagrees with me. As you can imagine, I was a bit nervous about talking to a female police officer about my psychotic ex-girlfriend who was stalking me. Women tend to stick together. Especially when one of their own is doing something evil to an innocent man!

To my immense relief, Boston Police Officer Gina Dawson was unlike any woman I'd ever met. As I spoke to her about the scary messages my ex-girlfriend left on my cell phone and the dirty looks her girlfriends gave me whenever I ran into them, she listened carefully. When I finished with my spiel, she gently touched my hand and said she understood. I was surprised, to say the least. She told me to head to Boston Trial Court and seek a restraining order. She told me who to talk to, and to drop her name. I went and proceeded exactly as she told me. An hour and a half later, I left the court with a smile on my face. The court was going to serve a restraining order to my ex-girlfriend Stephanie Parks.

I went home, feeling a bit relieved. I went out to celebrate. I dropped by the Lotus Bar, a popular joint with young gay and bisexual men in the city. I ordered a drink. A Hennessee. Guess who walked in? Police officer Gina Dawson, clad in a red shirt, black leather pants and knee-high black leather boots. Oh, and she also wore a black fedora. I was stunned. The gal looked good enough to eat. Better than any supermodel I'd seen in ages. I waved at her and smiled. Gina noticed me, and grinned. She sat on the stool next to me. I offered her a drink but she declined. Insisted on paying for her own. That was surprising, to say the least. We began talking. And this, folks, is how it all began.

I learned a lot about Gina Dawson.

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