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Finding Melissa.

I think I can thank A for really teaching me how to kiss well -- as I have been told that I am a great kisser by every girlfriend I have ever had.

Well, this must be early early November -- and I had been going with A for about two months, and other than making out, nothing else had happened, sexually speaking. Don't forget, I was not able to see her on the weekend! I think we were both getting a bit frustrated with a lack of privacy and the inability to maybe go a bit further (Hell, I knew I was).

This one day in early November was unseasonably warm in NY, probably about 70 degrees. As it was so nice, A and I went for a walk in Central Park around noon. I think that we were both a bit horny that day because I remember the desperation we felt as we tried to find someplace a little more private in the park that day. We walked for about a half-hour, going past all of our spots, but there seemed to be people everywhere. I remember looking at this one spot, high on a huge boulder, somewhere near the John Lennon tribute, but there was a couple there already. As we continued walking through the park, we happened by that spot again, and I saw that noone was there. I pointed it out to A and she smiled and said it looked nice.

Once we got there, we removed our jackets, sat down on the boulder and looked out over the Park. The place was actually pretty well hidden from most areas of viewing. There were trees around us, and we were elevated so people walking by really couldn't see us, unless they were trying to look at us. Also, there were some other rocks behind us, apparently blocking the view of people behind us.

Well, before you know it, we were laying side by side, fully clothed, and kissing each other. I remember it clear as day when I took my hand and put it on her breast, over her shirt. I knew that she was feeling pretty warm at that point, and I was wondering how far this could go. We kissed for awhile longer and I grew a bit bold. I put my hand under her shirt, and cupped her breast over her bra.

"She didn't stop me," I thought - and I know that she felt how hard I was at that point. I pressed myself into her as we continued kissing, just so she would know how excited she was making me. As we kissed some more, I started lifing her shirt up, over her belly and then over her bra. She was wearing a pale blue bra and I could see her dark nipples, hard through the thin material. Her hands were holding me, but she wasn't being very adventursome with them at the time. I stopped kissing her for a second to look at her chest. I then moved my head down and moved my hands under her bra, pushing up, moving the bra over her tits -- and SHE WAS LETTING ME!!!

This was the first time I had seen them. Like I had said earlier, she was probably about a 34b cup, at most, but, at that time, she and they were absolutely perfect. Her nipples were dark brown and very hard. I took one in my mouth and suckled on it, and she put her hands in my hair to caress my hair as I did. I moved from one breast to another, suckling her nipples and lightly squeezing her breasts. She moaned softly a few times, so I knew that I was doing something ok.

I did this for about a minute before thinking that I better start kissing her again. So, I looked up at her. She had this dreamy look on her face and I kissed her again. I slowly pushed her back so she was lying on our jackets on the rock. I don't think we even thought about anyone else at that point -- Lord knows I didn't -- all the blood in my brain had traveled to another area of my body. She was still wearing her jeans and we were kissing, when I rolled myself on top of her. Now, my hard cock was right on top of the crotch of her jeans, and i knew she could feel it. My hands continued to play with her breasts as we continued kissing. I was dry humping her a little bit as well - it seems that my hips had taken on a mind of their own.

Then, finally, her hands seemed to wake up.

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