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He realized he was naked on top of it, and slowly pulled back. He kept one hand on it, feeling its body. Lance wondered what it was as it silently let him grope her. It was female, he figured by the two soft mounds on it's chest and the lack of protrusion between her legs.

She said nothing, in order to appear as alien as possible she was not to speak until spoken to. Laura felt odd as his hands explored her, feeling her body responding to the firm touch of his warm fingers.

He was speechless as he noticed it's nipples hardening, it took a while for his eyes to adjust but now he could see clearly where she was. He took a deep breath unaware of his body's response as he looked into her impossibly soft gray eyes.

He opened his mouth to speak and found himself unable to form words as he felt her shift beneath him, her legs parting. Lance found himself in the middle of his most bizarre, erotic, fantasy and not knowing what to do.

Laura felt the blood pulsing in her body and couldn't recall the last time she'd felt as safe and sexy all at the same time underneath a naked stranger. He had this odd innocent look on his face as she parted her legs and wordlessly invited him in. She reached her hands up to run over his smooth chest. She could feel the heft of his dick against her belly.

He wondered if the air was getting to him and any second he'd find that he was lying on dust. Until then he planned on enjoying the pliable body underneath him. Lance let his fingers caress down between her legs. He kept his eyes locked on hers as her body greeted him with warmth and wetness. He felt out of place and time, unable to believe how responsive this creature was. He glanced down for an instant surprised at how stiff he already was. His eyes got lost in hers as he felt her fingers stroke him. The air had to be getting to him, or the gravity affecting him somehow as his fingers strummed along what he assumed was her clit.

She blinked as his fingers caressed her clit, feeling tremors spread through her body. Her lips parted in an unuttered moan as her body grew hot and her hips rose as passion crashed through her body. Laura took a deep breath as she guided him into her, letting the tip rest at her entrance, needing him to provide the thrust to enter her, for him to want it as much as she did.

Lance was staring into her eyes as they opened, watching her hazy lust filled expression. He felt her soft slender fingers guide him to her and he saw her need as he pressed into her hot slick body. She was tight and responsive underneath him and he found himself wishing to never leave.

She found herself craving his touch as she licked her lips. Her body moving with his in an dance older than time itself.

He noticed her tongue dart out and his mouth descended. Her lips were sweet he thought as he found it completely comfortable to keep his eyes open. She was watching him right back as time stretched out and the lowered gravity led to an uniquely orgasmic experience. His mouth left hers as he yawned, needing oxygen. He swore he had just blinked but when he woke up he was lying on his back alone in the lunar landscape. His hand ran along his chest wondering what had happened. He looked down and noticed his cock was covered in fine gray dust. He stood up slowly wondered what sick twisted thing he had done in his sleep.

He looked around seeing a clearly marked door and moved towards it with a leap in his step. After opening the door he felt the gravity return to normal as he walked over to his clothing. He felt a little embarrassed as he tried to brush the dust off his semi hard dick. It was tough to remove as it seemed to be clinging to wetness. He flushed as he figured it was probably his own cum and dressed quickly.

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