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Boss blackmails prim married worker.

Instead, he had found himself canceling his meeting, sorry, couldn't be helped, sorry..under the weather, will reschedule, so sorry, click, come here my sweet slut...I've got all the time in the world to make you beg some more for this...


One hand at the small of her back, broad palm exerting firm pressure there, allowing her to glide that precious inch forward, that sublime inch backward, her throbby button massaging the thick vein midway down the underside of his shaft. The other hand wound tightly into her shiny blonde hair, his voice metronome steady, deep soft and commanding.

"I'm going to let you back on my cock. Would you like that? You would? Why."

"Because it feels so good. I need it. cunt needs it."

"Ohhhhhh, I know baby. I know. But Amy, we had a deal. You could have my cock, all the way down to the base, like the last times. But you had to be able to control your pussy. You could only clench with your muscles when I said. That way I can fuck you for as long as I want to. And I want to fuckkkkk you Amy. I want to slide my thick long perfectly fitting cock. Shhhhh you cant have it yet...only after you promise me again...promise me Amy ... at least for a count of 10....that's not so long is it?"

"yesssssyes I promise Steven, I promise"

"Promise what?"

"promisenottoclenchmymuscles! Now give UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH"

With a shift of his hips and a pull of his hands on her ass, Amy suddenly found herself completely impaled on the length of his cock. Deep inside her, of their own volition, her insides aligned, settled and wrapped around him. Her G-spot, her fucking A, B, C, D and F spots began to vibrate like perfectly struck tuning forks. Her eyes rolled in her head, her back arched, her thighs pressed hard at his sides. Never a fit like this. God forgive her for wanting nothing else, ever.

"jeeezus baby oooomyfucking fucksluttttt you tight tight tight...."

He was lost too, his body too singing some new song deep inside. This this this, he thought. This is what "they" mean about inner muscles, about women who can milk a man, about kama sutra tantric Sting-like fucking sexxx...this is why men had cocks and women had cunts...


He had wanted to make her beg some more. To make her make that crooning sound that she made last time when she gamely attempted to keep from clamping her muscles around his almost too fat dick. She could do it for a moment, for a second, but no longer. It seemed to make her hurt in some delicious way, to feel something that felt too good to be sustainable. After, she could not even describe the sensation with out curling up next to him in a fetal position and going after his softened cock with her mouth.

Between wet sucks that cleaned her cum syrup from him, she shyly told him that she liked it when he made her try to do things with her pussy. That she liked it when he talked to her while she was on top, when he called her those names.

"What names, Amy?" Though he knew.

"Like when you called me your fuck slut." Here her voice got very soft but her mouth got more aggressive, pulling on his cock with sealed lips as she moved her whole upper body away from his body, as if to accelerate the rate at which he lengthened. Her suck became strong and demanding, her fingers delving beneath his balls to find the places that worked for her after the first time. They worked again this time.

She climbed atop him and reached beneath her to take hold of his spit-slick length, but before she could come down on it, his hand was there too, covering hers, preventing her body from claiming its prize. She pulled hers out from between them, hoping he would do the same, but he kept his wrapped firmly around his base, feeling the wet of her saliva against the edge of his palm, and the heat of her cunt settle atop the ring made by his thumb and index finger.

Amy wasted no time in trying to screw herself downward.

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