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From dawn and onwards, arousal through hot, hard fucking.

He withdrew and offered his cock, still coated in her pussy juice to her eager mouth. Eve sucked hungrily on the still engorged end, licking every last drop of him.

Cain, ever the gentleman, wiped his now shrinking cock on her face as he said, "that was very nice love, but I have an oil change to do, so if you can get decent, we will get going back."

"Bastard" was Eve's only comment as she re-fastened her bra and adjusted the thong.

"I might be a bastard, but I am one hell of a fuck, agree?"

Eve smiled and said "I can't argue with that." as she climbed back in the car.

Mentally she crossed Cain of her "to do" list, one down nine to go, who would be next?

Meanwhile at the Grange Bed and Breakfast hotel in the village, Victoria Sugden was busy making the bed in number four bedroom, when she heard Amy shout to her.

"Vick, come quick, look at this." came the voice of Amy Wyatt, the Pollard's foster daughter.

"Where are you?"

"In number two," came the reply

Victoria made her way down the corridor to see what the urgency was all about.

"Look at these," Amy said holding out a few DVD's. "That weird guy who booked in yesterday, they are his."

Victoria took them and glancing through discovered they all contained lesbian themes.

"Lets watch one." said Amy.

"We don't have time, anyway the guy might come back."

"No he's booked a late dinner, said he would be back about eight, come on, it will be fun."

"Ok then," said Victoria, selecting a DVD and heading to Amy's room.

The two girls settled on the bed and started the film. It was quite mild compared to some and involved two girls of similar age to them, kissing, undressing and then licking each others breasts and pussy's.

Neither girl had spoken until Amy asked, "Have you ever done it with a girl?"

Victoria was shocked and replied, "no, and I don't want to, thank you very much." and as an after thought asked , "why have you?"

Amy stroked Victoria's arm and said softly, "no but I would like to try it sometime."

With that she moved closer and gently pressed her lips to Victoria's."

Victoria was shocked and pulled away, then without thinking pulled Amy towards her and kissed her full on the mouth, her tongue reaching for Amy's as she felt the need to kiss her friend over and over again.

After a few minutes, Amy spoke, "where did that come from? It was so nice, can we do it again?" Pulling Victoria onto her they resumed kissing.

As they continued to kiss, Amy's hand slid under the thin fabric of Victoria's T shirt and she began to caress the other girls soft skin. This intensified Victoria's kisses so Amy became a little more adventurous and moved her hand onto her breast. She could feel through her bra that the nipple was already erect as she began to rub the hard nub of flesh with her fingers.

Victoria was loving the feeling of her breast being caressed by Amy and was willing her friend to be even more daring. Her wish came true as Amy undid her bra and instantly she was running her fingers over Victoria's firm young breasts. The touch of Amy's fingers against the hardness of her nipple sent Victoria into a state, very rare in her limited sexual experience, she felt something strange, but pleasurable, she was building to an orgasm. Her panties were damp, verging on wet as her friend continued to kiss her and caress her breast

Amy's mouth left Victoria's, her tongue trailing a wet path down her neck, towards her breasts. When finally Victoria felt another woman's lips on her breast, she came, long and hard, the climax soaring through her body as she felt as she had never felt before.

Amy was certainly the giver. As she continued to kiss, lick and nibble at Victoria's now throbbing nipples, her hand slowly slid down Victoria's body, popped the button on her jeans and slid her hand down inside the other girls panties.

She encountered the first curls of pubic and her fingers encountered the wetness of Victoria's pussy.

Victoria lay back on the bed as Amy worked her jeans down over her thighs, down her legs

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