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Nick reached over and took her hand. He brought it over to Laura's nearest breast. Taylor felt her fingers come in contact with the warm flesh. They seemed to tingle at the touch. Then his hand was gone. She watched it travel down Laura's belly to her pussy.

With the attention to her breasts and pussy, Laura began to hum with pleasure. Looking down, Laura realized that without quite being aware of it, she had taken over pleasuring Laura's breasts. This went on for several minutes.

Nick was doing something that was making Laura breathe harder and faster. But Taylor was fascinated with watching her own hands work. She though of the way she liked her own breasts fondled and was using this to excite Laura.

Somewhere in there, Nick stopped what he was doing and got off the bed. Now it was just Laura and Taylor. Taylor continued to play with Laura's breasts and they were both so caught up in the feeling that they only vaguely wondered what would come next. Then she felt Nick's hands on her hips. Nick had gotten undressed come up behind her. Using his strong hands he repositioned Taylor so that she was face down on the bed with her head hovering over Taylor's closest breast. He lay down on the other side of Laura's body, facing her and gently pressed her head until her lips were only inches away from the bound girl's nipple. Then he started rubbing her back.

Taylor felt his finger slide slowly down her spine and through the crack in her behind. She was transfixed. She looked down at a gently heaving breast and over at Nick's smiling face. He leaned forward and kissed her. Deeply and tenderly. When he broke off, he reached up and took a fistful of her hair. Using it like a handle, he repositioned her face so that her lips were actually making contact with Laura's nipple.

Taylor looked into Nick's eyes and began to suck. She knew the effect this was having on him. Laying there bound, feeling a woman's lips on her nipple, Laura had fantasized about this for years. A dark, deep, hidden fantasy.

After a couple of minutes Taylor really started to get into it. What did she like? She brought her hands up and grasped the nearest breast. She squeezed it rather hard to make the skin taut and sensitive. She nibbled on the nipple and swirled her tongue around it in lazy circles. She was gratified to hear Laura moan deeper, and she felt Laura's body quiver with pleasure and lust beneath her own. Watching Nick to see the effect her performance was having on him, as well, she inched forward and repeated the performance on the other breast.

For a while Nick continued to rub and tweak Taylor's behind as he watched her. Then he moved back down between Laura's legs and did something else that caused her to writhe with pleasure.

Nick let this build for a while. He randomly tickled and prodded Laura's clit in preparation for what was to come. He wanted her at a high pitch of excitement.

He watched Taylor as she increased the tempo of her assault on Laura's breasts. He was keeping a careful eye on how turned on they both were getting. When he judged the time was right, he moved.

Taylor felt hands on her hips again. She was pulled gently but firmly back and away. Next thing she knew Nick pulled her to her knees and then off of the bed and on to her feet. He walked her around to the foot of the bed.

Taylor found herself staring directly up between Laura's legs. The bound girl's chest was heaving with her labored breathing and her nostrils were flaring.

Nick moved around Taylor again. He hugged her tightly. She could feel his stiff prick wedged up against the crack in her ass. She suddenly wanted him to enter her from behind as much as she'd ever wanted anything sexual. But he was whispering in her ear again.

"OK, baby," he said. "She's all yours."

And then he simply released his hug and stepped back.


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