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A handy story with a fistful of action.


I nodded my head as I pulled away from him. Then I informed him "I am going to go take a shower to feel clean."

While I was in the shower John came into the bathroom and stepped into the tub. He took the soap from my hand and started soaping up my body. He paid close attention to my breast and my pussy. He soaped up his hand again and inserted his finger inside me. We leaned into one another and started kissing while John started moving his finger in and out of my quim.

I grabbed ahold of John's shoulders to keep myself standing up. He started moving his finger faster until I came. I quivered and got goosebumps all over my body. We quickly washed John up and we both rinsed off.

Once we were dry we went out in the sleeping area naked. John laid on his back on the bed I was looking at his cock. I hadn't looked at it before we had sex earlier. I wrapped my hand around his shaft, he was so thick my fingertips couldn't touch each other while I started sliding my hand up and down. Once John was fully erect I was in awe at how perfect his cock looked.

I wanted to try and give him head so I leaned forward and took his cock in my mouth. I had watched some porn videos to see what I needed to do giving a blow job. I was bobbing up and down until the head of his cock hit the back of my throat. I gagged and pulled off, then took a deep breath and went down on him again. When I got his cock to my throat I relaxed the best I could and swallowed. I gagged again but this time I stayed on him.

I felt my nose touch his blonde pubic hair and heard him moaning. I was rubbing his balls then came up to suck on the head of his cock. I wrapped my hand around the shaft again, I got into a rhythm with my hand and mouth. John was moving his hips to meet me when I came down on him.

John pulled me off his cock and directed me to crawl on top of him. I straddled his waist as he held his cock in position to slide into my pussy as I lowered myself onto him. Once John's cock was completely inside of me I sat there for a minute to get used to his size.

I then started moving up and down and grinding against him. John was looking at me with a cocky smile then told me "You look beautiful up on my cock!" I smiled at him as I put my hands on his chest to keep my balance and for support.

I started moaning and breathing faster, I leaned down to start kissing him. John wrapped his around my back to hold me in place. Then he reached down to my ass, he grabbed my cheeks and started moving me faster on his cock. I bit down on his shoulder as I came, John kept moving me telling me not to stop. Then he came hard and I felt as his sperm was hitting the inside of my pussy walls.

We laid there catching our breath I popped up suddenly with a startled look on my face "You didn't wear a condom!" I yelled at John.

He replied with "Well hell you've never been with anyone other than me and you are on the pill."

I slid off him to sit on the bed looking at him shaking my head. Then all I said before I got off the bed was "True but you have been with others before me." I walked into the bathroom to pee and get cleaned up.

John came in to wash his cock and balls off from where my juices ran down on him. He looked at me very seriously and told me "Yes I have but I am clean." I nodded my head at him when he went on to tell me "Besides I hate wearing condoms I can't feel anything so it takes me a hell of a lot longer to cum."

I just smiled and replied "Maybe I want to you to last a lot longer!" I giggled as I turned to walk out of the bathroom. John slapped me on the ass, which caused me to yelp. Then he started laughing.

We sat on the bed talking for a quite a while until I started yawning.

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