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I was trying to find out where the singer was staying in town, but with no luck. I was running by the lake still thinking about how I was going to get Pink. I looked ahead and saw a woman jogging about 50 feet in front of me. She was wearing tight shorts and a sports bra. I ran right beside her and saw that it was the very person that was on my mind since the meeting... Pink!

"Nice day" I said.

"Yeah, but if you don't mind I am about to stop so see you later" Pink said ruddily. Wow this is going to be hard but I am up for a challenge.

I stop with her and sat by her on the park beach. "Did you not hear me GO AWAY!"

"I was just going to tell you I was on the board that picked you to come to G-Wood St."

"Thanks for bringing me to this hellhole, I could be in Paris for my vacation but my manager thought this gig was good press"

"I can help you feel better about the show tomorrow"

"Yeah right what will you do?"

"How about... SLEEP!" Just then Pink lowered her head and closed her eyes. Which gave me time to look at the red-hot singer. She had her hair dye pink with black highlights like in the "just like a pill" video. I was ready to begin my plan. "Pink I want you call me Nic and tell me the truth."

"Yes, Nic"

"When was the last time you got laid?"

"Three months ago, I got drunk and screw some guy in my dressing room. Every time I get some cock I feel great I love to screw has many guys has I can."

"Would you fuck me?"

"No, You are not my type I like guys with big cocks"

"How do you know I have a small cock?"

"You have small feet and you know what they say how about guys with small feet they have tiny cocks." I have size 13 shoes and have a 10-inch cock so she must have screwed the L.A. Lakers if she thinks I have small feet.

"OK Pink is your pussy shaved?"

"No I trim it"

"Let me see, go over behind those trees and show me your pussy." I walked with Pink to the trees away for the path and watch has she pulled her shorts down to see the shock of my life, she had a small patch of hair right above her clit and the hair was dyed pink! It was a bright pink that made my cock get hard it a matter of seconds. "My god that is great why did you do that?"

"It turns me on and guys love it"

"Ok Pink I want to close your eyes and think of the man of your dreams" Pink closed your eyes with her shorts still down to your ankles leaning on a tree. "Are you thinking about your dream guy fucking you?"

"Yesssssssss" I looked at you face and saw a look that would make any guy cum in his tracks. Her mouth was open and was moaning with her hand rubbing her breast over her sports bra. I looked down to her "pink" pussy and saw that it was getting wet and running down her leg! I knew that it was now and never.

"Pink I want you to wake up on the count of three and you will see the man and you dream in front of you"

"Yesssssssssss NNNic" She said moaning.

"1...2...3...wake" Has soon has she opened her eyes she jump at me and I fell to the ground with the extremely horny singer on top ripping my shirt off. I was felling her ass has she was kissing my nipples and amazed on how tight her ass was. Wow she must run everyday I thought. I started to remove her top; she has small but great tits that are perky with her left nipple pierced. Pink then pulled my shorts off and with both hands jacked me off tell I was about to exploded all over her.

"I'm coming!" I yelled.

"Wait let me taste this; I need some cum in my month" Pink said. She then moved your face in front of a load cock and the words that made me fire a huge load of cum.

"Now fucking cum all over my slut face you fucking stud!" And I did. Man I shot at least 10 loads on her face. She licked it off here lips and ate all the cum. Just then two runners came by. I grabbed Pink and hid behind some bushes.

"Hey my hotel is just down the street, let's go and clean off in my hot tub." The singer said.

"Sounds good lead the way."

Back at the Pink's hotel room...

"Make yourself at home I will started the hot tub and get my suit"

"Ok baby I will get s

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