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Submissive journey on vacation continues.

He failed to mention that he fucked her harder than he had ever fucked a woman before, fueled by her punishment but that wasn't important.

"Lean over and put you hands against the wall," Sarah instructed. Chris did as he was told, a shudder of pleasure coursing through his body as her words controlled his every move. "Put your head down and relax. This is going to hurt a bit," she said and Chris lowered his head between his outstretched arms, bracing for the worst. She flipped open the cap on a tube of A&D ointment that she had in her desk from her last tattoo, depositing a small amount onto her fingertips she smoothed it onto the angry welts on Chris' back. He gasped at the feelings of coolness and pain on his raw skin, closing his eyes tightly.

"That's a good boy," Sarah cooed softly. She continued applying the soothing salve to his back with a gentleness that Chris didn't know she had possessed. "I know you saw Johnny and I in the dry-storage area the other day," Sarah remarked out of the blue which cause Chris to raise his head slightly before Sarah roughly pushed it back down, "Just relax, you can't be tense," she said lovingly. "Johnny saw you. He didn't tell me until afterwards, he knew I would have stopped. When he said you were watching so intently I thought you were just shocked to see your boss and coworker going at it. I didn't know you were interested in the lifestyle," she concluded.

"I love it when a woman takes control," Chris said softly, admitting his taboo desires to his chef. Sarah continued to rub the ointment into all of the lash marks on his back. There were dozens ranging from small light pink lines to angry red stripes that nearly broke the skin. Sarah couldn't believe that he had endured them, such a young kid.

"Did you like it when she hit you? I've seen her with the riding crop; most people use the tip and it stings a bit, but she uses the whole shaft, more like when you cane someone."

Chris sighed. He had thought about this long and hard especially while it was happening. "I don't like the pain," he said after much deliberation, "but the pain I can block out or channel into other emotions."

Sarah nodded, "But Chris, BDSM isn't really about pain per se, it is about control and domination and surrendering yourself to someone else completely, trusting them with your life and well-being in their hands." She finished with the ointment and put down the tube.

She stepped back and took another look at Cat's work on her young apprentice's back, the cream adding a shine to the raised marks. She knew he was a strong kid, he had endured her playful punishment plenty of times but now she saw something different in him. She finally saw him as a man. Sarah was very aroused and took a seat on her high-backed office chair, sighing audibly. Chris moved to get out of his current position, bent over, legs spread, hands on the wall, but the moment he stood erect, Sarah corrected him.

"I haven't released you yet."

Chris' mind wanted so badly to stand, to defy her, to flee, but he stopped in his tracks and could feel his body betraying him as he lowered his head and assumed the subordinate posture once more. He was rock hard. Sarah could see the turmoil written across his face.

"You've had a trying day," she said simply. "Here, come sit and rest for a minute." He turned around and was about to sit in the spare chair when he noticed her pointing to the floor by her feet. His eyes searched for confirmation which was met by a stern 'Sit' from Sarah. He heeded her and took a seat on the floor near the dominant woman. She motioned for him to come closer and as he did she took his head gently in her hands and rested it on her lap. Chris felt warmth and compassion emanating from her. She ran her fingers through his hair and he relaxed further. He had such a fitful night of sleep with his sore back, he could have drifted off right there.

"You were such a good boy, taking such a harsh punishment for your first time," Sarah c

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