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Rubies are Red. Part 48.


"I am I never even seen a dick not even porn or by accident" Jessica told her.

"Well you got a great body for a virgin not to short not to tall and your tits and ass are being imprisoned by your clothes that you choose to wear" Sammy told the nervous Jess.

"Well I'm kinda shy when it comes to my body that's one of the reasons I came in here I've learned in sex ed what could happen and everything but apart from the little amount my mom told me years before she passed I don't know dick all pun intended hehe."

"Attractive and funny if only I was a man" Sammy said and got a little laugh out of Jess. "Well then let's get started if you want to impress and make a special someone horny we got great lingerie that would make your body even hotter. If you are looking for self discovery to see what you like we have lubricant and sex toys we have four to twelve inch dildos and some average size vibrators.

I'd suggest we start there you can always cum back and check out our cock rings and pumps and are anal beads and plugs and so much more."

"Well I played truth or dare with the guy I want to you know what with. He told me he was average size and that he's been with just four women I want to be his best and his last. What size is average anyway he didn't tell me" Jess said with a bit of lust in her eyes thinking back to the night before with Stevie.

"Well it all depends on his race white males are averaged out to about six inches that I know for a fact I'm not sure about African Americans or Chinese or Asians or any other nationality I have been with my white husband, he was my first and only male that I had sex with."

"Alright" Jess said "I'll take some lube and a 4 5 and six inch dildo a vibrator any size and style will do and I seen some lingerie I'd like to take a look at" Jess told Sammy.

Sammy noticed a change in the young woman's appearance and attitude she was suddenly confident, and she couldn't put her finger on it but there was something else to her now that was not there before. "Alright you grab the toys you would like bring them to the counter and grab the lingerie you would like to check out and there's a private change room with a mirror right through those beads at the end of the hall there."

"Thanks so much Sammy you have been a huge help if all goes well this won't be the last time I'm in here."

Sammy is a short red haired woman with double d size breasts and the most perfect hour glass body their town has ever seen helped Jess into the change rooms and told her that she would be at the counter if Jess needed any help.

Into the change room with the selection she picked out. A black see through top that she loved a nice tight pink one that made her tits look even better a few pairs of panties all different styles and colours.

For the first time not only did her two pussies not make her embarrassed they actually felt great in all the different items she tried on including a few different sexy two piece bikinis.

Then feeling back to her shyness she put her regular clothes back on and headed to the counter.

"Well you have great tastes miss you would look stunning in all of this."

"Its Jessica I'll be back, so we might as well be on a first name basis."

Well Jessica here is your total will that be cash or card.

With just the twenty she had on her that her brother gave her she didn't have the hundreds of dollars in cash on her but luckily for her hers and her brothers cards were for different accounts, so he would never know what the purchases were for. "Credit card " she said.

"Alright just swipe and put in your pin but before Sammy could even finish her sentence Jess was already entering her pin and then ding it's been approved."

"Well Jessica here you go" Sammy gave her a discrete shopping bag or two and let Jess pick how to put everything in.

"Nice to meet you Sammy I'll be back eventually" Jess said with a pep in her step.

"Don't rush yourself give your body time cutie you'll see what I mean by that soon enough" said Sam

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