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A housewife enjoys a night out on Bourbon Street.

Shouldn't someone call the manager...or somebody?" The concerned voice of a woman in the room broke the silence. At that moment there was movement outside. Em stood her ground as she carefully took note of the men encircling her. The woman's apparent calmness and inaction bemused the men and they eyed her warily as their fearless leader stepped close to the black figure, seeming to tower over her.

For a moment the two central figures stared at each other, neither blinking. Ace was getting more and more annoyed that the bitch was provoking him into doing something in front of his gang. He didn't especially want to harm her, but he certainly wasn't going to let her make a fool of him either. It looked like he had no choice but to teach her a lesson, like most of his girlfriends had needed to be taught how to respect him and his wishes. A cruel smile curled his lips at the thought of his administering lessons on various girls.

"You go right ahead and call the cops, lady. Won't do you any good, though. My dad's a senior judge and he'll see to it that no charges will be pressed. As I said, no one got hurt. I had full control of the car and knew exactly what I was doing. Just clowning around, that's all." He reached out to lay a conciliatory hand on the woman's shoulder. It never touched the black leather fabric.

Em knew perfectly well that the man didn't intend to hurt her, despite the flicker behind his eyes and smile a second before. But to those watching from inside the safety and warmth of the office it would appear that he had made a move to attack her in some fashion. She threw up an arm and batted his outstretched hand from her shoulder, then stepped inside his reach and closer to his body. She was almost eye-to-eye with the guy as her knee drove up hard between his legs. Em could feel the testicles compress almost flat as the force of her blow pushed them up into the lower abdomen area.

Ace's eyes flew open in astonishment, his mouth making a large silent 'O' as his body folded in on itself, instinctively trying to protect his valuables. Em danced backwards a couple of steps and watched as her 'assailant' crumpled to his knees in slow motion, then fell face forward into the snow. The other men watched, stunned, as their leader writhed in agony while squeaking in shallow gulps of air; his huge hands were clamped tight between his legs.

"What the fu-!" A fellow with dark complexion lunged angrily at Em, who was standing silently, watching Ace. Her peripheral vision caught the action off to her side. Feinting with a backward step, the woman allowed the lunging hands to sail pass her, catching her assailant off guard and off balance. His arms fully outstretched and clutching nothing but air and snowflakes, with his body overextended, the bewildered man was teetering forward on his toes when his world disappeared from under him.
Em's backward movement transposed into a full spin and her sweeping leg struck the ankles of the dark man, lifting them clear of the ground and sending him flying across the short distance to plough into his cohort standing opposite, dumbstruck. Both bodies crashed in a heap in the snow.

There were gasps and exclamations of astonishment as the onlookers witnessed the 'assault' on the solitary woman. With half their number rolling about in the deepening snow, the remainder of the men backed away from their nemesis to give assistance to their fellow 'attackers'. Em seemed to be talking to them as one or two of the men shook their heads, then nodded vigorously. She stood a little while longer, watching as the group stumbled over to their SUV. Em turned and started back toward the resort office.

Like a black apparition, she emerged out of the swirling snow and entered through the main doors, which were held open for her by a couple of the male guests.

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