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Judy watches her grandmother, then is taught by her.

Since it was late, and I was pretty much used to the dark, I decided to leave the lights off. As I was rinsing off, the door opened, and Li walked in, stark naked. She came right up to me, grabbed my dick and said, "I'm horny. I want you to fuck me." Then she dropped to her knees in front of me, took my dick into her mouth, and proceeded to give me one of the best blow-jobs I'd had in months.

After the wad I'd just blown in Uni's ass, I'd have said that there was no way that I could get hard again so soon, but I was wrong. My dick was steel-hard in no time, and Li showed no intention of quitting any time soon.

There wasn't much I could say at this point, so I shut off the shower, reached down and pulled Li to her feet. Now, Uni's a tiny little girl. She doesn't even come up to my arm when I hold it straight out. Li is about 4 inches shorter than Uni, so when she stood straight up, the top of her head came to about the center of my stomach. The head of my dick was just nestled between her tits, which I thought was a pretty nice place for it. She stood on tip-toe, I bent over, and we kissed for a while.

I had one arm wrapped around her shoulders, and was reaching down with the other to get a handful of her cute little ass, and rubbing her cunt from behind. She had one arm around my waist, had a handful of dick, and was gently stroking it up and down. I broke our lip-lock and said, "If you keep on doing that, it's going to get real messy, real soon." She just giggled at me, then bent over a little and started sucking on the head of my dick. I put a hand behind her head and coaxed her forward, taking it deeper and deeper into her mouth. I felt the head of my dick hit the back of her throat, then she bent her head a little and took the rest of it down her throat, until she had the entire thing in her mouth, and the last few inches lodged in her throat. This was enough to put me over the edge, but then she started to hum, deep in her throat. I lost it then and there, and fired a massive volley of cum down her throat. Rather than pull away, she tried to swallow my cock even further. After she had sucked every last drop of cum out of my balls, she slowly pulled her mouth off my dick and said, "Now you do me." I thought for sure that after two monster shots in such a short time I wouldn't be able to get it up for the rest of the night, but the next words out of her mouth almost made me think I could blow a wad on the spot.

"I want you to do what you did to Uni. I want you to lick my asshole, then fuck me in the ass."

"How do you know about that?"

"On the way home, Uni told me that she was going to let you fuck her in the ass tonight. I watched you do it to her, now do it to me." I reached over and turned the shower back on, and pulled Li close to me. I got the soap and the washcloth and started to wash her real good, especially around the ass. When I was satisfied that she was squeaky clean, I shut off the shower, grabbed a towel, and dried her off, paying particular attention to her tits, cunt and ass. Then she took the towel and made sure I was dry, especially my dick. Then I picked her up and carried her into the spare bedroom.

She turned off all the lights except for a night light, then we laid down and snuggled up together. While we played dueling tongues, I was rubbing her back and ass with one hand and playing with her cunt with the other. She was rubbing my chest with one of her little hands (Koreans are fascinated with hairy chests, and I'm hairier than most), and playing with my dick with the other.

After a few minutes of this, I rolled onto my back and pulled her on top of me.

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