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As I fell backward, I was very grateful that Master was there to catch me, though he growled at me for my inattention. At that point, I was embarrassed that I'd been so centered on my own needs that I wasn't paying attention to my Master.

Master shoved me upright again, and I quickly placed my ankles against the insides of the cross. Master bent down and roughly grabbed my right ankle, pulling it to the outside of the cross and tying it there. He did the same on the left. I made a small sound of protest. With my legs spread this far, my wrists were pulling hard against the cuffs and I didn't feel like I was balanced well. I felt the same fear that some people feel when they're about to fall off a know you won't get hurt badly, yet every human instinct inside you tells you to protect yourself.

Master growled at me to quit moving. I felt slightly angry that he would leave me unbalanced like this...and that my legs were spread far enough apart to cause pain on my inner thighs. I wanted to protest with words...but didn't dare. I knew I'd earned this treatment...though that didn't help me like it any better.

Master stepped away from me after swatting my ass a couple of times...hard! I heard him rattling the toys around on the shelf and quickly readied myself to be hit with the flogger. The sounds quieted...and the lights went out...and the door to the dungeon was closed.

Confused, I waited for a few seconds in silence. "Master?" I queried. No answer came to me. Cautiously, I tried to turn my head to find out if I could see anything. Due to the balance problems I was having, I couldn't turn more than an inch, and that didn't help.

Now, I became angry. How dare he just walk out and leave me here like this!? He knew that anything could happen when he wasn't there...that I could lurch backward suddenly, pulling the cross down on top of me. I could be hurt! Curse words filled my head.

Silence. I jiggled my wrists a bit, trying to find a more comfortable no avail. My shoulders were already aching and it had only been a few minutes. Or had it been longer? How long HAD I been here? How long was it going to be before he returned.

Silence. My Master knows that sensory deprivation is my weak point. While this wasn't an extreme form by any means, it was still debilitating to me. I couldn't stand not knowing...not being able to ready myself for the next onslaught...not being able to read my Master by the blows I received.

Silence. Now, fear started to take hold. What if he didn't intend to come back? What if he left me there until I withered away? What if something happened to him? No one else would know that I was there, so they wouldn't know that I needed to be rescued. What if I choked to death and he didn't know it? What would happen if I used my safe word, but he was too far away to hear me? WHAT IF I DIED LIKE THIS?

Silence. Tears started flowing down my cheeks. I began a piteous wailing sound, quiet, hoping Master wouldn't hear...while hoping he would hear me. My pride said that I didn't want him to know I was upset...and my fear said I wanted him to come rescue me. My mind said I should be strong, that it hadn't been very long, that I could win this battle of wills...and my slave heart said I had no right to play this game, that I was weak, that I had already lasted longer than I needed to.

Silence. Thoughts racing through my brain so quickly I couldn't tell one from another. Tears running down my cheeks. Fear riddling my heart.

Silence. "Master!" I scream at the top of my lungs, every ounce of my body begging him to hear me.

Silence. Fear grips my heart, wondering if I've pushed him far enough for him to leave me for good. "Master!" I scream again, adding a note of desperation that causes my voice to raise at the end.

Silence. "Master..." I call softly, pitifully as I allow my entire body to relax into fearful trembles and tears.


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