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Two prostitues pick each other up.

I could feel my prick slightly stirring and Nicky could obviously feel it too as she giggled and wiggled on me, causing my cock to stir even further. I moved across to again very lightly kiss at her right nipple making my prick react even more and prompting Nicky to grin, "stop it, we haven't got time."

"Oh, speed needn't be a problem where you're concerned," I laughed, "you're such a bloody turn-on that holding on can be VERY difficult, but if you want me to come quickly, now that I don't think would be a problem at all!" Nicky grinned even broader, highlighting that lovely wide mouth that I found so attractive.

"Why thank you, I'll take that as a great compliment."

She was still very slightly and slowly moving around on me and breathed, "god, it does feel good feeling you grow inside me," which only caused my dick to expand even further, "...BUT I've got that audit meeting soon and I can't go into it looking all disheveled."

She paused for a moment, looking like she was thinking or considering something.

"Can you," she continued, attempting to look as coy as she could whilst still sat on me, "pop round to my place straight from work? Then you can grope..and kiss..and suck..and play with my tits, in fact we'll do anything you want to do..."

"Anything...?" I grinned, letting the question trail off.

"Anything," she grinned, kissing me and then saying, "although within the bounds of relative,commonly accepted, 'dirtyness,' of course," she laughed.

I paused for a moment, and then once more lowered my mouth to lightly kiss at her right nipple, saying "I'll see you later", and then did the same to her left one.

"Good," she grinned, now I better go before I change my mind" and she quickly reached behind her to grab a box of tissues that she'd obviously placed on the desk earlier. Handing me a couple she then stood up, causing my prick to reluctantly slip out of her. As I wiped myself down, I watched Nicky lift her skirt up and saw that the pubic hair all around her slit was glistening and matted.

"I really must get those pants back," she laughed as she finished tidying herself up and then let her skirt drop back down.

She bent down to me saying, "I'll see you," then lightly kissed me, "....and you," letting her hand then fall briefly onto my cock, "...later too."

The touch of her long, slender fingers encircling the base of my shaft and then lightly running up and down me in a wanking motion caused me to sigh. Nicky did this several times, seeming to enjoy the sight and feel of my prick growing in her hand. She was breathing quite heavily again as we both watched my dick grow and harden at her touch, the veins clearly appearing down the sides.

She then quite suddenly just stopped, as if bringing herself to her senses and simple said again, "later," before crossing to the door, unlocking it and slipping out without virtually a backward glance.

I waited for a few minutes and then, after catching up on a few phone calls and emails, I slipped across to the gym to have a shower and freshen up properly. Whilst washing myself I tried not to think of her, her smile and her lythe body as it was a communial changing area and I was concerned that I might start to get an erection in front of anyone else who was there! Fortunately, I had a pretty full on afternoon scheduled and gathering my thoughts about the forthcoming work helped to do the trick.

The afternoon went quite quickly and I genuinely hadn't thought too much about Nicky until I was walking back to the office and saw her approaching from the other direction.
We met at the door-way and as I leant against one side she reached up and lightly prodded me in the chest. "Hiya...been thinking about me?" she smiled, leaning back against the other side of the door and crossing her legs.

"Nope, not really," I grinned, "...been very busy."

"You git," she playfully snapped, half-kicking out at me.

"Well I've had a really boring afternoon," she continued, "and I've been thinking about you and all the things you might want to do to me," she looked

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