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William's showers, Vicki's tension, Erin's release.

Her nipples were perky like that of a virtue when a young angel was being fed. Azrael's mouth watered thinking of his lips on her nipples...

"May I?" she asked as she pressed her body against his. Her breasts pressed into his chest and he felt the need to touch her in return. Then it clicked.

"No," Azrael answered. He stepped back and saw the loss in her eyes. "You have Adom."

"He's not enough," she said greedily.

"Yes, he is," Azrael grinded out. "Go back to him before you destroy your paradise." She stepped towards him again, cautiously. "Go!"

She turned and ran, looking back at Azrael once before continuing on.

Adom sat at the waterfall at midday. Chava approached him from behind, scaring him in the process.

"What are you doing?" He asked. He looked into her eyes and frowned. "What have you been doing?"

Chava smiled and kissed Adom on his lips. She kissed him so passionately that Adom lost his train of thought.

"I've been thinking of Azrael," she confessed. "He seems sad. I tried comforting him. But he had lust in his eyes, so he told me to come to you."

"Lust?" Adom raised an eyebrow.

"Yes," Chava said quietly. She was no longer looking Adom in his eyes. "Like when I lay with you and you touch me with your fingers, about to have sex with me, you have immense desire in your eyes."

"He wanted to do that with you?" Adom asked. He felt like something had been taken away from him. "What did he do to you?"

"Nothing, but he looked at me the way you do, until he snapped and said for me to leave." Chava sat beside Adom and entwined her fingers with his.

"Leave from where?"

"The tree of knowledge," Chava said lamely. "You know, it won't make you die. You just know more. The serpent, Cobra, told me that. He ate a fruit and nothing happened to him. So, I ate one--"

"What?!" Adom yelled. "What?!"

"I ate a fruit," she responded coolly. "What's the matter?"

"Chava, you will die!" Adom became hysterical.

"No I won't," she argued back. "I'm not dead, am I?"

"You will, though," Adom whimpered. So much for leaving her alone... "Why did you do that?"

"The serpent said I could have anything I want," she said. There was no remorse in her voice. "I wanted more humans, like you, to love."

"Like me?" Adom looked up at her. "Like me?"

"Yes," Chava replied. "I like the way you touch me. I want more-a different man to touch me that way. To make me feel good."

Adom became jealous. "I'm not enough?"

"No." Her response was cold. He stood and left her by the water fall.

The Beginning of the End

Azrael watched. There was nothing he could do. Adom loved Chava. He warned him against eating the fruit but it was getting hard to convince the human that all hope was not lost.

"I'll lose her," he complained. It had been days and she wasn't dead yet. If anything, she got smarter by the minute.

"You may lose her, but you have many more ribs," Azrael said with a smile. "But, in all seriousness, you'll both be out of here. Your paradise will be gone. Do you really want that?"

"But I love her," Adom protested.

Chava sat near the tree of knowledge. She felt naked all the time. Yes, she was in fact naked all the time, but now she felt shame. She sat weaving vine and fig leaves into something she could barely understand. Clothing? It was similar to what Azrael wore, but more feminine...

What was feminine anyway? The more she understood, the scarier it got. The serpent appeared from time to time, not really comforting her, just assuring her that today was not the day she perished. Adom barely spoke to her and he began to talk to Azrael more than he did her. Well, he couldn't be in love with Azrael. They weren't made for each
other, they were just friends.

She now knew what she wanted from Azrael. She knew Adom couldn't give it to her. He was too... Stupid. If he would just eat the fruit, he would know as much as her.

"Chava," Azrael said walking up behind her.

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