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Jo follows after Tanner, meeting him in the library.

Not because he wants to jump your bones."

"Uh huh. And after he popped my gay cherry by giving me my first bj from a guy, he did a runner. Total romance there." Talk about a shock to my self-confidence.

Jane wasn't digging my pity party. "I bet he gets hard for you all night long. He'll be back, tomorrow night in fact." She crossed in front of the desk when I rose from the chair. She sent me off with a swat to my ass. "Now get back to work and stop being such a moody prick."

"I thought moody and pricky were part of my job description." I ducked out the door before she could throw something at my head.


The night that never ended finally finished with a knock at a godawful hour of the morning. Cracking the door, it turned out I didn't have to wait until the next night to see Jack. Since I had a Jack Cotille blind spot to go with the soft spot I couldn't hide around him-not to mention an unrelenting hard-on for the man-I let him inside.

He had a plastic bag in his hand . . . guitars crisscrossed over his shoulders. A cleft in his chin and twin goddamn deep dimples on his cheeks just like the ones I'd felt above his ass the other night. "So, I wanted to say sorry."

"Are you just looking for a place to flop?"

"I dunno, cher." The deep voice and sexy accent were pitch perfect to make my prick hard. "You don' make me do things for money. You're big and warm and fun to kiss. I like sleepin' with you, mais if you don' like it, I can go."

Fuck that. The man looked up at me with his eyes a killer combination of sinful innocence. I skimmed my thumb across his cheek beneath the dark fan of his eyelashes, sweeping the cold off his flesh and warming him with mine.

Dark day-old stubble was soft beneath my palm when I cupped his jaw. His eyes slid closed and if I hadn't been focused on every nuance of this man-boy, I would've missed his slight parting of lips and the quiver in his neck.

Pulling my hand away, I asked, "You gonna run away again?" I scratched my belly and his gaze glommed onto the blond pelt beneath my fingers.

His breath hitched as his eyes lifted to my face. He shook a CVS bag at me. "I brought presents."

"You didn't have to do that."

Jack stood uncertainly in the doorway. "Just thought I owed you somethin'."

"How old are you, Jack?" Because he seemed wise and knowing, and totally fucking guileless at the same time.

"Twenty-four if I'm a day. You?"


"Bien. I like big blond bears."

I barked a laugh and backed up. Jack gathered his backpack from the landing.

Closing the door behind him, I pushed him onto the couch. "Are you a prostitute?" The question popped from the top of my mind and out of my mouth before I could reel it back in. This was not the way to entice him into staying, but I needed one thing from him, one truth. He gave himself while holding back everything. Transparent but with layers I'd never discover.

He merely shrugged his shoulders. That soft flop of black hair fell into his eyes. "I'm a survivor. Do what I gotta do."

I did not like the idea of him out alone all night long. Or picking up whatever cheap fucking thrill he could to trick his way into a bed for the night. My heart played air hockey in my chest. "What does that mean?"

"Means you gotta lighten up. You need to take a load off." He reached for my jeans. "I can help with that."

Oh God, I wanted to say yes, I wanted to shout it out loud before he disappeared again. But more importantly I didn't want to wake up in the morning with him missing from my bed.

I stilled his fingers that fiddled with the button fly of my jeans. "Are you really gay?"

"Oh yeah. Definitely homo . . . and very seriously gay for you. All the time. You're so fuckin' sexy. Since when did you decide dick does it for you?"

"Since you."

"That should work in my favor then.

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