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How I am I supposed to breath with no air?

Sharon reached up, under the coat, to tease her other nipple. Her body began to shake as her climax awoke. "Yes! Ohhhhhh fuck yessssss!" she whimpered as her orgasm ignited. "D ... don't stop, Dave! Don't stop!" she whispered, her eyes screwed tightly shut as she surrendered herself to her pleasure.

Sharon's hips bucked as David's fingers teased her clit, stretching out her climax for as long as she could bear. Her orgasm peaked, subsided the peaked again. Dimly, somewhere in her subconscious, she became aware of the train slowing down as it approached its next stop.

As the train pulled to a halt, David withdrew his fingers from Sharon's pussy. He eased her top down over her breasts then wrapped his arms around her, feeling her body tremble against his as the elderly couple at the other end of the carriage got out of their seats and made their way to the door.

When the train was underway once more, Sharon opened her eyes and turned to her boyfriend. "Thank you, Dave," she said softly, "that was wonderful." She kissed him lightly on the cheek then smiled, impishly. "You've got until we get home to recover, babe," she said, "I really need to feel your cock inside me giving my pussy a good fucking."

The remainder of the journey passed quickly. Sharon dozed lightly, snuggled up against David, her head resting on his shoulder. She woke as the conductor announced, "This train is now approaching Edinburgh Waverley. Edinburgh Waverley, next and final stop. Would all passengers please ensure they have all bags and personal belongings with them before leaving the train."

"The only belongings I need are right here," Sharon said, gently squeezing David's groin as they stood up. Pulling on his coat, David simply smiled in return.

The taxi ride from the station to their flat seemed to take an eternity to Sharon. Her hands were all over David as he rummaged in his pocket for the door key. Finding it, he unlocked the door and they stepped inside. Sharon kissed him passionately as he closed the door behind them. Her tongue danced in his mouth as she pressed and rubbed her body against his. "C'mon," she breathed hoarsely, releasing her lips from his. "I can't wait any longer," she added as she grabbed his hand and began pulling him in the direction of the bedroom.

Once inside the room, their lips met again. As their tongues explored each others' mouths their hands struggled with each others' clothes, pulling, tugging, shedding them carelessly on the floor. David's prick had recovered and was hard once again. Sharon stroked it lightly as they kissed.

Suddenly, without any warning, Sharon pushed David against the wall and dropped to her knees in front of him. She ran her tongue up the length of his cock, stroking it with one hand whilst gently playing with his balls with the other. She kissed and licked her way up and down his shaft, covering it in a fine film of saliva before opening her lips and slowly taking him fully into her mouth.

David began to murmur softly as Sharon's lips began to glide up and down the length of his cock. She sucked him eagerly, changing her pace frequently, speeding up, then slowing down, sucking hard then more gently. As she sucked hungrily on his cock, Sharon gently teased the area between his balls and his arse causing his hips to buck, forcing more of his prick into her mouth.

David's hands found Sharon's head. He pushed her on to his cock, guiding her mouth back and forth along his shaft. Sharon briefly slipped him out of her mouth and ran her tongue round the head, round and round, swirling one way then the other. As David groaned with obvious pleasure, she took him into her mouth again.

Sharon was vaguely aware of David saying things like, "Oh God. That feels so good." and "Yes, fuck yes! Suck me harder, Sharon!" as her lips worked their way relentlessly up and down his pole. He was losing himself to the sensations his girlfriend was giving him and Sharon was loving every minute of it, savouring the control she had over him.

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