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Rick and Loren continue playing with Shelly.

I had never done this before, and I didn't want to do this.

He pulled my head backwards so he could look me in the face.

Then he told me "Your choice, lick me or I take the whip to your ass and in the end you're gonna lick me anyways."

I stared at him for a few seconds, then he said "Put your tongue out."

I kept my mouth closed.

He sat up and dragged me up onto the bed so my legs were hanging over the side leaving my ass totally exposed. He grabbed the crop with his free hand and standing up, let me have a powerful whack across my ass. I opened my mouth to scream because my ass was on fire from the one blow, but as soon as I opened up, I realized he had dropped the crop back on the bed and had my panties balled up in his hand. He reached around my head and began stuffing the panties in my mouth. That was the first time I actually felt fear for my safety. I was afraid I might choke or be unable to breath but fortunately those lace panties don't have much material in them, so they didn't even really fill my mouth. I was still wet, but fear was starting to creap over me.

"Nod your head when you're ready to lick what I tell ya to lick." he said.

Then the second blow of the crop came down on my ass. I swear the second blow was harder than the first, but something about being held down by my hair, hands tied, and a man taking a whip to me was causing my pussy to gush onto the bedspread. I did see the wetness when he finally stopped and let me up. I'm not sure how many times he hit me. Probably about 15 times, I couldn't keep count. I knew I had to give in when he hit me with a particularly hard blow that was delivered low enough across my ass to catch the edge of my pussy. The stinging pain from that was unbelievable. I nodded my head as hard as I could against his hand in my hair.

He stopped for a moment, seemed to gather his breath, then said "I think you need five more just to make sure that you're gonna do what your told."

That scared me, so I tried to turn over to see him and show him that I would do what he wanted, but that was a mistake. As soon as I had rolled over, I looked into his eyes and tried to say through the panties that I would cooperate. I was still trying to nod to give him the message. Suddenly a deep smile crossed his face

He raised the crop and said "I think the last 5 on your tits are a great idea." and brought the crop down in one swift blow.

I screamed so hard that I almost blew the now soaking panties out of my mouth. I have never felt pain like that before. But if my hands hadn't been tied behind me, I would have been instantly playing with my pussy, I suddenly felt so close to an orgasm that I knew that just the slightest touch on my pussy would set me off. Remember that time you put the clothespin around my clit and then licked me until I had that tremendous "pain" orgasm?? That was kinda the way this felt, somehow the pain was driving me higher and higher toward an orgasm.

He hit me numerous times on my tits, I wasn't counting and I don't think he was either. I would guess it was probably more like ten or twelve times before he stopped again. Now you know why I wanted to undress tonight in the dark, I didn't want you to see the welts, and they are very obvious, on either my ass or tits. If you fuck me tonight, and I suspect you will, I know it's gonna hurt, but then you like that don't you. I suspect by tomorrow I'm gonna have some bad bruises, but tonight you can run your hands across my body and feel the welts."

I did just that, I could hear her sharp intake of breath when I first ran my hands across one of her breasts, I could feel the raised welts, and her body seemed to radiate heat from the raised areas of skin.

Wanda continued,

"I was so turned on I was dying for the chance to orgasm, but next thing I knew I was back on my knees, and after he pulled the panties from my mouth he drove my face back into his ass with a hand in my hair again. I licked for all I was worth.

He moved my face up and down his crack, and after

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