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Off they went and cleared Immigration and Customs, to be met by a tall man in a dark suit with a whiteboard sign that said 'Spencer Party'. Jack introduced himself and the driver arranged to get their cases brought to the waiting limousine. This brought a series of oohs and aahs from Debbie and Laura, and they all moved into the rear of the enormous vehicle. The driver advised they would be about 40minutes to get to the villa, where someone from The rental company would meet them. He raised the privacy screen, and with all of them quite tired after the journey, they relaxed in luxury until they arrived at a gated community of very high end properties. Waiting by the driveway was a woman who introduced herself as Kelly-Ann from the property company, who took a few minutes to explain how everything worked, from the air con to the hot tub.

While this went on the driver brought all the cases in and took them to the upper level of the villa where the bedrooms were. After signing for the keys and assuring Kelly-Ann he would call if he needed anything, they closed the door. Without a word all three of them started dancing and cheering, realising what an amazing place they had been given to stay in. Since the rental vehicle was being delivered the next day, they'd been given a starter pack in the fridge, but more importantly, the numbers of half a dozen fast food delivery places where on the fridge door.

Jack phoned and organised pizza (by common consent) and they went up to decide on the rooms. Whilst there were 6 bedrooms in the villa, and obviously plenty of room to spare, both Debbie and Laura insisted on staying together. They also insisted that Jack take the master suite, where he had so much room he could have thrown a frisbee around. By the time the cases were unpacked, and they had changed into something more comfortable, the doorbell rang, and there was their pizza. Jack made sure to generously tip the young man who was gawking at Debbie and Laura as they pottered around in tiny shorts and shirts.

They sat around and played with the tv while munching on dinner, chilling out but entirely exhausted from their long day travelling. Jack announced he wa going to bed, and went up, completely lost in the enormous Queen Sized bed that seemed broader than it was long. He brushed his teeth, and got into bed, expecting to drift off in peace. He was about to turn the light out when there was a gentle knock at the bedroom door and Laura popped her head around.

He signalled her to come in and she slipped under the covers beside him. "I just wanted a proper cuddle." Jack pulled her close and they settled down, turning off the lights. 10 minutes later, the door opened and in padded Debbie, who upon realising she was alone, decided to join him. There was plenty of room for all three of them, and they feel asleep in no time.


Jack woke early the next morning, the time difference meaning he was awake at 5:30 local time. As usual he had a severe case of morning wood, but he also had a severe case of needing to pee, so he slid out from between his two gorgeous companions and went to the en suite bathroom. It took nearly 10minutes of carefully pointing and relaxing to finally pass something, and his erection relented enough to let him finish his ablutions. He went out the bedroom, leaving the sleeping cherubs behind to go make some coffee and watch some TV to catch up on what had been happening.

Around an hour later, the women arrived, one shortly after the other, clearly still tired but ready to try and adjust to the time zone.

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