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It's an easy one to answer.

ow what you want, Aunt Carolyn, but - "

"Maybe you could cut out the bullshit. And just call my Carolyn. I won't call you nephew. Unless you want to call me mom and I call you son." She had his pajama shirt open and was kissing her way down his body. She stopped before she got too far, though, since there wasn't much room to maneuver on the couch. She concentrated on his nipples.

"Does she have any piercings? I know she doesn't have a tongue ring, but how about her nips?"

"I tell, you I - "

Carolyn eased herself away from her nephew sufficiently to pull off her top. In the dim light, he saw that her left nipple had a slender ring through it.

"I don't think she does. Marilyn's not a stick in the mud, but she's not that wild. Not nearly as wild as I am." She positioned her left tit over his face. "It feels good when a man teases my titty with his tongue."

Andrew did what any 18 year old male would have done in that circumstance. He teased the pierced nipple with his tongue. The fact that he was cheating on his mother never occurred to him.

His aunt moaned. He liked the sound of that, so he flicked his tongue harder against her swollen and pierced nipple.

"That's so good. Use your tongue, sweetheart."

He licked and sucked while using a hand on her other tit. It was about the same size and shape as his mother's augmented tits, but firmer. Her nipples were smaller, not as dark, but every bit as excitable as her sister's.

She enjoyed the way his tongue and fingers worked over her boobs. He sister had certainly taught the boy well. How long had they been fucking? Carolyn wondered. She felt a sudden pang of envy that the bitch had a stud like Andrew at her beck and call, always available under the same roof. She'd never have thought her sister had the balls to fuck her own son.

And she never thought her nephew would be so well hung. She ran her fingers along the length of his cock. Thick, hard as a rod of steel, and nicely ribbed to add extra stimulation to the cunt of any woman lucky enough to get stuffed with it.

"I want it," she whispered as she didn't even bother to remove her panties. Carolyn simply tugged aside their crotch and slipped into position. She pressed down and back. Her cunt swallowed Andrew's prick in one long, slow insertion that lit fires in every nerve ending of her cunt. She had never been filled so full by just one object and she loved the sensation.

She chuckled as she softly told her nephew, "Now I know how that Thanksgiving turkey feels when you use your hand and shove all that dressing."

For himself, Andrew felt the hot tightness of her pussy grip his cock as she settled back. He grabbed her by her waist and lifted her, guiding her off his root and prepared to ease her back down.

"Wait," his aunt told him. "Let me adjust to this monster."

Carolyn held herself over him, his cock half exposed, glistening with her lubricants. She licked her fingers and reached between their bodies. She pulled at her pussy lips. At the same time, she rocked her hips gently.

"I had my clitty pierced a few years ago and it feels great when friction rubs at it, "the impaled woman explained. "But if the cock's not situated right, it can get pulled and that hurts. And you're so big, I want to make sure it's all right."

"You clit's pierced?"

"Yep. Just my clit, though. I didn't get the labia rings or anything exotic like that." She shifted on top of Andrew again. "I think that's about right. Stay still. Let me see if everything's good."

She eased herself down a few inches and held herself there. Shifted her knees slightly. Went back down. She came up. Eased back.

"Oh, fuck, that's good. Your cock is just where it needs to be."

His aunt settled her body atop him. Kissed him as she rocked her hips in a slow up and down motion. Sighed in a contented fashion. Began a slow easy movement to her hips as she let his tongue explore her mouth. Finally felt her womb adjust to its invader. Her motions became more pronounced. The arc of her hips increased.

They listened to the music of his cock sucking in and w

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