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When she finally sat down across from us, Paulie may as well have been hypnotized. She smiled and thanked us for our patience, then put a contract in front of us.

"Let me outline for you the cost of the car," she stated.

She began going through line by line of the contract, pointing at each portion of it with the end of her pen as she got to it. When not pointing, she brought the pen casually to her mouth where she would allow it to rest on her lips as she explained the point.

We knew that Paulie loved this and was not hearing anything that she said; he was focused on that pen, her lips and her mouth. Additionally, Phoebe and I were physically bringing him to a breaking point, as we undid his belt and pants and allowed his cock to pop free.

When this occurred, he broke his stare from Suzy and looked at me, horrified that he was exposed.

"It's alright, Paulie," I leaned in and whispered, "It's under the table, no one can see anything, baby."

He looked back at Suzy; she was still talking, but now casually tracing her ample cleavage with that pen.

"Darn, I dropped an earring." Phoebe announced.

She bent down to look for it, but instead of looking, when she got under the table, she quickly took Paul's cock into her mouth and moved her mouth up and down a few times. When Paul adjusted in his chair, Phoebe gave a little tug to his shorts. This pulled them down far enough to give us unimpeded access to his cock and balls for teasing purposes. She then returned to her seat.

"Did you find it, sis?" I asked.

"Unfortunately, no," she answered.

"I'll look," I helpfully announced. I then went down and repeated Phoebe's actions on Paul's cock before coming back up.

"Do you want me to come look?" Suzy asked.

"No," Paul nearly shouted, as Phoebe and I nearly laughed out loud, "I mean they'll find it themselves," he added trying to act like he was still in control. He was now burning up. The room was hot and so was he. He was very uncomfortable and beginning to sweat.

"Oh, you just want me to get to the bottom line, Paul?" she asked.

"Yes, yes, please," he replied.

"Well, Paulie, it's this number." She said as she pointed with the pen to a number.

The number was just under 50,000.

"Just initial here, and sign the bottom line, and the car is yours, or should I say Phoebe's?" She laughed, handed him the pen and smiled at him.

"I don't think we are making a purchase today, but thank you for your information; we'll think it over." He replied.

"OK, then, no problem at all," she cheerfully answered. "Just keep me in mind when you decide to do something."

Paul relaxed until she stood to walk to the door, and he noticed that Phoebe and I were standing as well.

"Wait," he said.

"What dear?" I innocently asked.

Suzy was holding the door and waiting for us to leave the office.

"I can't stand up right now." He said.

We all knew that he couldn't because his pants were down, but he didn't know that Suzy was in on it, so he couldn't give a reason.

"Do you want to continue looking over the numbers? Paul?" Suzy asked.

"Yes, yes, that's it." He answered.

"Sure, take your time." Suzy stated. "You don't mind if I freshen up my makeup before going back into the showroom, do you?"

"No, of course, not," I answered. "You go right ahead."

As Suzy began teasingly primping, Phoebe announced that she was going to find her earing and disappeared back under the table. This time, she wasn't just teasing. She took his cock in both hands, and gave long, slow licks up the entire length of his shaft, focusing on his most sensitive underside. This would drive him insane, but she was not gripping or pumping so it would not bring him to release.

As Paul watched Suzy and felt Phoebe, I leaned in and whispered to him. "Paulie, baby, just sign the damn contract. Phoebe needs a car anyway, and she will take this as an incredibly sweet gesture, as will I."

My tongue entered his ear as he answered me, "But, it's 50,000."

"So, you can do that, baby, that's not a problem for a guy like you, Pa

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