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Two of the girls, literally ripped Jillie's panties off her, then several hands were lifting her hips up, until they could push, my now throbbing cock, to her pussy. It was somewhat roughly guided in, as several shouted things like. "Come on Jillie, now fuck!" Unfortunately, Jillie was too far gone, she seemed have lost her motive ability, her hips didn't move, not a bit.

Yelling derision, they lifted her off, to dump her unceremoniously, to the floor.

Another, appearing to me at least, to be a bit more sober, dropped her panties down, and climbed aboard. She straddled me with her knees, and raising her hips, whilst holding her own pussy lips apart, she lowered herself down onto my member, and then, surprisingly gently and slowly, ease me all the way into her until, she sat on my balls.

She called to another girl, "Come 'ere Midge, climb up front, and get yer twat on his face."

Midge duly did as she was bid, and she manoeuvred herself above my head, facing towards the other girl.

With no hesitation, her pussy lips, ground down on my mouth, my nose, by simple geography, was stuck between her ass cheeks. Now these girls had all been out on the piss, all night. I don't mind a bit off ass, but I really do prefer it when it's nice and clean.

Unfortunately, here, I had no choice in the matter. As she rubbed her clit over my lips, my nose was jammed hard against her rear hole.

I saw both girls reach for each others tits, and excuse me, as one fucked my cock, and the other my mouth, they groped and tweaked each other's breasts and nipples.

Meanwhile, the rest were loudly, cheering them encouragement.

The girl above my face shouted at me, "Get your tongue out, and stop fucking about!"

Well, she was hurting my lips, and anyway I could barely breath, what with my nose well and truly buried. So, between her thrusting, I opened my mouth, caught a quick breath of life saving air as she rose a bit. Then thrust my tongue out, to search for her clit.

It didn't take too much searching because it was quite big, only problem was, the taste wasn't the best I had experienced before, stale pee, was what came mostly to mind.

The one riding my cock, I never did catch her name, screamed aloud the she was going to cum anytime soon. "This bastard's built like a fucking stallion," she shouted.

I remember that she went completely still, no bucking or writhing. Naturally, I couldn't see any of this, but I felt it, I felt her inner muscles clench on my cock, just the once, I think.

Next, I could feel her lifting herself up, and my cock hit open air.

That didn't mean for one second that I was off the hook because no sooner had she gone, I knew another was taking her place. Once more, they shouted for her to "Ride him, baby," as she in turn lowered herself to encase my cock.

"Fuckin' hell!" I heard her call out, before she went for it, pounding up and down, like she was riding in the Derby.

I have to confess, through no fault of my own, my cock was by now quite enjoying the fun.

The girl above my licking tongue, began to grind hard against me, yet again, I struggled to breath.

But I was saved from suffocation, when at that moment she began to orgasm, she did buck up and down, and I managed to grab a couple of quick gasps of air.

She was wet, I've no idea whether she was a squirter, or whether she just peed herself, but I do remember thinking that I was as very likely going to drown.

She again commanded me, "Keep licking lover."

But I heard another say, "Fuck off Midge, you've had your go, get outta there."

And I do think, she was actually pushed off me, quite hard.

With no further ado, another was over my face, facing the same way again.

Whether it was simply me, getting into the swing of things, I don't know, but I remember thinking that this one's ass smelled much sweeter, and as it happens, so did her pussy, so I felt much happier attacking her clit.

She'd let it have a good doing, when she inched forwards to my chest.

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