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Wife lets loose and swallows my cum.

When she did talk to Lisa later that day, she mentioned how her son was having similar issues and thought inviting him into the session would help him with his own mixed-up desires.

Lisa felt uncomfortable with the idea but agreed to it.


Ryan was in his room eagerly waiting for their guests to arrive when he heard them knock at the front door and sprang from his bed to greet them.

Liz and Kevin stepped inside as Lisa thanked them for coming. They all sat down in the living room, and Lisa began to shyly talk about what had transpired the previous night and watched as Liz and Kevin began to squirm in their seats.

Ryan sat quietly as his eyes traced over the women's bodies. His mother had changed for the session and had on a nice red slip over dress that plunged low in the front and was held on by two thin straps over her shoulders. Liz, on the other hand, had worn a professional white buttoned-down blouse and a black skirt that zipped from the side. His eyes focused on how his mother's talk was affecting their guests and boldly decided to help her in describing their incestuous act by adding how she screamed in pleasure as his cock rammed fast in and out of her womb.

Liz tightened her crossed legs as her sexual urges flourished and couldn't help but notice how the incest talk had also affected her own son as she glanced at the obvious bulge in his pants.

I've got them now, Ryan thought as he again stressed how it was the looking glass that gave him the wicked idea of taking his mother's ass for the first time.

Liz struggled with her hornyness and described to Ryan and Lisa how it could have been their own desires reflecting back at them.

"Well that's easy to test," Ryan said and stood up. "We only have to go upstairs and see if the images reappear or not.

"No... Ryan that's not a good idea," Lisa said. Even so, Liz had to agree with Ryan and with some resistance from Lisa, they went upstairs to her bedroom.

Lisa felt her stomach churn as Ryan walked up to the mirror and removed the towel that covered it and insisted the room stay dark as he motioned Liz and Kevin to sit on the bed while he moved his mother in front of the looking glass.

He once again stood behind his mother's body and put his arms on her shoulders.

"We were just like this then it happened," Ryan told Liz and Kevin. Slowly he began to rub his hands softly across his mom's shoulder blades.

Minutes went by, and nothing happened. Ryan couldn't understand it himself. But then he noticed his mother's eyes were shut and decided to pretend to see a vision.

"Oh... there they go. I can see them now," Ryan said as he watched his mother squish her eyelids tighter.

"Who are you seeing?" Liz asked, as she strained to see the looking glass.

"You don't see them?" Ryan questioned and lightly moved his mother to the side.

"Here, stand next to us. Maybe you need to be in front of it," Ryan said as Liz slowly stood next to them.

Again, Ryan went on pretending about a young mother and son and told how they were hugging and kissing. He could see Liz intently looking at the mirror and made another bold suggestion.

"Maybe Kevin should be behind you, like my mom is to me," and before Liz could say anything she felt her son's hands gliding lightly across her shoulder blades.

"That's it. It should work now," Ryan said as he increased his rubbing on his mom's blades while he pressed his groin against her backside.

Lisa felt his manhood, and fought the urge to look at the mirror. Her brain wanted to see the incest couple as her body heightened with sexual pleasure.

Liz, too, was becoming extremely horny as she watched the reflection of her son rubbing on her shoulders, and then she felt something brush against her ass. She wasn't sure at first, but then it happened again. And then again. Finally she realized it was her son's stiff member bumping against her bottom, causing her pussy to twitch.

Ryan could hear his mother's breath became heavy and kissed the nap of her neck, causing a low moan

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