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The unicorn. Daughters. A longed-for lover returns.


"Thank you, Kate." I said and then smiled.

" mean a lot to me..." She smiled.

"Kate, I can't begin to tell you how much I love you. I love everything about you, sweetheart."

Kate blushed and smiled. She walked to her room as I walked downstairs to mine. I dried myself off and put on new clothes. I wore jeans and a t-shirt. It was 9:30am now. I walked upstairs. Kate was sitting on the couch looking out the window. Melanie came out of the washroom and stood near us. She was wearing bell-bottom jeans. They were tight around her thighs and butt, and I really liked that. She also wore a tight t-shirt. I grabbed my car keys and put my shoes on. Both the girls put on their sandals and walked out of the front door. I locked the door. We all went into my mother's car. Kate sat in the front seat with me and Melanie sat right behind me. I drove us to an ice cream parlor called 'Sergeant Sundae'.
We walked in and I told the girls to pick the things they wanted. Kate got a large chocolate fudge milkshake and Melanie got a hot fudge sundae. I decided to get the same thing as Melanie. I paid for the ice cream and we all sat down at a window seat. They both thanked me for it. Kate sucked on her milkshake. She really looked like she was enjoying it. Melanie ate her ice cream slowly, she looked so cute as she ate. I really wanted to kiss her lips right then but I didn't for some reason. She really did look cute, taking little bits of her ice cream and eating it with pleasure. We all finished and went back home.

"Guys, I'm really, really tired, I didn't get a good sleep last night because it was so cold, I'm going to go nap for a few hours okay?" Melanie said.

"Sure thing, sweetie." I said.

"Sleep well, Melanie." Kate said.

Melanie walked into her room and shut the door.

"Eddie...I don't know how to say this but...will you have a bath with me?" Kate asked.

My body tingled at a very intense pace as she said that. All the thoughts that were in my head were now pulsating out for me to say yes, yes, and yes! Honestly, deep inside, I really did want to have sex with her.

"I would love to, Kate." I blushed and smiled.

She smiled back at me. She walked to the washroom and started running very warm bath water. I already had an erection from the thought of me fucking my little sister. The bath was really big, it had plenty of room in it. Kate pulled down her jeans, exposing her beautiful legs. She kicked them off next to the toilet. Next, she slid off her tank top exposing her breasts that were tucked in her bra. I pulled off my shirt and slid off my jeans and socks. She unbuckled her bra and exposed her back completely.

I couldn't believe this was my sister I was looking at. It was so amazing by just looking. She then slid off her panties, exposing her bum. Her butt looked very, very cute. I pulled off my underwear. She turned around and then looked down at my crotch and smiled.

"I've always wanted to know what it looked like." She said while blushing.

I smiled at her and then walked towards her. She closed her eyes and kissed me on the lips. I closed my eyes and grasped her back as I did before. I pulled her to me and felt her soft breasts pressed up against my chest. She inched her tongue into my mouth. I let her do that as I slid mine into hers. She moaned softly. Her hands were now on my back. We licked the inside of each other's mouths for a couple minutes. I backed away from Kate as she turned to turn the running water off. She climbed in slowly. I climbed in right next to her. We were both facing each other on our sides. My cock was erected against Katelynn's pubic hair.

The water was nice and hot. Kate soaked her hair and started to wash it. I soaked my hair and she passed me the shampoo. My hair's just about as long as Melanie's except mine is dark brown as opposed to hers being black. I washed my hair and watched Kate's sexy body under the water.

"Eddie, can you please fuck me? I really, really want your cock deep inside of me, please, sweetheart." Kate begged.

"I would love to, sweetie.

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