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Strating the game.

My sister in law looked down drawing my attention away from the stock being pumped into her friend. The girl had slid her foot between my sister in law's legs and was using her toes to touch her pussy. Immediately, she opened her legs to grant her friend full and easy access. I watched as the friends toes wriggled and slid along the now protruding lips of her pussy.

Gently, but purposefully her toes worked on her clit. It became obvious to me that this girl had been experienced in working with her feet. Using her big toe, she stimulated the clit of my sister in law with great satisfaction. The breathing from both girls took on a much different form, one that I started to match. The experience was having a tremendous effect on my libido. I caught myself reaching and grabbing at my manhood as it stood up eager to be held.

Slowly, I raised my hand from the base of my cock, circling upwards towards the head, pushing my thumb tight across the rim of my bulbous purple head. A glistening appeared rapidly across the tip of my cock. Oozing my enjoyment of the show I was spying upon. There was enough to cover the entire head and partially down the shaft as I envisioned my cock as the dildo. I pressed downward rhythmically to the hard pumping of the friend on the bed. Reaching for my balls I pulled at them and ground them against my leg, flicking my finger over my asshole, just like the pole I was watching.

The friends toe worked its magic on my sister in law's pussy lips. It was readily apparent that both girls were getting exactly what they wanted. So was I. The toe split her pussy lips, slowly parting them as the juices overflowed their bounds. Now dripping down her foot, the friend took notice of the building excitement of my sister in law.

As her arousal had elevated, her breathing became short and erratic. Short soft gasps of air escaped her open mouth. Blood rushed to her cheeks as fast as her pleasure. As her toes danced upon her clit she paused her pumping of her friend's pussy. Seemingly unaware, her friend concentrated, like I, upon the look of desperation on my sister in law's face. Her eyes closed slowly as her friend touched her now rock hard protruding nipple. A much louder harsher gasp drew sharply from inside her. Reaching between her legs she grabbed her friend's foot. She held it still against her exposed vaginal lips. Suddenly, she lowered herself onto her friends toes, plunging her foot deep inside of her wetness.

A look of shock filled both of our faces as she rose herself up only to force her down again onto the friend's foot. As she picked up speed, she resumed her attack on the friend's pussy.

"Here you go baby, get fucked by his big cock. He is gonna fuck you hard. Put it deep inside your pussy, she growled in a guttural tone as she pounded the dildo deep into the girl's pussy.

I was shocked at my sister in law's aggressiveness, but I liked it. I found myself muttering words of encouragement as I roughly stroked my own cock. Pulses of sensation surged through my body with the start of my ejaculation. The slick clear drops of pre cum had been replaced by an oozing pre ejaculate. It ran down my hand and further served to lubricate my whitening fingers as I gripped my cock tightly.

What seemed impossible was that anything more could happen after this. It seemed that we would all orgasm and it would be finished. That was until I heard the friend make a request.

"Hey, hold on," she struggled to say. "I need it up my ass too."

With that said both my sister in law and I paused in our assaults. Her friend kicked her free leg up onto my sister in laws shoulder. She rolled her hips forward and bent her knee, keeping it inside my sister in laws pussy.

Slowly the wonderful dildo slid out of her pussy until it popped with excitement.

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