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And how I grew to love it.

She tuned him out as started thinking about how they would taste, how they would feel grazing her neck, how the tongue would feel on a bare nipple, how her stomach would quiver as those lips grazed by on their way down...

Breaking the spell of watching his lips and tired of his senseless rambling, she responded. "It's alright. I've forgotten it. We're good."

He blinked unbelieving. She didn't look like she had forgiven and forgotten. He looked at her. "You sure we're okay?"


Josh felt some of the tenseness leave his body. He again gazed at her and remembered the effect of her hand touching his just a few minutes ago. She was devastating in that dress. Again, he could swear that she felt sexually attracted to him. He watched her chest rise and fall with her breathing. He wanted to feel those breasts against him. Each breath she took was calling to him. "How about a hug as a gesture of forgiveness?" he said hopefully as he opened his arms.

Shay hesitated. She had a mental flash of the rapes she had read about. Regardless of that thought (or perhaps because of that thought), she felt sexually excited as her gaze passed those promising lips to his pecs. She wanted to feel that hard body against hers. Suppressing her anxiety, she nodded and hesitantly stepped closer to him. His arms circled her and pulled her close. She felt her breasts press against his chest and her arms circled him.

Josh was getting hard just looking at Shay. Maybe Josh just imagined it, but she seemed to radiate sexual energy. The pressure of her breasts against him was enough to bring him to full erection. He hadn't intended for the hug to be anything more than a simple hug, but suddenly he wanted to feel her body press on his cock. He arched slightly and lifted her off her feet in an unsuccessful attempt to get her body to press against his groin. A little embarrassed, he put her down. "Are you sure you're okay?" he asked again, more to hide the fact that perhaps he went too far with the hug than his having a real interest that she was all right. He was still reluctant to release her from his embrace.

Shay trembled slightly as she tried to cope with the emotions running through her. Her mind whirled as her body responded on its own to the effect the embrace by someone she was both attracted to and repulsed by. She could feel his breathing when he hugged her until he lifted her off her feet. Once off her feet, she felt helpless in his grip. A wave of sensual surrender washed over her. Even when he put her down, she clung to their embrace, her body wanting what her mind was trying to deny. Afraid to speak, she nodded her head in response to his question.

They heard footsteps on the stairway and backed away from each other before Josh's friend came in. "Hey Josh," his friend said in a teasing and taunting voice. "You enjoying yourself here alone with this chick?"

"Um... we've come to terms," Josh replied quickly. Turning to Shay, he continued. "Thanks for listening to me. I'm sorry about my outburst," he apologized for the umteenth time as he turned and followed his friend back up the stairs.

Shay stood in the basement for a couple of minutes regaining her composure. She tried to reconcile the response of her body to the cold facts of reality. She finally took a deep breath, straightened her dress and returned to the party.

The party was unremarkable.

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