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Jon and Marissa's fantasies fulfilled.

"You can do it harder." Megan said, encouraging her mate. She felt the force of Glens hips increase as it shook the rest of her body. She felt her tits jiggle with each thrust. The depth of his cock pushed her over the edge.

"I don't think I can last much longer." Glen said behind her. Megan didn't care. She moved her hips back to meet his thrusts.

"Harder Glen. Give it to me!" Megan screamed. She felt his fingers dig into her ass as he pulled her back to meet his thrusts. She could feel her orgasm coming on.

Megan felt Glens hot seed dump into her pussy but his cock was still thrusting. "Just a bit more!" She said in between moans. She didn't know where he got the strength but Glen increased his speed until she erupted.

"Oh shit!" She said collapsing on the bed with Glen on top. Finally she felt his cock start to deflate and he withdrew. She felt the mix of juices leak out of her hole.

"That was incredible." Megan said, catching her breath.


It had been a few weeks since he had first had sex with his mate, Megan. Most of their days consisted of lounging around and fucking whenever they felt like it. And they always felt like it. He couldn't believe he spent so many years without this.

The atmosphere of Breeders Bay was always thick with excitement. Couples would engage in sex out in the open, often starting others to join. Before you knew it, all you could see is naked bodies everywhere and the thick smell of intimacy filling your nostrils. Sometimes Megan would let him enter her in the halls or wherever the orgy started, but most often she liked to fuck in the privacy of their own room. Either way Glen didn't care, as long as he was getting laid.

One day as Megan was getting dressed Glen started to notice her breasts seemed larger. Megan rubbed her stomach and smiled.

"I'm with child." She said to him rubbing her belly.

"How do you know?" Glen inspected her body closer. The only changes he could see was in her breasts.

"I've yet to bleed. The last time I bled was right before I met you, just a few weeks ago. I should have started again by now. I've heard women talking. And Jenny confirmed it for me. She said if you don't bleed it means you are pregnant. And since you're the only one who has cum inside of me, you're the father."

"Wait, you bleed? From where?" Glen asked with a worried look on his face.

The young couple sat in the doctors office listening intently on how the reproduction system worked. Glen was shocked to learn that women had eggs inside of them, and they would bleed them out if they didn't have sex. He was even more shocked when he realized how the baby would be coming out of Megan.

"Congratulations, you've done the community a great service. We will monitor the pregnancy and after you deliver your baby will be taken to the Baby Bay, where it will be taken care of. Go to the pharmacy and hand them this list. Megan, you'll need to take vitamins and don't hesitate if you feel like something's wrong. Always listen to your body. Your next appointment is written down on the paper. We will send you a reminder."

The couple exited the doctors office and Glen smiled as he held Megan in his arms. He felt proud with a sense of accomplishment as he ran his hand on her belly.

He was also excited for what was to come. Often times Jenny would come over when Cade was busy working out and she needed a hard cock. He saw how being pregnant turned her into a crazed animal. He also loved grabbing her big breasts and feeling her stomach with his hands. He couldn't wait to see Megan turn into the crazed animal he saw Jenny become.


Glen couldn't keep his eyes, or hands, off of her. He was worried when she started feeling sick in the mornings. Jenny assured them both it was normal. He would empty her bucket and wash it out and tend to her needs. He was especially amazed at how much she could eat. The petite girl he knew was eating more than he ever could.

He was amazed at how much bigger and heavier her breasts got.

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