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They have another 'sister'.

The head of his cock swelled to Dana's working; the two became as one. Their moans became louder, Then, accompanied by a piercing cry, Travis' come shot down his lover's throat, who thirstily drank down every drop. Blushing, Dana stood up and hastened to the bathroom, where he energetically brushed his teeth. Then he went back out to thank his master for the gift of his essence.

Dana perched lightly and happily on Travis' lap at the table, his soft bottom pressed against Travis' groin, while the older man drank his coffee. A strong arm circling Dana's narrow waist, Travis asked if he could take Dana to lunch somewhere close. They decided on a nearby pancake house; remember, this was the 60s, and selection limited; though Dana resolved privately to maintain his liquids-only diet...just in case. Was he falling in love with this man? He had no experience of the emotion, yet knew that he wanted to be with him, and also serve him however he wished. He delighted in looking at Travis' handsome profile, healthy glow and strong physique; and basked in the affection and admiration that he sensed came from the older man. He was slightly shocked by how much he wanted to suck, fuck and submit to him again. Picturing the instrument of chastisement striking his unprotected flesh now stimulated him. "You're such a beautiful young man. I'd like to take you out in public as my girlfriend one day." The image of "herself" in bra and panties under a close fitting dress, stockings and heels, on Travis' arm, stirred Dana. He looked lovingly at his partner and nodded in assent.

At the restaurant they sat in a booth surrounded by average citizens chattering about their jobs and families. Occasionally one of the diners would glance at the pair and think that they were a good looking pair, probably related. The two communicated mostly with private looks, though Travis did ask "Would you like to visit me in LA next weekend? "

"Yes, very much."

"I have a decent place in Culver City. And do you think I could introduce you to one or two of my closest friends? I'd really like them to meet you, and I think you would like them as much as I do."

"Are they in the....hobby as well?"

"Yes, almost all of my best friends are. And they are both charming and extremely discreet. Now...I have to leave you by evening time. But let me ask you: are you ready to put the collar on again before I go?" His pulse racing, Dana silently made a sign of acceptance. Travis paid, they left the restaurant and sat a little nervously side by side in Travis' car. They spoke little; only Travis ran his fingers lovingly along the inside of his lover's thigh, while Dana grasped his hand and pressed it against himself. They arrived back at the house and made sure the curtains were drawn. Dana stripped and stood obediently. The collar was buckled around his graceful neck. He dropped his eyes and awaited instruction, arms at his sides.

The cane cracked across his upturned buttocks and Dana cried out softly. Back in the basement, Travis had found the sack of ring screws and inserted one in the beam that crossed the ceiling. A length of wood from the garage, also fitted with ring screws, separated Dana's ankles, which were roped securely to the two ends. The fuck-me high heels wavered on his feet as he strove to maintain his balance. His wrists were circled numerous times with the cord, so that he could not possibly slide them out of the bonds, and fastened together behind his back, where another cord drew them back and up towards the ceiling. Teetering on the high heels, he was bent forward, his head down and his bottom charmingly raised in the air, where it did not escape Travis' serious attention.

After he had bound his hands behind him, Travis kissed his lover deeply, then lowered his head and bit his nipple.

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