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My older maid involves the younger maid in my punishments.

"You want to grab a bite here or somewhere else?" he asked with a completely innocent expression.

Tossing the paper aside, Rayne curled around him again, burying his face in the warm curve of his lover's neck. He wrapped his arms around Xavier and snuggled close, ignoring the furtive glances of the couple across the aisle from them.

"Much as I'd love to suck on you some more," he murmured seductively, "you need a rest after the way I laid into you at Aldo's. I hate to admit defeat but I want you fit and well when we get home. I've got other plans for you, Miz Gavrilov."

Although he felt a small thread of disappointment, Xav did see the sense in what Rayne said. He felt fine enough now, but he knew when Rayne drank from him too much he sometimes got light-headed or tired easily. Besides, the way Rayne put it, and the way he licked the curve of his ear, set up a throb of anticipation that overrode any disappointment. He sighed happily and tangled his arms around Rayne.

"What do you got in mind...?" Xav asked, his breath crossing over the curves of Rayne's ear in a warm caress.

Before Rayne got a chance to answer though, the woman that had been casting disapproving glances their way made her move, marching over to them with a mask of mixed anger and disgust on her pinched features. "You perverts are going to hell! There are decent people here that don't want to see such disgusting displays!"

Rayne's passion-darkened gaze bled slowly back to ice green as his head tilted to face her. Ever so briefly he let his tongue flicker across his full lips and still quite protuberant fangs.

"The decent people had the decency not to look," he told her in a dangerously quiet voice. "We're not doing anybody any harm, princess."

"God says what you're doing is a sin!" the woman shot back as her face flushed another shade darker.

Xavier watched her with a somewhat curious half-bored expression, wondering if actual steam might come out her ears like a cartoon character. He leaned his elbow on the table and propped his chin in the open, upturned palm.

"Jesus save me... from your followers!" he muttered as the other hand made a sloppy, irreverent genuflection with an exaggeratedly limp wrist.

Rayne made a point of sliding his arm around Xavier's shoulders and licking his ear before murmuring; "Well when He pops round for a sherbert I'll have to ask Him exactly what He means by that. But, til then..."

He wriggled his fingers at her in a brief little wave of dismissal.

She was closer to Xavier and now she leaned forward and pointed a sharp-taloned finger in his face. "You are a sinner and you're going to hell!" she screeched again.

Xav thought it rather ironic that she had missed what they were doing in plain sight not ten minutes earlier and it was only the sight of them cuddling a bit that brought on this zealot fit. When she didn't back off though he started to get pissed.

"Lady, get your fuckin finger outa my face and fuck off!"

She gasped liked he'd suggested she go fornicate with Satan and drew back her hand to slap his face. Rayne was on his feet faster than either of them could blink. The look in his eyes was caustic but he moved like silk, very smooth and very strong, catching both of her hands before she could land a blow. He leaned in close and Xavier, sitting inches from him felt the air shimmer almost the way it had when Dominic wove his spell of distraction around them. This felt edgy though, a little prickle of hungry eagerness sown through it.

Rayne held her with his eyes, not saying a word as he raised one of her wrists to his lips and exposed his fangs.

Xavier stopped breathing, not sure what Rayne was doing but instinctively staying still and silent so as not to distract him.

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