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A lonely, divorced man discovers his true sexual self.

Your cheeks suck in as you take my finger deeper into your wet mouth. The sight of this masterful lipwork makes me excited and I shift a little in my seat.

Still holding my free hand near your mouth with one hand, your other hand reaches out to rest on my thigh. My eyes widen and I can't help but rev the engine a little, making us speed down the road a little faster. With a little pop, you let me have my hand back and put both of your cute hands on my thigh. I try to pay attention to the road as you scoot closer to me and lean in to kiss my neck and blow against my ear. I can't help but chuckle as you pepper my face and neck with light kisses. The chuckle then turns into a moan as your hands slide up my leg to rub the bulge in my lap.

You give me one last kiss on the cheek before dropping your head lower. I can look over your wavy crown of gorgeous locks to see the road as your hands massage my hardening cock through my jeans. The buckle of my belt is quickly undone and the zipper purrs as it slides down. By this time, my cock is rock-hard and straining against my boxers.

I gasp when you pull my boxers down and pull my throbbing cock out. I lift my hips up a little to let you tug them farther down. As I settle back down, your hand grasps the base of my shaft. You slowly pump the smooth shaft up and down with your delicate fingertips. All I can see is the gray highway stretching out and your head hovering over my lap as you stroke me into heaven.

We almost become highway fatalities when your mouth closes around the head of my cock. I moan loudly and my body shakes, making the car weave a little. You don't seem to notice at all. You just keep bobbing your head up and down, sliding my hard cock in and out of your delicious mouth. I bite my lip and put one hand on the back of your neck as you suck me. Oh yes! Wow, you make me feel so good. Your mouth taking me deeper while one hand strokes my shaft and the other teases my balls. I can't believe you are doing this while I'm driving.

I slide my hand from the back of your neck down your back and over your sexy ass. I give each cheek a firm squeeze and then reach around and start to rub your pussy through your light, cotton pants. When you moan around my cock, the vibrations make my toes curl and my eyes squeeze shut. Oh, baby, this is getting a little crazy.

I'm having trouble thinking, not to mention driving, as the sounds of your moans and the slurping noises of your lips resonate in my ears. Spying a turnoff, I direct the car off the highway and onto a side street. You never stop moving your sweet lips up and down my cock as I drive off onto a dirt path and into a little grove of trees. I only then take my hand away from your warming pussy to reach under you and shift the car into park.

Finally able to react properly, I return my right hand to your ass and pussy and use my left to stroke your hair as you take me deeper into your mouth. My hips arch up as you suck my throbbing shaft. We're both moaning and incredibly horny now.

Suddenly, you lift your head and rock back into your seat. My throbbing cock stands straight up, still glistening with your saliva and my precum. I can't help but stroke it gently as I look over at you. With desire in your eyes, you reach down and push your pants and panties over your hips. Twisting and turning, you push them down your legs. Frustrated, you kick off your shoes so you can get your pants all the way off.

Wearing only a t-shirt and white ankle socks, you crawl over the center console and into my lap. I quickly scoot the seat all the way back and recline it. You look so sexy to me as you throw your leg over me and straddle my hips. Brushing my hand away, you grip my hard shaft and guide it to your wet pussy. With the swollen head between your slick lips, you lower your body down, sliding me inch by inch inside you. MMMmmm, you sexy thing!

We are both startled when your ass sinks all the way down on me and slaps against

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