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Ashley's ex comes to LA for a visit.

Now that my cock was free, my hand went straight to it and started jacking off.

"There you go Shawn. But you need more." Leaving the bone buried in her pussy, she took her purse and from it removed a pair of white, silk panties. "Here, jerk off into these. I wore them when I went into the bathroom, and came in them twice." I took her panties and my fingers became sticky. They were soaked with her cum. I didn't realize she was in there that long.

Tasha licked her fingers clean and returned to fucking the bone, though her eyes where open now and watching me. There wasn't much to fuck in her panties. She has a small, tight ass, so she only needed small panties, but I wrapped them around my huge cock, sighing when I felt her warm cum spread from them onto my dick. I slid it up and down my shaft slowly at first, covering my entire length with her cream, before going faster. Within minutes, all her cum had evaporated from the friction, but I didn't care. When you can't fuck some real pussy, there's nothing better then a chick's silk pantie. And when it belongs to someone you know, it's even better.

"There you go," she said to me. "But I think you need a bit more incentive." Then she took off her shirt, letting her small round breasts hang out. She was wearing no bras, but what really caught my attention were the rings hanging from her erect nipples. Both her tits where pierced. "A little something from my school years," she said as she fondled her breasts.

"Holy fuck," I said again, as I started jerking faster. I was leaning forward a bit to increase the pleasure I felt.

"I got them when I started stripping and doing amateur porn."

"Fuck!" I said loudly. I could feel my orgasm coming.

"You should see my clit ring." She moved the bone down a bit, and that's when I saw her little pink piece of flesh, only it wasn't so little, and it had a gold ring through it.

That was all I could take. The combination of her soiled panties, her playful pussy, her pierced boobs and clit, plus the fact the she's my boss I couldn't hold it anymore. My load exploded into her panties. The white material became soiled with my cum, quickly turning from white to yellow. My stomach muscles contracted in pain from the bad angle, but I rode it out.

"Oh, yeah!" Tasha also cried out. After seeing me ruin her panties, she came herself. I could see cum dribble from her pussy and down the length of the bone.

"Oh wow." I said, watching her layback in her chair. She had a satisfied expression on her face, but her eyes were still hungry. I must have looked the same.

"I'm not done with you yet," She said to me. She slowly pulled the bone out of her pussy, and ran it between her tits, covering them and her chest with warm cum. Then she handed it to me and said, "I like to keep this clean, so it doesn't get nasty and I'm forced to throw it out." I understood what she meant, and I started licking it. I didn't like the taste of raw hind, but it was masked by the salty taste of her juices. It didn't take my long to clean it, and when I was done, she took off my shirt and let it fall with the rest of our clothes. We were now both completely naked, sitting across from each other.

I still had her panties hanging from my dick, and Tasha took them, her fingers slowly sliding along my still erect shaft. Standing up, she slipped them back on, her eyes closing and her mouth sighing as she felt my cum touch her pussy lips. "I want to wear these for a while." I had no complaint. She looked incredible in them. Because of all the sum, they were almost see through. When I tried to stand up to take her in my arms, she pushed me back down and knelt down in front of me. Grabbing my dick with one hand, she pumped out the rest of the cum from it and then licked it with the tip of her tongue. "Oh wow," I said again.

When she finished cleaning my cock, she stuck the whole thing into her mouth.

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