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A young man find himself being feminized.

Even his balls were sized to match his cock and promised gallons of sperm.

"Do you like what you see?"

"Yes sir."

"What do you want to do with this?" He waved his cock before her.

"I want to fuck and suck it."

"Excellent, but first let me have a taste of those big boobies." The docor bent over and licked around her nipple. Chasity screamed with delight, they were so sensitive she shivered with pleasure. He sucked one long nipple between his lips and teased it with his teeth while twirling the other nipple between his fingers. Chasity gasped and moaned as her pussy spasmed. She had orgasmed. She had cum for the first time in her life and all he was doing was sucking on her nipples. Dick had never given her an orgasm in four years of marriage.

Chasity came again, this one was a lot bigger. Something was kneeding her clit. The doctor backed up and she looked down. Ludwig was between her legs and had sucked her protruding clit into his mouth. He was sucking on it like a baby on a bottle and each time sent spasms of pleasure through her body. He was naked too, she could see his deformed back, but what he was doing between her legs felt too good to deny. She came again when he inserted two fingers into her pussy.

"Enough," shouted the doctor. "Let her free Ludwig."

Ludwig backed off, wiping and licking her juices from his chin. The nude dwarf's cock slid along the ground it was so big and obscene. It was just starting to grow, making it's slow ponderous way skyward. It had to have been fourteen inches long and looked bigger on the dwarf's body. It was magnificent.

"I got the dosage wrong vith Ludwig," said Von Horne. "He's never complained though. Now come show me how much you love my cock."

Chasity smiled and fell to her knees before the doctor. She took his cock into her mouth finding the experience at once familiar and strange. She had the memories of hundeds of blow jobs on cocks of all sizes, but her mouth and throat seemed unaccustomed to having anything in them and she found herself gagging. Dissappointed in herself, Chasity decided to take it slow and easy despite her craving for a taste of his sperm. Besides, Von Horne's cock was so nice it deserved some extra special treatment.

Chasity removed it from her mouth and began kissing it from top to bottom. Her kisses changed to licks as she coated his shaft with her saliva paying extra special attention to the crown and pee slit, even licking his big hairy balls. She moved back up to the tip and began bobbing her head, taking more into her mouth with each thrust. The golfball-sized head of Von Horne's cock pushed against her throat. She relaxed and took several inches in her throat.

"Mein gott," said the doctor. "You can really suck cock. No man shall resist blow jobs this good."

"Thank you," she said flushing with pleasure at the compliment. She swallowed his cock again, this time swallowing ten inches before he grabbed the sides of her face and began thrusting his cock down her throat.

Chasity felt something poking her back and she fell forwards on her hands and knees so Ludwig could fuck her. His thick cock easily slid about half way into her soaked pussy. It stretched her out like no man ever had. Her pussy seemed to mold itself around Ludwig's monster prick, squeezing it tight and coating it with more lubrication. The muscles in her pussy spasmed trying to force it out, only to clamp down again and pull forward. Her body was responding to Ludwig's superior cock trying to force it to fuck her.

Chasity purred with pleasure as Ludwig pulled most of his cock out.

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