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A routine filing task ends up with a pleasurable surprise.

Then the voice said "should we use zip ties, or cuffs?"

With a start, Meg realised, the voice came from the other side of the room... Not in Front of her...where someone clearly was, running hands up and down her inner thighs.

There was a low chuckle as the person infront of her answered, " cuffs, it makes more noise when she struggles." And she felt the cool metal clamp around be ankles.

"Meg," came the voice from the other side of the room, " my associate and I, are going to restrain you, and use you as our own little cum slut. Don't worry, you'll get plenty of release as well. However, I want you to feel safe, so, if I ask if you are okay, i want you to give me a color, green to keep going, yellow to slow down, and Red to stop if you don't feel comfortable or safe. Do you you understand?"

Meg nodded her understanding. While saying, "yes sir..."


At this point, after being excited all day, she was dripping wet. She was naked, and being cuffed to a chair, ready to be a cum slut. She wasn't even sure it was the delivery guy... And that voice... So familiar, but she couldn't place it.

Meg reached her fingers between her legs again, feeling her swollen clit, as she began to touch herself, someone took her hand and bound them together infront of her.

"I want you on your knees, now!" Came the voice, like a whip crack.

Meg eased off the chair onto her knees, and she felt a hand tangle into her long red hair. The hand yanked her head back hard, and she opened her mouth to gasp, but there was suddenly a hot thick throbbing cock forcing it's way down her throat.

Meg started sucking, with the need of a woman to so desperately wanted to please. As she sucked with a fierce need, Meg felt someone below her, pushing fingers into her.

Meg moaned on the cock, that was thrusting down her throat.

Meg felt the strong fingers parting her lips and sliding deep inside her. They probe her deeper. She realizes he knows exactly what he is doing. He wastes no time finding her g-spot and begins massaging it. His thumb pressed against her swollen clit bringing her closer to the brink.

Meg hears the familiar voice in her ear: "not yet!" Her body tenses...he pulls out suddenly...preventing her from reaching orgasm.

She feels the cock in her throat swelling and beginning to throb. She hears his breathing change. His rythm shifts. She knows he is very close to cumming. She craves his cum. In her mind her delivery man is about to fill her throat with his cum. She feels him as he releases his load into her. His cock pumps and floods her throat. She gags a little and swallows every drop from him. He softens and pulls out.

Before she can catch her breath she hears thay familiar voice: "my turn..." and her mouth is full of cock again.

She tastes his precum as his cock slides over her tounge. His cock is larger...harder.


Meg feels her ass cheeks being parted and the cold lube dripping onto her tight hole. Then she feels a well lubricated finger slide into her...loosening her. After a few moments she feels a rather large plug entering her ass. It stretches her wider and wider. She's not sure she can take it. Just as she is about to try pulling away she feels the plug reach its maximum size then relief. It's in.

Just as she beings to relax she feels a slight tingle inside her. The tingle begins to grow in waves and soon becomes almost a drumming inside her.

Meg struggles to understand what she is feeling. She loves it feels like a vibrator but it grows and diminishes in intensity. She is dripping. Near orgasm.

She feels the sting of his hand on her ass. Just hard enough to keep her from cumming.

She craves an orgasm. Between his spanking and the changing intensity of the butt plug she can't quite reach orgasm. If he would just spank harder...or leave the control alone she could cum.

She focuses her efforts on the cock she is pleasing.

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