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Bath time with Rosa and Verdé.

I rip my mouth from yours, biting your ear, I whisper.

"I have to taste you!"

I drop to my knees and rest my head against the wall. I grasp your hips, pulling your cock to my salivating mouth. My tongue flicks across the head tasting a bit of pre-cum.

"Mmm... delicious."

My hands splay out across the cheeks of your ass. I feel your muscles ripple under my fingers. I wrap my lips tightly around your cock. I feel you ass clench as you thrust deep into my warm inviting mouth. My cheeks collapse as I suck you deep and hard. I hear you moan.

"Oh my god girl. Mmm yess...suck my cock."

You begin to drive hard and deep into my throat. My head bouncing off the wall with each thrust. I'm using my throat muscles to pull you deeper. My tongue sneaking out to lick your balls with each downward thrust. I feel your muscles tighten as you draw closer to filling my mouth with your sweet man-cream. I pull you close, locking your cock deep in my throat. I begin to milk your rod. Contracting and releasing, contracting and releasing my throat muscles. You run your fingers through my hair, holding my head still.

"Ohhh...yess that's it girl, eat my cock." You grunt as you fill my mouth with your cream.

I swallow every delicious drop of your cum. I smack my lips as I stand up.

"Damn girl, not only are you a tease, but one hell of a cocksucking tease." You tell me.

I just giggle and kiss you softly.

Unknown to us, the sexy bartender was watching our heated encounter from the bathroom doorway. She had shut off the light and the door was wide open. One of her hands gripped the door jam, her fingernails digging slightly in the wood. Her other hand was buried in the crotch of her unzipped jeans. Her fingers moving fast across her engorged clit. She was panting, and her eyes were glazed. When she saw that we were kissing, she jerked her hand from her pants and stepped towards us.

"Excuse me, but I know of a better place for us to finish this." She said in a husky voice.

We turn towards her, and she places one of her pussy-soaked fingers against my lips. I slowly suck her finger into my mouth. Flicking and swirling my tongue over the single digit, savoring her sweet taste. Then she places her other finger against his lips letting him also taste. He greedily sucks her finger, biting gently, before continuing with the rest of her fingers.

I lean forward and boldly kiss her on the lips. She tenses for a moment, and then she opens her mouth inviting me. I thrust my tongue into her mouth hard and fast. I grab her hand and place it on my tit. She begins to roll my soft flesh in her hand as she grinds her hips into mine, keeping the same tempo as I plunge into her mouth. He stepped back and was watching in amazement a goofy grin on his face. She stepped back, breaking our kiss.

"Come on, follow me." She moans breathlessly.

She grabs each of our hands, and pulls us to the backroom. It's a supply area, each of the walls are lined with boxes full of liquor. In the center of the room is a double bed. We both smirked and looked at her.

"Sometimes the need arises." She said with a wink.

She locked the door behind her and flipped on the lights. I walked to the bed removing the rest of my dress and kicking off my heels. He walked around the bed, sitting on the opposite side of it. I lean back on my elbows, and smile sweetly at her. She slips off her sneakers and slides her tight jeans down her beautiful legs. She is wearing a pair off black lace so sexy. Her skin is a golden tan color, like coffee with extra creamer, and I'm sure a lot of sugar.

I look back at him, he has removed his shirt, his chest is muscular, not much hair though.

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