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Tina uses her powers to seduce a young man.

They had both talked endlessly about there voyeuristic and exhibitionist sides, but never done more then a bit of fondling in public and some outdoor sex before.

Mike had felt maybe getting away from their normal lives on a bit of a holiday somewhere might provide them both with the right type of atmosphere to try something new. A weekend in another city where they could find some interesting clubs, cut loose and try out there wild sides a bit.

Friday morning had finally rolled around, the day of there departure, Mike called Angel at home, 'hey sweety, i'll be there in 20 min ok?

And can I put in a request? Sure " Angel replied.

Well, I want you to wear a short skirt, with no panties and black stockings, thigh highs, .. I want to be able to touch your soft naked pussy when ever I want too he told her. God baby! Just hearing you say that makes me sooo wet, of course I well do that for you! Ok lover, see you in 20 min.

Hanging up Angel walked into her closet, and reached for her short black leather mini, this was a new purchase just for Mike. She knew how turned on the idea of her naked under leather made him. Slipping into her skirt, she grabbed the soft cream satin blouse and slowly pulled it on, feeling the softness slide over her skin.

Her large breasts rubbed bralessly against the fabric, making her nipples stand out hard against the front. One leg at a time she pulled up the stockings.. And slipped her feet into her knee high boots.

Mmmmmmmmmm, trailing her fingers underneath her skirt she felt how warm and wet her pussy was becoming, thinking of Mikes hands touching her.

Angel grabbed her overnight bag and headed down the stairs to meet Mike.

As his car pulled up to the curb, Angel, with a sly grin on her face lifted the front of her skirt just a bit so Mike could see from his position is the car, her naked pussy staring out at him. Opening the door he grabbed her hand and pulled her in. God woman! You look so hot!

Laughing, Angel leaned over and kissed him deeply, sucking his tongue into her mouth and letting go.

Come on baby! Lets get moving, she whispered.

As they drove Angel could feel her juices starting to flow, knowing that he was busy trying to maneuver in the heavy traffic she leaned her back into the door and slowly let her fingers travel up her own thighs. Spreading her legs open so when Mike looked, he would have a clear unobstructed view she started rubbing her clit.

Hearing her low purring sound coming from his right Mike glanced over. What he saw her doing next to him in the car almost created an accident.

There she was... Staring into his face... Legs spread.. Fingers moving in and out of her pussy, juices flowing... Her body starting to quake from the orgasm he knew was so close.

Shuddering Angel's body started to shake, her legs tightening, body moving up and down.. Her face contorted in pleasure. Mike almost came in his pants just watching her next to him.

Mmmmmmmmm he heard her murmur, as she turned her body back to its normal position, that was wonderful. What did you think? She asked. Looking down at his lap, he motioned to her, 'well see for your self, .. The outline of his engorged cock was showing threw his jeans

. Awww poor baby... Want me to suck that for you?? She asked. Not waiting for an answer from him she lowered her head to his lap and quickly unzipped his jeans. Taking his cock in her hands she guided it into her mouth, tasting the precum on her tongue. God! Mike moaned out loud, one hand on the wheel and the other buried in her blonde hair pushing her mouth down further on his member.

The intense warmth of her mouth, the suction and the swirling motion of her tongue around the head of his cock were driving him crazy, he could feel the cum building up in his balls and moving towards the tip ready to burst into her waiting throat.

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