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This was her quite place, she sat down on her flat rock as she had many times before, and never before.

The bottle now half-empty, she took another swallow, the liquid now went down smoothly...

Bliss sat there staring at the sunset, tears streaming from her eyes her hand clenched the weapon tightly as she brought it up to the side of her face... Master, I am yours, she cried as she began to squeeze the trigger.

Suddenly as if out of nowhere a silver and gray figure charged her, knocking her to the ground and separating her from the grips of death. She scrambled to her knees, spinning to see who her attacker may have been. She scrambled around searching for the gun, it along with her attacker were nowhere to be seen. She buried her face in her hands, trembling she cried.

She felt a hand touch her shoulder, giving her a start, she turned quickly,. "Who?" she began, but there was nobody there.

Looking around, she yelled. "Who are you? Show yourself you bastard."

Bliss was now walking in circles searching for her gun, "Give me back my gun! Leave me alone. Just leave me alone." She cried.

She sat down again at the edge of the pond, her arms and head on her knees she cried, "Just leave me alone..." she sobbed.

"No Bliss, I shall not leave you alone... he is not your Master... you will not be joining him soon, he is evil, and you are good, he shall never be your Master..."

"Who are you?" Bliss sobbed. "Why do you care about me?"

"I am your guardian spirit, I am going to protect you and train you until your Master is found..." The voice said.

"Your Master is out there bliss and he will find you, you will be one with him soon."

"Guardian spirit my ass" Bliss retorted, "You didn't protect me from that bastard Peter..."

"You were in no danger." The spirit replied. "In fact he awakened you... I have been waiting a long time for you to embraced your true self... I am sorry it has worked out this way, but your true Master is seeking you."

The Wolf circled bliss, "I will not hurt you bliss, you must trust me. I will release you from the power of your former Master, and I will possess you, you will become mine, until your real Master takes possession of you."

Bliss trembled in terror, as the Wolf circled her.

"What is happening to me?" she whimpered.

Suddenly her wrist, were entwined by vines, as were her ankles, they tightened and began to spread her before the Wolf, opening her thighs and her secret place for all to see.

More vines wrapped themselves around her chest, separating and lifting her pert breast, little vine shoots circling and tightening around her nipples. Her nipples hardening and the vines tightened, pinching her nipples, causing her to cry out in pain... she could feel her clitoris slip through her ring, as her body began to respond to the vines manipulations.

Her eyes opened wide and she screamed as a snake slithered out of the woods. She fought against the vines as it approached her, her skin crawled as it wound it's way around her neck, and its tongue tickled her lips. It moved down her body flitting it's tongue at her nipples, down to her now taunt swollen clitoris, down to her wet dripping vagina, her cunt, it's tongue flitting, seeking her, tasting her. It's tongue teasing her clit, flitting her clit, tasting her clit, making her squirm, intensifying her bodies betrayal. It seemed to concentrate on her clitoris building the need inside her, tormenting her, taking her higher with each flitter of it's tongue.

Bliss moaned, with her need, her wanting, as the snakes tongue entered her now sopping wet vagina, her cunt.

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