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A Southern Belle spreads her charms.

I knew he could feel my heat spreading under my robe, his hardness pressed against my ass. Dropping a few ice cubes into his navel, letting them melt... then sucking the water from his navel seductively.

Sly as a fox, I moved from the bed again, slipping his belt from his jeans, grinning wickedly. I moved the cool leather over his chest and further down, over the bulge in his jeans. Suddenly I snapped the belt, catching him across the chest with it. Instead of looking at me in alarm, as I expected, a look of pure pleasure crossed his face. I continued to tease him and slap him with the belt, on his chest, his arms, his inner thighs. Each time he seemed to become more and more excited. She couldn't take her eyes away, watching as if she had no choice.

I smiled up at her, waiting for her nod of approval to continue. After receiving just that, my hands slid down to pull his cock out of his boxers.. already so nice and hard, and very thick. I could feel my mouth begin to water in anticipation as I bent to him... darting my tongue out to taste... swirling it slowly around the head, pulling it between my lips. He let out a moan of pleasure as my lips slid even further down... sucking as much of his cock as possible between my lips, looking up into his eyes, watching his expression.

I moved my gaze to her, my blue eyes twinkling... matching the twinkle in her eyes. I continued to love his cock with my lips and tongue, my fingers playing occasionally over his balls... then bringing my tongue down to flick over them as well. After sucking him for quite some time, I moved up to lie beside her... my hands moving delicately over her arms. Sensing her uneasiness, I leaned close... whispering into her ear... telling her how beautiful I thought she was.

She smiled at me as I bent my head to her breasts, cupping them with my hands... moving my tongue over her erect nipples... she tasted lovely. Arching her back up slightly, she moaned softly as I took one nipple between my lips, sucking on it tenderly, as only a woman can. Her hands plunged into my hair, pulling me closer to her, my lips further over her nipple. My tongue moved over to her other breast, and repeated the tenderness, same as before. Unable to resist, I moved lower down her body... my tongue burning a trail to her navel... licking, nibbling, sucking her skin between my lips. Her hips writhed in pleasure as I plundered her body with my tongue and lips.

Reaching her most delicate spot, my fingers gently parted her... sliding over her mound softly, tenderly... taking in her wetness, her aroma. My eyes met hers and I gave her a slow smile before bending my head to her... my tongue sliding slowly over her moist slit. I moaned to myself, darting my tongue over her clit, swollen with desire, hard as a rock. Gently taking her clit between my lips, I sucked on it... nibbling, flicking my tongue over it. She was moving all over the bed now... her juices oozing out onto my tongue... making me hotter still.

Sliding my tongue deeply inside her, moving it in a circular motion, making her squirm and moan louder. My hands slid under to cup her ass, bringing her pussy closer... then fitting my mouth over it... sucking... oh god, she tastes wonderful... I almost can't get enough. Suddenly, I felt hands moving over my back... looking over my shoulder I saw him, his fingers slowly caressing my skin.

He moved up to my ear and whispered that he'd love a taste of me also. Of course I was willing to oblige... and soon I felt his velvety tongue moving over my inner thighs. I moaned louder, my lips vibrating her pussy as I continued to lick, suck, and tease her. She screamed out as her juices flooded my tongue, lips, and chin... dripping down onto the bed. I moved up to trace my tongue over her lips, coating them with her juices before sliding my tongue between her lips to kiss her passionately.

He rolled me over then, moving between my legs, sliding his tongue down my body.

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