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She made a deal with him for one last orgasm for the year.

Nick sang "Happy Birthday" and tears were falling my eyes. I was just so happy though quite horny. Then, I closed my eyes, silently made a wish, and blew out the candles. All four of us had cake and ice cream and I gave each of the guys' passionate kisses. My birthday got more interesting when they were all touching and kissing me throughout the night. The guys were so happy to see me. Eddie then held me close to his body once he kissed my lips. Nick and Galen were both stroking my long, dark hair. I laid my head back so Galen could kiss my neck. Nick on the other hand touched my body with both of his hands.

They slowly pulled down my cami, exposing my full, soft breasts. Eddie's hands were resting on my hips. Nick and Galen were fondling my breasts with their hands. I couldn't think straight with all three men pleasuring me at once.

Nick and Galen then replaced their hands with their mouths on them. Eddie on the other hands carefully pulled off my panties. My naked pussy responded to his fingers lightly touching it. I couldn't decide which guy I wanted to start with. So I decided to make out with Nick first.

He pulled himself back from me and said, "Let's take all this to the bedroom."

We all smiled as we headed to my bedroom. Eddie first laid on his back on the bed and I got on top of him while Galen and Nick were beside me, playing with my body with their hands. I first began taking off my remaining clothes as the guys were down to their underwear.To be pleasure by all three hot men was to me the ultimate birthday gift.While I was on top of Eddie, Nick began kneading my natural 42C breasts while Galen had one of his hands going up and down my backside as his other hand caressed my hair. I leaned over to kiss Eddie's lips. As I was kissing him, Galen was kissing the back of my neck. Nick on the other hand was kissing and licking my bubble butt. Galen and Nick went into the bathroom while Eddie and I were alone in my bedroom. He returned my kiss as his hands were deliciously caressing my body. He took his time giving me foreplay. He kissed, licked and sucked every inch of me. When he got to my bare, pink pussy, he savored my female juices as though it were fine wine. While tasting me, I ran my fingers through his black hair. As he slipped out of his underwear,I licked and kissed his eight-inch cock before he slowly entered my pussy. Once he entered me, he slowly rocked against my body. He was holding me close while going in and out of me. As our bodies move in rhythm with each other, we looked into each other's eyes. We climaxed in unison and then he kissed my lips deeply. He smiled at me with his dimples and kissed my cheek before leaving my bedroom.

Next was Galen.

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