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Bella makes some decisions.

He got up and moved behind her. As he walked behind her he ran his fingers lightly down her back and over her ass. He grabbed her hair and pulled until she was standing straight up with her head tilted back. "As I said that was naughty and what happens to naughty girls?" He said in her ear.

He waited a couple seconds then pulled a little harder on her hair, "Well?"

"They're punished."

"That's right they are." He dragged her by her hair over to the wall and put her back against it. "Stay just like that."

She watched him walk over to the other side of the room and grab a belt, anal beads, and clothes pins. He set the belt over his shoulder, he had a very intense look in his eyes as he walked back towards her. He began by tweaking her nipples once he was happy he clamped the clothes pins one on each nipple. He played with them for a few minutes before trailing his hand down her stomach reaching between her legs he started stroking her clit. After kissing her senseless he removed his had making her groan.

"Not a sound! Now turn around, put your hands on the wall, and stick that ass out."

She stood there with her hands on the wall and her ass sticking out just like he instructed listening to him move about behind her. Waiting for the first blow to land she was surprised when she felt something hard and wet against her asshole and knew it was the anal beads. "Now I know you can take all of these." The first few balls went in extremely easily however he had to use a little more force to get the rest in. Once they were all in he tugged on the loop a little moving it around he loved tormenting her like this. He released the loop, "Keep them all in."

He stepped back and she knew what was coming next. The first blow from his gloved hand landed it stung but didn't hurt. He ran his hand around her ass then landed a blow on the other cheek. This continued for about ten or so swats, he again ran his hand around her ass again. But this time when the blow landed it wasn't his hand it was the belt. She sucked in air.

"Are you ok?" He asked, she knew he didn't want to cause her real harm.

She nodded her head and again the blows began to land alternating with the belt and him lightly running his hand over her ass.

"I love how red your ass turns when I give you a spanking. But I think that should be enough for you to have learned your lesson. What do you think, have you learned your lesson?" He said as he grabbed her chin and turned her head toward him.

She nodded and made a uh huh sound. "Good, but I'm not completely finished yet put your hands behind your back." As soon as her hands we behind her back he tied them together.

He turned her completely around and pointed to the pillows piled on the floor. "Go lay down on your back."

She did as she was told. He came over to her and kneeled by her legs, "Spread em." She heard a buzzing noise then felt as he put the bullet on her clit. "Don't cum." He moved it around her clit for a few moments before sliding it inside of her. Then stood up.

Looking down at her he could tell she was ready to cum but that was part of the fun. "You are not allowed to cum, do not make any noise." He said in a firm tone and watched as her eyes widened a little. "I will be back in a little bit. While I am gone think about what you have done to get you into this position and what you can do in the future to prevent it." He turned around and headed toward the stairs. Before he descended the stairs he turned around and looked at her. "Remember no noise and do not cum I will know if you do. Oh and when I return the bullet and beads better still be inside you." With that he walked down the stairs.

She rolled her eyes and sighed and began thinking to herself 'ok so he could just be going down to use the bathroom and be right back up, or he could stay down and talk to the roommates for a bit, or maybe even go out for a cigarette which means he could be gone for almost ten minutes.

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