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.all around you," that same voice waited to add with perfectly cruel timing.

Before she could stop herself, the talons of her fingers had worked under the elastic band of her moistened panties.

".....YEESS...AAAHHHH," she gasped the instant her fingertips tickled across her swollen and soaked labia.

Twisting noticeably across her Daughter's bed sheets, Nancy gripped the pile of covers to her right as she zeroed in on the raging beacon of her clitoris.

"This shouldn't take long," she tried convincing herself, but her body, not to mention her long tortured mind, weren't about to let her off that easy.

It would have been easy to pinch her clit several times as she raked her fingers across her smoldering sex until she came. She'd done the same thing countless times over the years, more than she cared to admit, in fact. Orgasm usually came after two or three minutes worth of constant friction, then she was able to fall asleep or get on with her day.

Her gaze still glued up to the ceiling, it was almost as if an entity outside the framework of her soul had taken control of her hand as it rotated slowly around the fury V of her pulsing crotch. With the curtains drawn, it was so dark in the room it was hard to tell if Nancy's eyes were open or closed. Against that opaque backdrop, several fuzzy and jumbled images slowly began to coagulate into focus.

In that moment of heightened free association, the first thing to pop into Nancy's mind was what she'd just witnessed less than an hour earlier at the church. Walking down that same exact corridor in her mind, this time Nancy felt her feet were bare on the freezing tile as she shuffled along the floor. She could see the room up ahead, knowing full well the sin that waited inside. Literally feeling the heat spilling from the room drawing her closer, Nancy struggled, unable to decide which way to go.

"Burn to death in there or freeze to death right make the call," a distant voice mocked in her head.

Lost in her delirium, Nancy knew full well what she'd see when she strained her neck to peek inside that room. Still, she couldn't bring herself to run the other way.

Time seemed to pretzel for Nancy as she reclined on her Daughter's bed, her hand working a little quicker with each passing spin as she fondled her raw and throbbing cunt.

"GOD..YESSSS," she gasped every few seconds, continuing to focus on the dreadfully sick and fascinating movie playing in her head.

As if they were made of helium, Nancy's knees began to rise from the mattress, following quickly by both feet until they were suspended nearly a foot in the air. The air churning like the groan of a locomotive from her throat, Nancy reached up and grabbed both her breasts through her sweater with her right hand as she clamped down hard on her pussy with her left.

A seismic gong jolted every bone in her body when she envisioned herself turning around that final corner and seeing Pastor Grady with that young girl in the room. Her mental replay of it all couldn't have been more hauntingly perfect as she felt the vibrations of Calvin's grunts, along with the girl's frantic cries ripple down her spine.

By then, Nancy's feet were flailing wildly in mid-air as she fixated on the acid stained image of the two fucking in her head, only this time it suddenly wasn't Simone beneath Pastor Grady, but her own naked self.

It wasn't so much as an orgasm Nancy had but a gut-wrenching exorcism of her loins. All that accumulated bitterness, angst, confusion, lust and want screamed from her pussy as she bucked and writhed for nearly a minute on Lacy's bed. Her guttural growls bouncing off the walls of the old house, goosebumps turned Nancy's skin to sandpaper as the mattress springs of the turn of the century bed strained below.

That's not to say she hadn't imagined herself with Pastor Grady.

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