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An old friend helps Erin remember.

Harder." He bit savagely and I clung to his head crying out."

Now was the time to take the big risk. This might be the only time I would have David, so whatever happened tonight, could be the sum total of our love making. I would take the chance. I moved to the side of the bed and sat on the edge. "Come and kneel in front of me, my love." He knelt. I drew up my legs and parted them so as to give him the full view of my vagina. So far, nothing we had done had allowed this. Now he gazed with a look of wonder on his face.

I moved my hands down and pulled aside the lips of my vagina so as to expose it totally to him. He was breathing very hard.

Some men are revolted at the sight of a woman's sexual organ, Michael certainly was. Would David be repelled? I took the next step. "Would you kiss me there, my love." Without hesitation he leaned forward and pressed a kiss against my organ. He did not withdraw, but continued to kiss it. "Darling, put your tongue inside me and lick me." I felt his tongue flash into me. I cried out with delight and he increased the speed of his licking thrusting his tongue in deeply. I grasped his head and held in tight. Then I pushed his head away so he once more had my vagina in full view.

"There is one special spot a woman has," I told him, "that is very sensitive to sexual excitation." I pulled aside the hood that covered my clitoris. "It's just here." I touched myself. "Put your finger on it." He reached out a finger and gently touched the clitoris. "Just gently move your finger round it." He did so.

I let him play with my clitoris for a while then said, "Lick it for me." His head came forward and his tongue found the sweet little place. My female juices were flowing freely and David's face was wet with them, but not for a moment did he hesitate. "Suck me, my love, suck me. Lick me all over, oh my God..." I started to shake, and knew my orgasm was coming. I was screaming out, "Don't stop...oh my God...don't stop...please don't stop...oh yes, yes, yes...ahh." It had burst over me, this orgasm like I had never had before. It shuddered through my entire body and I was dragging David's head into me. I screamed and wept with the power of it. I was soaked and David's face was covered with my wetness, but he continued to pump his tongue up and down and in and out of me.

Then this upheaval slowed and I began to climb down. I moved David's head away from me, but took his hand and rubbed it against the outside of my organ until I finally subsided. I fell back on the bed and David came beside me. I was momentarily overcome, and he seemed to sense this, and made no move to touch me.

After a few minutes, I turned to him. His face was soaked and it had flowed down his neck onto his chest, so great had been my discharge. I laughed and said, "What a mess we are. I think a bit of a clean up is in order." We went, or rather, I staggered, to the bathroom. I washed David's face, and gave my crotch and thighs a good cleansing.

David still had a mighty erection, and I knew we had to do something about that. We returned to the bedroom. We lay on the bed and once more, I began to stroke his penis and kiss him. After a while I moved down and took his penis into my mouth. This caused him to once more cry out, and he groaned and murmured as I sucked and nibbled him. Soon I felt his orgasm approaching, and having become thoroughly aroused myself I moved up the bed, lay on my back and spread my legs. "Take me, darling," I pleaded.

He came over on top of me. I took his penis and inserted it into me. It slid in easily to its full length causing me to cry out with love. Then for want of a better, I used a word I had never uttered before. "Fuck me, my darling. Fuck me to death. Kill me, but fuck me. Don't ever stop. Please, please, don't ever stop."

David began to pump up and down in me. He responded to my words: "I've wanted you for so long. You don't know how I've wanted you. I've longed for you day and night. I've wanted so much to fuck you. I've dreamed about fucking you night after night."

Tears were s

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