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My wife's first taste of being watched...

In the dream, I am passed around a poker table, but poker is not a requirement in the fantasy though it'd be great if it worked out that way."

"Ok, Jill. Before you move out, we are going to fulfill your fantasy. You will be used by a group of men and you will follow orders and be a total cumslut. Now I want you to stand and then turn away from me with your legs spread."

She complied instantly.

"Good girl. Now bend over and grab your ankles so I can use you comfortably."

"Yes, Master."

I was too hot to be denied at that point.

She's very flexible and she bent over so far that I saw her upside down face looking up at me and my cock as I stuffed her pussy. She was soaked and I got more than half of cock inside her on the first stroke. I started to fuck her as I held her hips. Her pussy was hot and tight. This was going to end quickly.

I lasted about a minute before I announced my load and pulled out.

Jill sucked the cum right out of my tool and swallowed it all. Then she cleaned me without having to be told.

I was living out almost every man's fantasy and the only fear I had at that point was never seeing Jill again after her six months were up. When she finished, I had praise for her.

"Jill, you have done very well so far. Please clean up the kitchen, but when you finish, I want you to take the rest of the afternoon off and work on your tan or whatever you feel like doing. You've earned it."

She was giddy.

"Thank you, Master!"

"Your welcome, Jill. And, Jill, since our time is short, I think we will just go ahead and move you into the main house. I want you in my bed tonight and every night going forward."

"Oh thank you, Master! Thank you!"

I could see how happy this made her and she gave me a huge hug. My hands went to her incredible ass and caressed it. No way was this body sleeping anywhere other than next to me.

"Your welcome, Jill. Now don't make me regret it. Finish your work and clean up."

She bounced off to do her chores with a huge smile. I retired to my study to put all the pieces in place for Jill's fantasy. Two of my frat brothers are extremely well hung and they already made frequent trips down from NC. I was going to start with myself and them and I'd invite a few more frat brothers to fly down as well. The brothers were a perfect solution as they have group experience and are a lock to never utter a word to anybody about Jill. We are an extremely tight and loyal group. Additionally, the guys in her dream were all fraternity brothers, so it played well all around.

My basic plan was to get five of us and Jill and to take my large fishing yacht out for a weekend cruise. The key ingredient would be finding a guy I could trust to captain the ship for the weekend. I didn't want to be bothered with Captain's duties on this trip, though I normally enjoy it.

My boat was an extravagance that my ex insisted on if we were going to buy the house. All I wanted was the small fishing boat. Naomi needed to show off.

The behemoth cost well over a million brand new, but I got mine used for $800,000, which was a steal. It slept eight comfortably with two staterooms plus two more bedrooms as long as you were willing to give up the living room on the lower level. We had plenty of space for all.

There were several great places on-board where we could stage parts of my little sub's fantasies. I was going to do the poker thing for sure, but I also envisioned some fishing games and perhaps some bedroom hopping.

The hardest thing I had to do was share my little prize, but with all she was giving me, this was the least I could do. I could feel myself getting attached to her and I figured the sooner the better with the fantasy. I could at least minimize my attachment angst that way.

I shot out a group e-mail to my top four candidates and told them they were all invited down two weeks from that day and that it was a male-only event that would feature serious sex for all on my yacht with a red hot submissive.

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