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Ordinary walk turns into an adventure.

I moved beside them, back on the coffee table. I had them slowly begin to undress each other. I instructed them to prolong the savor the look, feel, and scent of each other as they unfolded the flower that was their bodies. As each piece of clothing was discarded onto my office floor, smiles and kisses were exchanged. Soon, they were both completely naked.

They were ready for the next step. I asked them what they'd like to change about their own lovemaking style and what they'd change about their mates' style.

For Ellen, she wanted more of what most women want - more foreplay. Outside the bedroom, she wanted to wined and dined before 69'd. In the bedroom, she wanted more kissing and more oral sex and she needed to silence her inhibitions and share her fantasies with her husband.

Since the sessions are only 45 minutes, we could only handle one problem at a time. The wining and dining would have to be done as homework. They made a commitment to call a sitter when they got home so they could spend one night a week out, sans children.

As for in the bedroom, we'd already started with her desire for more kissing. So it was Ron's turn to taste his wife.

She laid back on my couch. He kissed his way down her body until he got to her mons. He parted her legs and gazed at her beautiful body. I had him caress her skin lightly, trailing his fingertips and nails down her flesh. His cock was fully engorged and I knew he was dying for attention of his own, but it would have to wait.

He spread her lips open, lowered his mouth to her trimmed pussy and blew along her inner lips. I watched Ellen's facial expressions as he did this. She seemed to be having trouble relaxing. I asked if it was my presence, offering to leave them but they both asked me to stay.

Since Ellen didn't look like a woman who was enjoying herself (I would've gladly taken her place), I began massaging her breast. I leaned over and kissed her cheek, down her neck, touching her breasts while Ron began his oral lovemaking.

Ellen's grimace disappeared as we both worked on her. She began to smile, eyes closed, hips wiggling under Ron's face. Her hands were pushing my mouth onto her breasts, obviously wanting me to suck her nipples, and her husband's head down into her dripping wet pussy. Her sex was filling the room....or was it mine?

I flicked my tongue over her stiff pink nipples, looking down at Ron, watching his golden head bobbing between her creamy thighs. He sucked at her outer folds, licked at her clit, suckled it. At times, he would fuck Ellen with his tongue and she'd arch under my mouth, pushing her breasts up into my mouth.

She was moaning and writhing and a light sweat was forming on her brow. Her cries resounded in my small, cozy office. She began to tear at the buttons on my dress as she gave into the passion of her husband's mouth.

I pulled away and slipped my dress off. I removed my bra and panties but left my thigh high stockings on.

"Alanna, join us," Ellen panted.

I asked Ron if it was alright with him and he stopped consuming his wife's cunt long enough to grab my head, pull me to him, and kiss me. I took that as a "yes."

I could taste Ellen as well as smell her. My tongue pushed into Ron's mouth, swirling her juices between us. As we kissed, I reached for Ellen's hand and placed it on her clit, hinting for her to touch herself. She fingered her hard nub and I slid my finger inside her, all the while, tasting her from her husband's mouth. I felt her cunt bearing down on my finger; her g-spot swelling under my constant pressure. I knew Ron was in need of attention too so I withdrew my finger and slipped his hand to her pussy. He began to caress and fingerfuck his wife as she masturbated.

I moved down to my knees, kissing my way down Ron's manly chest and rippled stomach. I quickly took his cock into my mouth while he digitally penetrated his wife. Not only were Ellen's moans filling my office, Ron's now were too.

His body slumped back against the b

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