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Downed pilot discovers a lost tribe of beautiful women.

I was as hard as I had ever been, but I was choking. He stood up, setting her on her feet and catching her when she stumbled on her high heels. They laughed.

He whispered in her ear and glanced up. She shook her head and kissed him, trying to pull him back to the couch. He sighed, and shrugged, and then pulled her close, kissing her again. Her arms went around his neck, and his hands cupped that perfect ass once more. Then he turned away from her and took a step towards me. I flattened myself against the tree trunk in a sudden panic. He could squash me like a bug. He reached for the curtain.

She reached for his hand. Words flew back and forth.

He was shocked, incredulous, then angry.

She waved her hands as she talked, not meeting his eye.

Then he said the wrong thing, and she pointed to the door, drawing herself up.

He shook his head in disbelief.

She stamped her foot and pointed again.

He shook his head with a disgusted look on his face and stalked to retrieve his jacket.

She followed him towards her front door, talking, waving her hands.

"Stupid fucking bitch!" The yell was muffled by the rain and the houses, but I knew he was out the front door by then. He slammed it shut loud enough that it echoed, and a moment later a car door closed, and an engine roared to life. The tires were screaming like the fear and jealousy and anger and lust. I shook with it.

Natalie came back into the living room, still holding her dress up. She stood in fron of the slider for a moment. She reached back and unzipped her dress. She let it fall, then opened the door and stepped out of her dress into the rain.. The drops splashed off her golden skin and ran down her body. I had never seen anything so beautiful.

"Are you there?" Her voice slurred.

My heart stopped beating. I imagined myself walking across the yard towards her. taking her in my arms, kissing her, making her mine. I had seen the man she had brought home, though. She would never want someone like me.

"Are you?" she called a bit louder, and went back in.

I gasped a breath before she reappeared with something in her hand.

Just as she was stepping out the door, I realized what it was. She switched the flashlight on and swung it up, but her heel slipped on the wet step and she stumbled, grabbing the rail and dropping the flashlight. I fell off the branch, rolling in the mud and tore off down the alley. I sprinted home, shaking with panic. I sat in my wet, muddy clothes on the kitchen floor, ashamed., and the weight of my cowardice crashed down on me.


The rain had stopped during the night, and Max was bursting with energy. I let him haul me around the neighborhood for a while, trying to find something to be happy about, but I kept seeing myself running away from the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. I kept seeing the bastard and reminding myself how far out of my league she was. A broken-down, middle-aged man just didn't have a fighting chance with a girl like that.

Max barked and tugged, and I looked up. Natalie was coming down the street towards us. She had heard Max bark and smiled, so there was no escaping. He dragged me towards her, wagging his tail, and she leaned down to scratch him again.

"You're lucky you're a dog," she said. Max seemed to agree with her as she hugged him.

"Is something wrong?" I asked, trying to sound as natural as possible.

She looked up and sighed. "I thought I found someone special, but I think I scared him away."

"Someone special?" The words stumbled over themselves as I spoke. "I'm sure if you told him what was up, he'd understand. I mean, who could say no to a girl like you?"

She chuckled and shook her head. "The problem with that is I don't really know who he is."

"Oh," I said.

She gave Max a final pat and went on her way down the street, and I watched her ass swaying until Max almost yanked me off my feet.

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