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Sam, a spoiled brat, discovers an unexpected lust.


P.S. I want seconds on Stud man...."

As she folded the note, Anne Marie's mind began to churn. Last night felt good, especially the way Greg seemed to take charge again. It was that thought that made Anne Marie's mind race. She wanted payback. It was when she saw the kitchen that her mind filled with some thoughts.

Greg's eyes opened and he tried to stretch, but discovered that he couldn't. He turned his head to the right and saw Clementine's bikini top tied around his wrist to the bed post. He looked to the left and saw his other wrist tied down with Anne Marie's top. It was then he saw Anne Marie in front of him wearing a rose colored kimono style robe. He could see a smirk on her face and some bottle in her hand....

"Anne Marie..." he started.

"Not this time, buddy. You are gonna call me Ms Flowers like you use to, just for now...I think you forgot something about customer service." Her hips sashayed a bit as she came to the edge of the bed. It was then that Greg noticed the label of the bottle.

"Anne Marie, what are you doing with a bottle of syrup?" Greg asked as Anne Marie took a drop of it and licked it off her finger before inserting it into her mouth. She made a big production of sucking off her finger before she removed it. She watched as Greg's cock reacted to her tease standing proudly before her. She cooed softly before she climbed onto the bed.

"I was hungry and decided I needed to see what breakfast you have for me. Looks like the sausage is ready," she said as she winked at him. She then placed the cold syrup bottle against his inner thigh before she slowly untied the robe and removed it. She then teased Greg by slowly working her fingers over her nipples until they poked forth. Greg licked his lips expecting her to place one on his lips. Instead, she poured a little syrup on her finger and slowly sucked it off again. Greg couldn't believe she was torturing him like this.

Anne Marie then reached over and started pouring syrup onto his cock. It was cool to the touch, as if it were in the freezer instead of the refrigerator. Greg stiffened a bit before he watched Anne Marie descend onto his cock. He closed his eyes, imagining the feeling that was about to approach before he was surprised by the breeze now cooling the sugary liquid on his member. He opened his eyes just to see Anne Marie in his face.

"Okay Mr. Dick," she said almost wickedly. "Let me tell you the deal. This morning, I am going to savor that morsel right there. If you even try to thrust your dick inside my mouth and down my throat one time, I will untie you and kick you out of my life forever. If you are a good little boy, I'll not only suck you off, but I'll let you fuck me whenever and wherever you want. Think you can handle it?"

Greg was silent before he spoke. "I will do whatever you want Ms. Flowers. I'll be good."

Anne Marie smiled at that answer before she moved down to the foot of the bed and began to slowly slide her tongue over the crown. She took the base of it in her hand and slowly squeezed it before lowering her mouth onto him. Greg moaned loudly and Anne Marie thought to herself how she had him. She then slowly worked half of his syrup covered member into her mouth before she sucked loudly.

"Mmmmmm. I've always been a breakfast person," she said before she lowered her head and began to lick his balls of the syrup. Greg was enjoying the view even though his arms started to ache a bit. As she slowly took his member back between her lips, Greg was so eager to thrust. However, he forgot about it because he didn't want to lose her pussy. Anne Marie smiled at the frustration on his face before swallowing him one more time. She then climbed around onto the bed and began to untie his arms.

"Okay, Slave, now I want you to fuck me hard.

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