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Nude sunbathing twins meet the neighbors.

Their work, because men are more married to their careers then to their wives. And sex, because that's all men think about when their not engaging in sports to impress women or working to spend money on women in an attempt to impress them.
The sex would happen soon enough, and Betsy knew her house wasn't a sports themed restaurant. "So, how's work going for you?" she asked Bill.

"Not too bad. Working with Dan makes it easier. He's such a cut up sometimes." Bill said with a chuckle. He was taunting Betsy a little. Having Dan's ex-wife sitting across the table from him in little clothing made him feel good about himself.

"Yea, Dan's a cut up sometimes," Betsy agreed, thinking of how she came to be pantyless, serving lunch to Bill.

"And, he always makes a point to let me know when a good skirt comes by our area."

"That's Dan. Ever the pervert."

"So tell me, just what can I get away with?" Bill asked.

"Like what?" Betsy countered.

"Missionary or doggie?" Bill asked. He decided to ease her into things.

"I'm going to need something before we talk sex." Betsy told him, reminding him of the money. Bill reached into his suit jacket pocket and took out and envelope. He set it on the table and slid it to Betsy.

Betsy picked up the envelope and opened it. There were a bunch of twenties in it. She thought it would be tacky to take it out and count it. She decided that she would just have to trust that there would be enough in it. She rifled through them once and decided that the whole wad was twenties. Good enough for her.

"Either position is fine by me."

Bill waited to finish chewing the bite he had in his mouth. "How about those tits. I can almost see your nipples. But I'd love to eat while looking at them."

Betsy set her wine glass down and reached behind her neck. Pulling on the strings, she let the top slowly and seductively fall to her waist. With a smile, Betsy told him, "well, you paid for them. I can take the skirt off as well if you me to right now."

"No, leave the skirt on. It's not like I can't get to you if you are wearing it. Besides, I like the idea of lifting up your skirt and taking you from behind. God, those are nice tits!"

"Suit yourself," Betsy told him. "I feel damn near naked anyway." Betsy was warming quickly to the idea of fucking him. He was handsome and she was getting paid to fuck him.

"Well, I'm sure you're not cold sitting there like that," Bill told her as he stood up. "I'm feeling getting warm!" Bill took off his suit coat and first loosening, then lifted his tie over his head. He placed both on a chair.

"Actually, I thought it was a little cool in here. But, I guess it's just you that have made my nipples as hard as your cock."

Bill blushed a little as he looked down at the bulge that was obvious. "Dan was right," Bill said as he looked back up at Betsy. "Those are great tits!" Bill remembered a company picnic when he was mildly jealous of Dan when he first met Betsy. When next his wife had given him a blowjob, he closed his eyes and imagined seeing Betsy's blonde hair draped across his legs and her lips took him in. He smiled at the thought of her sucking him off. "I do hope you give head," he told her.

"You mean Dan hasn't mentioned it? Actually, I'm sitting here thinking your cum is going to be delicious." Betsy raised her eyebrows as Bill started to unbutton his shirt. She heard his shoes drop to the floor. Bill pulled off his shirt and then his undershirt. "But you do have to finish your lunch first," Betsy added. "Otherwise, you won't get dessert," she told him with an overly maternal tone.

"And just what is dessert?" Bill asked, not expecting that course of the meal.

With a devilish grin, Betsy replied, "Me," just before taking a sip of wine.

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