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Steve finds out about Jamie's little secret.

The hem hanging loosely just above her knees.

"Good evening Sandra, you look very lovely." I say with a smile as she smiles, slipping off her sun glasses. "I am fine thank you. I do love this cabin, I have only seen it from the shore." she says. I close the lid on the grill and offer to show here around. We walk inside and she gasps at the large wooden rail of stairway. "Would you like a glass of wine?" I ask her as she looks around. "Yes that would be lovely." I could see her smile as she replied.

I head into the kitchen and pour us a glass of wine. When I return she is waiting, I hand her glass and we head out to the grill. I flip the steaks over and sit on the lounge chairs and make small talk. Smoke comes from the grill as the steaks cook, the smell making me hungry. I flip them over again and excuse myself as I set the salad and dressings on the table. Taking a plate out I go to retrieve Sandra and the steaks.

We sit down at the table, looking over at her I see her staring into my eyes. Her blue eyes have a twinkle to them as I hand the salad bowl to her. We make more small talk as we eat, I find my eyes drifting to her cleavage often. We finish eating and she asks to use the bathroom. I tell her the best one the first door on the right at the top of the stairs. Watching as she walks away, her loose dress swaying with her hips.

I quickly gather up the dishes and rinse them off, placing the uneaten food in the refrigerator. I am wiping off the table as she returned a broad smile on her face. I looked up at her just as she spoke, "I had look around, and I hope you don't mind." With a smile I assured her it was fine. She sipped some wine from her glass as I returned the rag to the kitchen sink. Walking back into the living room I asked, "Would you like to go for a walk down by the lake again?"

She sat her glass down on the coffee table and assured me she did, with another of her lovely smiles. We both walked toward the door and arrived at same time. Stopping to allow her to go first, she took my hand and lead me toward the lake. Hand in hand we walked down the path, the shadows of the trees lining the ground. Reaching the small sandy area of the lakeside I watch as she removes her shoes and places them by the bottom step.

She takes my hands and pulls me off down the lakeside. Her slender feet stepping in the cool water, her hair blowing in the breeze. The smile on her face and the twinkle in her eyes tells me she is enjoying life. We walk around a few bends in the shore line and stops near a small grassy area. "Let's sit here and take in the scenery." she says. I walk over to the grass and sit down looking up at her approaching. Watching as she sits by my side.

I lie back on the soft grass and place my hands under my head, looking up into the trees. I feel her lay back beside me feel her arm drape across my chest. I look down to see the top of her head as she rests it on my chest. I get a warm feeling as I wrap my arm around her, placing my hand on her back. We lay there what seemed like fifteen minutes before I feel her hand sliding on chest. My shirt slides up as her hand touches my bare skin. Soon her hand is sliding through the hair on my chest.

I feel her finger pull together and tugging lightly at the hair on my chest. It felt so good as her hand moved around my chest. I slide my hand up and down her side as she toyed with my hair. I could feel no bra strap and give her a light hug. She seemed to move closer to me as we lay there, then she looked up at me. I looked down into her eyes and she pressed her lips to mine. It felt like a wave of pleasure going through my body. Reaching around with my other arm, hugging her as our tongues dance between our lips.

Then I feel her raise and straddle my body.

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