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It's just about the job, isn't it?

I was already between her legs, so her twisting and turning just rubbed my cock on to her ass, arousing me even more. She began to cry and beg, asking to let her go, and although I expected her to scream, I was pleased that she wasn't screaming her head off. She was too proper to scream and yell for help.

"Ms. Hart, there is no point in fighting this. I know that you're a cock tease, as you obviously know is true. You tease your boyfriend endlessly, letting him get all hot and telling him no. Look, he even bought a hot panties for you...lets take a look, shall I?" and that is when she began to scream. She kicked out her legs, trying to get me. But it was really all too silly. I easily over powered her, and with my hand pushing on the small of her spine, I used my other to lift her skirt up over her ass. It was beautiful.

Her ass was firm and smooth, the white lace thong covering the slightest of her crack. I smiled, enjoying the sight of this young tease all exposed and under my control. I bent over slightly and took a nip at her fleshy cheeks. She shrieked, hollering for help. I couldn't stand the chance of being discovered, so I pulled at the lace material, raising it up into the air, the lace digging into her slit and coming apart. I rolled in into a ball, and tried to shove it into her mouth but she fought hard against me, and in anger, I grabbed her and twisted her around, having her face me. I slapped her face, and in that shock and pain, she stopped, afraid to move. I gave her a stern look and made her open her mouth, letting me gag her with her brand new panties.

Her tears began streaming down her beautiful face, and I kissed her, my lips drying her tears away. I cupped her face, smoothing her lovely hair. I almost apologized, but I had so much more to do. She seemed to have stopped fighting me, afraid that I would slap her again. I lifted her body and dropped her onto the desk, this time face up, her ass on the edge with her socks covered legs dangling below her, her small black MaryJanes clinking together.

I pushed her skirt up over her hips and looked down at her exposed, soft ,nearly bald pussy. I worked myself in between her shapely legs again, and looked down at her entire body that I had captured. Her gorgeous lips were full and red with white lace peeping through. Her eyes were wet and afraid, not knowing what was to happen. Her rosy cheeks were flushed and covered with tears while her breasts stood out proudly since her arms were bounds behind her. I took the time to slowly reach over her body, smoothing and caressing her body over her crisp school shirt. Mauling over her full breasts, I began to tweak her nipples through the shirt and bra, but unable to control my desires, I tore the front of her blouse open, popping open her buttons. Her lace bra was perfectly innocent, matching what was in her mouth. I just pulled at the lace material inbetween the front cups and felt the hooks give out, letting me yank her bra to discard to the floor. Excited, I cruelly twisted one of her nipples until she whined through her panties and arched her back trying to relieve the pressure on her breasts. When I released her breasts, she fell back to the table and whimpered pathetically. Feeling so horny, I bent to suck at her erect and sensitive nipples, and slowly, I ran my tongue over it, then the other, massaging them as I teased her. My hands ran down her sides and along the inside of her thighs, slowly began parting her pussy lips with my fingers and grounded my thumb into her clit.

"Oh, Ashley... I have waited for this for so long." Smiling at her, "I'm going to make you horny and sorry for being a tease, for being so innocent and beautiful. Everyday, you will see me in this school, and everyday, you will be picturing me fucking you, and you will want me to fuck you until you can't stop screaming!"

She shook her head like a child and writhed beneath my hands.

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