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Molly has Lunch with Caleb and the guys.

From this moment on, you will be my obedient sex slave. You will do exactly what I order you to do; if you refuse, your husband and daughter, his congregation and the whole neighborhood will see this tape. I don't want any questions or bullshit; I only want your absolute compliance. Do you understand?"

The little blonde wife was horrified and simple replied, "Yes, I understand and I will do whatever you say!" Jane was totally defeated and at the mercy of her tormenter.

"Good girl, smart too, now strip and play with your sloppy cunt and watch yourself be ravished by the two studs; oh, I'm mistaken, you ravished them, didn't you? Don't get modest now, take it all off and don't worry, you shouldn't feel so all alone; we are going to get naked too. Watching a nasty little slut like you always starts my juices flowing!"

The Pastor's wife felt her pussy tingle when she beheld the two full-bosomed beauties nakedness. The sight of the thick patch of black, and clump of red pubic hair on these long legged lusty ladies made her own blonde haired pussy soaking wet! This puzzled her because she had never been interested in women at all, not even in fantasies.

Ona gave her submissive little slut her first command; she told Jane to join them on the sofa and to sit between the two sensuous bombshells. They all watched the filthy film and fingered their own hot pussies. Ona and Ava began playing with the little blonde and placed her little hands on their smoldering pussies and told her to pound the shit out of their hot-holes with her fingers.

The Pastor's wife was forced to nurse on all four big tits and eagerly sucked on the rubbery nipples. Jane was shoved to the floor and told to worship their hairy-holes with her mouth and tongue. First she went to Ona's black bush and smelled the aroma of the aroused pussy, it was intoxicating and inviting. Slowly her face lowered to the steamy slit; Jane marveled at the fat pussy lips and enlarged clit. She had never seen a woman's sex this close before and suddenly felt a strong urge to devour the hairy treat!

Jane licked and sucked with fervor and as if in a trance, nothing else in the world mattered to her but this delicious pussy. She quivered when her own orgasm came as she sucked and licked the cum from Ona's juicy love cavern. There was no time for her to catch her breath; Ava grabbed her by the hair and pushed Jane's face to her fiery red-haired cunt! Jane lovingly licked the luscious cunt to a rousing orgasm and thanked them for letting her feast on their tasty treats! Ona said that she was pleased that Jane was such a good little pussy licker and dismissed her for now.

Ava asked Ona what she planed to do with the evidence of the Pastor and her. Ona said that there were many options and that she would decide the best use of the pictures and tape of the Pastor and Ava. Before she left, Jane was told that if her two friends called her, that she should go out with them. Ava and Ona relaxed and discussed future plans for their submissive little bitch.

When Jane got home her husband kissed her and immediately recognized the taste of Ava's pussy! It never occurred to him that his sweet little wife had her mouth on Ava's pussy. He vowed to use more mouthwash next time. The Pastor made love with his wife that night and thought that her pussy was no longer tight! He was certain that it was only his imagination.

The next day, about twenty minutes after the Pastor left the house; there was a loud knock on the door.

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