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Cold hard executive loves hot fire fighter.

I have a feeling we should have hired her, regardless." They both laughed at themselves and the drama of the last 24 hours.

After leaving Mr. Martin's office Heidi's first stop had been to a financial advisor she knew, where she sheltered some of her new-found wealth from excessive taxes and made sure she had plenty of monthly income with the rest. She was also more than happy to pay the IRS their share.


Heidi was hoping she might hear from E. Paul Mueller, the architect she had met a week earlier at the get-together she had attended with Charlie. They had exchanged phone numbers, but here it was Thursday afternoon and still no call. She was determined not to call him, but she was beginning to think she might have to.

She was also wondering why it was she was attracted to guys who were so hesitant to take the initiative. Probably because they tended to be more considerate and gentler than the self-assured, cocky assholes who took the initiative and then felt that the world revolved around them and their needs.

In any case, she was delighted when the phone rang and the caller ID came up: 'Mueller and Mueller', the architectural firm that was E. Paul's. She waited for the fourth ring and picked up just before the answering machine did.


"Hi, is this Heidi?"


"This is E. Paul Mueller, you may not remember me, but we met at Mia Mama's Restaurant last Friday."

"The architect, of course I remember."

"Oh, great. I was wondering, are you planning to attend our group's get-together tomorrow night?"

"As a matter of fact, yes, I am."

"Oh." His disappointment was obvious,

"Is there a problem with that?"

"No, but I was hoping you would have dinner with me, tomorrow evening, instead."

"That sounds wonderful, I'd love to."

"Really, oh wow, that's terrific!"

"Do you have someplace in mind?"

"Yes, a little Chinese place not too far from my office. It's a little fancy, but not at all stuffy."




"Is there anything else?" she asked.

"No, except that I am looking forward to it."

"Do you want to tell me where to meet you and, maybe when?"

"Oh how stupid of me. How about 7:00 o'clock and I'll pick you up at your place?"

"That would be fine, and do you have any idea where I live?"

He laughed at himself. "No, of course not."

She gave him the address and directions, then added a little dig. "I'll be ready at seven tomorrow, I hope you don't forget, or get lost."

"I guess I deserved that, but I'll be there." He said.


After she shaved her legs, Heidi stepped from the shower and toweled off she looked through her wardrobe and picked out a simple black dress with a neckline low enough to pique some interest, particularly when she leaned forward a little. She decided not to wear a bra, and to lean toward E. Paul frequently.

She did opt to wear some panties, since you never know when a parking attendant might open a door for her and she wouldn't want to get anyone too worked up.


Dinner was, as promised elegant, without being at all stuffy and Heidi gave E. Paul plenty of opportunity to look down the front of her dress, without giving away the whole show.

Following dinner they walked arm in arm to his car, parked a block or two away from the restaurant. If she was going to get laid tonight she was pretty sure she'd have to take the initiative.

"Is your office in this neighborhood?" she asked.

"Not far at all, over on Franklin Street."

"I'd love to see it, would you mind giving me a little tour?'

"Not at all."

He opened the passenger side door for her and she rewarded his gallantry with another flash down the front of her dress as well as a little extra leg as she got in the car. She thought she detected a little bulge developing in his pants. That was surely a good sign.

His office turned out to be just a few blocks down the street from Charlie's studio, with a similar layout, on a much smaller scale.

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