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The Truth is in the Details.

It as nearly like day and night. His wavy blond hair was bleached nearly white by the summer's sun, and his uniform sparkling teeth were magnified because of the dark surround. He felt right at home, though twenty years younger than the other couples in the room because the men all selected turtlenecks and blazers for the evening due to the cool evening. It was apparent that the doctors in the room didn't play much golf or they would be more tanned.

Dawn escorted him around the room as they sipped on a fine glass of Chablis and met the dinner guests. It was apparent these people were all very good friends and had their own social network. John wasn't sure he would ever be invited to join the group without Dawn, but that wasn't important to him. Two hours after the reception party began it ended, and the sun had already set in the western sky. One by one the couples departed after a second warm welcoming of Dawn and a hug from each. That's when Dawn suggested that the evening was still young and she wanted to have John take her to Billy's, a nightclub she frequented when she was a decade younger.

The music was loud and the crowd was young: so Dawn and John were ready to leave their glasses full and head back outside, where they could think and talk.
"John, I'm not sure how you feel, but I'd be more comfortable having you come to my place for a while. We could have a glass of wine and just talk about who we are and what we hope for the future. I really want to know more of your construction company, because someday I plan to build my own home."

John was in agreement, for he was never a party guy. He liked to sit back and dream too, and although he looked forward to being alone with Dawn, he didn't expect to get lucky with his doctor, particularly on their first date. She poured two glasses of wine and asked to be excused while she changed out of her formal dress and suggested he needn't wear the jacket if he wanted to relax a little.

Dawn reappeared a few minutes later wearing a pink summer cotton pullover sweater and blue jeans. She looked great in the white dress, but the sweater and jeans blue his mind. He knew she had a swell figure, but nothing like this: she could easily be a model. John was seated on the leather loveseat when Dawn returned with her glass of wine and sat on the opposing sofa. He was disappointed she didn't sit closer, but her mother indicated she was a little shy.

"So John, tell me more about you construction business and your employees."

"This is a pretty small business Dawn. There are just four of us and I am the only full-time person. I have a fabulous trim carpenter, a plumber, a drywall man, and myself; a jack-of-all-trades, master of none. But aren't you an architect, John?"

"That's me, and architect from the University of Kansas. Much of my work does include construction planning, but to date, I haven't been hired for a major building. That may happen though as I have sketched out plans for an apartment building complex."

"What about your plans, Dr. Meade? Do you plan to stay in this area or will you be seeking other venues or other dreams."

"Truth be known, John, this is my dream. I loved growing up here, and other than an occasional vacation I plan to be here for the duration. I love the people, the beautiful older homes, and the nearby parks and open spaces. I know it sounds conflicting because I mentioned that I would like to build a new home, but owning these older places is very expensive and time-consuming unless one can afford to hire everything out. I guess if one is wealthy it's a different story."

"I think you will reach any goals you set, Dawn. Not only are you incredibly smart, you're that rare person that is beautiful in every way. You'll never know how thrilled I was when you asked me to attend the dinner party with you tonight. I would have assumed I would be at the bottom of the list of potential suitors."

"John, I am a woman that has needs just like eve

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