Kissing High Quality Sex Pics

Tricky Domme sets a game for two newly acquainted subs.

She took me in her hand, lightly at first and then with a firmer grip. She pulled the foreskin down over my cock head, her eyes opening in amazement.

"Dan's circumcised," she explained, "and up till now he's the only man I've ever been with. This is so much fun," she said as she hid, then exposed my knob with the extra skin. "Would it be alright if I licked it?" she asked.

Fuck me, she's too polite for her own good, I thought.

"Please do," I said, "my body is yours to enjoy for the next couple of hours."

She lowered herself to her knees and raised my cock to her lips. She pulled the foreskin back again and stuck out the tip of her tongue, licking lightly over the tip of my knob and getting some pre-cum in the process. I wanted to ram it into her sweet mouth, but I knew she needed to take this at her own pace. As she licked me she stared up into my eyes trying to gauge whether she was pleasing me or not. Her chest was rising and falling at a rapid pace, reflecting the excitement coursing through her body and I wanted to grasp those little beauties and squeeze them before milking them with my mouth; but now was the time for her to milk me.

She seemed slightly nervous about what she was doing, and I guessed she was inexperienced. She opened her mouth into an "O" and took my knob in, catching me slightly with her teeth but there was no way I was going to complain. Initially she just sucked on the part that she had enveloped with her velvety mouth, but she slowly started to try to take more of my cock in; she managed about three inches before pulling her mouth back and gasping for breath.

"Breathe through your nose," I said, "and try to relax your throat. That way you should be able to get more in and keep it in."

She returned to my cock which was now glistening with her saliva. She opened her mouth and slowly worked me in again; we got to three inches and she paused before continuing her mouth's journey along my cock. It felt so damn good that my self-restraint left me. I took her head in my hands and began to pump into her lovely mouth, pushing further in with each stroke. Her eyes were looking into mine as she accepted my cock's insistence on getting pleasure from her. Her breasts were rising and falling invitingly as her breathing became ragged and I decided I had to have some play-time with them.

I withdrew from her mouth and a disappointed look spread across her face. Helping her back up to her feet, I lowered her onto the bed with her feet still on the floor but her back on the mattress. My intention had been to have a good suck on her nipples, but her legs opened as she lay back and her pussy presented itself. I couldn't resist and buried my head between her legs for a second time; she moaned as my tongue made contact with her lips and she ran her fingers through my hair.

"If only I'd known this was available next door all these years," she said, "the opportunities I've wasted to get some good sex."

I stopped what I was doing, briefly, and said, "In future, you just need to ring the bell. I work from home a lot and I can always take a break from work for a beauty like you."

Returning my tongue to her pleasure pot, I received several whimpers in response as I got her close to climax again. She arched her back up, pushing her pussy against my face and a small gush of liquid came into my waiting mouth.

Now was the time for Bob Junior to join in the action. I spun her round by her feet so that she was fully lying on the bed and climbed on top of her. Remembering her comment about the missionary position, I asked her to turn over and get on her hands and knees. If she wants something different, we might as well start with my favourite position. My cock eased into her well-lubricated hole and I slowly inserted the full length.

"So much bigger than Dan's," she gasped.

My hands took hold of her hips as I began to slide in and out of her heavenly hole.

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