Kissing High Quality Sex Pics

Father & daughter settle a bet the practical way.

As I stood there letting my eyes take in all of their beauty, I could feel my cock getting hard. It had been a long time sense I had been out with one lady as pretty as this but, there were two of them.

They had hired a limo to drive us to dinner and dancing. Once we sat down in the car both of the beauties snuggled real close to me. I wanted to blow my load right there.

Dinner went very nice, lots of small talk, and lots and lots of drinks for all of us. A few times we started to talk about sex, foreplay and orgasms. I knew Daizie was horny for my big cock and I had a feeling that my daughter was thinking about it to.

After dinner the real fun started, dancing. Julie was first, I held her like a man would his daughter. Then Daizie, she was on fire. Soon as the song started she moved in on me like a vamp. There's nothing like a sexy horny woman grinding her hips into your cock.

She went crazy humping her hips on my cock. I was at full hardness in only a few minutes. This girl knew how to get a man hard. My hands found her tight ass, pushing her into me even harder.

After the music ended, there stood Julie waiting for the next dance. What was I going to do? My cock was hard as a rock from Daizie.

Julie came into arms, pulling her big sexy hips right on my cock, " Mmmmmmm, Daddy, did you have a good time dancing with Daizie?"

I didn't know what to do, my daughter was now grinding her hips and sweet pussy into me, " OH baby, you need to stop doing this. Your killing me." I said.

Julie looked into my eyes, " No way big man, this is your night. Anything you want is yours..."

I all but fell on my face. My daughter just told me I could have anything I wanted.

Then my cock really got hard, all the times I had been checking out her sexy ass. Now I had an all clear to take it. My hands moved down, feeling every inch of her hot buns.

" OH Daddy," Julie moaned, " I've wanted this for so long now."

With a shocked look I ask, " How long have you felt this way baby?"

" Let me think," she scratched her head, " I'm 25,... for the last ten years."

I could have fell over again, this sexy thing had been horny for me for ten years and never gave me a hint of any kind. Well, she would let me tickle her hips and ass anytime I wanted.

After a few more dances with each of theses sexy girls, we sat at out table.

" All right," I looked at them, " I need to know what you two are doing? You have me so horny I can't stand it."

Julie with her sexy eyes looked at me and said, " Today when Daizie and I were getting ready, we came to a decision that we would let you have both of us to do anything you wanted. ANYTHING!"

When I heard that we got in the car and headed home. On the way Daizie stroked and caressed my hard cock. While I just held Julie In my arms.

Once at home, I grabbed Daizie in my arms kissing her as deep as I could. My hands pulled her tiny gown off her body, leaving her standing for me to see all the fruits of her youth.

I kissed her as my hands roamed her body. Exploring every inch of her. My hand went between her legs, feeling her total wetness.

" Did you already cum baby?" I ask.

With dreamy eyes, she answered, " No, I'm just so, so hot for you."

I laid her down on the sofa, spreading her long slim legs. I needed to see this girls pussy. I had never had a woman get so wet for me.

It was the sexiest thing I ever had seen. Her clit and pussy lips must have swollen two times their normal size.

I put my finger on her swollen clit, " OH, GOD... YES... YES... it feels so good..." Daizie moaned.

Then I moved down to her swollen pussy, I had to have a taste of this. She was sweet, her little clit was one the hardest I had ever seen.

Each flick of my tongue she would scream with pleasure. Up and down the length of Daizie's hot pussy brought her closer to the edge of cumming.

I moved up on my knees placing my cock at her love opening, I slowly worked my cock inside her, pushing inside her with easy short pushes.

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