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Obedient girlfriend gets a good throat fucking.

You are kissing me back, and your hands have reached around to play with my ass. I nibble gently on your lips before moving my mouth to your ear. I slide my tongue in, out, and around teasingly, my hot breath making you shiver.

I stand up straight, removing my body from your grasp and slide my robe completely off of my body. I kneel down in front of you and unzip your trousers, impatiently fighting with the button. We finally manage to slide the garments out of our way, and I wrap my cool, slender fingers around your stiff cock. I slowly jack you off, watching you as you lean your head back and relax. I lean in and being to kiss the head as I work my hands up and down, lightly tickling your balls with the tips of my fingernails. I run my tongue up and down your shaft, coating it in my saliva.

Your precum begins to drip, and I decide I must taste you. I easily slide my mouth along your entire length, relishing the feeling of your manhood filling my mouth. Small moans of pleasure are escaping your mouth as your hands involuntarily grab the back of my head, guiding my up and down your cock. My hands softly play with your balls as I suck and lick you, willing you to cum. I feel your body start to tense, and I increase my ministrations, anxious to taste your sweetness. I watch your face intently, savoring the look of pleasure I see there. You finally start to orgasm, filling my mouth with your hot sperm, and I swallow every bit of it. My mouth slows, barely moving up and down, cleaning you as you soften. I slide up you, rubbing my body against your cock and kiss you again, eliciting a groan of satisfaction.

You suddenly break the kiss and pick me up, setting me down on top of your desk. I smile as I see pure lust written all over your face, and I take pride in knowing that I have turned you on. I lean back, resting my weight on my arms, placing my feet up on the desk and spreading my legs wide. You take a minute just to take in the beauty before gingerly sliding your tongue over my pussy lips. Our previous activities have me wet already, but electricity shoots through my loins as you lick and suck, slowly devouring my sweet pussy. You quick pick up the pace, flicking your tongue over my swollen clit and inserting your tongue deep inside me.

My head rolls back as I rise into a state of bliss as you eat me, each motion become more impassioned than the one before. You mouth is covered with my juices when you bury two fingers deep inside of me. I squeal with delight as you finger-fuck me, lightly blowing on my clit, driving me wild. Your mouth moves upward, your tongue tracing light circles around my belly button before you clamp down on my hard nipple. I'm close to the edge now, and you roughly play with my tits while three of your fingers thrust into me again and again. As you feel me start to climax, you place your mouth over my pussy and massage my clit, bringing me closer and closer until I finally explode. You lap at my sweet juice as it pours from me, my body shuddering beneath your fingertips. You lick me until I've relaxed, but my body is still on fire. I tell you to fuck me, and you're happy to oblige.

I sit up to watch as you guide your massive cock into my steaming pussy. You fill my tight cunt, but the fit seems perfect. I wrap my legs around your hips, pulling you deeper into me, and you start humping me furiously. My tits bounce up and down as you plunge into me again and again. You keep one hand on my hip, holding me steady as you fuck me, and your other hand finds it's way to my heaving breast. You knead my firm flesh, twisting my nipple, causing waves of fire to sear through my body, and my pussy clamps down tighter, creating a suction that is mind-blowing. "Fuck me harder, c'mon baby, fill my pussy with your cum, cum for me, aaahhhhhhhhh yeah!"

You make me feel so good.

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