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"Yeah, I know it is. It's all mine!"

I wrapped my hand around the base of his cock and started to teasingly flick his tip with my pierced tongue. I reached my hand down further to gently caress and cradle his balls. Then I deep-throated him. I heard him sharply inhale as I took his entire length into my hot mouth. I wrapped my full lips around his shaft and buried my nose in his soft blonde pubic hair. As I was sucking his cock, I could feel his cum-filled balls quickly begin to tighten. He wrapped a handful of my hair around his fist and forcefully shoved his cock as deep as my mouth would allow him to go. I wanted to devour him.

"Fuck! I'm going to cum already! You hot bitch, you're going to make me cum soooo fast...."

I moved my hand away from his balls, and placed it at the base of his cock. I began to jerk him off while still greedily sucking.

"Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! I'm cuuuummmmiiinnnggg....Take it all......."

He shot a huge amount of hot, salty cum down my throat. I feasted on every drop and licked my lips. His now flaccid cock had traces of blood-red lipstick on the shaft, a temporary reminder of a permanent memory.

We behaved ourselves for the rest of the movie and somehow managed not to molest each other anymore. It was a great test of willpower! When the movie was over, Thomas suggested we grab a late dinner. I was too embarrassed, having gone too far too soon. So, instead, Thomas walked me to my apartment. He was obviously waiting for an invite, but I told him I was tired and I still had a deadline to meet. He was disappointed, but he thanked me for a wonderful date and promised to call. As soon as I walked into my apartment and turned my bedroom light on, the phone rang.

"I just wanted to make sure you got in OK," said Thomas through his somewhat staticky cell phone.

I opened my bedroom window to see him gazing up at me from the sidewalk.

"Good night, Thomas." I said as I blew him a kiss.

"Good night, Michelle. I'll call you tomorrow."

I closed my window and began to undress. Was I totally insane? I couldn't believe what had happened between us. My head was spinning.

The next day, Thomas called.

"So, should I bring wine when I come over for dinner tonight?"

"Excuse me? Are you inviting yourself over?" I asked.

"Well, I have something that belongs to you. You do want these lovely panties back, don't you?"

My mind started racing. Did I really want him to come to my apartment? There's no way I would be able to resist him, the sexual attraction was too great. Screw it, you only live once!

"Sure, bring a nice red wine. I'll make lasagna. Be here by seven o'clock."

"You got it, see you then!"

Yes, I am certifiable!

At five o'clock I jump in the shower and imagine what the night will bring. As the warm water flows over my body, my imagination runs wild. I soap up my full, firm breasts and flat stomach and pretend it's his hands on me. I caress my long legs and firm round ass with the soapy lather thinking of his touch. I need to cum. I gently start to lather up my pussy, my clit is quite erect. I easily slide my fingers in. I take the shower massager off of the hook and set it to 'pulsate.' I place it directly against my wet, soapy pussy and the force of the water brings me over the edge. I cum so fast thinking of him.

The lasagna is ready and I've lit some candles for 'atmosphere.' Yeah, right. Like it matters! Since I know how this night is going to end, I decide not to get dressed at all. All I'm wearing is a short, white, frilly apron that ties at the neck and the waist, and a pair of white "Fuck Me" platform stiletto sandals. My hair is up in this messy kind of half-ponytail, and of course, I got my red lipstick on.

The doorbell rings at ten to seven and when I opened the door, Thomas almost dropped the bottle of wine he had brought with him.

"You look incredible! Like a sexually deviant Donna Reed! All you're missing is a string of pearls."

"Well, maybe you could give me a string of pearls later." I answer.

Tit for tat, we play off each oth

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